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posting some random stuff that I haven’t posted before to warn y'all that we are on hiatus. I know, I didn’t need to do this but I am really that kind of person who is always trying to justify herself, so here I am.
don’t worry about the request, I’m gonna answer em all when I come back from this break, this is it.


Alright I know what you’re thinking - Amy this header doesn’t have anything to do with DC why did you use it you fake rogues blog (which like tbh valid). Listen I’ve had that photo for a year and I never found a chance to use it so y’all gonna get it bc I’m using it for SOMETHING so have my indie hipster header

So we made it folks - the big 2500, halfway to 3000 or however you wanna perceive it, and I’m shook. I’ve had this blog for like, 4 years now and I’ve met a lot of fantastic people and also had a lot of unique experiences on here, especially in my two years as a rogues blog. Also, I still follow some blogs from my time as an anime blog, because they’re my treasured mutuals and I honestly can’t forget the great times with them.  So below is a little compilation of people who I’ve followed for a while (some for the two years as rogues, some for the four years in total), I’ve recently followed, and who I, in general, appreciate a lot.

Merci! - Amy

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My 25 Favorite Albums of All Time.

My ‘Top 25′ will always be changing, but I think I’ve found an accurate representation of my favorite music at this moment in my life. With all the countless hours I’ve spent listening, these albums have had a massive impact on me, to the point that I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. I like to think that there’s no one in the world who could agree with this list 100%—there’s simply too much amazing content and so many varied tastes. The list starts after the break; give a few a listen.

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