Candy Asks!!

❀ Lollipop: What is a hobby you enjoy, or want to try?

✿ Gummy bears: Do you consider yourself easy-going? Why or why not?

❀ Bite size: A small story that makes you happy

✿ Giant candy: What is one of your biggest accomplishments?

❀ Jelly beans: Are you more introverted or extroverted?

✿ Rock candy: Do you tend to stick firmly to your beliefs or are you open to others’ opinions?

❀ Chocolate bar: Name something that makes you feel warm and happy

✿ Truffle: Are you a day person or a night person?

❀ Bubblegum: Are you more organized or spontaneous?

✿ Hard candy: Favorite candy flavor?

❀ Jawbreaker: What is your biggest pet peeve?

✿ Taffy: Describe your dream vacation

❀ Sour candy: Do you tend to hold grudges?

✿ Peanut butter candy: What do you consider your best quality?

❀ Peppermints: What is your favorite time of the year?


Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Steel Pier, Circa 1910.

The Steel Pier was one of the major amusement piers built off the boardwalk in Atlantic City, opening on June 18th, 1898. The steel girder structure extended 1500 feet from the boardwalk into the Atlantic Ocean, housing theaters, ball rooms and amusement arcades. It’s been variously called  An Amusement City at Sea and A Vacation in Itself. It also was once called the Showplace of the Nation, and featured acts such as John Phillip Sousa and his Band, The High Diving Horse and Rex; the Wonder Dog who could water ski. 


Tomorrow by Jordan Hall

Okay…I’m rewatching the episode where Alec and Magnus meet and omg…Magnus has even less chill than I originally realised.
Magnus leans forwards to see Alec’s reaction to Michealangelo and doesn’t even try to be subtle.
Jace whipping his head between Alec and Magnus after gives me life loool.
Alec shrugging legit seems to be his go to method for dealing with Magnus lol
Magnus calls him pretty - shrug
Magnus is bi - shrug
Everyone is highly amused - shrug


Once Upon a Dream by Jordan Hall

Best things come unexpected

Peter Hayes

Platonic fluff, light smut, awkwardness, amusement

Fandom: Divergent

Request: “Could you write an imagine with Peter from insurgent where you are with him, Tris, Caleb and Four and when Eric and other guards come into Amity and the others go out of the window, but you two stay in the office and to shut him up you start to kiss him. And something falls onto the floor just as things are about to get heated, and Eric comes upstairs and finds you two in a compromising position?!?🙊”

Word count: 625

gif is not mine.

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Being Tony’s Apprentice Would Involve

Requested by an anon months ago. So hi if you’re still following!

Originally posted by sgt-luz

  • Being shy at first with him but once you let your sarcasm and sass out and Tony loves it, you become a bit more outgoing with him
  • Dramatic sunglasses
  • Singing loudly along to music while you work
  • Him funding any and every idea you have - because he can
  • You asking to join the Avengers and him saying no - he’s not having your blood on his hands
  • Meeting all the Avengers and having a great time
  • Getting along well with Bruce and Steve and Clint - basically everyone: they love you
  • Teasing each other mercilessly
  • Getting cool gadgets
  • Tony breaking small laws for you
  • Becoming like a child to Tony
  • Him and Pepper love you
  • Being overly dramatic about everything just to mock Tony slightly
  • Siding with Pepper in arguments
  • Meeting Peter Parker who may kind of have a crush on you
  • Designing Peter’s suit because Tony is busy
  • Tony making sure you get a good career and life in general