amusement club

Random questions for muse:

1.Would you hug a stranger? How close someone has to be to get a hug?
2. Have you tried some exotic/weird food? How was it? Would you eat it again?
3. If you had to give up one sense, which one would it be?
4. How good are you at remembering dates? What about numbers in general?
5. Do you like cold or hot weather more? Why?
6. Would you rather spend a date night somewhere quiet or in a more crowded place (e.g. club, festival, amusement park, etc.)
7. What shows your emotions more, your words or your actions?
8. Is curiosity good or bad thing in your opinion? What makes you curious?
9. Balloons or confetti?
10. Have you ever had an animal to eat from your hand? Do animals usually like you?
11. Would you rather be stranded in a huge deserted field or locked alone in a room, for following two weeks?
12. Do you prefer to sleep with socks or without them? Do you usually even wear socks?
13. Do you tend to get sick easily? If so, what do you do to prevent that? If not, what’s your secret to strong immune system?
14. What is your first language? How many languages can you speak?
15. Do you like drawing/painting? What’s your preferred art tool?
16. Are you more organised or disorganised person? Or maybe you like to plan only certain aspects of your life?
17. Would you choose a dream car or a dream house?
18. Are you the type of the person that would laugh when someone else falls? Or would you rush to help? Maybe you would just walk by without reaction?
19. How often do you travel? What you like the most about it?
20. Do like stargazing? Do you believe in shooting star wishes?

  • Haru: My spirit animal is a dolphin because I'm one with the water
  • Makoto: My spirit animal is an orca because I am intimidating but peaceful, unless provoked.
  • Nagisa: My spirit animal is a penguin because I'm cheerful fun!
  • Rei: My spirit animal is a butterfly because I'm fabulous
  • Rei: ... and I drown in water?
  • Makoto:
  • Makoto: I-I guess
  • Rei:
  • Everyone:
  • Rei:
Rusty-James Starting a Fight Club
  • Rusty-James: The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.
  • Rusty-James: The second rule of Fight Club is...
  • Rusty-James: Wait, fuck.
  • Rusty-James: *yells* Steve, what's the second rule again?
  • Steve: *yells back* "Don't talk about Fight Club!"
  • Rusty-James: No, I already said that one! What's the second?!
  • Rusty-James: NO, THE SECOND ONE--
  • Steve:
  • Steve: I quit.
Strip That Down

You first meet Ong Seongwoo at a strip club, not amused by his silk shirt and easy smiles. However, you’re soon exposed to the other sides of his personality, and find yourself genuinely enjoying his company.

  • for anon who requested stripper!ong
  • i will not swerve into ong’s lane, i will not swerve into ong’s lane, i will not swerve into ong’s lane
  • not much like sexy times bc this turned into a lowkey ‘let’s humanize ppl who work in the sex industry bc they’re too often overlooked/stigmatized’ work

  • You huffed, staring down intently at the book you had out, doing your best to block out the loud music blaring in the background
  • “(y/n), you’re so lame,” your best friend complained, hitting on the shoulder
  •  You rolled your eyes, briefly looking up at the stage
  • Your best friend, who had recently turned 21, dragged you and the rest of your friend group to a male strip club to celebrate her adulthood, much to your chagrin
  •  “whatever,” you muttered, going back to the book you’d been reading for your English class
  • You’d only really gone along with the plan to appease your friend—you had absolutely no interest in male strippers
  • There wasn’t anything wrong with strippers themselves, you just weren’t super into watching guys grind on thin air in thongs
  • “oh my god,” your friend hissed, hitting you again, this time much more violently
  • “what?” you asked, not bothering to look up from your book
  • “look up!” your best friend hissed, still hitting you violently
  • your eyes raised slowly from the text in front of you, meeting the piercing, intense gaze of one of the men dancing on stage
  • his body was lithe as he moved fluidly, hips grinding to the slow beat that had been playing for the dancers’ set
  • “oh my god, he’s staring at you,” your friends squealed, hitting you excitedly
  • you watched as he lifted his shirt, moving his body to the smooth rhytm as he exposed his abs amidst the hordes of screaming girls
  • however, the entire time, his eyes never left yours
  • you quirked an eyebrow, turning your attention back to your book
  • however, you were forced to look up again when cheers errupted once more
  • the guy was slowly taking off his shirt, still staring at you with a seductive look
  • shaking your head, you lifted your book and tried to block out the noise
  • “we’re gonna head to the bathroom, (y/n),” your friend informed you, standing up
  • you nodded, waving them off and assuring your friends that you’d watch their things
  • the music was still loud, but the dancers before, including the one that had been staring at you, were no longer onstage, and you turned back to your book
  • you’d managed to get through a chapter and were starting on the next when you realized that someone was standing in front of you, blocking your source of light
  • it was the dancer from earlier, and you lifted an eyebrow in confusion
  • “you know, i’ve never seen someone pay to get into a strip club and proceed to ignore the dancers,” he said with a smirk, meeting your gaze intensely
  • he was handsome, and you felt your stomach flutter a bit but ignored it, reminding you that being flirtatious was part of his job
  • his voice was smooth and rough at the same time, almost like velvet
  • “i’m here for a friend,” you explained, wanting to just get back to your book
  • “i’d like to offer you a complimentary private show,” he said smoothly, giving you a wink
  • you just stared back at him, confused
  • “my boss is getting irritated with you; it looks bad for business,” he said hastily, “but whaddya say to the private show? i know you don’t want to be here, but i’ve heard that i can be very convincing.”
  • “they’ll go,” your best friend said, shoving you towards the guy
  • you stumbled a bit and he reached out to straighten you, your stomach fluttering as his hand tightened around your shoulder
  • you rolled your eyes but let yourself get pulled to one of the back rooms, still skeptical to the whole situation
  • he showed you where to sit and strutted over to start playing his choice of music
  • you wrinkled your nose as ‘the way’ by kehlani started playing, not wanting your favorite song to be forever tied to such a strange memory
  • he began dancing to the music fluidly, and you felt incredibly awkward as he got closer to you, eyes boring intensely into your own
  • you felt your face blush a bit as he got even closer, averting your eyes as  he yanked his shirt off in one fell swoop, unsure of what to do
  • he was so close that you could see every detail of his skin– the small scar on his collarbone, the tattoo on his rib, swirling letters that spelled out–
  • “is that an edgar allen poe tattoo?” you blurted out as he began thrusting his hips, ruining the moment entirely
  • without thinking, your finger was running over the letters that spelled out ‘nevermore’, appreciating the tattoo
  • “it is, actually,” the dancer smiled, looking down at it, “the raven was the first poem i truly enjoyed, it’s what got me into poetry, actually.”
  • “you’re into poetry?” you asked, impressed
  • “why, surprised that some run-of-the-mill stripper like me can appreciate the finer arts?” the dancer asked with a slight sneer
  • “that’s not what I meant,” you sighed, rolling your eyes at how defensive he’d gotten, “i just haven’t met many people my age who truly appreciate poetry.”
  • as the dancer– seongwoo, as he introduced himself– tugged his shirt back on, the ‘private show’ completely forgotten, he told you about how he was majoring in business at the local university that you attended as well
  • “i’m a lit major,” you explained, “why aren’t you majoring in lit, if you love poetry so much?”
  • “parents didn’t approve,” seongwoo sighed, running a hand through his perfectly gelled inky black hair
  • the two of you sat there for a while, talking about what books you’d read recently and giving each other suggestions
  • “ong, finish up! it’s been over an hour!” someone yelled, pounding on the door to the room that you and seongwoo were sitting in
  • seongwoo looked startled and checked his phone, eyes widening when he realized how long he’d been talking with you
  • “i should probably get back on the job,” seongwoo said ruefully, getting to his feet, “but hey, it was nice talking to you.”
  • “seongwoo,” you said tentatively before he stepped out into the loud club, “the coffee shop that I work at has open mic nights. every tuesday at seven. you should go sometime.”
  • seongwoo looked at you thoughtfully, a small smile dancing on his lips
  • “i’ll think about it,” he replied
  • “you should do it,” you insisted, “i can be very convincing.” 
  • seongwoo chuckled at the way that you used his own words against him, giving you a quick wink before striding off down the hall, confidence and facade back on again.
  • you smiled at that, pleasantly surprised at what an interesting person seongwoo was
  • however, you were still surprised to hear that velvety voice as you wiped down a counter
  • “i guess you are pretty convincing.”
  • “seongwoo, you came!” you smiled over at him widely, tucking the rag into your pocket
  • “you fit the vibe of this place pretty well,” he commented, eyes scanning over the warm browns and tan of the coffee shop decor before running up and down your sweater and boots combo
  • “well, you fit the vibe of the club pretty well,” you shot back with a grin, feeling more flirty now that you were in your element, “Mr. Chic.”
  • seongwoo just grinned at that, ruffling his hair
  • you took the chance to take in his appearance, appreciating how good he looked in a sweatshirt and jeans, dark hair falling into his eyes
  • it was a nice contrast from the silk shirt, leather pants and pushed back hair you’d first seen him in, but you didn’t know which look you liked more
  • “you can find a seat, i can make you a drink if you’d like,” you informed him, “the open mic will start in about ten minutes.”
  • “i’ll take an iced espresso,” seongwoo replied, sending you a quick smile
  • you nodded, hurrying behind the bar to get his shot started
  • seongwo ended up going closer to the end of the night, sharing a short but extremely well-written poem 
  • it was very intriguing, and spoke of conflicted emotions and the struggle between loyalty to others and oneself
  • you were reminded of what he’d told you a few nights ago, about his parents not approving of him majoring in literature
  • “you’re a really good poet,” you informed seongwoo as you closed up the cafe for the night
  • seongwoo had insisted on sticking around, sipping the dregs of his iced espresso
  • he blushed at the compliment, his ears turning red
  • “really?” he asked, raising an eyebrow
  • from the few interactions you’d had with him, you’d definitely got the feeling that he was a confident man, so you were surprised to see him seem so vulnerable
  • “yes, really,” you laughed, shaking your head, “the girls were swooning over you– you really have a way with words.”
  • “well, you know what else makes the girls swoon?” he asked with a grin, before turning away quickly
  • when he turned back, you burst out laughing at the sight of his ears folded in, a huge shit-eating grin on his face
  • “which side do you want me to unfold first?” he asked playfully
  • “are you serious?” you asked between wheezes, tears forming in your eyes from how hard you were laughing at the image in front of you
  • “yes, i’m serious,” he said with a grin, “which side?”
  • “left, I guess.”
  • you laughed even harder as he unfolded the left ear, making a clicking sound effect to go along with it before doing the same with the right
  • “you’re truly unique, seongwoo,” you said as you turned off the lights in the cafe, still chuckling a bit
  • when the two of you got to your bus stop, seongwoo stopped, looking at you seriously
  • “(y/n),” he said, looking down at you, “thank you for tonight.”
  • you looked up at him, surprised at his serious tone, “it’s nothing! you clearly really enjoy poetry, i just informed you of an outlet.”
  • “still,” he insisted, “most of my own friends find it hard to believe that the jokester who doesn’t take school seriously would be interested in poetry, let alone some random person whose first impression of me was me grinding on thin air at a strip club. thank you for not judging me.”
  • “hey,” you frowned, bumping his shoulder, “just because you’re a stripper doesn’t mean you’re not a person. it’s a way to get money, and if you’re comfortable with it, then it’s not my place to judge.”
  • seongwoo looked down at you thoughtfully, a small smile crossing his lips
  • “still. thank you.”
  • you then realized how close the two of you were, your eyes going down to his pink lips and then back to his warm brown eyes, his ears a bit pink
  • “(y/n),” he said tentatively, before sucking in a breath of air and exhaling it with a hiss, “ah, never mind.”
  • you rolled your eyes and crossed your arms, “jesus christ, seongwoo, you’re not slick. just ask me on a date already.”
  • he looked down at you with eyes wide, cheeks bright pink
  • “well, will you go on a date with me?”
  • “yes, idiot,” you said with a smile, before leaning up to press a kiss to his lips
  • later that night, over text, seongwoo revealed why he’d been so apprehensive to ask you out
  • i’ve never met someone so unapologetically themselves
  • and you were the first person to not judge me for what i do
  • i didn’t want to lose that just because i had feelings for you
  • and each and every day of your relationship, you did your best to remind seongwoo that he was an incredibly amazing person, because no matter how intense his ‘confident guy’ mask was, you knew that inside, he was a worried, slightly anxious guy like everyone else around you

moral of this story: even if a person appears to be super confident, they are probably still very insecure on the inside

seongwoo has actually talked about this before (idk what exact source) but yeah i think it’s just important to keep in mind

paleesky  asked:

CATHREL CATHREL 😂😂 SHIRO IS A HUGE MAN YEAH? Is there any story where the whole hides behind him to hide from someone they dislike??? Fine not the whole family but maybe two of them? I loveee youuu have a beautiful day pretty sunshine!! 💞💞💞😘😘💖💖

[The Voltron Family] The whole family, minus Hunk (cause he was in Germany for his foreign exchange student thing in college) were at the mall, strolling since they just finished eating their lunch out. Keith was holding Pidge’s hand while Shiro was holding Lance’s.

Keith turned around only to see someone. Immediately, he pulled Pidge and him behind Shiro.

Shiro: *looks at them* What are you doing?
Keith: *hisses* 12 o’clock. It’s someone I don’t want to deal with.
Shiro: *looks in front of him* Who? Tom? But isn’t he—
Keith: *hisses* That guy’s been hitting on me ever since he started working in the same floor as I do.
Lance: *pulls a very annoying teasing face* Someone’s got a crush on Daddy Keith. *pokes Keith*
Keith: Shush it, you child! 
Shiro: Is that why you’re hiding behind me? 
Keith: You’re big enough to hide people, love. Sorry. I don’t make the rules. 
Pidge: *looks up at Keith* Why am I being pulled in hiding with you?
Keith: Reflex. Sorry, baby. *kisses Pidge*
Shiro: *squints at the guy* That guy likes you? Does he know you’re married?
Keith: *hisses* YES HE DOES! Even commented on my wedding rings. And yet he still—

Before Keith could even continue, he heard a voice.

Tom: Hello! You’re Keith’s husband, right?
Keith: *eyes widens* *tries to keep quiet* *covers Pidge’s mouth*
Shiro: Yes, I am. How did you know? *smiles*
Tom: I’m Tom, by the way. One of the editors in Hyperion. *shakes hand* And I recognize you from one of Keith’s picture frames on his table.
Shiro: *laughs* That’s my husband alright. Quite a sentimental guy.
Tom: *looks at Lance* You must be… Lance?
Lance: *perks up* The one and only.
Tom: Is it just you and your Dad? *turns to Shiro* Or is Keith with you? *tilts his head*
Shiro: *moves his body* *panics* Nope, nope! Just us! 
Keith: *moves him and Pidge*
Tom: Really? Hmmm. I could’ve sworn I saw two other people with you from a distance. *squints*
Shiro: *nervous laugh* You’re such a funny guy, aren’t you? Better get those eyes check, mate. Just me and my Lance on a father and son date. *squeezes Lance’s hand* 
Lance: *plays along* Just me and Daddy Shiro! 
Tom: Really? *suspicious* You still do that at this age? 
Shiro: *absolutely offended* Are you implying I’m not allowed to take my son out for some bonding time?
Tom: Oh, no, no, no! It’s just boys at this age usually don’t even go on dates with their fa—
Shiro: *raises an eyebrow*
Tom: *sweats* You know what? Nevermind. You do you. Tell Keith I said “Hi.”
Shiro: *pokerface* I will. 
Tom: Well, goodbye now! It was nice meeting you both.

Once Tom left, Keith and Pidge stepped out of Shiro’s back.

Shiro: I don’t like that guy. *crosses arms*
Keith: Welcome to the club. *amused*
Shiro: He’s so rude. *turns to Lance* You don’t mind going on dates with me, right, buddy? *pouts*
Lance: *waves hand dismissively* Of course not, Daddy Shiro! I love going on dates with you.
Shiro: *nods* Okay. We have one scheduled next week after your exams. *turns to Pidge* And you, sweetheart?
Pidge: I’m always in it for the free food. *thumbs up*
Shiro: *turns to Keith expectantly* 
Keith: *laughs* Yes, I will try to do something about Tom. He does give me chocolates though. *rubs chin*
Shiro: KEITH, NO! 


Lesbian Day of Visibility is soon drawing to a close (well, in my time zone, anyway), so I’d like to very quickly make a short list of some anime with lesbian characters that I’d like to recommend! It’s hard to find anime with lesbians that aren’t just gross fetish shows, so hopefully this’ll be helpful to anyone who’s looking for more quality entertainment.

Aoi Hana

Fumi, a shy, bookish lesbian, is entering her first year of high school. She reunites with Akira, her old childhood friend from elementary school, and together they help each other through emotional and relationship-related problems.

Made a post about this show a little earlier today, so I’ll keep this brief. To quickly sum up what I wrote there, Aoi Hana is a beautiful, down-to-earth story that portrays lesbianism much more seriously than most other anime and its one I think anyone can get into.


Join the 4 members of the Nanamori Middle School Amusement Club as they have fun and get up to all kinds of antics!

Alright admittedly, this show probably doesn’t have as much… I guess substance as pretty much everything else on this list and it’s really here more for nostalgic purposes than anything. I have good memories of watching this with my brother and to this day I think it’s still one of my favorite slice-of-life comedy anime. If you’re looking for something cute, harmless, and funny, then give this a watch. (the OVAs and season 3 weren’t as good imo, but they were still alright I guess)

Yurikuma Arashi

Gay bears disguise themselves as human girls and infiltrate a homophobic high school. After that shit gets weird. Like REALLY weird.

If you couldn’t tell by that plot summary, this show is… let’s say unique. But despite how strange it is, its overall message of accepting your sexuality is one that I think is a very powerful one. Of course this is probably the most out-there way to showcase it, but nevertheless it’s a great show if only to get that idea across.

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Utena Tenjou is a tomboyish girl who wishes to be a prince. One fateful day at school she meets a mysterious student named Anthy Himemiya. Anthy, as it turns out, is known as the Rose Bride and is the center of a dueling tournament in which members of the school Student Council compete in sword fights for possession of her and, by extension, the “power to revolutionize the world” that she seems to be the key to. Utena joins the tournament to protect Anthy from the other Duelists and in the process begins to unravel the secrets surrounding her school, the duels, and even Anthy herself.

I can hardly express how much I love Revolutionary Girl Utena. It has pretty much everything I love: action, supernatural elements, mystery, TONS of abstract imagery that I can analyze, and, of course, lesbians. You wanna hear me ramble, you get me to start talking about this show. I could go on and on about all the symbolism and themes of Utena forever and probably never get tired of it. Heck I’m even writing a paper about this show for school; getting to nerd out over anime for actual academic purposes is literally a dream come true.

Utena is 20 years old this year and it still holds up as a true masterpiece and a classic 90s anime. I don’t even know what to say it’s just so good. It’s a must see, trust me on that.

Unfortunately this list is way shorter than I’d like it to be because I have yet to discover more good anime with lesbian characters! (And I’m talking actually confirmed, canon lesbians) So if anyone has any more recs, please add them! They’d be much appreciated!

first date

hope you’ll enjoy this one. btw, english is not my first language so… yeah.

Title: First Date

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count : 2.8K

“Hey (Y/N), what are you doing? You seem so busy,”

You looked up from your laptop to see the one and only Steve Rogers standing in front of you, a glass of water in hand. “Hello, Steve. I’m just… doing my thing,” you said as you continued to type codes after codes.

Steve stepped aside and decided to sit beside you. Eyes focused on the peculiar codes on your laptop screen, he asked, “You do this thing, too?”

You nodded, “Well, I’m a Stark,”

“Does every Stark do this thing?” He asked, eyes still glued to the screen, scanning the codes with pure curiosity.

You chuckled, “I, honestly, don’t know about that, Steve. Maybe it’s just me and my brother,”

“Is it a fun thing to do? Is this how people nowadays have fun?” He asked again, now eyes focused on you. “Tony said that that is a fun thing to do. He told me once, when he was younger, he would locked himself in his room and play with those codes. But I’m not sure, I mean look at those codes! There are so many codes, aren’t those codes confusing? What’s the fun in typing a lot of strange codes?” he continued, eyebrow furrowed, finger pointing to the small screen.

You laughed. Watching Steve Rogers all curious and confuse was so entertaining: how a super soldier acted like a little kid when he was curious about something on your laptop. “Actually, Steve, this is a fun thing to do if you like it. But if you don’t like typing some strange codes for hours then it’ll be just a fucking—“


“Freaking boring, confusing, brain-wrecking shit,”

“Language, (Y/N),”

“Sorry, Captain,” you said and you laughed along with him. You continued to type some codes, eager to finish this project as soon as possible. Steve, still beside you, kept asking you about the thing you were doing. His questions went from “what’s the purpose of doing this thing?” to “can these codes give you free foods?”. You answered every questions patiently, explaining to the 40’s dude about the thing you were doing: almost every single thing.

“You should take a break and drink, (Y/N),” he said, “You don’t wanna die because you’re too busy doing your thing and forget to hydrate your body, do you?” he continued, “Take this,” he said as he handed you the glass he brought earlier. After saying thank you, you took the glass and drunk the water like you hadn’t got water for 3 years.

“Now, tell me, (Y/N). How do people nowadays have fun? Do you guys go to some places to have fun or something?”

“It depends, Steve,” you said, “But if you asked me about people nowadays’ version of fun places, I’ll say amusement parks and night clubs are the definition of people nowadays’ fun places,” you explained, “But I don’t like the clubs,”

He nodded his head, “Tony brought me to club not long ago. He said ‘It’ll be fun, Old Man,’” he said mimicking your brother’s tone, “Long story short, after we got in the club, he left me. So I decided to go back to my place and left him,”

“I’m sorry, Steve,” you said in between laugh. You didn’t know why but you found his story hilarious, “Y’know, my brother is an asshole,”

“True,” he agreed, “(Y/N), do you want to go to the fun place with me?”

“You mean… trip to amusement park with you?” you asked him back. You couldn’t help but felt so happy inside. Steve Rogers, The Super Soldier, The Captain America, Your Crush, asked you to go to amusement park with him!

Steve nodded, “It’s okay if you don’t want to. I’ll just ask Buck—“

“No! No! No!” you cut his words. No, Steve, I will not refuse spending the time with you, you thought, “I’ll go with you. But only in one condition,”

“What is it?”

“Only if we go there using your motorcycle,”

He smiled and nodded his head, “Easy for me,” he said, “So… this Saturday?”

“This Saturday,”

“I didn’t know if you have a thing for old men, (Y/N),” Tony said in disgust as he sat next to you on the sofa.

“Shut up, dickhead,”

“I do have a dickhead, sis,”

You rolled your eyes at your brother’s stupid remark. Tony continued to trash-talk about you having a thing for old men and all those dirty things floating inside his head. You just ignored him but laughed along when he said something funny.

And then you heard the door bell rang…

“It must be the 40’s dude,” Tony said as he walked you to the door. He opened the door for you and there stood Steve Rogers in all of his glory.  The blue jeans, the plain white t-shirt, the flannel, the sneakers, sure really made him looked 100x times better, “Hello, Old Man!” Tony greeted Steve. You reached for your brother’s ass and pinched it hard, “Aw! Why the fuck did you attack my ass?”

“Hello, Tin Man,” Steve greeted Tony and then turned to you, “Hello, (Y/N). You ready?”

You just nodded your head in response, “Let’s go!”

“Wait, guys!” Tony shouted before you even made a step, “Steve, there are many things I need to tell you. First, take care of her. Don’t you dare to leave her all alone,”

“Like what you did to him not long ago,” you snickered.

“Shut up, (Y/N)!” he said, “Second, do not try to do the dirty with my sister. Third, if you can’t handle yourself, please use protection. I don’t want to be an uncle yet. Fourth, give her lunch and dinner and keep her hydrated. Fifth—“

“Alright, Tony, enough. You’re wasting our time,” you said as you put your hand on his mouth: stopping his lecture.  “We’re going now. See you, brother!”

You grabbed your date’s hand and walk away from Tony. “You look great, (Y/N),” Steve said as you guys walked closer to his motorcycle.

“You’re not so bad yourself, Captain,”

“Steve!” Tony shouted from the porch, making your date turned around, “Understood?”

With a smile, your date said, “Understood, Mr. Stark,”


You shook your head: didn’t understand why Tony had to be so overprotective. You mean his sister is going on a date with  Steve Rogers, The Captain America, his best friend, there’s nothing he should worried. “My brother is something,” you mumbled.

“He really loves you,”

“I know,”

You watched as Steve put his helmet on his head. After hearing click, he grabbed another helmet and put it on your head and click. You were sure your cheeks were as red as tomato. Steve hopped on his motorcycle and started the engine. You feel your heart thumping inside your chest: still couldn’t believe that you went on a date with Captain America and his motorcycle. He gestured you to hopped on and you did as he told. You then wrapped your arms around his torso for dear life and put your head on his back: purposely smelling his perfume.

“You ready, (Y/N)?”

You just nodded your head. As the motorcycle started to move, you tightened your grip on him. Hope it’s going to be a great day, you both said in your heart.

“Do you have fun?”

Steve nodded, “It’s really fun. I like this amusement park, especially the roller coaster,” he said, you nodded: agree with him, “Now, what (Y/N)?” he asked, “Carousel? Ferris wheel? Haunted house? What is that?” he squinted his eyes as he looked to a direction, “Magic world?”

“Cafetaria, Steve. I’m hungry as fuck,”

“Language, young lady,” he reminded you, “Alright, then. Let’s go!”

You went to the cafeteria. You both ordered some junk foods and smoothies. As you took your lunch, you chatted about almost everything: from the 40’s amusement park to the future amusement park. His childhood memories, yours and your brother’s story: everything that was floating in your head.

“This so freaking delicious,” Steve moaned as he stuffed a spoonful of ice cream to his mouth. “You wanna try?”

You nodded. Steve gave you a spoonful of his mint flavored ice cream and feed it to you. “Delicious, right?”

You nodded your head again. He’s not lying, the ice cream was so so delicious: it even made you regret buying the vanilla flavored one instead of the mint. “You wanna try mine?” you offered him, but he shook his head. You two then continued to eat your ice cream in peace until there was nothing left inside the small tub. When you finished your ice cream, your eyes wandered to your surroundings. The photo booth sign caught your eyes.

“Steve, can we go to the photo booth?”

Instead of answering, he just kept silent. His eyes focused on you, a slight smile on his face. Seeing him like that made your heart beating like crazy behind your ribs. And when his thumb caressed the corner of your lips, you swore you felt like you wanted to explode. “You got ice cream there,” he said as his thumb brushed against your skin.

Didn’t want to say something stupid, you just kept silent.

“So you wanna go to the photo booth?“ he asked and you just nodded, still couldn’t make a good response. He got up from his place and grabbed your hand, “C’mon, then!”

People seemed to love the photo booth. About twelve people stood beside the photo booth: waiting their turn. You sighed, “I guess we have to wait,”

“It’s okay, dear,” he said as he put his arm around your shoulders. You leant your head against chest—well, he’s way taller than you—and he put his head on top of yours. For you, this is the real heaven on earth. Hope it’s not the last time, you prayed.

After waiting for a good amount of time, finally you got your turn. You entered he small room with Steve and sat side by side. You followed the instructions and tapped some buttons on the screen in front of you. And when the machine started counting down, you started to strike some pose and stupid expressions. After 4 stupid pose, the picture appeared on the screen. You just clicked the print button without taking a look of your pictures.

“What the hell, Steve?” you said as you saw his pose: he just sat straight and smile a little. No stupid expression, no funny pose: typical, old people, awkward, you thought to yourself.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, cheeks turning as red as tomato. “I just didn’t know what to do,”

“It’s okay, Steve,” you smiled at him: feeling bad for teasing his pose, “Just… just put on your goofy face or stupid pose or something. Just be… stupid and also cute, maybe?”

“Stupid and cute,” he repeated, “Okay,”

Again, you tapped some button on screen and started your second photo booth session. This time Steve didn’t just sat straight and smile. First shot, he crossed his eyes, his fingers forming the peace sign. Second, he pull on his serious expression and flexed his biceps. The next two shots, he did something you thought he would never did.

Third shot, grinning like a fool, he wrapped his hands around you, pulling you close to him—too close it made your heart beating like crazy.  It was your turn to pose like an awkward penguin. Calm (Y/N), calm. You can handle this, you thought. Last shot, still hugging you, he kissed your cheeks and caught you off guard. This guy is so sweet he’ll probably give me diabetes, you thought.

When your thought wandered everywhere, something in his head just clicked. He abruptly took his hands off you and cleared his throat. His cheeks burning like crazy. “Um… sorry (Y/N). I shouldn’t have done that,”

Yeah, true. You should do way more than that, Steve! said your heart. You just nodded and smiled. Awkward. So awkward.

“God, I look like a mad man,” he sighed as he looked at the newly printed photo. “And this… what the hell?!” he laughed as he pointed to the picture where he flexed his biceps. You laughed along with him: sure he did looked like a mad man.  He handed the picture to you, “You keep this. I’ll keep the other one,”

Finished with the photo booth, you continued your adventure. You walked around with him, hand in hand. Sometimes you, being the childish girl you were, swung your hand back and forth forcefully. After several minutes, you stopped at the cotton candy counter. Steve, being the gentleman he was, bought a huge cotton candy for you. You, of course, didn’t eat the whole cotton candy, you shared it with him. You two did look like a crazy-in-love couple.

You went to ride carousel. You sat on the cutest horse you saw, him sitting on the horse beside yours. Wanted to make this last forever, you took your phone and set the camera. You poked his arm, earning a questioning glance from him. “Let’s take picture,”

“The ones  from photo booth weren’t enough, I guess,” he said before making a face to your camera. You took a bunch of pictures, you were sure you would lost at least ten percent of your phone storage.

Ferris Wheel was your last ride. You sat side by side with him in the capsule. He put one hand around your shoulder, the other one holding yours. As the capsule went up, you leant your head on his chest, his started to caressing yours. On your way to the peak, he would occasionally kissed placed a kiss on top of your head or sometimes on your forehead. None of you made a sound, you just sat there in silent, enjoying the moment.

Today you learnt a new thing: that being around him was the best thing in the world and being in his arms was the next best thing. You felt so lucky cause you got to spend your whole day with him. You were really grateful for being in this moment, with him. And you told yourself you would trade all the things you have just to be in this moment again and again.

After about 30 minutes, the capsule came back to its initial point. You got out from the capsule and continued your journey.

“You tired?” he asked.

“A bit,”

He then squatted in front of you, his back facing you, “Get on my back,”

“But aren’t you—“

“Just get on my back (Y/N), it’s an order,”

So you got on his back, wrapping your arms around his neck, clinging to him like a koala. He then got on his feet and started walking, “We should get you home,”

After he said his words, a frown made its way to your face. You didn’t want to come home yet. You didn’t want this date to end just yet, “Why?”

“Because,” he cleared his throat, “One, we’ve tried every single ride here. Two, it’s 7 PM. Three, I don’t want to face an angry Tony Stark,”

His very last sentence made you laugh.

I’m truly, madly, deeply, foolishly, completely falling for this man.

“Thanks, Steve. Today was really really really fun,”

“I should be the one who said thank you, (Y/N),” he said, “Thank you, (Y/N),”

You nodded, “Next time, I’ll show you my version of fun,”

“So… there’s a next time?” he asked, a wide grin on his face.

“Only if you want,”

“Of course I want!” he exclaimed. “I love spending my whole day with you, (Y/N).  I look forward to our second date,”

“Our second date?”

“Yeah…” he touched the back of his neck. “This is our first date. The next is the second,”

You just smiled. This man is really sweet.

“Well it’s late, I should get going,” he said as he stepped forward, approaching you. As your shoes’ tips met, he cupped your face, leaning forward to plant a sweet kiss on your forehead. You closed  your eyes, enjoying the feeling of his lips against your forehead.  Oh how, you  wished you could be in this moment forever.

“Good night, (Y/N),” he said the moment after his lips left your forehead, “I’ll see you soon,”

“Good night, Steve,”

And you watched him walked back to his motorcycle, turning on the engine,  and drove away from your house. When he was far away to be seen, you decided to got in your house.

“So how was your date, (Y/N)?” Tony, from his lovely beanbag, asked. “You guys didn’t do the dirty, did you?”

“Brother, I’m a hundred percent sure you need to put your brain into the washing machine,”

First Lines

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List the first lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether). See if there are any patterns. Then, tag your favourite authors.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE fic based tag games like this!! I’m am so down for any story based game things. Fuck I’m so jealous your readers send you asks and shit @phaytesworld you lucky bitch (and omfg they art for you, THEY ART FOR YOU, I am seething with jealousy over here, but also insanely happy for you because omg, just so happy for you and your success. You fuck up my feels bitch)

I’m afraid I really don’t read much, which you’ll understand seeing how many WIP I have, but I’ll just tag some of the people I know on here that write =)

@gloster @dracomysunshinechild @jadepresley @decanthrope @michaelssw0rd … okay, I know I know more writers than that, I know I chat to more writers than that, guys, I’m sorry, my memory sucks! Just do it and say I tagged you (TAG ME PLEASE) so I can be nosy =D

Okay, because I am super excitable a teasing tease who teases don’t you guys even know me, I’m gonna do the last 20 stories PLUS the first few lines of my major WIP mwahahahaha (I didn’t get enough sleep last night, I went to bed before 2am for once, but lay awake outlining a new story in my head)

Let’s get started =D (this is hella fucking long, so I’m putting it under a cut after the first 5, and really, you all follow me, you know me, you know I can’t be concise, I take a very loose definition of ‘first lines’ LOL)

Contained in this post are fics for these ships: Drarry, Pansmione, Parvansy (parvati/pansy), Ginsy (Ginny/Pansy), Victuuri, Merthur.

Last 20 stories posted/updated:

Trends/Patterns? As always, I usually just dive right into the story with minimal set-up details, which I usually intersperse later as needed. I seem to always start with either dialogue, how the character feels, or an action description. I almost never describe the setting, which fits with my biggest writing flaw of almost no background description LOL

1. Amortentia - Drarry

While Harry was studiously attempting to avoid so much as glancing towards their roommate, Ron was blatantly staring. He stood leaning against one of the end posts of his bed, arms crossed, expression cold, as he watched Malfoy unpack his things. The air was so thick with tension that Harry wished someone would say something, but he desperately didn’t want to be the one to do it.

2. Warmth - Parvansy


Pansy jerked at the sound of her name, almost spilling the contents of her bag all over her desk. Parvati caught her eye, and then nodded her head to the empty seat next to her.

“You owe me for helping you in Herbology last week. You’re partnering with me today.” Parvati’s voice was firm, and she had that glint in her eye. All of the Slytherins knew that glint. The Gryffindor glint. Not to be underestimated. And not to be messed with unless one had a plan, and an escape strategy for when it inevitably went pear-shaped. Bloody Gryffindors.

3. Board Games and Rude Awakenings - Drarry

At first, Harry had been nervous, and felt out of place. After a couple of drinks, and nothing more than some rather tame teasing, he relaxed. Blaise was pouting and arguing with Pansy about the legality of the action she’d just made on Harry’s behalf. Harry had no idea what game they were playing, and still didn’t understand the rules, even after having them explained to him three times. But there was an elaborately charmed board, little miniature characters, and a lot of violence.

4. Playing Along - Drarry

Harry sucked in a deep breath. There were footsteps outside. They passed. When he exhaled, he managed to mutter a spell to lock his office door. His hands gripped the far edge of his desk. The near edge was digging into his stomach. He closed his eyes, and inhaled again. Slowly.

“What happened to all that Gryffindor bravery? Scared you might get fired if we get caught?”

Harry shuddered.

“Shut your fucking mouth, Malfoy.”

There was a puff of warm air against his skin. Against his spine. Halfway down, and getting lower, as Malfoy chuckled. 

5. Crumbling Facade - Drarry

Draco tried to ignore everything around him as he organised his things the way he liked. The eighth year students were split between dorm rooms, and the houses were mixed. He’d been hoping he would be placed with Theo, or no Slytherin at all. He’d been dreading sharing a dorm room with Blaise. Perhaps if Goyle had returned the odds would have been in his favour, but they were not.

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a series of unlikely crossovers:  So.  You’re going to get off your spoil-sport balcony in three minutes and come dance with me. Be warned: birthday girl trumps king every time.  Your move.  

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Imagine being a good girl and Hale’s little sister and falling for Jax much to the amusement of the club and the disappointment of your brother.

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( Because I fucking love the idea of Jax with a good girl type and the idea of him with Hale’s baby sister made me loose my shit.)