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I can't stop cackling over that picture! Normal people standing in the face of the DD/GA dynamic is endlessly amusing to me. Also, that TV Guide picture has been ridiculous for like 25 years.

That TV Guide shoot was AMAZINGGGGGG (and ridiculous). I think I bought like 10 copies of it. 

But yes, it’s always weird for me (but amusing as hell) when Outsiders observe D&G. I feel sort of like WAIT YOU CAN SEE IT TOO? Heehee. (This is just a photoshoot, not like, life, but still.)

Edit: I’m also just cracking up now remembering what a HUGE DEAL TV Guide used to be. I mean, when X-Files was going to be IN TV GUIDE (which happened a few times), it was a major thing! Of course much of the anticipation was that they did their own interviews and photoshoots and it wasn’t like someone would just call them up for 2 minutes and then use preexisting publicity photos. But still, they had the budget to do that (maybe they still do, I don’t know) and they had the status to get the network to use David and Gillian’s precious time doing these elaborate photoshoots. “On the cover of TV Guide” was a major thing. And yet the name of the publication was TV GUIDE! That is funny! And it was a thing that tells you what is on TV every minute of the day in a grid! We don’t need that anymore! Poor TV Guide. Their glory days are behind them. No wonder they had a midlife crisis and bought that boat.


please consider: the most important team skull au that nobody wanted or ask for, where everyone is Kids

guzma leads a gang of kids who injure themselves doing parkour and pretend that their scrapes and bruises are from picking fights when really theyre just falling off of things a lot and trying to look cool. plumeria tags along to make sure nobody dies, she always has an endless supply of band aids on her and gets mad when any of the other members take off their band aids to show off their gross injuries. 

also guzma’s hobby is catching bugs… his dream is to catch a vikavolt (it will never happen) kukui always wants to hang out w/ him but only because he wants to see guzma’s bug collection and whenever guzma wants to do something else kukui is like “oh nvm…im busy”



You’re only able to maintain the visage of being a person when no one’s looking, is that it?  Or are you the only one who’s blind to what you really are?

(an a-hole)

(Just because you’re dead (ish) doesn’t mean you can’t have nice hair; one-upping Jack from beyond the grave (kind of).  Also this whole thing begins because someone walked on his lawn.  You’re not the only one with a lawn, JACK.  His lawn has goth lawn flamingos is better than yours.)

“Morning, Cas.” Dean stifled a yawn as he entered the kitchen, nodding at his friend who was enjoying his coffee while flipping through the pages of some book.

“Good morning, Dean,” Castiel replied pleasantly, blue eyes briefly blinking up to acknowledge Dean.

Dean affectionately ruffled the angel’s hair before making a beeline for the fridge, his growling stomach voting ’food’ rather than ’coffee’, at least for now. He scrunched his nose when all he found were some take out leftovers that were about as old and hairy as that witch that they hunted a couple of weeks ago. Coffee it was then. And a grocery run later today, Dean made a mental note.

Sitting down across from Cas at the kitchen table, Dean’s eyes fell on the book that Cas seemed to be engrossed in.

“What are you reading?” he asked as he took a sip of coffee, curious as to what could possibly be this interesting at eight in the morning.

Cas peeked up at him again through his lashes, and Dean could swear that he saw the hint of a blush spreading across his cheeks.

“Claire gave it to me, I have more of them,” he answered evasively.

Dean raised an eyebrow at him, gently reaching out to tilt the book so that he could see the cover, immediately groaning when he realized what it was.

“Seriously, Cas? Supernatural? You’re not honestly reading that bullshit, are you?”

The angel was looking a tad bashful, but that didn’t stop him from nonchalantly turning another page.

“It’s just… It’s nice to get a look inside your head, like this.” Cas explained quietly.

And okay, that made no sense to Dean.

“For real? Cas, we share a room, your tongue has been in my mouth! If there’s anything you want to know you can just ask me instead of turning to that garbage,” Dean scoffed, rolling his eyes, half amused, half annoyed. “Hell, you could literally read my mind if you chose to.”

“But I promised not to,” Castiel reminded him, at last putting down the book and giving Dean his full attention. “And most of these were from before we met… I was simply curious what you were up to, how you were feeling back then. For one thing, I found out that you easily believed in the existence of every supernatural creature possible, every single one except angels.”

Cas looked mildly affronted by that, but Dean snorted, shaking his head in disbelief. Silly angel, to be bothered by this after all these years. He reached over the table to lace his fingers through Cas’.

“For what it’s worth, I believe now,” Dean muttered, smiling at Cas.

Ever so slowly, Cas’ smile started mirroring Dean’s, and he eventually nodded in agreement.

“So… Will you stop reading those now?” Dean checked after a short silence, squeezing Cas’ hand.

Picking up the book again with his free hand, Cas grinned almost mischievously.

“Not a chance.”

Consider: Jared Kleinman with access to a kazoo
  • It starts out at a younger cousin’s bar mitzvah
  • There’s a kazoo in his party favor when he leaves
  • Jared has snuck quite a few sips of relatives’ alcohol at this point. He’s tipsy and he has a kazoo
  • You can bet there are gonna be a dozen You On Kazoo reenactments during the car ride home
  • He plays it tunelessly for hours until his mom confiscates it, but he takes it back the next morning before school
  • People can hear a horribly off-key rendition of “Eye Of The Tiger” playing outside of every classroom as he struts down the hall between classes
  • He switches to the theme song for Elmo’s World during lunch
  • Five different students have complained at this point, but teachers are too amused by this almost-adult playing a kid’s song on a golden kazoo to confiscate the thing
  • He heads to Evan’s house after school to play Mario Kart with him and screams the song for every single course (he’s got them all memorized)
  • Twenty minutes in, Connor shows up
  • The X-Files theme immediately begins to sound from Jared’s corner of the room
  • Connor isn’t in the mood for this shit but he’s 100% amused by it
  • “What the hell, Kleinman”
  • Jared takes the kazoo out of his mouth for one of the first times all day to whisper “Evan look it’s a cryptid”
  • Connor sits next to Evan and puts an arm around him
  • Cue “Careless Whisper” being aggressively played from directly behind them
  • “Jared, I will eviscerate you”
  • *kazoo intensifies*
  • This goes on for a solid three days before Connor and Evan finally band together and steal it in the middle of second period
  • Jared comes to school the next day with five more he bought at the party store

Canon Disney/Lucasfilm sources: Kylo doesn’t want to kill Rey, he feels a mysterious connection with her and wants to teach her the ways of the Force


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Fan site completely unaffiliated with Disney or Lucasfilm: Kylo Ren hates Rey and wants to kill her, Rey bought BB-8, Han Solo and Chewbacca had a torrid love affair, Bush did 9/11, 


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Broken - Part 2

2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: Jensen and the reader had an amazing night…until the condom broke. Not happy with the way things went down, Jensen surprises the reader when he shows up at her house.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,597

Part 1

“The shit I get myself into.” Jensen grumbles to himself, absentmindedly grabbing the brim of his hat and spinning it around.

Tired and annoyed, Jensen’s at a standstill in the ice cream isle at Whole Foods. His greenish hazel eyes have been darting back and forth, trying to decide which brand of ice cream would be best for breakfast.

Inwardly groaning, the actor snaps his eyes shut realizing just how ridiculous that sounds. A fact like that should maybe deter him from pursuing a girl like you. Something perceived as cute and quirky could easily be a red flag in disguise. With his luck, you probably entertain some sick habit like collecting human teeth in the back of your closet.

Jensen’s ridiculous train of thought is interrupted by a text from Gen, thankfully she’s an early riser. He breathes a sigh of relief once your address is in his hands. It’s quickly chased away when a shit ton of nerves overtake him.

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OMG, that Ne-yo song "Friend Like Me," made me think instantly of Bill singing it. Imagine Bill singing that song to Ford when both them were in the Fearamid in a attempt to get the equation out from Ford. The second time he might sing it to Stanley in his head as a last ditch attempt to bargain with him for his life, but Stanley say nope and punches him anyway.


The song for those curious!

Bill wishes he was a fraction as smooth as Ne-Yo though I mean really


word count: 1,020 words
story peek: “i thought you were my girl and i pulled you into the janitor’s closet by mistake” AU
author’s note: lowkey this prompt gave me major fuckboy!peter vibes so we’re giving it a whirl ;-)

part two

It wasn’t a secret to anyone at Midtown High who Peter Parker was. Nor was it secret what Peter Parker did. Notorious for his charming good looks and borderline genius intelligence, girls fell at his feet left and right. However, he was the notorious school fuckboy.

In the classes (Name) happened to share with him, Peter would stumble through the door five minutes late with disheveled hair, lipstick on his collar and newly forming hickeys down his neck. She couldn’t help but subconsciously bite her lip every time he caught her staring and would flash her his signature smirk.

It also wasn’t a secret to her that she liked Peter, yet she refrained herself from pursuing him as to not be treated as some toy. Besides, who was she to compete with Peter’s conquests in the past like Liz Allen and Chelsie Fawn?

Today happened to be said day where Peter popped into her first period Algebra class late, yet this time there were no hickeys or lipstick stains and he actually had a late pass. There was a confused glimmer in her eyes as they traced him all the way to his seat.

The image of Peter looking somewhat like a normal boy seemed to be burned into her retinas. And all too soon it was ripped away right before fourth period when she saw him flirting with Karla Montgomery a few lockers down from hers.

(Name) had occasionally been mistaken for Karla, unbeknownst to her why, but that thought made her think maybe Peter found her pretty. She shook her head and focused on grabbing the proper books for her next class. She could hear Karla incessantly giggling and could practically picture her twirling a thin piece of her auburn hair around her finger. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Karla reach up to kiss right at the bottom of Peter’s neck.

She rolled her eyes and slammed her locker shut, briskly walking down the halls towards her English class. She took her seat and watched Peter actually make it to class on time, a trace of pink lipstick still on his neck from Karla. As he sat in his seat, one row back and one desk to the right, she turned to look at him.

“You got something on your neck there,” she said, her words nearly choking in her throat when he made eye contact with her. He only smirked at her.

“I know,” he responded, the words dripping confidence. She swallowed and nodded and made a move to turn around before she was stopped by his voice. She barely turned to see him.

“You could add to it if you wanted sweetheart, I wouldn’t mind.”

She froze and let out a dry laugh, before directing herself to pay attention to class as soon as the bell rang. But the idea of kissing Peter and being the one he was interested in distorted her concentration and she cursed herself every minute for it. When the bell rang for lunch she let out a breath of relief and booked it out of the room and to her locker.

She shoved everything inside and closed it, heading to lunch empty handed. She had to tell her best friend Makenzie what had happened. As she hurried to the cafeteria, someone’s hand had grasped hers and was pulling her in the direction of the janitor’s closet. (Name) couldn’t help but tense when she noticed none other than Peter freaking Parker was pulling her there.

But Peter didn’t seem to notice her tense and hurriedly pulled her into the small space. She had no time to speak before she was pushed against the locked door, and Peter pressed his lips to hers. Her heart stopped and she froze underneath him.

Holy shit, I’m kissing Peter Parker! Holy shit, I’m kissing Peter Parker.

Her hands seemed to regain mobility and she pressed them to his chest and gave a soft shove to push him off of her. Her breathing was erratic and her cheeks were definitely dyed red.

“What the hell, Ka-” he stopped short when he took in the appearance of the girl in front of him, “Oh shit, you’re not Karla.”

(Name) softly shook her head, muttering a quick no. Peter reached up and scratched the back of his neck, suddenly feeling less confident and more like an idiot.

“Oh, well, this is um awkward,” he muttered, his eyes looking anywhere but at her. She nodded her head, shyly looking towards her feet. A heavy silence permeated the room.

“I’m sorry,” Peter suddenly blurted and her head shot up, their eyes meeting. Her eyebrows furrowed.

“Why?” she questioned. Peter Parker sorry for something like this? That was new.

“For coming onto you like that. I’m not a complete asshole,” he said. Her eyes flickered between his own as she took in the sincerity she was hoping for. A hesitant smile crossed her features.

Peter’s eyes widened just the slightest at this. Her hair glimmered slightly under the yellow light of the closet and her lips were swollen from kissing him. Her eyes held a bit of amusement in them and holy hell was her smile absolutely beautiful.

How had Peter not seen her before?

“It’s okay, Peter. Honest, I’m fine,” she said, running a hand through her hair. Peter nodded, his mouth slightly agape as he took in every single one of her features. She cleared her throat, snapping him out of his daze.

“Well, I better head to lunch.”

Her feet moved her to him and she pressed a short, lingering kiss to his mouth before pulling back and flashing him a wink.

“I’ll see you around, Parker,” she said, before unlocking the door and rushing out.

Holy shit, I can’t believe I just did that. I kissed Peter Parker. Twice. Holy shit, Kenzie will never believe me.

Meanwhile, Peter stood in shock, staring at the door she ran out of. He wanted her, and if he had to fight through a thousand lifetimes to have her, then god dammit he would.

well, blame @sexysilverstrider as usual;;;

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markhyuck prompt; mark and dh come to canada to visit marks birthplace. some guy hits on dh, after hearing them talk in korean. when mark leaves for a moment, he approaches dh, thinking he doesnt speak english well. when mark returns and meets this situation, dh is already roasting this guy just perfectly ps love ur markhyucks

Can’t Speak English = Donghyuck did want to practice, though.
» markhyuck. fluff.

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Imagine Crowley always being amused by your snappy comebacks.
He wouldn’t show it while you’re around, but as soon as you weren’t
watching, he would not be able to hold back a grin, secretly enjoying your
little squabbles.


HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THIS?? This friday on How It Really Happened on HLN, there’s NEW special on jeff, with interviews with Errol Lindsey’s sister, and extended interview clips from lionel’s appearance on larry david. 

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more clips here and here 

Sorry for being so inactive this weekend, I was on a “training camp” for work which has been a little exhausting. I will also have some lifeguard training in the future this summer so I wont be able to post daily like before. Thank you for understanding

It’s very telling that white supremacists are afraid of “brown hordes” invading and taking over where they live, claiming that they will not respect the local culture and actively try to suppress it while oppressing the locals…because that’s exactly what white Americans and Europeans did to the places they conquered. 

Americans moving into Texas were absolutely offended that the majority there was Catholic, they thought Spanish was an inferior language, and they seceded because they wanted to own slaves and it was forbidden under Mexican law. 

Americans moving west into indigenous territories literally relocated entire families rather than live alongside people they viewed as dirty savages. They punished them for speaking their own language, for engaging in their own cultural practices, and stole their children in an attempt to kill their connections as a community.

Americans moving into Hawai’i faked goodwill in order to corner a lucrative market, and then staged a coup to overthrow the queen and claim the islands as their own solely to protect their own interests. Teaching of the native language and customs was suppressed. 

Europeans moving into Africa and the Middle East took extra care to stoke ethnic and religious tension among the locals to keep them from uniting against them. Europeans imported the Christian blood libel to Syria and Egypt to fuel antisemitic violence against the Jews living there; the local people were literally segregated into second class social tiers, good enough to serve whites drinks but not good enough to be allowed into the social clubs built in their own cities and towns; if their art and everyday objects weren’t destroyed in an attempt to “civlise” them, or to demonise them as savages, then it was stolen as curiosities for European amusement. 

White supremacists idolise the hell out of Japan yet forget that the shogunate was rightfully suspicious of the intentions of the Europeans who came claiming to want to trade–and expelled all the foreign missionaries, leaving only a few representatives of the Dutch West Indies company allowed to commerce there. 

TLDR; white supremacists are afraid of people coming to live in Europe and the states because they are projecting hard.