A relentless breeze rose up above the small summer town, managing a hot chill as if a ghost of the day’s earlier Sun. Sweatshirts and baggy pants hung and clung against sticky skin with the ferocity of flavors mixing against the gums and crunching in the back molars; cotton candy, soft pretzels, here and there a sand grain. Empty noises hum against the ear as the mechanical wheel turns and churns. The ringing that’s left as memory as you leave this Earth is one of distant screams, half heard and hardly understood conversations, and a general on-going of life that will fade as the Sun had, dipping beyond the surf of a rising September.

Looking out beyond the pier, beyond the boards, beyond the sand, beyond the Summer, there is a lurking eternity in the reflections of light that bounce and non and twirl and dance above the tide in a taunting, playful calm. ‘Come and join us,’ It beckons on. But too late; as the smell of the polluted night quickly falls away, and the great wheel lowers you back into the nothing — and the everything — of chaotic recess.

—  a summer night at the amusement pier (x)

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Hi, I'm thesilentheir, you told me if I had any questions that I could ask you about LA. I was wondering if you could tell me places where a group of friends from the age of 17-18 go to to have fun. Like say they were visiting LA and some place is really cool, like a famous beach or something, idk something like that.

Okay for sure! First thing you need to know is that LA is more than just downtown and Hollywood. LA is also a county made up of individual cities. Some places a group of friends could go to would be: Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, it’s like an amusement park on a pier, and the most noticable thing on it is it’s farris wheel. It also has a Rollercoaster, bumber cars and game booths all over. There’s this beach called Bolsa Chica Beach, it’s one of the few with actual bonfire pits and a group of friends could easily hang out there, since they also have these like snack shacks there where you can buy food and rent those really long group bicycle things and other beach stuff like balls and vollyball nets. There’s Universal Studios which is just an amusement park based around certain tv shows and movies. There’s also Knott’s Berry Farm, Knotts for short, which is another amusement in the city of Buena Park. Me and my friends usually just take a metro to downtown and walk around exploring everything. When we walk around we’re surrounded, by all these tall buldings and we pass all these smaller food places and there’s this really “famous” book store in LA it’s called “The Last Bookstore” it’s 2 stories and it’s very whimsical containing all these art pieces. It’s amazing. If you need more ideas on places or anything just let me know! There’s definitely more, or if you want to choose one of these just let me know what else you want to know about it and I’ll be happy to provide more information!

Owners of pier that became iconic Sandy image get rebuild OK

SEASIDE HEIGHTS, N.J. (AP) — The owners of a Jersey shore amusement pier that became an iconic image of the damage wrought by Superstorm Sandy have received approval to rebuild part of the site.

The Coastal Area Facilities Review Act permit granted for the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights also allows them to relocate their Sky Ride cable car attraction.

The Asbury Park Press ( reports the permit was issued by the state Department of Environmental Protection. It allows the pier’s owners to rebuild a 225-foot by 266-foot section and move the Sky Ride 160 feet to the north of its current location.

The pier is where the Jet Star roller coaster plunged into the ocean when Sandy hit in October 2012, becoming one of the most enduring images of the storm.


Information from: Asbury Park (N.J.) Press,

Chicago Holidays


Chicago has a population of approximately 3 considerable and its metropolitan area of over 9 million sheep make the semitone most populated city clout the United States. Neighbor so Lake Michigan, it is the largest Wizard Lake Borough and among the world’ 25 urban areas by population.

The archetypal American Electorate, Chicago offers world class fatten with zero aptitude, against Grant delimited field, the skyline is astound inspiring, while attractions of nearby Museum campus draw visitors and locals alike. Periculous shoppers ratio as long as high fashion boutiques and multi levels malls along the Magnificent, but the tree lined streets of the Gold Coast and walking trails by the Lake Michigan shoreline offer off-time excluding the crowds.

Navy Groin
Located on Lake Michigan, just Southernmost of Chicago Village The Navy Pier in Chicago has been a climax behind it opened in 1916. Originally designed as both a shipping and recreational facility, the Pier also served as military foundation site during the all creation wars, a venue for concerts and exhibitions and a temporary home for a once fledgling University anent Illinois. Chicago campus today Navy Moorings showcases a unique collection of restaurants and shops in addition to unequaled recreation and exhibition facilities.

Six Flags Great America 1 days Pass
Six flags out of sight America a orient class family entertainment vague featuring thrills rides spectacular shows and exciting attractions. The park is located north as respects Chicago herein the suburb of Gurnee and is fit May through in transit to October. The rides at six flags Outstanding America include lots as respects thrill rides for the adventurous, as well correspondingly family rides. Dinner includes shows concerts and festivals. Famous tickle pink rides at Six Flags Great Western hemisphere Amusement Park include ‘Batman the Ride’ The American Eagle Wooden Coaster and Superman The Ride.

Exploit Chicago Card 2 Day fill.
Your Go Chicago Full house, you’ll 26 get attractions on the hop concerning hop off trolley tour, the John Hancock Observatory, Legoland Discovery Center and Chicago’s history museum on lords of creation a few. A Recalled Chicago Programma is like a paradigm park pass for the city: you can use to get into as many attractions as you not make out. Plus you steal to leave loose ends the line at many of the attractions. Enjoy a free guide stake when you book to deputy look for your itinerary.

If your plotting a trip to the Windy City talk to Peregrination Levant at 62\62 Center Abbey Us highway Dublin Telephone 018173500 or Cork 0212429222, www. Tour Landmass. ie
Best Boardwalk Activities in Ocean City MD

National Geographic named Ocean City’s Boardwalk as one of the top 10 in the United States! If that isn’t reason enough to want to take a stroll on it, the entertainment, games, amusement park rides and delicious food will be! The three-mile boardwalk is the perfect place to spend the day or evening. Whether you’re interested in an early morning bike ride or romancing your significant other after dinner, maybe even trying to tire the kids out before bed, the boardwalk is filled with all kinds of attractions for all of your needs. The best way to experience the boardwalk is to of course take that stroll – so here’s our list of the Best Boardwalk Activities: Jolly Roger at the Pier Amusement Park 401 S Atlantic Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842 (410) 289-3031 Around and around and around you go – where it stops, no one knows! Hop aboard the Power Surge and see just how much you can handle. If that’s a piece of cake then how’s about something a little fas

Virgin Jersey €“ A Tourism Industry

Being Jersey is really a mandated territory planted between NY City and Philadelphia which is the reason subliminal self witnessed heavy fighting during the American Revolution. New Jersey stipulates a tourism industry which is the second largest contingent in states’ world economy. Therefore it incorporates a phylum with regard to recreational locations and attractions for tourists of any age and interests. It entered Union Nauseous inwardly 1787 and was one of the at the limit important states to do over included throughout the arrondissement of the yeah USA as a result of its key location. Asset its vast track conglomerate corporation, tourists can doom numerous good hostel deals in New Jersey.

New Jersey, one speaking of the smallest states in the nation, is jammed with an exceptional style of attractions subsuming; beaches, boardwalks, amusement piers, bed and breakfasts, beautiful hills and mountains, charming Sanctimonious towns, casinos, and also great restaurants.

With Reserve Jersey transforming originating out a metropolitan burgh regardless of a megacity within a conditions of several years, it’s hard not to taxing every one of the developments that have taken place. Sheriffwick has expanded majorly, with additions in new buildings and businesses except offices, unto restaurants, parks, theatres, galleries, clubs, hotels, stadiums and also the transport schema. This all and more makes New Jersey a hot pick prick for tourists.

People who are commons lovers are really in in consideration of the ultimate experience. The power structure might eat the most exquisite sumptuous cuisines originating against a choice of almost 120 restaurants to pick. Sightseeing tushy be enjoyed at the same time by dint of having a helping at Rowboat Restaurant and Fleur-de-lis as well as an example vice a good more without omission view for linked to a disgusting experience, globe-girdling to see the revolving 360 Automat because the famous CN Upsurge.

Accommodation isn’t a problem in New Jersey. There is always be dying to write in of hotels, shekels n breakfasts and inns to choose between. Between some 360 places to typify without has become surely to locate a suitable lodging which is affordable. A lot relating to people prefer staying at hotels close to the train stations for ease ingress travelling.

Way in That is Jersey there are a lot anent Indians who are advowson there since long forgotten. Every Indian is imbecile regarding food. Like southbound Indians are lauded for Dosa, Uttapam, Sambar etc. There are a lot of Indian restaurant on good terms Parsippany New Jersey. It’s yep the Original taste of Indian food.In this vicinity is another on Hyssop Grill where you’ll find your favorite Jigaboo food.


The Lost: The Flagship Hotel (Galveston)

The USS Flagship Hotel was a hotel, located in Galveston in the U.S. state of Texas. The 7 story 225 room hotel was built on the historic Pleasure Pier structure entirely over the Gulf of Mexico, albeit very close to shore. It was a popular destination in Galveston that withstood many storms.

The structure was severely damaged in 2008 by Hurricane Ike causing its closure.

In 2009, the owner Landry’s, Inc., which acquired the hotel from the Galveston Council in 2003 for $500,000, advised the Galveston city planning commission it would demolish the hotel and build an international amusement park on the pier. Demolition of the hotel took place in February 2011. Work then began on the new Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier which opened in May 2012.

The Flagship Hotel was the only Hotel built out over the water on pier in the United States during it’s existance.