amused both the ones nate crushed over are on the right side of the kiss

His phone background- Magcon + Omaha

Cameron- This was on your second date. You guys had a date at his house. He made a nice candle lit dinner  for you and it tasted amazing. Then you guys watched a move while eating dessert. Near the end of the night he kissed you. He made sure that he made it your best as he took your time with it,  At the end of the night he convinced you to take a picture with him, kissing him so that he could keep it for his memories, he never gave a chance to say no. He saved it as his background because he loved this day so much and he really liked the picture.

Matt- You both were on your way to meet your sister and her boyfriend. You both entered the elevator to go up to the seventh floor. In the middle of going up, the elevator stopped leaving you both in the elevator. Bored out of your minds you decided to take silly pictures. Thankfully the elevator was fixed in a few minutes and you were good to go. He loved this photo because it reminded him how you were able to make everything positive.

Taylor- You both hadn’t told anyone you were dating, mostly because Taylor was afraid that you were going to get hurt but you on the other hand felt a little self-conscious when he wouldn’t admit it. He started noticing soon of your change of behavior. One day when you were taking a stroll down the streets a fan came up asking if you were dating and he saw your head go down immediatley. He kissed you right in front of the fan and told her that you were both indeed dating. She then asked you both if she could take a photo of you. You both agreed, him being silly and you just happy that he admitted it. He kept it to remind him of the day he let the world you know you were his.

Nate- Nate and you were hanging out on a snowy winter day. You had always wanted to take cute pictures in the snow but you were too afraid to ask Nate, thinking that he would reject the offer. You finally managed to get the guts to ask him a few hours later. He was a little surprised at first since he had never done anything like this with his previous girlfriends. He then dragged his brother out, forcing his brother to take cute pictures of you both. His brother groaned and groaned but still took good pictures. Nate kept this picture as his background because he loved your smile in this picture and because it reminded him of the many new things he did with you that he never did with his past girlfriends.

Shawn- You both never knew this picture was taken. You guys had run out without a coat when you saw that it was snowing. It barely snowed where you lived so you both were ecstatic when you saw the snow. After fooling around, throwing snowballs, and pushing each other in the snow, you both were tired. You decided to run to him and he caught you kissing you in the snow because he knew that you always had a dream that you would kiss your prince charming in the snow. Cameron had taken a photo of this and sent it to Shawn a month later when he was cleaning out pictures on his phone. Shawn kept this to remind him that he was your prince charming and that you were his princess.

Jack Gilinsky- It was your first Christmas together, you both were dating for about two months now but both were too shy to make the first move to kiss. So here you were celebrating Christmas while Jack nervously tried to plan out different ways to kiss you. Soon enough it was nine at night and still both of you hadn’t kissed. After a while you guys stood near the kitchen entrance as you were tired from dancing. “Ouu (y/n) and Jack are under the mistletoe! Time to kiss!” his grandma shouted out excitedly. She was a big sucker for young love sine Jack’s grandpa and her were high school sweethearts. Jack looked up and indeed there was a mistletoe, he looked down at you and saw that you were looking back at him shyly. Taking a deep breath he finally kissed you and at the end of it he was giddy. His sister had snapped a photo and sent it to the both of you, both of you put it as your backgrounds to remind you of your first kiss.

Nash- You were a huge fan of Nash‘s and were always dying to meet him but you never got the chance. One day you were walking by yourself on the street when you bumped into a guy. Just for your luck, it was Nash Grier. He helped you pick up your stuff like how it would happen in a movie. Then you began talking excitedly, telling how much of a big fan you were. He smiled at you, amused, as he watched you ramble on and on about him. You finally asked for a picture and it turned out very cute. Nash had took a liking towards you, the rambling very cute girl. So to be sly he asked you to send the picture to his number. First you didn’t realize what this meant so you took his number, only when you got home did you realize you had NASH GRIER’S number. You both began texting for a long time, meeting up once in a while and soon it became a relationship. He saved this as his background to remember that first day he met you and how you stole his heart.

Jack Johnson- Hanging out with the boys was fun, but that also meant that Jack would not often forget that you were there. He was so engrossed in conversations with friends that he sometimes just forget you were sitting right next him. It didn’t help that Nash’s next door neighbor always came to hang out with you guys every time you guys were at Nash’s house. She had a huge crush on Jack and he even knew it. She would always try to flirt with Johnson but he usually paid no attention to her. Today, she took advantage of the fact that he was so focused on the conversation that she started touching his arm and laughing at everything he said and leaning over him trying to rub against him. You sat in the corner your arms crossed across your chest while you stared at the both of them. Then Jack called you over, you thought he probably wanted something to drink so you trudged over to him, still in a foul mood. He sat you on his lap and you sat there feeling a bit better but she simply wouldn’t stop, so to show the girl to back off, you grabbed Johnson’s face pulling him into a kiss. “This is what girls should do when they’re jealous” Nash wolf-whistled as he took a picture. Johnson loved this photo because he loved your jealous side and because you were absolutely hot when you were jealous.

Hayes- Hayes loved English class with you, today your teacher wasn’t here and the principal couldn’t get another teacher for you guys. He told the next door teacher to check on you guys once in a while but he trusted you guys. A boy named Eric was bothering you, he kept on flirting with you but you hadn’t told Hayes. After a while Hayes got bored so he pulled you onto his lap. As you were talking you got another text from Eric. “Who’s Eric?” he asked grumpily. “This guy that won’t stop bothering me” you replied back, pouting. He asked you to show your phone to him and so you did. He read through the messages before typing out an angry reply. “Hey it’s Hayes Grier, I need you to stop texting my girlfriend and flirting with her. If you don’t I would not hesitate to fucking beat you up okay?”. After that Eric never replied to you. Mahogany saw you guys sitting like this and snapped a picture of you guys, tweeting it. Hayes found the picture, immediatley liking it and saving it as his background then made it your lock screen so that boys would see you were his as soon as they saw your phone.

Sammy- You had saw a picture like this on Tumblr before and you always wanted to try it with your future boyfriend. When you got together with Sammy, you always dreamed of doing this pose with him but you kept it at the back of his head because you were afraid he wouldn’t want to since he was the ‘bad boy’. You had wrote it down on things you want to do on your notes on your phone. One day while you and Sammy were hanging out at home, you left your phone on the bedside table, unlocked before going it into the bathroom. Sammy saw your unlocked phone and looked through your notes. When he saw the things you wanted to do list he found the Tumblr pose. You came back only to find him  seated against the wall. When you asked him what he was doing he told you he was getting ready for your tumblr pose. You became embarrassed but he told you he actually liked the idea. After a couple of tries you both perfected it and asked your sister to take a picture. Later you posted it on your twitter and lots of fans seemed to have a liking to it as well. He saved the picture because he liked the picture a lot and he liked how you both tried new things together.

Carter- He was being a grumpy boyfriend through the whole day. So you decided to get a bunch of balloons with water and food coloring so that you guys could have a fun day together. You called your grumpy boyfriend to the backyard and he stood there with an annoyed look on his face. When you saw this you took the balloon and threw it at his face. At first his face was filled with shock and then he broke out into a smile. “I’m going to get you” he yelled before running over and picking up a balloon. So you both ran around the backyard throwing balloons at you while the sun beated down on your back. In the end he pulled you close to him “Thank you for this” he said smiling. “Anything for my boyfriend” you replied before he pulled you in for a kiss. His mom who caught you guys, took a picture smiling at how cute you guys were. She later showed it to Carter who posted it on Instagram saying “she always knows how to cheer me up xx” and then saved it as his background.

Aaron- You guys were just friends and were at the skate park, having a fun day out. He then later took you for ice cream and then you arrived at your house. You had always had a huge crush on Aaron but you never knew if you would mean anymore than to him than a good friend. When you arrived at your house to go inside and neither did he want to go home so you sat on his skateboard in the front porch. That night you guys spent talking about your lives and how you imagined you futures to be. Then he turned towards you nervously. “(Y/n) I really like you, I’ve been having these feelings for a long time now but after hanging out with you this past week and talking to you about our futures today, I realized that I had to tell you.” You were very shocked and weren’t expecting him to say this. “I like you a lot too” you said “For a long time now, I didn’t know how to tell you.” He smiled a smile that was very infectious and you smiled back at him. “Can I kiss you now?” he asked you shyly. “yea” you mumbled back shyly, and he kissed you very softly as if he was testing you. When you arrived back in your house your sister stood there with the picture of you both kissing. “I’ll give it to you for 3 bucks” she sing-songed and so you paid the expensive prince, sending it to Aaron as well. You both saved it as your background to remember your first kiss.

Jacob- He had pleaded to you so that you could stay the night. Your parents were off for an anniversary trip and his parents were working night shifts since they were doctors. What you didn’t know is that you would be having your first time. He decorated his whole bedroom for you with rose petals and placed candles on his tables. When you entered the room you were surprised to see the planning he did. You immediatley understood what it was and were so glad to have such a sweet boyfriend. He made sure the night was perfect, he was very gentle, sweet and caring. He made sure that you were alright all the time and kept asking you how you were. You felt very comfortable with him and you couldn’t ask for a better first time. The next morning he brought you breakfast in bed and you cuddled for most of the day. Then when you finally did get up he said he wanted to take mirror selfies and you agreed. You took a couple before he decided he loved this one and saved it as his background because it was cute and so he could be reminded of the amazing night you both shared.

Buddy - Shawn Mendes


I am bored and hungry. Everyone’s out and there’s no food in the house. I am also broke so it is impossible to go anywhere to get food by myself. I text the only person that would come in my time of need.

Me: Hey buddy! Are you busy?

Shawny 🙈: Please never call me buddy again. I’m busy sleeping.

Me: But it’s ten in the morning! Get your ass out of bed and let’s get some food. Or I’ll call you buddy.

Shawny 🙈: Why are you so needy? I’ll be there in twenty. Twenty hours. Bye

Me: Wait! I won’t call you buddy ever again and I’ll do what ever you want so can we go get food? Btw you’ll have to pay. I’ll pay you back later. I promise.

Shawny 🙈: … ugh. I’ll be there soon. Don’t forget you’ll do what ever I want.

Me: Thank you! Love ya

I hopped off the couch and went to have a shower and went to my room to change into a summer dress and sneakers. Like Shawn, I am really lazy in the mornings.

“(Y/N) where are you?” Shawn called from the living room.

We’ve been best friends since we first started school. We lived close by so we always hang out. We’re at each others places so much that we eventually had a key to both homes. His house was just as much mine as my house was his.

“I’m in my room changing so don’t come in.”

I heard him groan but I ignored it.
The buttons at the back of my dress was so hard to do. I eventually gave up and called Shawn to help me.

“Why do girls want to wear clothes that are so complicated?”

I rolled my eyes.
“Because if it’s cute, it’s worth the struggle.”

I actually wore it because I thought Shawn might like the way I looked. I’ve had a tiny crush on Shawn since I realized that there was no other guy I’ve ever felt happy with besides him. I’ve always acted slightly flirty around him hoping he would get the hint but he never does.
Boys never get hints.

His hand touched the skin on my back making me shiver slightly. His breath on my back wasn’t helping either.

“Are you cold?” He asks.

“Nope it’s just your touch makes me weak in the knees.”

“I wish it would make your attitude weak,” he joked.

I placed my hands over my heart.
“Did you hear that? My heart just broke.”

“Shall I stitch it back together?”

“I’m without your kisses, I’ll be needing stitches,” I sing in a terrible pitch.

He ignores me.
“Done. So we can go now?”

Shawn lets go of me and I immediately feel cold without his touch.

“Thank you and yes lets go.”

We go to a pizza place nearby and get a large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese. It was on special so it was so worth the weight gain.

“Think you can finish your half?” He challenges when the pizza arrives.

“Do you know who you’re talking to? I’ll finish your half too if you don’t stop talking,” I say grabbing myself a large slice.

“Oh okay. So this is how it is.” He grabbed a slice for himself.

We ate as fast as we could until only one slice was left on my side of the pizza.

“Oh God I can’t eat another piece. Shawn you win this round.”

I pat my stomach to emphasize how full I am and because it feels like jelly. Going to have to add an extra hour of running tomorrow.

He gives me a smug smile and takes the last slice.

We leave the place and I feel like a giant potato.

“I feel so heavy that I bet you can’t pick me up,” I say hoping he would.

He rolled his eyes at me.
“Why would I do that?”

“Because you love me?” I joked.

A second later, I’m whisked off the ground and it Shawn’s arms.
“You’re right, I do.”

I’m so stunned by the confession and the whisking I didn’t know what to say. Except for one word that tumbled out of my mouth.


Then he’s kissing me. His lips are soft and they’re on mine. I regain control of myself and kiss him back. He stumbles a little, possibly surprised, but his grip on me doesn’t falter. Our kiss starts off slow but then it starts to get heated.

He suddenly pulls away and my first thought was that he regrets it but his sparkling brown eyes say otherwise.

“If you’re so in love with ‘b’ words, why not call me boyfriend instead? I don’t want to want be just your buddy, I want to be more than just friends.”

His ears are tinted pink making me realize that he was only acting confident. It made him even more cuter.

My brain stopped transmitting words to my mouth so I could only nod.

His eyes shine with amusement and happiness.
“If I knew this would make you shut up, I would’ve done it long time ago.”

The usual me would’ve replied with a sassy comment but right now, in this moment, nothing could bring me down.
Instead, I pulled him closer to give him another kiss.

Request: Shawn Mendes where we’re best friends but secretly like each other and its like we’re messing around and I’m like 'bet you can’t pick me up’ and he kisses me

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I’ve decided to put the original request at the bottom because spoilers!