amwf story

7 months ago today we started dating, and it has been uphill ever since! We actually met on this lovely website we call home, Tumblr. He found me under the tags to our college, Kent State University and started following me. Soon I started to notice a reoccuring person commenting on and liking everything I posted, so I checked him out and saw how cute he was! And the is history. :) All because of Tumblr!

Our Story: We met online from an app called Skout. I messaged him first because I thought he was a total cutie :3. When I first started talking with him, he knew about 5 words in English (no joke). So I started teaching him more words and phrases. Each day we would skype for a little bit and I would help him improve. It aways seemed like we never had enough time to talk (time difference from California to Japan is pretty big). After almost a year of talking online I knew that I had to see him. I booked a plane ticket to Japan without telling anyone (not even my best friend knew lol). I told him a week before my flight that I was coming. You guys should have seen his reaction! PRICELESS XD! He was super excited, but of course nervous, as was I. Meeting him for the first time was something that I will never forget. I was really nervous (really is a understatement) as I was on that plane flying to Japan. I was sweating like crazy and kept running in my mind every possible scenario of what are meeting would be like (the flight was long enough for me to do so lol). I finally landed and my heart was beating like mad when I was walking through the terminal. I saw a currency exchange booth and walked up to it since I knew I needed some cash for my trip. As I was waiting in line and feel someone hug me from behind…It was him and I nearly had a damn heart attack! I turned around and faced him and wow! So much taller than me haha! He is 5”9 and Im 5”4 lol it seems a lot taller to me. Of course we kissed and cried at the airport like a couple of love sick dummies :3 Anyway, the rest is history. We are so in love and couldn’t be happier. Hes actually coming to the US in 40 days to see me! Cant wait :D <3