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“[When Dawn kissed Tim] I jumped up out of my chair and involuntarily thrust my hands in the air, like my team had won the Super Bowl. [Amy] Poehler clapped and cheered. Everyone in the room had a cathartic moment of pure joy. I remember thinking later that I wanted to write something someday that would make people feel that good.” -Mike Schur

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even though lance isn’t the type that outwardly shows their sadness and pain , if he tears up or shows a hint of sadness bottled from within , hunk will talk it out with him and both will end up hugging each other in tears

Susan Bones.

When she entered Hogwarts, she began by shocking everybody when she–smart, kind, pragmatic Susan–was placed without hesitation, not in Ravenclaw as expected, but in Hufflepuff: house of the castoffs who weren’t brave or smart or shrewd or anything at all, really, just pushed to the back burner while the other houses claimed their fame and glory.

Susan Bones, whose family had experienced untold horrors as they were murdered one by one by the Death Eaters during the First Wizarding War, did not let her past nor her fear define her.

Susan Bones, niece of renowned judge Amelia Bones, remained stolid and level headed in the face of danger, through the opening of the Chamber, the invasion of Hogwarts by dementors, and Cedric Diggory’s death.

Susan Bones joined Dumbledore’s Army to defy Voldemort, to protect herself and her loved ones against this senseless reign of terror that had already hurt so many, placing her hard earned faith in the nervous looking Potter boy who her Auntie had admired last summer for producing a fully corporeal patronus, learning all that she could with a purpose driven ambition.

Susan Bones endured the frantic queries of fellow students who spoke of her murdered relatives, sick to her stomach of this twisted fame and wishing it could just all be over.

Susan Bones lived through the murder of her Auntie Amelia, brutally killed at wand point by Voldemort, feeling as though the ground beneath her feet was failing when her beloved role model, advisor, and caretaker disappeared.

Susan Bones fought through the tenure of the Carrows, protecting the younger students from their wrath alongside the D.A., standing up to their injustice and abuse with a courage and skill paralleled by few. 

Susan Bones watched her family members fall one by one once more with a morbid sense of deja vu, filled with pain and rage and hopelessness but battling on, loyal to the very end to the Potter boy and the memory of her family who had taught her not only spells and charms and potions but also justice, bravery, honesty, and compassion. 

Susan Bones watched Voldemort and his Death Eaters fall with a heart pounding with adrenaline and a soul filled with vindictive anger, as she brought down one murderer after another with the focused concentration and knowledge her Auntie had instilled in her so many years ago.

Susan Bones was not a Hufflepuff because she was nothing.

Susan Bones was a Hufflepuff because she was everything.

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