Opposites Attract - Damian Wayne x Reader

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Requested by Anon - Damian meets a girl from the darker parts of Gotham and she is almost the exact opposite of him, but he finds himself falling for her. (Can Damian be about 17) 

Damian walked past the old abandoned amusement park on the pier that the Joker often frequents when he escapes from Arkham. Of course, nothing was happening now since the sun was still up, and the Joker was still in Arkham. Damian was in street clothes, having been ordered by his father to get out of the manor for the day. His father claimed Damian needed to get a life, which was quite hypocritical of him if you asked Damian.

Nevertheless, Damian did as his father suggested and roamed the streets. He told himself he was investigating criminal activity, but he was kidding himself. The truth was Damian didn’t know where to go.  

Damian was about to cross the bridge to the ruined boardwalk when he noticed a person walking towards him. It was you, strolling clumsily towards him with a bundle of balloons in your hand.  He stopped to stare at you as you gave him a small smile before continuing on your way. Maybe it was because you were alone, or because you seemed a little lost yourself, but Damian felt himself drawn to you.

“Are you alright,” Damian called out, making you stop and turn back to him. 

“Yes, I’m fine,” you assure him, giving him another tiny smile. His stomach fluttered. “Are you okay?”

Damian raised an eyebrow at you. “Yes, I’m well,” he answered. Both of you stared at one another for a long moment before you held out your bundle of balloons to him.

“Did you want a balloon,” you offer, thinking that was the reason he stopped you. No one ever talked to you before when you were walking around. 

“No,” he refuses bluntly, glancing around him. “Are you out here alone?”

You glance around, prompted by his movement. “Well, you’re here,” you shrug a shoulder at him. He was so intense, it made you a little nervous.

“That is not what I meant,” he shot back, annoyed. Damian didn’t like the idea of you being out by the Joker’s amusement park alone. It was funny, but he felt protective of you even though he barely knew you.

“But that’s what you asked,” you tease back before turning around to continue on your way. Damian’s mouth dropped open in shock at your treatment of him.  He found he was attracted to you, which was strange. You seemed to be his opposite in every way.

Damian stomped after you. “I wasn’t finished talking to you yet,” he demands, slowing to walk beside you. You give him a sideways glance.

“Really,” you remark, genuinely surprised. “Sorry about that. Continue talking.”

“Where are you going,” he asks, finding your tone to be strange. Your words seemed to be sarcastic, but you didn’t mean them in that way.

You gesture in front of you. “To the end of the pier,” you state simply. Damian gives you a suspicious look.   

“Are you planning to jump,” Damian questions gently. For some reason, the idea of you drowning was unbearable to him. 

“I know I may seem strange, but you really think I’d come out here to commit suicide, “ you answer, shaking your head in disbelief. This boy was a weird one. You couldn’t believe he was talking to you as he seemed to be your opposite in every way. Graceful and muscular, he was the complete opposite to your clumsy and flabbiness.  

Damian sighed, irritated with your round-about way of talking. If he was honest, he kind-of liked it. “Then why are you going to the edge of the pier?”

You give him a sad smile before relying. “I’m going to release these balloons.”

“Why,” Damian asks, giving you a strange look.

“They’re for my brother, he would have been six today,” you state simply with a trace of gloom. You had both reached the edge of the pier, and stood a few feet from the water. 

Damian gazed at you for a long moment. “I’m sorry,” he consoles, placing a hand on your shoulder. You give him a gentle smile before handing him one of the balloons.

“Do you want to help,” you offer softly with unshed tears in your eyes. Damian pauses for a moment, and slowly takes the extended balloon.He found his gaze to be frozen on you as you took a deep breath. You were beautiful in this light, Damian had the itch to draw you.

You hold out the balloons in front of you. Taking a glance at Damian, you ask, “Are you ready?” Damian nodded as you let the balloons float into the air. Damian copied you with his one balloon. You two stood there for a long time, watching the balloons disappear into the clouds. 

Damian watched you from the corner of his eye. He wanted to comfort you, but didn’t know how. Even though it was against his nature, Damian gently took your hand in his. You glanced down at your entwined hands for a moment before giving his hand a squeeze. “Thank you,” you whisper, tears steaming down your face. 

TT,” Damian huffed awkwardly, unsure of what to do next. He began to think of what Grayson would do in this situation. “Do you want to go get some coffee,” Damian posed casually, hoping you would agree to come. He wanted to be close to you.

“Sure,” you agree, wiping your tears from your face. With Damian’s hand still in yours, you both walked away from the pier. A smirk crossed Damian’s face when he realized he may have found “a life”. 


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so i wrote a story for my english homework

and i thought it was kinda good? leave me some constructive criticism or whatever :) i hope you like it!!

The tide swiftly rolled into St. Barrymore’s cove as the greyish white and dusty red lighthouse wailed to distant ships. The clouds overhead looked sharp and evil, and the atmosphere in the small sea village was mournful. Their town was a widely known tourist destination, commonly visited for the pier, seaside amusement park and widely known for the vinegar factory thats been a town monument for years. Everyone in the town was used to storms, they were as common as catching a cold in the winter, but no one had expected the monstrosity that hit them that autumn.

Darren Hale lived in a small, one bedroom house at the edge of a cliff, not the best place to live in the town, but he liked waking up to screaming seagulls, yelling sailors, loud ships. He thought it was… peaceful.  

Darren worked at the pier, welcoming tourists and newcomers to the town, and saying goodbye to anyone lucky enough to leave the miserable town behind them. Usually he would have to arrive at work at 8:40 but today they were expecting a large amount of sailors returning from their annual fishing trip, so Darren arrived and hour early and sat watching the tide.
He imagined the beach trips him and his family would go on when he was younger, the bright sky and the blazing sun, the loud, screaming children and huge sandcastle building competitions, eating fish and chips and ice-cream, forever wanting to go onto the ferris wheel but his mum persistently telling him he would be sick if he went on. One year she was right, and he was sick on the ferris wheel. Darren’s sister, Jenny, was so annoyed at him that they had to go home early that day, she cried the whole way home in the car.
His thought process was abruptly interrupted by the chants of the sailors, who carried large fishing nets filled with shiny, silver fish. He welcomed them all, and since the town was small, he knew each of the sailors by name and had small chats with each of them as they went back and entered the town. As they all left for home, Darren sat back down and stared off into the blue-grey ocean.

As the first day of autumns rolled in, everyone was excited because it meant that the amusement park would have their annual halloween party,  farming contest,  and the big autumn dance ( which was a lot more sentimental in previous years, now the dance was mainly a place people went so they weren’t bored ).  The village did hold festivals in the summer, but these ones were a lot more fun, and more people got involved. It seemed as though everyone in the small town had something to show in the competition, or had something they wanted to dress up as for halloween. The town was especially creepy on halloween and the wails from the almost broken lighthouse and the fog that blanketed the village made the scene more “real”.
A few days past, and everyone was preparing for the contests, and not many people were visiting the town now it was getting colder, so Darren rarely had to work in the autumn and winter.  He didn’t normally enter anything to the competitions, but he would always go o the festivals to see all of the people there and talk to everyone in the town.

October 16th, the day before the festival. October 16th, the day everyone in the town will remember. the day that most people in the town lost their homes out farms. The day the almost broken lighthouse worked its hardest and was then destroyed. The day the biggest coastal storm hit  St. Barrymore’s Cove.
Everyone was distraught. No one’s house was left untouched, and everyone became more miserable. The crash that hit the lighthouse was like an explosion, and instantly pieces of red and white brick flew into the sea, as if it was fighting back. The ferris wheel took the pier and all the other rides with it into the tide, as if they were happily sailing off to a nice holiday. Darren small cliff top house had seen happier days, there was no longer a garden fence, no longer a roof covering the back of his house, and the windows were nowhere to be seen. Everything was a mess. However Darren wasn’t home when the storm hit, which was lucky for the most part, but he was out of town. He hadn’t heard about the storm until he returned to chaos.
Misery and heavy heartedness filled his body, followed by anger and tears. He was shocked and distressed. There was no way to fully describe his feelings towards the storm and the way it had left its house. He sat outside the remains of his front door and thought about what to do, but couldn’t think of anything. He didn’t have enough money to fix his house, or enough to move away completely. He didn’t want to leave town or even turn around and look at the house again. No one was around to help, they all had their own problems to deal with.