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lmao at anti-snape people who don’t realize that james and snape aren’t really foils for draco and harry (tho they can correlate) but more for dudley and harry. 

dudley hates harry for no reason - because his parents hate harry and harry’s easy to pick on. he picks on harry with his gang of friends, terrorizing him whenever it’s convenient. harry fights back against dudley (but does anyone call it “equal”…? lmao no bc it’s still not even tho harry fights back). dudley has the adults on his side, adults who won’t listen to and don’t care about harry. does this sound familiar at all? it should. 

do you honestly think harry saw that scene in swm and didn’t suffer an immediate flashback? if you think not, you’re kidding yourself friends. harry knows what snape’s going through - he went through it too. and yet fandom looks at dudley and harry and recognizes the power disadvantage, recognizes it’s bullying, but when they look at the marauders and snape, they’re all, “well that’s just what teenagers do!” okay. sure. 


Snanger (Severus x Hermione):

{As you can see my Snanger list is long :D}

Remione (Remus x Hermione):

{My Remione list is short}

Lumione (Lucius x Hermione):

{This is a mixture of SS/HG/LM as well}

  • A Gift of Love By madeleone
    ~ This is a SS/HG/LM fanfic.  But it’s more a HG/LM fanfic.  I love it. {Complete}
  • The Librarian’s Assistant By madeleone
    ~ Another SS/HG/LM fanfic, but again it’s more an HG/LM fanfic that turns into M-M-F.  So good. {Complete}
  • In the Name of Science By StBridgit
    ~ LM/HG This is a Marriage Law fanfic and I must say it’s really good.  Lucius is so in character it’s awesome.  {Complete}
  • The Bespoke Witch By glittergrrrl05
    ~ It’s a Lumione but also a Dramione fanfic.  It’s really interesting, it’s ooc though, but I really love it. {Complete}
  • A Great Task of Solitude By Laurielove
    ~ Hermione is in charge of cataloging the Malfoy’s Library, searching for dark magic books.  Lucius has become a recluse after the war, and having Hermione now showing up everyday he seems to open up and regain who he once was.  {Complete}
  • Miles Away From Any Warm Feeling By AnnettePoudre
    ~ Hermine is kidnapped one night by Death Eaters, she is gifted to Her Potions Master.  This is a SS/HG/LM Fanfic {Complete}

{My list is short for Lumione as well.  I read some really awesome ones that I had believed I saved and I can’t for the life of me find them.}

Oh man

It has always struck me as odd that, in Harry’s third year, Professor Lupin somehow knew that Neville’s grandmother wore ridiculous clothing. After Neville, faced with the prospect of fighting a boggart, admits that he is terrified of Snape, Lupin asks him to recall his grandmother’s clothes. Why? Why not ask Neville what he would find amusing? True, Snape in any grandmother’s clothing would have been hilarious, but Mrs. Longbottom has quite the reputation (in the books) for her eccentric style. How did Lupin know this? Why was this Lupin’s first thought when helping Neville fight the boggart?

Because he knew Frank and Alice Longbottom, went to school with them, and fought alongside them in the Order of the Phoenix. Because at some point in his life, Remus Lupin met Augusta Longbottom and her image was stuck so firmly in his mind that, decades later, he was still able to recall that stuffed vulture hat and help Neville overcome his fears.

Bet on it

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Title : Bet on it
Pairing : George Weasley x Reader
Word Count : 1,773
Writer : JW.

“It’s not going to work,”

“Yeah, and why wouldn’t it?” Fred asks, looking amused.

“Snape might be an arse, but he’s a very polished potion master. There’s no way you can prank him by changing his potion into.. That,” you vocalize, taking a peek to the freshly brewed potion “It’s impressive, the potion you make, but It just won’t work,”

“Of course it won’t,” he mockingly agrees, folding his hands to his chest as he pretends to rub his chin before shrugging with a wide grin “But well, what can you say, once an arse, always an arse. He deserves what’s coming to his plate,”

You roll your eyes, “You’re only finding yourself extra hours of detention. As if the ones McGonagall gave wasn’t enough,”

“Look, Sweetheart, I appreciate the worry, truly, but my twin and I have planned this for months and there would be no fallacy occured, guaranteed,” Fred threw out his chest and sang “You know, you’re so poised with your thoughts, let’s see how secured your bet is,”

“Always the same card,” you crack a smile, knowing exactly where he’s heading to “A sickle for another three hours of detention with Snape,”

Fred rolls his eyes, “We’ve done that one too many, it’s time to step up the game,”

You raise an eyebrow, urging him to go on with the proposal.

“If we did fail, I would fly off my broom around the castle and to the common room tonight— starkers,” he proposed with that infamous devilish grin “How’s that for a next level?”

“You’re not fooling around this time, aren’t you,” you comment, slightly gulping because of the seriousness he gets and how disturbing the bet was “And what’s it for me?”

“If the prank works well,” he says, turning his body so that his back would face you “You would have to pretend to be my twin’s girlfriend for the whole day without telling him the reason,”

You widen your eyes, “What?!”

“And that would include all the kissing and dirty business needed, if a day would be an enough of time,”

You take a moment to yourself to digest all the words he’d utter. Has he lost the plot? The denouement he proposed was outrageous. Why would he risk his dignity by a foolish prank like this?

And why would he purpose a bet that would in a way ‘play’ with his own twin’s feeling?

“Well, that’s a brave proposal, Fred,” you comment before finding yourself back to your seat “But I see no value in stepping the game if the out-turn was as mentioned. I’d stick to a sickle,”

He makes a mocking buzz sound, “What made your feet cold? Could it be that slightly in your heart you know that this prank would be prosperous that you figure to just.. Chicken out?”

“I— No, I’m still 100% sure that this would go all to pot by the end of the class,” 

“Then I suppose there should be no problem on sealing the deal,”

You bite your lower lip as Fred walks closer to you, an arm out ready to shake yours. You’ve always known that Fred could be a barmy instigator but never have you ever expected him to cross this many boundaries. For a simple prank he’s pulling for Snape, it sure is a huge gamble to take.

“Come on, my arm won’t be out all day, I have to help George brew another potion for Filch,” Fred urges, sounding slightly annoyed “Will you or will you not take the bet, ___?”

Sighing, you’ve finally made the worst decision in your live, “Deal,”

With another grin and discouraging cheer, Fred leaves the class, leaving you waiting for the other students to come in. The class should start in another quarter hour and your heart is starting to pitter-patter.

A huge pride in your heart whispers for you to just calm down because a brilliant professor like Snape would never fall for such dimwitted made prank— especially not in the area he’s mastered about. But the flutter you made holds a very daunting consequence that you can’t help but to feel a little nervous about it.

With some students coming in before you could jinxed the potion, all you can do now is to pray that a pinch of extra luck is dusted on your shoulders.

You grip your skirt tightly as you walk out of the common room. The nightmare of how Snape’s hair turned pink yesterday is still crystal clear in your mind. You don’t need to have another word with Fred as the little smirk and wink he shot at you by last night’s dinner was enough of a green light for you to proceed on the bet.

Be his twin’s girlfriend for a day.


Perhaps, it wouldn’t be this hard if it were Lee Jordan or Dean Thomas or anyone in that matter that you don’t have any crush for. But the red head git just has to choose his twin. His twin out of all boys in Hogwarts.

How wonderful.

“Hey, ___!” Fred greets in the hallway, casually placing an arm over you right after “Remember our deal yesterday? Time’s ticking, you know. The longer it takes for you to start, the longer it would end,”

You raise an eyebrow, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, I said precisely a whole day of becoming my brother’s girlfriend and last time I check, a whole day consists of 24 hours so if you were to start now, the bet would be off by this exact same time tomorrow. Exactly 24 hours,”

You popped your eyeballs.

“I guess I missed that little detail, huh?” he says sheepishly “Well, no matter. It shouldn’t be a hard task to do anyway, seeing the way you’ve reacted when he’s around,”

What’s that supposed to mean?

“Fred, I don’t think—,”

“There’s no going back now, Sweetheart. A bet is a bet,” he says with much satisfaction in his tone, pushing you closer to his twin who was busy talking to his mates “Go on and give your boyfriend his morning kiss,”

“Fred, I just—,”

And before you can complain another word, the boy has left you stunned.

Of course.

Trembling, you try to grow a pair and gather all the guts you could grasp. Sanity has been long thrown away and embarrassment seem to be an underrated term over the feeling you’re holding at the moment. Surely that ginger would have a taste of his own meds later on.

Indeed, a bet is a bet.

“There you are, Sweetheart,” you say sweetly once you squeeze in the group of males and cling your hands over George’s arm “I’ve been looking all over the castle for you,”

The group stare at you bizarrely.

The red head froze at your sudden presence and touch.

“___, are you lost?” Lee Jordan asks.

“No, why would I be?” you ask him back, trying to force a laugh that doesn’t sound much of a dying owl “I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, right, Georgie?”

He’s still stunned.

“George,” you call his name softly, hiding your nervousness “Say something,”

He barely blinks.

“Is this some kind of a prank?” Lee asks once more “Oh I know, it must be a prank. I’m not falling for it George, nice try,”

“It’s not a prank,” you say short before turning back to George “If this is a prank, why would I do this?”

Indeed, sanity has been long wiped out of your mind as you tip toed and leaned in to him, sealing your lips to the boy that was once stunned now turned even more petrified. His body tenses, frozen as if someone casted a spell on him. His breathing turns rigid, chest puffing up and down in a painfully fast pace as he tries to take it all in— it was not a dream.

His lips feels like a warm melting butter— sweet and soft. It was a chaste kiss but enough to jolt your body in full electricity charge. The blush that you tried hard to hide is no longer able to be contained as you pull away, slightly smiling from your bold and satisfactory action. If it wasn’t for the bet, you wouldn’t be able to the lips that you’ve been dreaming of a nights.

You’d need to say your gratitude to Fred, one day.

Time flies and as if it was logical for your mind to take, after the kiss earlier this morning George seem to just play along and enjoy the current situation as he showers you with pecks and locks his arm on your waist at all time. It was as if you two were a really newly born couple.

If only..

You find yourself running out of your dormitory room with exceedingly dose of happiness and blush. The day went by far better than you expected that dinner time arrives already. Sure, people were questioning you and throwing you overwhelming questions but the kisses and embraces were more than worth it.

“Let’s go,”

“No, wait,” he holds, grabbing on of your arm before you could head out to the dining hall “We’re all alone. We can talk now,”

You raise your eyebrows, “Talk about what?”

“This,” he says as he comes in to gives you a peck on the lip “That shouldn’t be able to happen over a night. Don’t you suppose I deserve an explanation?”

“I-I, uh—,”

“Judging from your stutter, I suppose you and my twin had a bet and you lost, am I right?”

“I— George, I can explain,” you say quick, afraid that your action might hurt his feelings in any way “I didn’t mean to play around with your feelings by all means, but the bet Fred made yesterday was inevitable. I didn’t know why he would choose this as my out-turn, but I cross my heart I meant no game for your feelings,”

“So, you were to say that you did all this just to fulfill the gamble?” he asks, taking a step closer that he’s dangerously close to you now “I was starting to like the idea of it— You know, to snog you all I want,”

You froze.

“I like touching you,”

He says as he roams your body with his hands.

“I like kissing you,”

He says as he plants soft kisses to your jawline.

“I like everything about you,”

He says as he looks straight at your eyes.

“If this is all a bet to you,” he whispers softly “They I’d like to live the rest of my life with this bet,”

hELP i’m catching feelings for a boy and i’m struggling hard to keep a rabbit with him.

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Hello fellow Snanger, Snamione, Sevmione Shipper!!!!  I saw your post in the sevmione tag and thought to give you a list of some of the fanfics I had fell in love with.  These writers are purely amazing on what they were able to conquer within their beautiful pieces of work listed right here.  There are plenty of others that I was unable to list down, but these should hold you for a while.  Though I must warn you they are all page turners.

Enjoy :D

Sin & Vice By mak5258 (on going)

Pet Project By Caeria (complete)

For the Potions Master’s Amusement By Snape.Submiss (BDSM if you are into that.  Complete)

Bound to Him By georgesgurl117 (on going -starts off dark but gets so good.)

Hope Reawakened By georgesgurl117 (on going)

Rumored in Love By georgesgurl117 (on going)

Within the Wilderness, an Orchid Blooms By georgesgurl117 (complete)

Unquestionable Love By CRMediaGal (complete)

Unquestionable Love: The Prequel By CRMediaGal (complete)

Of Muggles and Magic By Aurette (Regency AU complete)

Hermione Granger and the Crystal of Time By Aurette (complete)

Broken Dreams By onecelestialbeing (complete)

Lay Me Low By Teddy Radiator (complete)

Before the Dawn By snarkyroxy (complete)

The Problem with Purity By Phoenix.Writing (complete)

All I Have To Do By MyMadness (complete)

Lessons in Love By crz4greece (complete)

Denial By little beloved (complete)