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I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of my followers for keeping that green button green and for being part of my photography journey. I really do appreciate all the love/likes/comments/support & guidance I have received from you and the many relationships I have built over the years via this wonderful app. Special thanks goes out to @kevin & @mikeyk who are the guys responsible for the app we all know & love, that is: @instagram. Thanks guys 👍🏾

So as you do at #LondonFashionWeek, you take pictures of beautiful ladies/dapper gentlemen and network. So who do I see just casually walking by ‘like a bawse’ in her Christian Louboutin’s, none other than @KimberlyLondon, I had to get that shot. I hope she likes it 😊

#ShotOnMyFujiXT1📷 #XF35mm #repostmyfuji #AmusedByFashion #FashionPolis #LFW #StreetStyleLuxe (at BFC Show Space, Brewer Street Car Park, London)

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