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“Snape on the Bachelorette || Studio C”

lmao at anti-snape people who don’t realize that james and snape aren’t really foils for draco and harry (tho they can correlate) but more for dudley and harry. 

dudley hates harry for no reason - because his parents hate harry and harry’s easy to pick on. he picks on harry with his gang of friends, terrorizing him whenever it’s convenient. harry fights back against dudley (but does anyone call it “equal”…? lmao no bc it’s still not even tho harry fights back). dudley has the adults on his side, adults who won’t listen to and don’t care about harry. does this sound familiar at all? it should. 

do you honestly think harry saw that scene in swm and didn’t suffer an immediate flashback? if you think not, you’re kidding yourself friends. harry knows what snape’s going through - he went through it too. and yet fandom looks at dudley and harry and recognizes the power disadvantage, recognizes it’s bullying, but when they look at the marauders and snape, they’re all, “well that’s just what teenagers do!” okay. sure. 

Breakfast with Snape: Stepfather AU

Harry was almost inured to Professor Snape’s presence at breakfast and dinner. Lily had a rule that the family had to eat at least twice a day together, to stay involved in each other’s lives, and now that family now included Severus Snape, excluding his father and stepmother and stepsister. Harry, starting a fryup while the adults were still in bed–ew–was surprised he wasn’t sad about it.

His parents had always been a bit awkward around each other. His mother always made a big show about finding things to talk about, and really, when all three of them got together now–rarely, but on his birthdays–they mostly gossipped. Poking at the bacon with the spatula, wincing at the sizzling fat, Harry grimaced. Maybe that was why his mother was so urgent on keeping touch. She didn’t want to run out of things to talk about.

He turned on the radio and half-hummed, half-muttered along to the lyrics, the same shitty Blur song that was impossible to sing along to. He and the song was almost done with making breakfast when Snape sauntered in, freshly showered, dressed in muggle clothes–a band t-shirt, worn but perfectly clean, and black jeans. Shirt tucked in, belt cinched, hair tied back: he looked good. Harry realized he was checking out his mother’s boyfriend and hurriedly looked down. Was this bisexuality, or an appreciation for the human form?

“Good morning, Mr. Potter,” Professor Snape intoned, then smirked. “Have you seen your mother about?”

Harry hastily maneuvered the bacon out of the skillet and cracked a couple eggs. They sizzled and popped.

“I see you learned how to cook from Lily,” Snape said, amusement in his voice. “Fry everything in fat.”

Harry shrugged. It tasted good and was quick to make. Who cared? “I thought mum slept in.”

Snape frowned slightly, a wrinkle​ creasing in his forehead. “Clearly not.” They stared at each other. Suddenly, Snape’s monumental nostrils flared. “Your eggs.” A moment later, Harry understood: burning. He quickly rescued them, dropping them on the same paper towel-covered plate as the bacon. Dropping the spatula in the sink, he turned off the stove.

“We should wait for my mum,” Harry said lamely. “She likes everyone to eat breakfast together.”

Snape grunted. He passed a thumb across his own lower lip, looking away. “A way of being accountable, I suppose. I’m glad she learned to keep a schedule.”


Snape sighed. “Harry, move over. We need at least two vegetables in this. You can’t subside on grease alone.”

“Well, you would know, sir,” and Harry dodged away. Snape’s eyes narrowed.

“Quite, Potter,” he sneered, and Harry pressed his lips together nervously. Perhaps the grease joke was too soon. Yeah, it was too soon.

Oh man

It has always struck me as odd that, in Harry’s third year, Professor Lupin somehow knew that Neville’s grandmother wore ridiculous clothing. After Neville, faced with the prospect of fighting a boggart, admits that he is terrified of Snape, Lupin asks him to recall his grandmother’s clothes. Why? Why not ask Neville what he would find amusing? True, Snape in any grandmother’s clothing would have been hilarious, but Mrs. Longbottom has quite the reputation (in the books) for her eccentric style. How did Lupin know this? Why was this Lupin’s first thought when helping Neville fight the boggart?

Because he knew Frank and Alice Longbottom, went to school with them, and fought alongside them in the Order of the Phoenix. Because at some point in his life, Remus Lupin met Augusta Longbottom and her image was stuck so firmly in his mind that, decades later, he was still able to recall that stuffed vulture hat and help Neville overcome his fears.

Wanna bet?

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Part 2

Severus Snape was a great annoyance in your life. Even if you liked his subject and you were pretty good at it, you always became nervous when he stepped behind you in the class. You could tell he is actually enjoy this, and more angry and nervous you get, the more you messed up your potion.

“Miss Y/L/N, if I am not mistaken - which I am clearly not - your potion should be pale lilac on its phase. Is that lilac for you?”

“Kinda.” - you muttered. Well, it was purple, but there were people with green ones, so you didn’t understand why he picked up on only you.

“Ten points from Gryffindor for being insolent. And I suggest you to start over quickly if you don’t want to get zero.” - and he emptied your cauldron.

You bit your lip to stop yourself saying anything, and with a growing anger, you started over your potion. You almost messed up again, when Hermione muttered to you.

“Counterclockwise or you get purple again.” As you wanted to thank her, Draco Malfoy stepped closer to you. 

“Be careful Y/L/N, or next time you may accidentally blow that pretty face of yours up.” 

“Oh, you think you’re so good, do you? I can make a better potion than you with closed eyes.”

“Really? Wanna bet?” - he smirked.

You gave him a concerned look, but you were too angry and stubborn at the moment to say him no.

“You know what? If I make a better potion today, you’ll leave me and my friends alone forever.”

He laughed on this. “Fine. But if I win, and I am certainly will, you have to kiss me.”

It was your time to laugh. “I’m in.”

“Y/N, are you mad?” - Ron asked when you returned to your potion.

“What? It will be good if he finally stop bullying us, won’t it?”

“Yes, but if you lost…” - Hermione started with a concern in her voice.

“I won’t! ”- you said firmly, but deep down you were afraid; Draco is the best in the year by far. At the end of the lesson your potion looked perfect, but you saw that Draco’s too.

In the next class, Snape wave his wand, and the results appeared on the blackboard. 

Yours, 87%.

Draco’s, 98%.

You didn’t have the nerve to look at him, but soon, he appeared at your desk. He just stared at you with a so pleased look on his face, with a tipical smirk of his and a cocked eyebrow. 

“So, I won. So unexpected, isn’t it?”

“Just stop torturing me. You’ll get your kiss after the class and we’ll forget about this.” - you muttered with a tired voice. 

“Oh, no, I’m afraid we won’t. You’ll kiss me when I’ll say.” With that, he stroked your cheek with his thumb and left you. 

Days passed, and you hoped he’ll forget about it, but you were so wrong. It was a Sunday evening when you went down to have dinner. As you stepped into the Great Hall and headed to the Gryffindor table, Draco spotted you and shouted at you.

“Hey Y/N! Come here, will you?” - he smirked and patted a seat next to him. With closed eyes you looked at the ceiling, thinking “Oh Godric, help me.”. At last, grudgingly, but sat down next to him as he turned to you with all of his body.

“So, I was thinking, and I want my kiss now.” 

It sounded so unbelievable and ridiculous you let out a giggle, then simply said: “No.”

“Oh, yes.” - he argued but still with a smirk. Your smile disappeared as you realized he didn’t joking. You looked around - all of his friends were there too and staring at you at the cornerns of their eyes.

“In front of your friends? Forget it.”

“Oh come on. Aren’t the Gryffindors supposed to be the brave ones? Or maybe you are too shy, aren’t you?” - he teased, but it was enough for you; you were too proud to gave him a chance to call you coward, no, you won’t walking away now.

As you slid closer to him until your legs touched, he wanted to grab your waist but you immediately said to him, “No hands”, and he gave you an “Oh, honestly!” look - but placed back his hand on the table.
Now or never, you kissed him. His lips were soft, and almost instantly you felt his tounge in your own as he tried to get access - and you let him. Even if he was slow, he deepened the kiss more and more every second, and you felt something that you were not prepared for. You shivered and felt hot at the same time, your knees trembled slightly, and there was a knot in your stomach. You ejnoyed that kiss more than anything earlier. 

When he finally broke the kiss and started to pull away, you deeply kissed him again when your lips was almost still touched, but after like three seconds, he laughed onto the kiss. 

“Now darlig, it isn’t really easy to stop when you got a taste, is it?”

You flushed and stood up quickly. “I hate you.”  

“Oh, yes, of course.” - he said sarcastically as you went to the Gryffindor table, your face still as red as your tie. You sat down next to Hermione; Ron and Harry in front of you, all of them staring at you.

“Please,” you whispered “just don’t talk about it.” Harry reached his fork under the table; he probably dropped it when he saw you snogging with Draco. Ron was definietly wanted to say something, but when he opened his mouth Hermione kicked him in the ankle.

It was almost midnight when you were still awake, agressively tossed and turned in your bed. As Hermione noticed - who sat on her bed with a book - she spoke without glanced at you, but you could see a little smile on her. “Spit it out.”

You sat up on your bed. “That kiss was AMAZING Hermione, I can’t cope with this, he’s Draco Malfoy, I mean, he’s Draco Malfoy and ohh, but, why, I can’t think about anything else than kiss him again! Please can you obliviate me before I’m going mad?” 

“You are already mad, but no I won’t use a Memory Charm on you, and if you want to kiss him so bad again, then do it.” 

Your mouth fell open. “You… hate him. And you encouraging me to kiss him again?”

“Oh Y/N, it’s not my business if you fancy him - don’t look at me like this because yes, you do - so please, just accept it. And anyway, I’m surprised you haven’t noticed, but he actually likes you too.” You were so taken aback you didn’t say an another word. 

Your intention was at the next day to avoid Draco completely, and it went well, until Potions, when Snape broke your little plan.

“As I see you entertaining each other so well in my class,” - Snape started as you were in a discussion with the others - “no wonder why your potions look… miserable.” He glanced at Harry, and then he continuted. “Potter, come to the desk in front of mine, Granger, you go to Miss Parkinson with Weasley. Y/L/N, you stay here while Draco join you.” 

“NO!” - you cannot stop yourself and Snape looked amused. 


Draco sat down next to you, smirking as always. “I hoped for a warmer welcoming after yesterday, you know.”

“If you don’t shut up I’ll drown you into my cauldron.” 

“That wasn’t very ladylike.” - he said with a bigger smile than ever. 

You sighed and tried to avoid him, but it was hard; he accidentally touched your hand several times and always examined your face to saw your reaction. 

“Nice outfit you have today by the way.” - he said while you stirred the brew.

“That’s our uniform you know, I wear it every day.”

“Not the knee socks, you don’t. You always wear stockings.”

You frozen for a moment by this before looked up on him.

“Very well spotted. Good to know you can’t take your eyes off me.”

He taken aback by this and a light pink colour appeared on his cheeks before he cleared his throat; but then he shrugged and looked more confident.

“You’re beautiful. I won’t deny that.”

Your heart leapt after his compliment and suddenly, it was really hot in the cold dungeon.

You were just exit the classroom when Draco gently grabbed your arm and pulled closer to himself.

“Do you want to go to Hogsmeade together Saturday?” 

“You ask me out?”

He rolled his eyes. “Yes, Y/N, I ask you out.”

You hesitated for a moment; is he playing some stupid game? Or Hermione was right and he actually fancies you?

“Okay.” - you muttered slowly.

“Then see you on Saturday.” He winked at you and let out not a smirk, but a gentle smile.


Bet on it

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Title : Bet on it
Pairing : George Weasley x Reader
Word Count : 1,773
Writer : JW.

“It’s not going to work,”

“Yeah, and why wouldn’t it?” Fred asks, looking amused.

“Snape might be an arse, but he’s a very polished potion master. There’s no way you can prank him by changing his potion into.. That,” you vocalize, taking a peek to the freshly brewed potion “It’s impressive, the potion you make, but It just won’t work,”

“Of course it won’t,” he mockingly agrees, folding his hands to his chest as he pretends to rub his chin before shrugging with a wide grin “But well, what can you say, once an arse, always an arse. He deserves what’s coming to his plate,”

You roll your eyes, “You’re only finding yourself extra hours of detention. As if the ones McGonagall gave wasn’t enough,”

“Look, Sweetheart, I appreciate the worry, truly, but my twin and I have planned this for months and there would be no fallacy occured, guaranteed,” Fred threw out his chest and sang “You know, you’re so poised with your thoughts, let’s see how secured your bet is,”

“Always the same card,” you crack a smile, knowing exactly where he’s heading to “A sickle for another three hours of detention with Snape,”

Fred rolls his eyes, “We’ve done that one too many, it’s time to step up the game,”

You raise an eyebrow, urging him to go on with the proposal.

“If we did fail, I would fly off my broom around the castle and to the common room tonight— starkers,” he proposed with that infamous devilish grin “How’s that for a next level?”

“You’re not fooling around this time, aren’t you,” you comment, slightly gulping because of the seriousness he gets and how disturbing the bet was “And what’s it for me?”

“If the prank works well,” he says, turning his body so that his back would face you “You would have to pretend to be my twin’s girlfriend for the whole day without telling him the reason,”

You widen your eyes, “What?!”

“And that would include all the kissing and dirty business needed, if a day would be an enough of time,”

You take a moment to yourself to digest all the words he’d utter. Has he lost the plot? The denouement he proposed was outrageous. Why would he risk his dignity by a foolish prank like this?

And why would he purpose a bet that would in a way ‘play’ with his own twin’s feeling?

“Well, that’s a brave proposal, Fred,” you comment before finding yourself back to your seat “But I see no value in stepping the game if the out-turn was as mentioned. I’d stick to a sickle,”

He makes a mocking buzz sound, “What made your feet cold? Could it be that slightly in your heart you know that this prank would be prosperous that you figure to just.. Chicken out?”

“I— No, I’m still 100% sure that this would go all to pot by the end of the class,” 

“Then I suppose there should be no problem on sealing the deal,”

You bite your lower lip as Fred walks closer to you, an arm out ready to shake yours. You’ve always known that Fred could be a barmy instigator but never have you ever expected him to cross this many boundaries. For a simple prank he’s pulling for Snape, it sure is a huge gamble to take.

“Come on, my arm won’t be out all day, I have to help George brew another potion for Filch,” Fred urges, sounding slightly annoyed “Will you or will you not take the bet, ___?”

Sighing, you’ve finally made the worst decision in your live, “Deal,”

With another grin and discouraging cheer, Fred leaves the class, leaving you waiting for the other students to come in. The class should start in another quarter hour and your heart is starting to pitter-patter.

A huge pride in your heart whispers for you to just calm down because a brilliant professor like Snape would never fall for such dimwitted made prank— especially not in the area he’s mastered about. But the flutter you made holds a very daunting consequence that you can’t help but to feel a little nervous about it.

With some students coming in before you could jinxed the potion, all you can do now is to pray that a pinch of extra luck is dusted on your shoulders.

You grip your skirt tightly as you walk out of the common room. The nightmare of how Snape’s hair turned pink yesterday is still crystal clear in your mind. You don’t need to have another word with Fred as the little smirk and wink he shot at you by last night’s dinner was enough of a green light for you to proceed on the bet.

Be his twin’s girlfriend for a day.


Perhaps, it wouldn’t be this hard if it were Lee Jordan or Dean Thomas or anyone in that matter that you don’t have any crush for. But the red head git just has to choose his twin. His twin out of all boys in Hogwarts.

How wonderful.

“Hey, ___!” Fred greets in the hallway, casually placing an arm over you right after “Remember our deal yesterday? Time’s ticking, you know. The longer it takes for you to start, the longer it would end,”

You raise an eyebrow, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, I said precisely a whole day of becoming my brother’s girlfriend and last time I check, a whole day consists of 24 hours so if you were to start now, the bet would be off by this exact same time tomorrow. Exactly 24 hours,”

You popped your eyeballs.

“I guess I missed that little detail, huh?” he says sheepishly “Well, no matter. It shouldn’t be a hard task to do anyway, seeing the way you’ve reacted when he’s around,”

What’s that supposed to mean?

“Fred, I don’t think—,”

“There’s no going back now, Sweetheart. A bet is a bet,” he says with much satisfaction in his tone, pushing you closer to his twin who was busy talking to his mates “Go on and give your boyfriend his morning kiss,”

“Fred, I just—,”

And before you can complain another word, the boy has left you stunned.

Of course.

Trembling, you try to grow a pair and gather all the guts you could grasp. Sanity has been long thrown away and embarrassment seem to be an underrated term over the feeling you’re holding at the moment. Surely that ginger would have a taste of his own meds later on.

Indeed, a bet is a bet.

“There you are, Sweetheart,” you say sweetly once you squeeze in the group of males and cling your hands over George’s arm “I’ve been looking all over the castle for you,”

The group stare at you bizarrely.

The red head froze at your sudden presence and touch.

“___, are you lost?” Lee Jordan asks.

“No, why would I be?” you ask him back, trying to force a laugh that doesn’t sound much of a dying owl “I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, right, Georgie?”

He’s still stunned.

“George,” you call his name softly, hiding your nervousness “Say something,”

He barely blinks.

“Is this some kind of a prank?” Lee asks once more “Oh I know, it must be a prank. I’m not falling for it George, nice try,”

“It’s not a prank,” you say short before turning back to George “If this is a prank, why would I do this?”

Indeed, sanity has been long wiped out of your mind as you tip toed and leaned in to him, sealing your lips to the boy that was once stunned now turned even more petrified. His body tenses, frozen as if someone casted a spell on him. His breathing turns rigid, chest puffing up and down in a painfully fast pace as he tries to take it all in— it was not a dream.

His lips feels like a warm melting butter— sweet and soft. It was a chaste kiss but enough to jolt your body in full electricity charge. The blush that you tried hard to hide is no longer able to be contained as you pull away, slightly smiling from your bold and satisfactory action. If it wasn’t for the bet, you wouldn’t be able to the lips that you’ve been dreaming of a nights.

You’d need to say your gratitude to Fred, one day.

Time flies and as if it was logical for your mind to take, after the kiss earlier this morning George seem to just play along and enjoy the current situation as he showers you with pecks and locks his arm on your waist at all time. It was as if you two were a really newly born couple.

If only..

You find yourself running out of your dormitory room with exceedingly dose of happiness and blush. The day went by far better than you expected that dinner time arrives already. Sure, people were questioning you and throwing you overwhelming questions but the kisses and embraces were more than worth it.

“Let’s go,”

“No, wait,” he holds, grabbing on of your arm before you could head out to the dining hall “We’re all alone. We can talk now,”

You raise your eyebrows, “Talk about what?”

“This,” he says as he comes in to gives you a peck on the lip “That shouldn’t be able to happen over a night. Don’t you suppose I deserve an explanation?”

“I-I, uh—,”

“Judging from your stutter, I suppose you and my twin had a bet and you lost, am I right?”

“I— George, I can explain,” you say quick, afraid that your action might hurt his feelings in any way “I didn’t mean to play around with your feelings by all means, but the bet Fred made yesterday was inevitable. I didn’t know why he would choose this as my out-turn, but I cross my heart I meant no game for your feelings,”

“So, you were to say that you did all this just to fulfill the gamble?” he asks, taking a step closer that he’s dangerously close to you now “I was starting to like the idea of it— You know, to snog you all I want,”

You froze.

“I like touching you,”

He says as he roams your body with his hands.

“I like kissing you,”

He says as he plants soft kisses to your jawline.

“I like everything about you,”

He says as he looks straight at your eyes.

“If this is all a bet to you,” he whispers softly “They I’d like to live the rest of my life with this bet,”

hELP i’m catching feelings for a boy and i’m struggling hard to keep a rabbit with him.

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The Yule Ball - Draco

I guess you could say that you were quite happy with your life.

You got good grades, had a lot of friends, barely missed home, unfortunaly that wasn’t everything.

One of your best friends, Pansy Parkinson had for the last year had an enormous crush on your both best friend; Draco Malfoy. Pansy was soooooo in love, every night before you both went of to sleep she would talk about what he had said to her and you had to explain to her that it was just a friendly gesture that he for an example had given her his apple. Naturally she didn’t believe that. She was so sure that Draco also had a crush on her. He always sat next to the two of you, and made sure his classes was in same periods as you and Pansy’s. Pansy and you may have disagreed on many things but one thing you both were certain on that this wasn’t a coincidence. The three of you were like the golden trio except that the three of you was in Slytherin. When you started on hogwarts Draco and Pansy became your bestfriend and now in 6th year you were still bestfriends. But lately you had beginning to feel like Draco was hitting on you. Maybe he didn’t plan his classes and hold seats to be near Pansy. Maybe he did this because he liked you?

“Miss Y/L/N?” Professor Snape called you out daydreaming. You immediately lifted your head from your hand and looked at a clearly angry Snape. “I see my education is clearly boring you” Snape spitted as he stepped closer to you. With his ugly face, he lowered it down and you could smell his rotten breath. “Would you take over the class miss Y/L/N? or would you rather be dreaming about passing your O.W.L’s?”

Giggles from Ravenclaws could be heard, which only seemed to amuse Snape. You looked down at your hands. They were shaking and you had to hold onto one another. “N-No sir” you quietly manage to speak out. A disgusting smirk formed on Snape’s hideous face. He pulled away and began teaching again, though once again your mind drifted off.

What seemed like forever the class finally ended. With no wish to have Snape calling on you, you grabbed your books and stormed out of the classroom. This morning you had agreed with Pansy and Draco to meet at the black lake after school. You looked back at the classroom and saw Pansy coming out. “Ready to go?” she asked you. “Shouldn’t we wait for Draco?” you replied looking inside the classroom where Draco and Snape were talking together. Severus Snape; probably the worst teacher on Hogwarts, according to you. Pansy shoke her head, “He said we should just head out” and by that the both of you headed out to the black lake.

“Didn’t Draco look ravishing today?” Pansy sighed. You sat next to her, dipping your toes in the black cold water. “Ravishing?” you laughed. Silence fell and your laughter died slowly. Some Hufflepuffs were trying to push each other into the lake. Two Hufflepuffs carried one of the Hufflepuff girls. She was laughing and screaming until they finally threw her in. It was a big splash and when she returned to the surface she had a brig grin on her face. “Y/N?” Pansy asked. Pansy caught your eyes; she looked a bit frightened, which in Pansy’s case was something new. “What’s up?” you turning your body so you sat face to face. “The Yule ball is coming up” she started. Oh god you knew where this was going. “And I know Draco hasn’t invited anyone…” she began again. The three of you had talked about this. Pansy was secretly hoping that Draco was going to ask her out. You already had a date, maybe not the ideal, but Dean Thomas had asked you out. And to be honest you did have a slight crush on him. He had asked you last class by a paper note. You had yet to tell your friends.

“Do you think, that you know—-“ Pansy drifted off looking down blushing. “You could possibly talk to Draco?” she finished with red cheeks. You chuckled pulling her into a weird hug. “Of course!” you exclaimed. Pansy pulled away and looked you in the eyes. “Could you talk to him now?” she asked, eyes filled with hope and excitement. You hesitated a bit before you agreed and headed towards Hogwarts to find Draco.

Draco was running down the last pair of stairs when you saw him. “Draco!” you called. He looked up with his grey beautiful eyes. A smile and hug by him greeted you. “I was actually looking for you,” he said having a hand on your shoulder. You noticed he hadn’t shaved this morning. He had a few stubbles on his chin, above his upper lip and on his cheeks. “Hm-mm about looking, you need to look yourself in the mirror and start shaving” you laughed. He brought a hand to his face to feel. “Yeah I perhaps should” he chuckled looking down.

“No but really, I need to ask you something” He chuckled again.

“And I really have to tell you something” you said with your heart in your throat. How were you supposed to ask him to ask Pansy out. Damnit! Why couldn’t she haven’t done this herself?!

He paused and looked around before pulling you into an empty classroom. He released his grip around your hand and looked at you. “Y/N, I don’t know how to say this”

“Neither do I…” you said looking down at the floor, with your mind running through excuses you could use so he could take Pansy to the ball. She haven’t had it easy the last year, she could really need a night with just her and Draco.

“Draco” You almost felt nauseous saying what you were about to say. It felt sticky and wrong in your throat, and you almost had to yell to say it.

“Do you wanna go to the Yule ball with me?—“ “—-Take Pansy to the Yule ball!!!!!!!!”

The both of you said the same time. You looked at Draco shocked! “Wait what?!?” You asked with a confused face. Draco looked at you with eyes you’ve never seen before. “Take Pansy to the ball?!” Draco said with a disgusted face. You crossed your arms. “What’s wrong with Pansy?” you confused once again asked. He took a step closer to you. “I don’t wanna take Pansy, I want to take you to the ball” Draco said touching your hand.

“Draco…” you looked down. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. No no no. You and Draco couldn’t go to the ball, it would ruin you and Pansy’s friendship and you loved that girl more than anything.

“I’m sorry Draco” You said taking a step back. “I’ve already have date” You felt embarrassed. You also felt hurt for some reason. “Oh” Draco said quickly. “Well. Fuck me…” he looked down too. “I’m sorry Draco” you tried apologizing, you reached with your hand for him but he avoided it. The next thing you knew he was storming towards the door, angry, hurt and with murder in his eyes. He slammed the door after him leaving you alone in the DaDa classroom.



Something is Brewing Part 2: A Draco Malfoy x Reader Imagine

As in Part 1, you can sub another house in for Ravenclaw if you wish, but I felt that Ravenclaw best fit this storyline. If you see any errors that I may have missed in the hour and a half I spent editing this, please do not hesitate to let me know so I can fix them. I’m only human after all.

After being assigned detention in a Snape’s potions class, the muggle born reader must serve it with Malfoy, the same person who earned it for the both of them. Emotions continue to bubble as the two students skirt around what they feel, though tensions eventually come to a boil. After all, with eyes the color of smoky mirrors, who wouldn’t fall for Draco Malfoy despite their friends’ qualms? By the end of the night there is no denying that something is brewing.

[Y/n] - your name
Y/L/N - your last name
~~~ - used to indicate the passage of time

Warnings: Other than two extremely mild curse words and the tiniest bit of suggestiveness, none :)

***If you haven’t read Part 1, please do so. This is not a shameless self-promo, it’s just a notice that some of the story may not make sense if you haven’t done so.***

Word Count: 4,158

The aged bark of the willow tree is at my back, as breeze off the black lake ruffles the pages of my DADA book. It has been a long day, so I decided to get some fresh air and a study session in before dinner. Draco was absent in potions today, but Snape made it clear that our detentions would still be served.

For the entirety of this day I’ve been dreading tonight, however the note tucked away in my potions notebook has created a vague sense of anticipation in my chest.

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top ten all-time favorite fanfics????!

chasing the sun [snamione] - au, from order of the phoenix onwards. hermione only wanted to learn healing; she discovers that professor snape is a human being after all, and his actions dramatically shape the course of the war as events unfold. THIS FIC RUINED MY LIFE

for the potion masters amusement [snamione] - severus snape is not a kind man, but hermione granger is past caring. she wants his approval and will do anything to get it. how far will she go? even she has no concept of the depths to which she will fall in her quest. seventh year au student/teacher. hahahahhHahahaha KILL ME PLEASE SUB/DOM FIC

 dracos boy [drarry] - nonmagic au. a mysterious little boy named harry moves in next door to draco malfoy, and he’s determined to make him his friend and learn all of his secrets. years later, he’s determined to make harry more than a friend. fuCK THIS FIC i need ot reread this asap so good

packing the flat [drarry] - months after their explosive break-up, draco insists harry return to their flat to remove his belongings. THIS FIC IS SO SHORT BUT I FIND MYSELF REREADING IT LIKE EVERY MONTH ITS DEFF A FAV

silencio [dramione] - in a whirlwind of pleasure and angst, can draco and hermoine end up happy and together? or are they destined forever to keep their relationship physical and above all secret? when i say this fic will ruin your life i mean THIS. FIC. WILL. RUIN. YOUR. FUCKING. LIFE TREAD FUCKING CAREFULLY

pound of flesh [dramione] - becoming attached had never been part of the plan. neither was falling in love. one night out on the town, hermione comes face to face with draco malfoy - memory charmed and living as a muggle - and an opportunity too good to pass up. what starts as revenge quickly grows into something more, and as hermione delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the man who can’t remember who he is - the man everyone thought was dead - she might discover more than she can handle. HAHAHA DONT READ THE ALTERANTE ENDING IF U WANNA LIVE A HAPPY LIFE

a study in winning [johnlock] - john and sherlock are professional tennis players and it’s wimbledon. one is a broken almost was at the end of his career, the other an arrogant rising star tipped for greatness. It should have been a straightforward tournament. it really should have been. how were they to know that a chance encounter would change everything? i have no words for how much i love this fic

nature and nurture [johnlock] - the british government accidentally clones sherlock holmes. which brings a baby to 221B baker street. THIS FIC IS SO BEAUTIFUL IF U HAVENT READ IT YET REEAD IT

but pleasures are like poppies [johnlock] - it’s beltane, and john, as always, follows sherlock. FAWNLOCK !!!! ITS REALLY CUTE !! AND WELL WRITTEN SO WHY NOT INCLUDE IT

hitting the water are sixty miles an hour [johnlock] - “you love your mother, sherlock?” john watched the muscles in sherlock’s jaw jump. He nodded in one sharp jerk. “then we’re going to her party and making her happy.” john let out a resigned sigh. “as a ruddy couple, you bastard.” SO MANY FEELINGS BEST FAKE RELATIONSHIP FIC OUT THERE TBH

i have a lot more favorite fics and they usually change as i go on reading especially as i am reading more and more johnlock but for the most part the top 6 are set in stone !!!

“Severus Snape can’t be redeemed because he wasn’t a nice teacher.”

I always fall into the trap of trying to explain why he treated Gryffindor’s with contempt. But then I remember something; he didn’t even want to be a teacher in the first place. Why should I base my entire argument, in favour of Snape, over something he didn’t even want to do or like doing? That and he was a double agent, who couldn’t give even the slightest bit of indifference to anyone without blowing his cover. 

“Yeah but he shouldn’t bully kids, even if he hates his job!!1!” 

I can’t argue there, (however, again with showing any sign of indifference and boom goes two decades worth of secrecy) but even so, he did save said children’s lives on multiple occasions. What, should he have let them die just because he didn’t like them? A person who wasn’t even allowed a proper childhood, can’t act childish and resent his position even slightly? 

What if I like him because of his childish attitude? Have you not resented being something or someone at some point? Can you not relate? (Especially since he fancied the dark arts position for years.) So what if he acted like every single day was a Monday morning?  What gives? Harry (or Neville) didn’t seem to care by the end of it, in fact I remember several students that weren’t just Slytherins (films and books) being quite amused by it. 

A Call to Witness

A/N:  Theirs was a love built from small, slow moments.  Catching his eyes, touching her arm.  The slow smiles, the lingering gaze.  A long march towards something neither of them really expected.  So it was a tad bit of a surprise for them to find out that everybody else already seemed to know.

Four moments where James and Lily fall in love and someone else is there to see it.  

For the AMAZING, WONDERFUL,  erikals30It took way too long to write.  I might one day add more perspectives, who knows?


Snape was in a darkly bitter mood. Anybody with one eye and a quarter of a brain could register that. It was not, as it happened to be, difficult to discern why, either.

Lily Evans, ex-best friend, was sitting beside James Potter in potion’s class. Partnered.


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"Snape looked as though the first person to ask him for a Love Potion would be force-fed poison" What about a little hc on this? :p


Yes?” His voice is like acid, burning his lips.

“I have a question…about what Professor Lockhart said…earlier.”

Snape takes a deep, long-suffering breath and fixes the fourth year student with a scowl.

“Does something like Love Potion even exist? I mean, I’ve read about Amortentia, but I’ve never heard-”

“Ah, yes, well, there is a reason why Professor Lockhart is not teaching Potions,” Snape drawls, allowing a crocodile grin to spread across his thin lips, “I doubt that he could tell Amortentia from a clearly marked barrel of rat poison. It’s too bad that Filch is out of the latter, or I might be tempted to run an…experiment…to see if my hypothesis is correct.”

The student snickers behind her hand.

“I won’t tell if you don’t,” she says conspiratorily, prompting Snape to raise his eyebrows in surprise and suppress a smirk behind one of his hands.

“Are you sure you were Sorted Hufflepuff?” he asks after a moment.

“Yep! But I can appreciate discretion, especially since Lockhart is daft to suggest love potions to students in school.  After all, it’s well-known that they’re only available to adults for novelty purposes, and that using Amortentia to force marriage or…in-intimate relationships…” the girl turns scarlet as she stutters out the last part, “…well…that can be punished by up to five years in Azkaban and the victim can sue for damages.”

“Very true,” Snape replies with a nod, “Perhaps I should accidentally leave a love potion out and let that fool dig his own grave.”

“Sir! You wouldn’t!” she gasps with mock horror.

“Hmph, he’d probably end up serving it to his students and then I’d be the bad guy.” Snape’s eyebrows furrowed intently. “Don’t you go and tell anyone, though. I am not above giving big-mouthed Hufflepuffs a detention.”

“You’re head of Slytherin,” she said with a shrug. “One of your House virtues is practically ‘plausible deniability.’”

“I shall pretend that I didn’t hear that,” Snape replied, though he sounded more amused than annoyed.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, sir,” the girl said, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a wrapped parcel. “I figured you wouldn’t want anything mushy, so I got the opposite- something useful and not at all romantic. Think of it as my way of giving you my thanks for being such a great professor.”

“Oh? Is that what students are calling my nasty abrasiveness these days?”  Snape sneered slightly, but he took the package in his hands. “I…appreciate your thought, though the day is not ideal, even if there was a more distinct lack of Lockhart-created…festivities.” 

He opens the string carefully, as though diffusing a bomb, his eyes widening with surprise and a smidgen of delight as he sees what’s inside.

“Neonat Appendozomberificus!” He says, looking very impressed.

Inside the package are at least ten long black-blue plants that look like tiny baby’s arms, the fat blooms on the tips curled like tiny fingers into fists.

“I found them while foraging for mushrooms with Hagrid,” she explained. “I knew you’d be able to use them.”

“Thank you,” he says, looking surprisingly touched. “You have managed to turn a Valentines Day that I was beginning to consider using a Forgetfulness Drought to banish the memory of goblins in diapers into a marked improvement, all things considered.”

She smiles at him, obviously happy when he smiles ever so slightly in return.

“That’s all I needed, sir,” she says, taking a step backwards. “It’s really true that your face completely transforms when you’re happy. It suits you.”

“Don’t be cheeky,” Snape growls, though his threat has no teeth. “Off with you, then.”

He watches her skip down the hall happily, wondering idly if perhaps Harry Potter will appear doing an Irish jig next, for that is how out of the ordinary such an exchange with a student has been for him.

“Ugh,” he says, shuddering with revulsion, “It will be just my misfortune to see such a horrible thing.”

Luckily, there are no dancing Potters for the duration of his walk back to the Potion Ingredient Storage Room, but he does find himself imagining transfiguring Lockhart into a newt for no particular reason other than the fact that it amuses him.

Marauder+Lily Headcanons

Happy birthday, pranksterprongs! Kelly, here are some Marauder headcanons for you!!! (I picked Marauder headcanons to break in my new url; I used the be thereallz.)

  • Remus felt like a danger to his dorm-mates, and was hesitant to hang out with them after class. After seeing them successfully start a midnight game of Six-Bludger Quidditch in March of their First Year (which is, incidentally, why First-Years aren’t allowed brooms), he decided he couldn’t possibly do any more damage.
  • During holidays, the Potters, Lupins, and Pettigrews would meet up at various Wizarding location in Europe “so that the boys can play, and we can catch up,” and Sirius would often stay at one of their houses for a few days so he could come too. (His mother and father were disgusted by the idea of sitting down for lunch with a Muggle woman {Remus’ mother}.)
  • When they realised Snape knew–or was about to find out–about Remus’ “furry little problem”, Sirius and Peter bought and set loose in the castle several wild jackrabbits.
  • Since Third Year, Lily had weekly tutoring session with Sirius in Muggle Studies. (“Yeah, I understand the teacher just fine, but I really wanna get ahead!”)
  • Remus had aspired to be a Professor at Hogwarts since McGonagall showed him just what a Professor could be, after an event Sirius, James, and Peter knew better than to ask about.
  • Peter and Remus used to switch out James’ glasses with fake ones. It’d be hours till he’d notice something was wrong.
  • In his Fifth Year, James changed the shade of the Slytherin emeralds in the hourglass a little bit every day for three months… eventually resulting in there being two Ravenclaw hourglasses. (Lily thought this was amusing. Snape did not…resulting in a week of silence between the two.)
  • Lily and James fell deeply in love very quickly after their third date. At least, Lily fell in love after their third date. James was already head-over-heels.
  • James had known Lily’s parents for all of seven months as their daughter’s boyfriend before confirming with them it was all right for him to propose at what Muggles saw a ridiculously early age. They thanked him for asking and being respectful of Muggle values and tradition, but Lily was “very much a witch by now, and I mean that in the best way, so you do what you do”.
  • Lily absolutely refused to have food cooked in her house by magic, so she was the main chef as soon as she left Hogwarts. James was disgusted by the idea of cleaning by hand, so he cleaned everything by magic as soon as he left Hogwarts.
  • Peter didn’t drink anything the night he gave Lily and James’ position away.
  • James never regretted his decision to send Lily with Harry, not even as he saw the streak of green light hurdling at him.
  • Lily only wanted to save Harry, because she knew, the moment she had heard James’ body fall, she was as good as dead.
  • Sirius had not planned to murder Peter. He wanted Harry. When that was denied, he felt he had no other choice. He didn’t plan to kill him with his wand. Magic is the root of all evil was something he thought to himself quite often.
  • Remus found out all of this by reading the newspaper. After the funeral, which took place on the second of November, he went to Dumbledore, looking for Harry (I mean–I’m his next-of-kin, aren’t I?), only to be informed, however kindly and gently, that a werewolf was no acceptable father to a beautiful, human baby boy. Not even if there was no else on the planet who loved him.