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I was wondering if you could write a little snippet of Boil and Waxer being caught by Obi??? I love your writing it makes my day 💙💙

Crossing his arms over his chest with hiding his amusement, Obi-Wan raised his brows at the two arch troopers staring up at him in shock. “Well then, I must admit I was not expecting to find you two n the supply closet.” He drawled calmly.

Finally jerking out of Waxer’s arms, Boil got up while clearing his throat, face turning a horrid shade of red as he did. “G-General! I can explain!” He fumbled for an explanation outside of the obvious one but found none as he glanced desperately between his grinning lover and his exasperated commander who was hiding his face in his hands.

“Indeed? Now this I have to hear.” Obi-Wan’s lips were twitching but he fought down the smile as he cocked his head, watching Waxer push himself up while brushing imaginary dust of himself. He had to say, Waxer looked both quite proud of himself and even a bit smug.

Finally Boil’s shoulders just slumped. “Okay I have nothing.”

Chuckling Obi-Wan gestured to the supply closet. “I imagine Waxer managed to convince you that a few moments playing… hooky wouldn’t be of any consequences and you, in a fit of distraction, agreed?”

Sending his now sniggering lover a dagger like glare, Boil gave a red faced nod. “Yes sir…”

Uncrossing his arms, Obi-Wan gave into his urge to chortle sharply with amusement as he shook his head. “Oh Boil, you’re usually so level headed.” He patted him on the shoulder before making his way around them to get the box of rations he needed from the supplies. “Next time, if you’re gonna let him convince you, head to the bunks huh?” The Jedi couldn’t resist teasing.

Mumbling to himself, Boil shot Waxer another glare. “Its gonna be a loooong time until next time sir, don’t you worry about that.”

Waxer shot him a startled look and then whined quietly but kept his peace as long as Obi-Wan was there, pouting at Boil.

“Another time gents.” Obi-Wan nodded, heading down the hall with his supplies and listening to Cody quickly catch up to him. Before the two rounded the corner they could hear angry hissing behind them and quiet pleading.

“…I am so sorry General.” Cody sighed.

“Oh don’t be, I’m glad those two are finding time to have some fun and its not like they were on guard or anything.” Obi-Wan grinned. “Honestly Boil’s look when the two fell out of the closet…” He sniggered hard.

Cody couldn’t resist joining him with a quiet snort. “I’ve never seen him look so startled before.” He agreed.

“And a bit of fun in this war is not to be denied… don’t take it out too hard on them Cody eh?” Obi-Wan patted the other on the shoulder with a small grin. “I’m glad they’ve found each other and Boil can do with a bit of sunshine in his life.” He shrugged.

“You may have a point General. And stars knows Waxer is a bundle of sunshine.” Cody agreed with a quiet laugh.

Reincarnation/Soulmate AU

First words type.

Enjolras and Grantaire usually end up first talking in an argument. When they say the words they pause, and smile, simply saying each other’s nicknames before continuing the argument.

“Oh don’t be a dolt, that plan is idiotic and will never work!” Grantaire exclaimed.

“What would you know, this is your first meeting?!” Enjolras roared back.

The pair stared at each other for a moment before giving each other a sly smile and a nod of recognition.

“Apollo,” Grantaire said smoothly, as it was common to give nicknames to your soulmate which could overlap in the lifetimes.

“R,” Enjolras replied in the same even tone. After a pause, he continued the argument like nothing happened. “It can certainly work, you just haven’t been here long enough to know the other members!”

“I know human nature though! I know what will happen!”

Everyone else just rubbed their heads, exasperated that this was starting again.


We Are Young: Instagram Edition (+)
pt. 10 - Loke/Lucy Goodness as requested by sweet sweet anon

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Captain Ginger’s “We make the weird submit!” rant is pretty fucking fantastic on its own merits (also I feel that should become this team’s motto when they are more team-like), but what completely steals this for me is Carmila’s face.

That is the look of a vampire finding a human interesting and entertaining for more than just a fuck or a snack. I love that for the indication that Carmilla will have connections beyond Laura WHICH I AM ALL ABOUT. I also love that the first one that appeals to her is Captain Ginger, which is good and proper.


(Loosely) Inspired by that one scene from the Little Women movie.

Calamity’s probably a little too laid back to be Jo, no hair trigger temper.

Ichabod somehow manages to be a strangely believable Meg-Amy hybrid though.

….This is another one of those things that I feel like I should post after finishing but still find myself fervently hoping Betsy Lee never sees.


Yaomomo: *is emotional and teary*
Todoroki: *is clueless and is trying to help* IF YOU FEEL NAUSEOUS, THERE’S A PRESSURE POINT ON THE INSTEP OF YOUR FOOT..