Rules: List 10 favorite characters from each fandom and tag

tagged by @cryptcombat thank you so much!! ✿

1. vampire: the masquerade - bloodlines: nines rodriguez, beckett, damsel
2. the elder scrolls: amusei, lucien lachance (naturally), sheogorath, brynjolf (naturally)
3. batman: arkham series: the riddler, barbara gordon,  catwoman
4. deus ex: faridah malik, francis pritchard, václav koller
5. american mcgee’s alice: alice,  chesire cat, dormouse, white rabbit
6. the wolf among us: bigby, bufkin, toad jr, colin, nerissa, bloody mary
7. marvel: ironman, spider-man, black cat, rogue, gambit
8. sherlock bbc: irene adler, sherlock, molly hooper
9. once upon a time: emma swan, regina mills, killian jones, rumplestiltskin, ruby lucas
10. xena: warrior princess: xena, gabrielle, joxer, autolycus, aphrodite

i tag anyone who’d like to do this (too tired to tag sorry)