Red White and Rainbow stripes 

 Marriage equality!! Fuck yes USA!! Congratulations!!

But is in incredibly amusing to me how people on the internet are acting like it happened to the whole world and not just the US, what with various logos changing to rainbow colors and what not.


Watch Jurassic World (2015) Full Movie

Twenty-two years following the events associated with Jurassic Recreation area, Isla Nublar now comes with a fully working dinosaur amusement park, Jurassic World, as initially envisioned by John Hammond.

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Title : Jurassic World
Release Date : June 12, 2015
Genres : Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller
Production Countries : United States of America
Director : Colin Trevorrow
Writers : Michael Crichton, Rick Jaffa, Mark Protosevich, Amanda Silver
Casts : Vincent D'Onofrio, Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jake M. Johnson, Nick Robinson, Ty Simpkins, Irrfan Khan, BD Wong, Omar Sy, Judy Greer, Katie McGrath, Lauren Lapkus, Andy Buckley
Plot Keywords : dinosaurs


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I saw this prompt and initially I just drew Erik and Christine, but then Nadir popped up, followed by Raoul and the Girys, and there you have it. I couldn’t help it. The thought of these guys traipsing through a haunted house together was just too great to pass up.

It never once struck me that Madame Giry wouldn’t be completely nonplussed in the face of danger. Mildly amused, certainly. Terrified? Pfft. Not a chance.

And yes, Erik is shrieking like a little girl.

sorry guys last one I’m sorry! @__@;

markiplier can do that weird thing with his feet and it was amusing to me so I decided to draw it real quick ;-;

that’s it for me :’u

I have a youtuber fanart tag in my page ´w` so check more out there :u

Markiplier©Mark Fischbach
art and stuff©moi U;

Vocaloid Highlights: June 2015

I won’t make a special Super-Stand-Outs section since that would be silly, but listen to Hanamaru World and fuzzy, okay.

========== Stand-Outs ==========
What I Want To Tell You
Shooting Star
Dawn Moon Night
Hanamaru World
One Room Lovers
Want To Say
I Had A Dream Like This.
Doctor Funkbeat
Don’t Stop the Music
Reckless ☆ Good Day
She Who Loves Numbers
The Rotating Problem
Rainy Heart Pattern
I need you
Nameless You and Nameless Town

========== Worth Your Time ==========
Sens Unique!
Platonic Love
rain cats and dogs
Goodbye Melancholy
Merry Bad
Vermin Killer
Trance Dance
Youthful Liner
When the Hydrangeas Bloom, I Fall in Love With You
Dying Sun
Principle Town
Word Games
After Trick
Fickle Nature
Ending Bell and Bookmark of Memory
Indigo Irony
Spiritual Tryst
Model Town (Acoustic)
Full Power! Magical Voice!
Once You Hold Hands, It’s Goodbye
Pinky-Promise and Love Song
Sakura Cut Overdrive
If the World Ends Tomorrow
Deepsea Amusement Park
Remember Music
Ultramarine and Reality

========== Oh ==========
Revenge: The Search

NaLu week day one: Wander

Heres the second part of Revenge!

Happy NaLu week everyone!! And also, I decided to make this into three parts :D Also, I made a new gen for Fairy Tail and I just love it x)  

Setting: Cop AU

Pairings: NaLu, Zervis, Dragneel Brothers

Summary: Two escaped convicts seek revenge on the pink haired cop that put them away. After seeing him with his pregnant wife, they knew what the perfect revenge was.

Read part one here

Zeref left the correctional facility, the sirens on his police car blaring in the early morning sky on his way to his brother’s home. The black haired officer feared the worse for his sister-in-law if Natsu didn’t get there in time, these convicts were murderers after all. Behind bars for life for murdering innocent bystanders on the street for their own amusement. Zeref gripped his steering wheel until his knuckles turned white.

Those bastards were going to pay if they did any harm to Lucy or his future nephew.

He pulled up at their house, barely remembering to turn off his car before he dashed inside frantically opening up the door. The sight of everything out of place shown the sign of a struggle, and from the looks of it… it was one hell of a fight.

“Natsu?!” He shouted, only to be met with dead silence. He decided to investigate, trying his best to avoid the items that were thrown and broken on the floor. Upon walking further into the house, Zeref heard a noise coming from the bedroom. Just incase, he pulled his gun out of his holster walking towards the source.

“Natsu?” He asked warily, getting closer to the room as the sounds gradually got louder. He put his back on the wall next to the open door out of habit, gun glued to his hands. Slowly he leaned his body over to peek inside the room, his heart clenched tightly at the sight.

He seen his brother, his knees on the floor while the other half on his was hunched over on the bed sobbing miserably into the sheets as he gripped the fabric in his hands. Zeref fully stood in the doorway, his whole body shaking. The sound of his gun falling to the ground was heard.

Natsu didn’t make it on time.

Natsu heard something hit the ground. Slowly, he turned his head to the source. He clenched his teeth tighter together, feeling more tears rush down his face.

“Z-Zeref-nii…” He choked out, slowly getting up on his own two feet. He tried to take a step towards his brother but his body was to weak from all the tears he shed to make it. He felt himself tumbling forwards, only to feel his older brothers arms wrap around his shoulders, steadying him.

“Natsu, I’m sorry… so sorry…” Zeref sorrowfully said, feeling his own tears start to fall as he embraced his brother tighter. He felt Natsu wrap his hands around his torso, giving out gut wrenching sobs that made Zeref’s heart shatter just as the sound of them.

“I-I don’t know w-what I’d do without her Zeref-nii… I-I can’t live without…” Natsu’s sobs took over his body before he could even finish his sentence. Tears continued to fall down Zeref’s pale cheeks as he held his trembling brother in his arms.

A sudden rush of determination rushed through Zeref. Seeing his brother like this and the thoughts of his sister-in-law scared and helpless… it made him promise himself something.

They were going find Lucy.

And they were going to find her alive.

“Natsu.” Zeref’s words startled him. “We’re going to find Lucy. This, I promise you.”

The pink haired police officer was still too distraught to speak. All he could do is nod his head and hug his brother tighter, glad for his comfort. The two knew they couldn’t stay in the position for long. Any time they wasted now could be time used to look for Lucy.

The two pulled apart, although Natsu was still shaking. Zeref put a hand on his shoulder his tears coming to a standstill. He knew he shouldn’t cry, couldn’t cry. He had to be strong for both himself and Natsu. “Come on little brother, I’ll make a call to Mavis and tell her the situation. With her help, we’ll be able to track down those bastards in no time.”  

Natsu looked to his brother through his teary eyes, only nodding at his suggestion. Zeref wrapped his arm around his brother’s shoulder to keep him stabilized as they walked out of the home, determined to find Lucy.

30 minutes earlier

After Natsu had left, Lucy found herself unable to fall back to sleep. Her mind was on the emergency he had on work. Being a police wife, Lucy was constantly in fear. She was scared that one day Natsu would leave the house and not come back. When she thought of this, she usually thought of life without Natsu and the constant fear she felt when she did so.

If there was one person in the world she couldn’t live without, it was Natsu.

Six months ago when she found out she was pregnant, she would never forget his reaction. It had been his birthday, and boy did she have a gift for him. She decided to put a pacifier in a gift box and wrap it up, leaving it on her side of the bed while he was still asleep. While she was making his favorite breakfast, she heard her name come out his lips in disbelief. She turned around, seeing him hold the pacifier up. She nodded her head vigorously at that, tears beginning to pool in her eyes again.

She remember how shocked he was, how his mouth gaped open. She also remembered the way he ran towards her, circling his arms around her and lifting her of the ground spinning them in a circle. The way he kissed her afterwards felt like the kiss he had given her on their wedding day. Also, the way he kissed her stomach goodmorning and goodnight every day after she told him made her heart swell with overwhelming amounts of love.

She was so lucky to have Natsu in her life and be the father of her child.

The sound of the door opening and closing brought Lucy back to reality. She looked at the clock, confused. Was Natsu back already? He’s only been gone about ten minutes. She looked at the opened doorway until two figures appeared. Lucy’s heart dropped.

It wasn’t Natsu.

“W-Who are you?” She stuttered out, trying to be as strong as she could starting to move when she seen they were coming closer to her.

“Lucy Dragneel I presume?” She heard one speak, his amused tone making chills go down her spine. “My my, Natsu sure does know how to pick them. Right Jackal?”

“Right.” She seen the one named Jackal’s canine teeth show in the darkness. They reached her bed and that’s when Lucy decided to try get off of Natsu’s side of the bed, standing and watching the two intruders eye her from her side of the bed.

“What’s wrong Mrs. Dragneel? Are you afraid?” Mard Geer questioned.

“I like them like that.” Jackal admitted, making Lucy’s blood turn cold. She felt herself shaking in fear for herself and her unborn child.

“W-What do you guys want?” She felt frozen as she seen Jackal start crawling across the bed to where she was.

“Why you and your child of course.” Mard Geer began to explain, letting Jackal take care of the pregnant woman. “You see, your husband so rudely put me and my partner here away three years ago. Now, we broke out and are here for revenge.” He said the last part with a wicked smile.

“Yeah, and what better way than taking him wife!” Jackal shouted before jumping off the bed towards her. Lucy shrieked and dodged the man. She ran as fast as her pregnant stomach would let her towards the door, heart dropping as she seen Mard Geer beat her to it. Lucy gulped.

There was no way for her to get out.

She seen Mard Geer smirk at her. “Guess being pregnant has its disadvantages huh?” He brought his arm up, hand wrapping tightly around her slender neck. Lucy put her hands on his, trying to make him stop. Little did she know, the disgruntled sounds she was making only fueled to his wrongdoings.

He began walking backwards, his hand still around the blondes neck. He threw her on her bed and before she could get up again Mard Geer was over her, holding her shoulders down hindering herself from doing so.

“Jackal, go wreck the house so when Officer Dragneel arrives it’ll give him a bad impression.”

Jackal smirked. “Sure thing boss.” He walked out the room, Lucy heard things crashing and breaking. She felt the tears spill from her eyes. She watched as Mard Geer brought his face closer to hers, so Lucy ended up spitting on his face. He growled.

“You little feisty bitch.” He remarked before using the back of his hand to slap her face, the ring he wore caused her lip to split.

Lucy could taste the blood on her lip, looking up at him fear evident in her eyes. This amused the man.

“Sorry, I usually don’t condone violence to pregnant woman. Thank your husband for this.” He smiled wickedly before pulling out a knife. Lucy’s eyes widened, a scream emanating from her throat as she felt the blade cut across her skin. Tears of fear and pain began streaking down her face.

The cuts kept coming. She felt the blade on her arms, legs and cheeks. He was about to deliver another blow when he heard Jackal’s voice.

“Woah, hey Mard Geer you should tone it down a bit. We need her alive to lure Natsu so we can kill him.”

Lucy felt her heart skip a beat.

They were going to use her to kill her husband?

“Ahh, you’re right my apologies.” He got off of Lucy, gashes now all over her body. Blood oozed from the, spilling onto the bed.

“N-No…” She whimpered. Her body was weak due to the amount of blood she was losing, thought she was more concerned for the condition of her unborn son.

“Don’t worry, your baby will be fine.” Mard Geer explained, bringing two fingers to the pressure point on her neck, applying pressure until she eventually lost consciousness. “You on the other hand, won’t be.”

Jackal lifted the unconscious woman into his arms bridal style. “We should get going before he gets here.” Wordlessly, Mard Geer agreed as they made their way out of the house.

“Zeref! Natsu!” A petite blonde shouted as the two entered.

“Mavis.” Zeref greeted with a nod. “Anything new?”

Mavis shook her head no sighing heavily. “No, nothing. All the evidence we have is that hole in the wall, were sending people to Natsu’s house as we speak to investigate there as well.” She gave the broken looking man a comforting smile. “How’re you holding up Natsu?”

He shrugged. “I’m managing. I’m not going to rest until I find her.”

“Neither am I.” Zeref declared. Mavis’s eyes were in awe as she looked at Zeref. It wasn’t his wife or his child. He didn’t have to do this, didn’t have to help out his brother or make the same promises he did. Zeref was doing this simply because he loved his brother more than anyone. Her smile turned wider.

No wonder why she fell in love with the man.

“I suggest we just do some searching through the street for any signs of them. Knowing those two street rats, they’re out there somewhere.” Zeref suggested making the two people nod. He looked towards Mavis. “Would you like to come along? You have the best eyes out of anyone here.”

Mavis’s face reddened at the compliment. “Of course I’d love to go. Makarov can take over giving people orders.”

“Alright it’s settled.” Zeref declared determinedly. He turned to his broken brother, giving his the signature Dragneel grin. “Lets go find your wife little brother.”

Natsu looked at his brother through the corner of his tear stained eyes. He forced himself to smile. “Right.” He said with a unstable tone. Before the three went out the doors.

It’s been three days.

Three days of aimlessly wandering the streets for any sign of Lucy or the escaped criminals.

It’s been three days of no sleep or food for Natsu, Zeref and Mavis, cracking down hard trying to find them.

They were out again, searching through the streets for any sign of them. Even though they should have, the three didn’t lose hope.

They all decided that Lucy was hoping they would find her, and if they lose hope in finding her… Lucy and her child were as good as dead.

“Damn them.” Natsu cursed. “They’ve probably been planning this for so long they made sure to not make any mistakes.”

“I hate to agree with you, but you’re probably right.” Mavis said from the backseat, looking out the windows for any silhouettes.

“Well, they didn’t get away with all those murders for years for nothing.” Zeref commented, keeping his eyes on the road but glancing from time to time out the window to see if he spotted anything.

“But eventually they made a mistake-” Natsu was interrupted by the sound of his cell phone going off. His eyes widened at the contact, answering it immediately.

“LUCY?!” The menacing chuckle he heard from the other line made his stomach churn.

“Oh don’t you wish it was.” He heard Mard Geer’s amused voice say. “Don’t worry, your precious wife is fine. Just a little… tattered.”

“If you’ve hurt her I swear I will kill you myself.” Natsu spoke deadly serious, not at all scaring the man on the other line.

“I’ll be waiting then Dragneel.” He spoke with confidence. “If you want to see your wife, we’re in the abandoned warehouse on the north side of Magnolia. We’ll be waiting.”

Natsu growled viciously as the line was cut off between the two. “Fucking dammit!” He turned to Zeref who was staring at him worry on his features. “They’re at the abandoned warehouse on the north side of Magnolia.”

The eldest Dragneel didn’t need to be told twice as he flipped on his cop sirens, making a U-turn towards the area. What usually was a 20 minute drive turned into 10 minutes as they pulled up. They all rushed out of the car, barging their way into the building.

Natsu’s eyes widened at the sight.

Lucy was there, rope tied around her upper body to the chair she was currently in. Her ankles were tied to the chair legs, and a ragged tied around her mouth to keep her quiet. He seen Lucy’s brown eyes for the first time in three days, but it wasn’t the way he wanted to see them.

They looked lifeless, they resembled the color of mud rather than the chocolate color he much preferred. He noticed she had cuts, bruises and dried blood adorning her whole body. Natsu felt himself shake with rage, only seeing red when he seen the tears pour from her eyes.

The sound of slow clapping caught the threes attention. They watched as Mard Geer and Jackal walked their way to the center of the room standing right in front of Lucy.

Day 1: Wander

Fluffy High School AU: While wandering about Natsu accidentally finds the new girl everyone’s been talking about.

“You can do this, Lucy,” said a girl with long, blonde hair that was tied into a side pony as she paced back and forth. “C’mon, it’s just opening a door!”

The girl looked semi familiar, but Natsu’s brain felt foggy.

He leaned back against one of the lockers, crossing his arms over his chest as he observed with pure amusement on his face.

The girl reached for the door knob, just about to grasp it, but then pulled her hand back. “Argggg,” she groaned, throwing her head back. “I can’t do it! Stupid, Lucy!” She smacked her forehead.

What a weirdo, Natsu shook his head, biting back a laugh.

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Never Have I Ever (Nate Imagine Ft. Omaha Boys)

This is probably going to be really bad I’m so sorry I just felt like posting! - Bri x 

“Never have I ever…” Nate trailed off, gripping onto your thigh as he spoke with an amused tone, “sucked dick.” You were the only girl playing, there were 5 of you and rest were Nate, Jack and Jack, and Sam. You roll your eyes and take a sip of your alcoholic drink, you weren’t quite sure if it was vodka, tequila, or scotch by now but you were all hitting the tipsy part. 

The Jacks laugh and Sam let’s out a long ‘ooooh’ teasingly, “Whatever, whatever,” you wave them off, “Never have I ever…used a cheesy pickup line!” You lean against Nate’s shoulder as Sam and the Jacks take a sip of their drink, you weren’t surprised that Nate had never used a pickup line, he didn’t need them to get girls. Nate turns his head and puckers his lips, leaning in to kiss you sweetly. 

“Never have I ever…cheated on my girlfriend.” You watch curiously as Nate and Sam take a sip…Johnson was the one who said it and Gilinsky was an all-around good guy. But your boyfriend Nate, and Sam were fuck boys to the max and this was something you were accustomed to before you and Nate got serious. 

“Never have I ever…gotten caught having sex!” Sam chuckles, winking at you and Nate, who again have to take a sip. It was just last week the Jacks walked in on you mid-fuck-session and you were still embarrassed about it. Nate snakes a reassuring arm around your waist and presses a tender kiss to your temple. 

“Wait, wait, I got one!” Gilinsky proclaims, “Never have I ever, faked an orgasm!” You take a sip, and Nate looks at you concerned. 

“Hey, I’ve had a lot of bad hookups!” You argue, leaning up to kiss him, “Never have I ever faked one with you.” 

“Good because never have I ever loved a girl other than you.” He nuzzles nose with you, and you drunkenly giggle as he pulls you to rest in his lap. 

“Nah, do’t get cheesy with us guys!” Sam complains, throwing his head back groaning, “never have I ever…bought tampons.” You, Nate, and Johnson each take a sip and Sam and Jack look at the other two boys in shock. 

Nate shrugs, “Hey…Y/N needs them sometimes and I’m more than happy to help.” He was so cute when he played that adorable boyfriend card.His eyes flicker to meet yours and you grin at him, cupping his cheek you kiss the opposite one and stroke his cheekbone. 

“I give them 10 minutes before they ‘excuse’ themselves to go drunk fuck and cuddle.” Gilinsky states with a labored sigh, “Skate was so much more fun when he didn’t have a girlfriend.” 

“I ship it, I ship it.” Johnson gives you a high-five and you smile at him letting out a light laugh. You were all quite drunk, and everything was downright hilarious at this point. 

“Sometimes,” Sam begins, “I think about Y/N with her clothes off…” Your eyes widen as you and the Jacks laugh all while Nate looks at him with an angry and annoyed expression. 

Nate tightens his jaw, “you’ve got two seconds to say you’re kidding.” He bluntly states, obviously jealous. 

Sam shakes his head, “I wish I was bro!” Nate looked like he wanted to tackle Sam to the floor, but you were currently sitting in his lap stopping from from doing so, so instead, he whispered in your ear asking you to go to bed with him. You quickly agree. Together, you stumble to your bedroom and drunkenly fall on the bed together, a mess of giggles and drunk slurs. 

“Never have I ever wanted you more.” Nate whispers in your ear, nipping at your earlobe. 

You giggle, “I don’t think I can drink to that.” 

Literally the most random imagine I’ve ever done idk if this is funny or smutty or cute wtf thank you guys for all of your support!

thesilvermenace asked:

SPOILERS (Sort of?) You mentioned torture, I think? How graphic are we talkin' here? (That body count list looks fantastic btw)

Fairly graphic. It’s a YA novel so it’s not gonna be Cannibal Holocaust 2 or anything but some fingers get cut off at one point and that’s never exactly Care Bears material.

Though after that the victim pokes at the pile of her severed fingers with her foot to prop up her middle finger and flip off the bad guy. That’s kind of amusing.

I fucking hate everyone who pray on mentally ill people’s paranoia, anxiety and delusions for their own amusement by making or sarcastically spreading any variation of “reblog this or you will die/never find love/lose everyone you care about.” It’s not fucking funny that some people are paranoid, anxious or delusional enough to seriously reblog your fucking chain letter.

[Caroline] Rhea led a particularly amusing live auction; one lot involved Mr. Criss serenading a guest onstage. That guest turned out to be a bespectacled 7-year-old girl. The song: “Teenage Dream,” which Mr. Criss acknowledged, humorously, was likely a totally and completely inappropriate selection.
—  Bringing a Broadway Event Together: Tina Fey, Jane Krakowski, Darren Criss and others come out for Broadway benefit for foster children (Wall Street Journal)

sometimes I’m just really amused when thinking about words in languages because

  • fast  [fɑːst] is a synonym for “quick” in English
  • fast [fast] means “almost” in German
  • and faszt [fɒst] in Hungarian is just the accusative for “a dick” which is also used as a vulgar phrase to disagree with something or negate a (usually sarcastic) statement/question

so I’m just laughing under my moustache (or more accutartely, smiling) which is also a Hungarian phrase never mind me

I should translate these literally into English and make a quiz post asking what the fuck you think they mean tbh

So I was looking at this post from “the game collection” about the Lego Dimensions stand.

And was amused by some things like this BC01 gathering in flowery fields

lovely. but then I saw something on another photograph

One of my very first own art Posts on this blog. I am silly amused by this!

I'm amused that Abby thinks she has been on air for any other reason than being a complete bitch to children.

It’s not because you’re a great dance teacher.