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The Alan Merrill Extravaganza headlining at the Duo Music Exchange Shibuya Tokyo, Japan, April 26th, 2017. Alan Merrill guitar and vocals, Amy Madden on bass and harmonies, Mark Brotter drums. Take Yokouchi joined on guitar and harmonies for the band’s 3rd encore number “Sands Of Time”

Support acts on the show were top notch - Keiko Walker, Eddie Ban, Joe Berger, Blind Headz and Mari Kaneko.

i wanna be wherever you are

this is a “we got married in vegas” jakeamy au that i wrote for @phil-the-stone. the actual prompt was “we accidentally got married in vegas”, but i’m not sure how much of an accident this is. they’re very drunk. happy birthday phil, you’re the best person in the world!!!!!  the title is from big deal’s in your car!

They’re there for Charles’ 44th birthday – “matching double digits!” he offers as way of explanation – and they’ve been engaged for exactly twenty three days. Jake makes Amy leave her Wedding Binder at home.

“But the flight-” she says as they are about to leave and he stops her with a “binder, Amy!

“Ah-da-da-da-da, no. On the flight you will be watching Die Hard on my portable DVD player-”

“What is it, 2007?”

“Rude – and you will also be engaging in the greatest drinking game known to man – Drunk Boyle Bingo.”

She presses her lips together like she’s supressing a protest. He kisses her nose.

“Put the binder down, Santiago.”

She huffs as if it’s physically painful to her, but lays the Wedding Binder down carefully on the coffee table.

“I’ll miss you,” she says longingly as Jake grabs her hand and pulls her from the apartment.

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Anonymous requested: “Pleease write a story where Amys sister comes and she is even more sassy than Amy, and Amy invites her to the gang-dinner. Sister starts attacking Sheldon, remembering how often Amy was crying because of him before, Sheldon is shocked, Amy defends him and eventually it’s happy end.”

“When Abby gets here I really want to bring her here to meet all of you guys. Would that be okay?” Amy asked her friends.

”Yeah. We can’t wait to meet her,” Penny said.

“Who is Abby again?” Howard asked.

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