Random observations about the Fantastic Beasts audiobook

-Newt sounds so miffed while talking about Rita Skeeter oh my god

-Yet there’s a hint of amusenment when he talks about the implication that he broke Picquery’s heart bravo Eddie bravo

-THERE ARE SOUND EFFECTS, that howling made me jump

-There are 3 divisions: Beasts, Beings and Spirits and there’s still so much controversy over what counts as what, this is so fascinating to me

-Centaurs classified themselves as Beasts because they didn’t want to be grouped together with Beings like hags, vampires and merpeople


-Newt keeps telling people to read Bathilda Bagshot’s work

-This is the 3rd mention of a jarvey and we haven’t gotten to its actual description yet. I’m trying to figure out how exactly it got Newt expelled

-Just found out that Ashwinder eggs are used to make love potions???

-The dragon section is now really loooong which I love, unfortunately no hints of his work with the Ironbellies though

Having a blast so far. I’ll finish the second half tomorrow!