SUPERNATURAL taught me that family doesn´t end in blood.

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SHERLOCK taught me that anyone can find a good friend.

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DOCTOR WHO taught me that everyone is important.

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But thank God school taught me how to find the side of a triangle.
things to expect from doctor who

1. long ass speeches about time and space
2. catchphrases
3. unexplained plot holes
4. tears
6. the doctor not being ginger
7. everyone else being confused except for the doctor
8. sass
9. The doctor pointing his sonic screwdriver at every living thing
10. recurring enemies who never fucking give up or vanish
11. Rose tyler I-

I want a love like:

Ross and Rachel

Kim and Ron

Lizzie and Gordo

Fred and Wilma

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask

Ellie and Carl

Zoey and Chase

The Doctor and Rose

Amy and Rory

I want the love that goes through thousand years and never gives up, the love that comes from a great friendship, the love that can go through the hard times and still bounce back because of our love, the love that can stay strong thousand of miles apart, the love that can take being universes apart and still be in love, that can take death and still love each other. I CRAVE that love.

advice for new doctor who viewers:

don’t become too attached to any companions or different doctors. They just leave at one point in the show. Then you’re left with re-watching their goodbye scene, re blogging pictures of them on tumblr and CrYInG because they either ,lost their memory, regenerated or is currently stuck in an another fucking dimension.

Why it is unfair that only River Song got to know the Doctor's name:

Just the facts about the Doctor’s companions:

  • Rose Tyler: Was a great friend to the post-Time war Ninth Doctor, fell in love with him, swallowed the Time Vortex to save him and risked her own life, set the timeline straight so the Doctor won’t die in the parallel world where Donna didn’t meet the Doctor, jumped through dimensions to reunite with the Doctor and save the universe.
  • Martha Jones: Was a true friend and a support to the Doctor after he lost Rose, took great care of the fob-watched Doctor, travelled through the world to save everyone from the Master’s tyranny.
  • Donna Noble:Arguably the Doctor’s best friend, was there to make him stop when he was endangering himself and to coax him into saving someone, played a key-role in defeating Davros and the Daleks and saving the universe.
  • Amy and Rory:True friends to the Doctor, travelled with him for years and stood by his side through everything, including the Pandorica and the Silence.
  • Clara Oswald: Was the voice of humanity for the somewhat cold Twelfth Doctor, was responsible for talking the Time Lords into granting the Doctor a new regeneration cycle and thus saving his life, had jumped into the Doctor’s timeline to defeat the Great Intelligence and save his life.
  • River Song: Was kidnapped by the Silence as a child and brainwashed into killing the Doctor, actually poisoned the Doctor during her early days, is a self-confessed psychopath and has been shown conducting businesses with dubious ethics.

So why is it that River Song deserved to know the Doctor’s real name and none of the other extremely loyal companions? If the Doctor’s name is a great secret and is potentially dangerous, why would he give it to someone who had attempted to murder him once? I know she is reformed. I can support the Doctor trusting her and loving her. But telling her his name seems reckless and unfair to me.


I heard something down the stairs and grabbed my old baseball bat. Creeping down the stairs suddenly there was the sound of glass breaking. I took my bat and kicked the door open.

“WELL HELLO (Y/N)” The doctor shouted and hugged me. His bowtie ticking my neck.

“No you’re not real!” I shouted and backed up from him. He seemed hurt. Like I had told him santa no longer visited his house.

“This is the dream” This was the dream I’d been having since I was little.

“How do you know?” he said and looked at my eyes searching each iris for a chance that something in them would spark and I’d remember.

“Because nothing that good could be true” a small tear welled up in my eyes, the doctor tilted his head and reached out rubbing my cheek, affectively getting rid of the water.

“Doctor?” I whispered

“(Y/N), It’s ok, I’m here.”