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The Easter Bunny

A/N: Happy Easter to all who celebrate it!

Sam x Daughter!Reader   Dean x Niece!Reader

“You sure we got everything?” Dean inquired as he looked over at Sam who sat in the passenger seat.

Sam nodded his head, “Yeah, I think so. Got the basket, chocolate bunny, stuffed duck, supplies for dying eggs, jelly beans, and more candy then we need. I think we’re all set for the Easter bunny tomorrow.”

“Good.” Dean replied with a large smile, “Let’s go get our girl.”

Sam chuckled as he got out of the impala, “Did you ever think we’d have this?” Sam questioned before she shut the passenger door.

“What, you having a kid? Us going shopping for a stuffed duck? Me actually looking forward to taking a rugrat to the mall to see some guy dressed up like a friggin’ rabbit?” Dean scoffed, “No, I never saw our lives becoming this; but I’m glad it is.”

Sam grinned at his brother, thinking about all the big changes that happened for them within the last year. You had showed up in their lives; a result from the irresponsible relationships Sam had when he was soulless, but the brothers loved you no matter how you came into their lives.

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This was some years ago when I was working in an amusement. I worked in the kid ride area. It was a busy day. A kid couldn’t keep his feet inside the ride so I had to stop it and kick him off. The dad storms up next to me on the outside of the gate while I’m running the ride again and starts yelling at me. I don’t even look at him(it’s 100+ degrees. I’ve been working 8 hours, haven’t had my break yet and still have 4 more hours) I blandly tell him his kid can’t ride so long as I’m operating and he can’t follow rules. I don’t care how old the child is if they can’t be safe. He tells me to call a supervisor(they never show up for parents in the kid area because they knew we were probably right) and demands my name. We wear name tags. I finally look at him(wearing extremely reflective sunglasses which made him mad he couldn’t actually see me) look down at my name tag, look back at him, grab my name tag and pull it forward so he can see and say, “well my name tag says Brittany, sooo” and went back to my job. The rest of the day he made sure to avoid any ride I was at and was constantly glaring at me because the supervisor never showed up. Even though he watched me dial and talk on the phone.

because the ladies need captain time too

not shown: usopp making better formulas for nail polish so they don’t chip during battle

sanji making snacks that won’t mess up their drying polish

and zoro who is sleeping yet also expecting luffy to jump on him and show off his nails

Do you ever feel scared thinking that one day you may also become an abuser, just like the way your abuser told you how once they were also abused?

  • Child! Allen: *Riding his bike down the road*
  • Francois: *High and trying to amuse the kids* *Laying down in the road*
  • Francois: *Groaning* Owwwwwww, Allen ran over my hand.....
  • Oliver: Allen! Why would you do that!!!
  • Child! Matt: He has a point


Is this you?

You strayed into Arcadia when you amused by yourself.

You were the kid who hadn’t been taught in sound morality well. You were always an aggressive one in the group. It is fit for you to damage someone who are in lower-grade to you. You once thought that the fate to everyone is just the game from the God.

You were saved by Asriel at the gate of death, but Asriel didn’t believe that you hurt these monsters at first.

Afterwards, you were adopted by Asgore and Toriel. Toriel felt unsettled, because she once saw you prepared to stab her.

You once led Asriel to kill people who would stray in Arcadia, so you can get the power to leave “the Barrier”. In this way, the soul of Asriel would be powerful enough, and you could absorb that.

In the end, you died on your bed; your body was buried underneath a Peach Tree, so your “Human Soul” didn’t disappear. Still, “the Barrier” stuck your soul inside of Arcadia.

Now, you wanted to take out Frisk’s “Human Soul”

(The Chinese on the pic is “杀戮”(Slaughter),“攻击”(attack), “进攻”(offensive), and “背叛”(betray)


i cant explain but i can blame @beanieweenees for showing me the papyrus version and suggesting this (if you have a link for that i would gladly appreciate it bc i cant find it)
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Dress Up (Legend of Korra AU Snippet)

“Why exactly do I have to cosplay as a squirtle?” Korra asked.

Asami smiled. “Because the children at the hospital love pokemon, and I can’t waterbend. You, however, can waterbend.” She kissed Korra’s cheek. “Plus, I think you’d make an adorable squirtle.”

Korra sighed. “Why do I have the feeling that you’ve already got a costume prepared for me?”

“Because I knew you’d say yes, you big softie.”

“Well, this is the only time I’m doing it.”

Asami gave her a thoughtful look. “Well… as the might Avatar, master of four elements, there are a few other pokemon you could cosplay as to amuse the kids at the hospital. I think you’d make a pretty decent charizard too. If you combined your airbending with your firebending, you could even fly around while breathing fire. And don’t even get me started on all the rock or ground pokemon you could dress up as.”

“Are you sure you aren’t doing this just because you want to see me dress up as a pokemon?”

“Maybe a little, but it’s mostly for the children.” Asami’s brows furrowed. “Can you bend lightning?”

“Uh… I’m trying to learn.”

“Good. Then you can be pikachu too.”

Please fire me. I’m a bouncy castle operator and was yelled at today by a parent because I wouldn’t let their 10-year-old 160 lb. kid on the bouncy castle with the 3-year-olds.

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How would the SF pap and sans react if: they woke up one night to there kid just poking them, because they had a bad dream and wanted to sleep with them?

Let’s assume the S/O isn’t home that night for some reason so it’s just the skeles and the kid



Black grumbles and tells their kid to stop being a wimp and just go back to sleep. He has a busy day tomorrow and doesn’t want to wake up with sore bones from sharing a bed with his blanket stealing, body kicker, kid. But then, in the dark, he notices their eyes shimmering and their cheeks glossy from fresh tears. Black groans and scotches over and tells them to get in. Wrapping his arms around their small body, he clanks his teeth on their head and the two of them gently fall back asleep. 


When his kid pokes him awake because they had a nightmare, Rus groggily asks them what the nightmare was about. After hearing it, he finds it amusing, but since the kid was so terrified, he makes some room on the bed and strokes the back of their head. 

“Nothing is going to hurt you. Daddy’s here,” Rus coos. 

He kisses of the top of their head and stays awake until his kid is fast asleep. 

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Omg 2 with wonho please??? Love your blog anyways! Thank you....... 😁😁😁

Thank you!!!!

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2. “I thought you’d be gone by the time i woke up…”

You made your way into your bedroom and found a very startled Hoseok, sitting at the edge of the bed with disheveled hair and a hangover that was physically obvious to you. You smirked and leaned against the doorframe as he met your gaze, eyes still heavy with exhaustion, “Y-Y/N?” he managed and you chuckled, “I thought you’d be gone by the time I woke up” you said and his eyebrows knitted in confusion.

A hint of fear making its way into his shoulders in the form of stiffness. You grinned at his reaction and he only seemed to be further into bewilderment. He cleared his throat and ruffled up his hair with a heavy sigh, “I don’t… Remember what- why am I in your- did um, we?” he stumbled over his words, earning a chuckle from your end as realization of what he meant kicked in.

“Oh my god, no! No we didn’t do anything, I slept on the couch” you said and he visibly relaxed. You snickered and motioned your head in the direction of the kitchen, “I made you breakfast” you said and he closed his eyes, “On my way” he managed and you smiled.

Once at the kitchen, you drank from your coffee and watched as Hoseok chewed his food languidly. “So, you don’t remember anything?” you asked and he shook his head slowly as he met your gaze. You nodded and smirked, “Let me refresh your memory” you said, taking another sip from your cup. “You came, already a little buzzed, then you asked me for any liquor and we sat down and drank as you ranted over your busy schedule and no sleep-” you said but Hoseok cut you off abruptly, “Shit! My manager- I need to call-” he started but you stopped him, “Hoseok! I called him already, you’re fine, he said you could go later, you guys only have something in the afternoon” you stated and he grimaced.

“Oh… thank you” he said, rubbing his temple, “Anyway, we drank for a while but I made sure to stop way before you as you practically cried a little and sang loudly, almost broke a few things, and finally gave out on my bed” you stated, making Hoseok bury his face in his hands.

He let out a whine and squeezed his eyes shut, “I’m sorry…” he said softly and you shook your head in dismissal, “Don’t be, it was fun to watch” you stated and he scoffed, “I’m sure…” he replied and you grinned, “I was surprised when you confessed…” you commented, your voice trailing off.

Hoseok’s head shot up, his eyes wide, and his face becoming paler. You met his gaze and guffawed in amusement, “I’m kidding!” you said, but Hoseok only seemed to chuckle nervously as his cheeks took on a tint of pink. He stared at his plate and shoved a forkful of his breakfast into his mouth, making you quirk an eyebrow as you grinned.

You had definitely taken aback when he had confessed through slurred and over enthusiastic words, but you decided to dismiss it. You would rather hear those same words when he was sober, and actually ready to let you know of them.

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(well first of all, shit, I forgot to go anonymous for one of the asks, I'm so ashamed :D And I'm so happy you answered it anyway). Q: tell us more about your child! First word? who is the godfather? I want all the fluff

(What was your question? :O ❤️)

Harry: *amused* We don’t have a kid yet.

Draco: *low mutter* Maybe you secretly do with some tart out there–

Harry: *slowly* You have got to be joking.

Draco: What are they talking about then?!

Harry: They obviously misunderstood and thought we already have a kid!

Draco: *continues muttering suspiciously under his breath*

Harry: *exasperated gaping*

Friendly reminder that Peter Capaldi once was the voice of an animated penguin who was a super secret agent but pretended to be an absolute loon as his cover

And he even had the hair thing going