A relentless breeze rose up above the small summer town, managing a hot chill as if a ghost of the day’s earlier Sun. Sweatshirts and baggy pants hung and clung against sticky skin with the ferocity of flavors mixing against the gums and crunching in the back molars; cotton candy, soft pretzels, here and there a sand grain. Empty noises hum against the ear as the mechanical wheel turns and churns. The ringing that’s left as memory as you leave this Earth is one of distant screams, half heard and hardly understood conversations, and a general on-going of life that will fade as the Sun had, dipping beyond the surf of a rising September.

Looking out beyond the pier, beyond the boards, beyond the sand, beyond the Summer, there is a lurking eternity in the reflections of light that bounce and non and twirl and dance above the tide in a taunting, playful calm. ‘Come and join us,’ It beckons on. But too late; as the smell of the polluted night quickly falls away, and the great wheel lowers you back into the nothing — and the everything — of chaotic recess.

—  a summer night at the amusement pier (x)

Deeming the flamingos housed in the pond at the entrance to Greenwood Farms and Zoological Gardens a bit too “fabulous,” Baby Gruenwald had them replaced by more masculine appearing penguins, looking all dapper in the tiny tuxedos that Baby Gruenwald designed and sewed himself to slip over their already tuxedo-like feathers.

After numerous attempts, he gave up on them ever holding tiny canes.

This vintage postcard, circa 1900s, features The Plunge bath house at The Pike amusement park on the pier at Long Beach, California.

The postcard is standard size–approximately 3.5" by 5.5"–and is uncirculated.

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