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Top five RPG moments?

  • Challenging the Sith battlemaster to a solo duel and beating him down like he was nothing, much to the annoyance of my GM
  • When the players realized that my PC was actually a plot NPC who had infiltrated the party in order to kidnap one of their members
  • Flirting with an NPC with enough conviction to make my GM slightly uncomfortable
  • Destroying an Eclipse-class Star Destroyer with my lightsaber and a well-placed thermal detonator
  • Watching the looks on the players’ faces as A) the party’s bard rushed to the altar to try to stop the ritual they were interrupting, just in time for him to be the final sacrifice they needed, B) the LE fighter and the NG cleric going down like a pair of badasses against a mass of iron golems, a really fantastic moment given their original rivalry that turned to brotherhood, C) the sorceress seeing Orcus be summoned to the material plane with her final breaths as the party didn’t quite stop the ritual, before D) everyone was brought out of a coma and realized that what they had seen was a prophetic warning, they had a deadline before the summoning took place for real, and they were going to need to rally a lot more support if they were going to actually stop it

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TMI Tuesday? I am horrid at these, but would like to participate.. of the outfits you have helped lovers out of... which is your favorite? (and if I'm being a naughty cheat and sneaking in a two-fer... why?)

Oh, the wife used to have a red pvc dress that I bought for her not long after we started dating, and holy damn did she look amazing in it. It was kind of a short, bouncy skirt, showed off her cleavage really well, and she almost always wore fishnet stockings and heels with it. That was a fantastic dress.

(Also: Anything involving stockings and corsets, because hell yes.)

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Who/what is CB? (Already love the BPAL I’ve tried…)

CB is Christopher Brosius, the man who founded Demeter Fragrance (he’s left that company but he’s behind scents like Dirt, and Snow, that they still sell). CB I Hate Perfume is similar to Demeter, a lot of real world scents made perfume, like one of the notes in In The Library is “English Novel” based off of the scent of a signed first edition of one of his favorite books, but far more blends rather than focusing mostly on one note.

I find it awesome, but expensive, I bought the little two ml sample bottles of two of his perfumes for $12 each, full size bottles run around $100 (I’m cool with sample bottles, while I love perfume, and wear it pretty much daily, I like switching things up, and I go through individual bottles very slowly, I just get imps from BPAL, and they last me a couple of years).