amy abott

An Everwood Moment

Remember that part in the first episode of the fourth season of Everwood when Ephram is presumably still backpacking across London, but you know he has to come back because there is no Everwood without Ephram. And then you realize that there is only like 2 minutes left in the episode and you feel the anticipation building in your stomach and you feel like you will die if Ephram doesn’t come back to Everwood this episode. An entire episode without Ephram? It just cannot be. And then it happens…you see part of his face through the crowd of dancing wedding goers. And your heart starts to beat really fast. And then your rapidly beating heart drops to the pit of your stomach when Ephram and Amy lock eyes from separate ends of the dance floor. The credits roll and you scream out loud, bear hug your pillow, and fall back onto your bed with an elated sigh.

Yeah…that totally just happened to me.