Electric day at the Amusement Park~

Today was my first time going to Cedar Point out in Ohio; I’d never been and a couple of my friends (they’re brothers by the way) invited me to come hang and have fun :) It was nice to go out and try my Electric Palette too! As per usual I got some funny looks, but also lots of nice compliments from random people; overall it was a nice day and I was glad I got to go out and start off my summer with a vibrant bang! <3

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asgzc + theme park! ;D

Sephiroth had never been to one before, thus he was the cause for the occasion. He didn’t understand why people would do this. Why get on a cheaply built ride for a brief adrenaline rush? Why pay to play a rigged game for a poor excuse of a prize? Why have all this unhealthy food–actually he agreed with that idea. Cloud wastes an hour trying to get Sephiroth on a rollercoaster with him, and, to his surprise, Sephiroth finds himself enjoying it. He has a theory that theme parks are places for people just to act foolishly and he approves. He is also the designated bag carrier, but it’s worth it when the other bfs feed him bits and pieces of funnel cake. 

Genesis says isn’t big on the rides or the games either, but he’ll go if someone asks him. He secretly enjoys going on rides, but doesn’t want to admit it and needs an excuse. Zack usually fits the bill. He also indulges his sweet tooth the entire time there. It’s always a little bit disappointing when none of the bfs win a giant stuffed animal for him, but he’ll live. 

Angeal is the game master. It’s money well spent in his case because he wins 90% of the time. He also makes everyone pack a lunch because concession stand food is not that filling despite how delicious it is. They usually find a shady spot to grab a bite around noon. He doesn’t go on a ride unless asked, mostly because it’s hard for his big frame to fit into those tiny seats. 

Cloud loves the rides. He and Zack are nearly inseparable the entire time and make a cute couple while waiting in line. However, if the ride spins, Cloud stays away. Just watching makes him a bit nauseous. He waits with Seph instead trying to talk him into going on a ride one more time. Roller coasters are the big deal for Cloud. He rides each one at least five times, and at least once with every boyfriend. 

Zack is all over the place. He is essentially leading the group around the park and everyone is fine by that. When Cloud isn’t with him, Zack picks a bf to go with him, because it’s awful riding these things solo. He always drags his partner’s hand up into the air, even when the ride isn’t a roller coaster. He gives the games a shot, but no one can beat Angeal. Surprisingly, he’s more interested in the lunches Angeal packed than the sweets Genesis brings from the stands. He still eats both, but he liked lunch. 


RollerCoaster Tycoon is a construction and management simulation video game that simulates amusement park management. Developed by MicroProse and Chris Sawyer and published by Hasbro Interactive, the game was released for Microsoft Windows on March 31, 1999 and was later ported to the Xbox game console. It is the first game in the RollerCoaster Tycoon series.

What I Learned Working Summers at an Amusement Park

I remember walking into the park my first day, sort of nervous, but mostly excited (primarily at the prospect of chatting up girls from all corners of the Northeastern United States). By the time I’d started at the park, gone were the turn-of-the-century picnicking chocolatiers. In their place were dumpy rust-belt families and throngs of rambunctious Jewish summer camp kids from Upstate New York. That bright-eyed, bushy-tailed kid walked into the park one June morning in 2000 and emerged a jaded, piece of shit man a few years later. The following are just a few examples of things I look back on and wonder how there weren’t more arrests, and even more amazing, how there weren’t any deaths.


Welcome to Nintendo Land: 14 attractions at the Nintendo theme park of our dreams

It was recently announced that Nintendo and Universal have entered into a partnership that will bring attractions based on the game-maker’s characters and series to Universal theme parks. No mention has been made of when those creations will start to appear or what they might look like, so we put on our Imagineering hats and dreamed up 14 totally plausible Nintendo-themed rides and attractions of our own.

The Zelda Dungeon Crawl: Players can explore a sprawling 12- to 15-room foam-walled air-conditioned dungeon where they’ll poke monsters, open treasure chests, and delve deep into the heart of family-friendly darkness. 

The StarTropics Pavilion: Depart C-Island on a yellow submarine captained by R.O.B. the robot and travel around an archipelago of bizarre islands where you’ll face giant sea serpents, ghosts, and hungry parrots—and that’s all before things get really exciting! You won’t even be allowed to sit down to dinner until after the submarine crashes and you’re forced to face the trials of the tropics.

Isle Delfino Water Park: Modeled after Super Mario Sunshine’s iconic island paradise, the Isle Delfino Water Park is the perfect summer attraction. Take a deep dive in the Delfino pool or strap on a FLUDD water-gun backpack and clean up the mysterious goo that’s started showing up by the food court.

Wario’s… Um… Fun Time… Good Ride Attraction Or Whatever: Experience the definitely officially Nintendo-licensed good times of Wario’s… Um… Fun Time… Good Ride Attraction Or Whatever! You pay here, and it’s just around the corner there. What? Oh. Uh no, it’s a new ride. It just went up, so there’s no sign yet.

See the full list at avclub.com

Sounds crazy, I know. But hear me out. Once you get to my lair, death will not be optional. It will be mandatory. No tricks, no surprises: just you dying, as a result of me killing you in a very very gruesome way.

‘Lair’ - heh, weird isn’t it? First time I’ve said it out loud. Sounds a bit ridiculous, really. But I can assure you it is one. A proper lair. Deadly lair.

Stiles Inspired Amusement Park Outfit by veterization featuring sweat shirts

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