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On Frustration, and the Fear of Being Stagnant.

Hey Everyone!

TGIF, right?? Hoping that all of you had a fabulous week, and if it had it’s downfalls, that you developed some tools to help you live your life more beautifully. That being said…I sure did!

A lot of people, myself included, keep asking me about how we can accomplish our dreams without strangling ourselves in the process. The frustration of wanting something and having no idea how to attain it can be more toxic than motivating, and I can recall countless times I’ve called my parents in tears, wanting so badly to be noticed, but having no control over the outcome.

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Mimi with the School of American Ballet in “Strictly Ballet” for Teen Vogue’s web series, 2014. Photograph by Will Davidson/Teen Vogue.

Mimi wears a Louis Vuitton jacket and headdress. Teen Vogue editor in chief Amy Astley is responsible for the magazine’s latest foray into the world of intense ballet training. As a teen, she studied at the Joffrey Ballet in NYC and at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s summer program.

American Ballet Theater soloist Misty Copeland recently graced the cover of timemagazine as part of the annual #TIME100 list. Did you know she was the first dancer to be featured on the cover of TIME in 21 years? In 1994, choreographer Bill T. Jones was the last figure from the dance world to be featured on the magazine’s cover. (Source: New York Times)

And both dance icons will be appearing at 92Y this season! Copeland will be in conversation with teenvogue​ editor Amy Astley tonight (you can watch her full #92YTalks on 92Y On Demand here). Jones will be discussing his esteemed career and new book STORY/TIME: The Life of an Idea May 29 (get your tickets here).

Who is the next dancer you’d like to see feature on the cover of TIME?


From mocktails and models to photobooths with friends, big thanks to Christina Dun for capturing all the fun at our SportMax party with Bella and Gigi Hadid!

Were you at the event? Let us know—we want to see your pics, too!