The Legend of Korra— Brave Fearless Beautiful AMV

i have literally been planning to make this for like two years and finally i did and it’s beautiful and i love korra

a tribute to my favorite character ever

the signs as oscar isaac movies
  • aries: sucker punch
  • taurus: a most violent year
  • gemini: ex machina
  • cancer: inside llewyn davis
  • leo: x-men apocalypse
  • virgo: agora
  • libra: w.e.
  • scorpio: in secret
  • sagittarius: the force awakens
  • capricorn: the two faces of january
  • aquarius: balibo
  • pisces: 10 years

this started out as a vent but turned into a full-length amv
i apologize for all the hearts that will be broken because of this