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My personal way of separating the types


Since the MBTI system has been in place, there’s been the unavoidable “classifications” of the 16 types. The most widely accepted one is the temperaments (NT, NF, SJ, SP) It works, but definitely has its flaws. Like, do ISTJs and ESFJs really have THAT much in common other than being law-abiding citizens guided by stability? If so, then why aren’t INTJs and ENFJs pitted in the same category? My favorite personal way is the “Pi/Pe/Je/Ji-Dom’’ system. I find that the personality types within these groups tend to operate on a day to day basis more similarly and display more similar behavior. For those who never heard of it, it goes something like this: Perceiving dominants (IxxJ, ExxJ, IxxP, ExxP). The judgment functions then become secondary (Thinking and feeling). So I thought I would summarize them each with their own nifty little title. Disclaimer: This is just my opinion, not gospel, so go ahead and criticize.

Pi-Doms (ISTJ, ISFJ, INTJ, INFJ): The soldiers

-Pi-Doms’ name of their game is ’‘stability”. Their Dominant function absorbs information subjectively and constantly wonders what is the safest route to make it through this life. ISxJs will use their personal experience and compare it when faced with anything new, INxJs will analyze what is beneath the surface of what they are seeing and set their sails for the best path accordingly.

- Their auxiliary function becomes their tool in making their way into this world. IxFJs will tap into the social atmosphere and easily fit in society, even helping their fellow men. While IxTJs will look at the world wondering what is objectively the best course of action in making things happen. 

- Their tertiary function is how they make their personal judgement of things. IxFJs will analyze what makes sense to them objectively, while IxTJ will ponder about their inner motivation and what personally matters to them.

-Their inferior function is a danger zone where they feel everything will spiral downward really fast if they tap into it. ISxJs worry that every new event will lead to disaster and have a hard time dealing with the unexpected, whereas INxJs find the real, immediate sensory world to be somewhat unreliable and dangerous.

Pe-Doms (ESFP, ESTP, ENFP, ENTP): The livewires

-Simply put, Pe-Doms are like letting a kid loose at the zoo, amusement park or toy store and telling them they have “carte blanche” for 24 hours. So of course they will try to squeeze in everything they can during that time period, metaphorically pulling on every lever in sight to see what will happen. 

- Their auxiliary function serves as judgement to decide what they put priority in; emotional matters (ESFP, ENFP) or technical matters (ESTP, ENTP).

- Their tertiary function helps them not to get too carried away with things. ESFPs and ENFPs will wonder what is the best logical course of action (Te) while ESTPs and ENTPs will remind themselves that they belong to a social system and other people matter.

- Their inferior function is like a parent nagging at them, in other words, it breaks their fun. For ENTPs and ENFPs Si is like Mom reminding you to take your sweater outside because it’s cold, even if you don’t want to. While ESTPs and ESFPs, have their Ni dads reminding them to check both sides of the street before crossing it. 

Je-Doms (ESTJ, ESFJ, ENTJ, ENFJ):The leaders

- Je-Doms’ first priority is organization, whether it be people or things. They thus, “attack” the world aggressively which can make them overbearing at times, but in reality they are the pillars of this society. They all evaluate what needs to be done effortlessly and make it happen.

- Their auxiliary function serves as to what route they want to make this happen with ESTJs and ESFJs preferring their personal experience and what has been known to work, whereas ENTJs and ENFJs prefer to focus on the unknown and forge a path to safety. 

- Their tertiary function is better known as the “fun” function. It allows them to let loose and throw their cares away, which they desperately need after all this focus on leading. ESTJs and ESFJs will want to explore new interests in life whereas ENTJs and ENFJs will just…..give in to what they want to do now. But in both cases, they did their homework, and most likely deserve it.

-Their inferior function represents a repressed child crying for help. For ESTJs and ENTJs they have to remind themselves what they emotionally want whereas for ESFJs and ENFJs, they have to learn to take a step back and objectively analyze what’s going, disregarding how they feel about it. 

Ji-Doms (ISTP, ISFP, INTP, INFP): The nomads

- Ji-Doms are all about one thing: Their personal needs and expression of said needs. They focus mostly on their individuality regardless if it fits within the social mold. IxFPs judge things on what makes sense to their inner values, and IxTPs judge things on what just……..makes sense, period. 

- Their auxiliary function allows them to express themselves. ISxPs are more visceral and what to experience life first hand on their own terms. They have a tendency towards a “flashy” appearance (i.e. tattoos, latest designer clothes) INxPs however, have a penchant for a more provocative, upbeat appearance (Purple hair? Why not? It’ll get people guessing…)

- Their tertiary function is really interesting. It makes them take pause and ponder about the deeper implication of things (ISxPs) or remember what has always mattered to them (INxPs). In both cases, it serves as a “safety” zone.

- The inferior function is what all Ji-Doms seem to rebel against. IxFPs find that Te is suffocating and destroys their individuality and freedom whereas IxTPs find that Fe forces them into being someone that they are not. 

BTS when they are accidentally turned on by you


Everyone has that one spot that instantly puts you in the mood. It is a normal thing and causes a normal reaction. Right? Right. But the timing of said normal reaction… well that is not so good. When you two were at the dorm with the rest of the guys and you were all laughing having a great time. You two are sitting on the couch with his arm around your waist, you scoot a little close so you can lay your head on his shoulder wrapping an arm around his waist too. The problem is that when you rested your hand on Seokjin’s hip he could feel it through the thin material of his pants and the dip of his hip bone was that spot. He instantly became turned on and he had to quickly dismiss himself from the others and hid in the kitchen while he attempted to get a hold of himself. 

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“Okay think of something else Seokjin. Something else other than those warm hands on you… Moving…. Caressing… Crap. Okay that is not helping…” *continues to mutter to himself*


As a musician it is expected for him to have sensitive hearing. He needs to be able to pick out certain notes, rhythms, or even sometimes both to be able to do his job properly. What is not expected is for him to have sensitive ears. But he does and that is something he has managed to keep from you most of the time you two were dating because if you knew this you would use this knowledge for evil. You would most certainly try to turn him on in the worst places possible. But fate seems to enjoy making Yoongi uncomfortable 99% of the time because you two were at the music store when leaned up to whisper in his ear that you needed to slip way to the bathroom. The second your mouth touched the shell of his ear a shudder went through him and holy shit he went from 0 to 100 really damn quick. He barely manged to nod at you trying to move his hips away from you because he did NOT want you to know what you just did to him. He watched you leave for the bathroom and quickly moved to purchases the first thing he saw and used the bag to hide his… problem when you came back.

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“Oh you already found something to buy? That was quick you normally take hours to find something.”
“Uh… yea the CD I was looking for happened to be on a display.”


Hobi is so extra when he is with the boys but normally he is more calm and low key when he is with you. He says it is because he is the “mood maker” of the group so he tries to always keep the mood up so it is a relief when he is with you. Not saying that he can’t relax with the boys but it is a different type of relaxing when he is with you. He feels he can be calmer more sedate in his reactions. This being said, because he uses being extra so much as a response to something with the group that he tends to do the same thing in other situations. Especially when he is embarrassed. Which is exactly happened one day when you two were grocery shopping and you bent down in front of him to get something from the bottom shelf. This wouldn’t of normally caused the… reaction that it did right then but he had a busy schedule the past month and it hadn’t left much time for you to be together. So when your ass rubbed against his groin when you bent down the reaction was pretty instantaneous. He was so embarrassed by himself because he knew you didn’t mean to do it that he started doing an impromptu dance in the middle of the isle ending with an adorable ayego.

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“Um… Oppa what are you doing?”
“Expressing my love for you!”


You normally did not often do to much to bring attention to yourself especially in public. Namjoon loved that about you because that makes you you and it also means he can keep you to himself. This is why it is obvious when you two were on the subway you did not mean to press yourself almost completely against him when the train jerked to a stop for more passengers. You were so pushed against him that you were practically one person. This was not good because Namjoon generally didn’t get to feel you this close unless you two were having sex. Which is exactly what came to his mind and he instantly became turned on. Because the crowded subway car became even more crowded unfortunately you were not able to step back. In fact it was so crowed that you both were pressed backwards until Namjoon’s back was against the closed doors and you were STILL pressed against him. It was impossible for you not to feel him and this proved to be correct because your eyes widened and a blush flooded your face. He blushed too but in all honestly he was mostly angry at himself for not having better control over himself. 

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“I… I am SO sorry Jagiya. I will try and um make it go away?”


You and Jimin were on your first date in 3 months because of his recent comeback and tour. It had been so long since you two had even seen each other let alone spent any time together. So to say he could easily be worked up was an understatement. Here you two are at your favorite little restaurant that was almost hidden from the rest of the world because the entrance was found in an alley. They had the best food and the atmosphere was perfectly romantic. To celebrate seeing each other after so long you two splurged and got a slice of chocolate cake to share. The cake was decedent three layers with whipped cream frosting. You were loving the cake especially the whipped cream. Under normal circumstances the sight of you eating this would not get him riled up. But come on three months is a long time and it didn’t help that at very moment you decided to wipe up a bit of the cream with your finger and lick it off. Jimin quickly excused himself and nearly ran to the bathroom and locked himself in one of the stalls trying to calm himself down. 

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“Oh god help me…”


Taehyung was normally the one to initiate PDA. It is most of the time in the form of an arm around the waist or a hand on the small of your back which is fine because you enjoy the comfort of his presence. You two were walking hand in hand through the mall when you spot he book store and your eyes light up. He gives a loud fake groan when he sees the look on your face and allows you to drag him to the store. He honestly didn’t mind it though because the kids section often has puzzles and toys to amuse himself with while you go drool over books. He had found a particularly interesting puzzle that he was trying to figure out when a pair of arms came around his waist and your front pressed to his back. He jumped nearly a foot into the air when he felt your arms and relaxed as soon as he realized it was you. The relaxing went away though because when he had jumped it caused his shirt to ride up meaning your hands rested directly on his stomach which is very sensitive. His body began responding to the sensations that was flooding his system. He tried to call out things to distract you and hopefully cause you to pull away, (he loved back hugs and he didn’t want to risk you not giving him another one if he pulls away to quickly) Unfortunately what he was calling out were things that were distracting to HIM not you.

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“Look Jagiya a book about rabbits! Oh and another one about ferrets! There are pictures!”


Jungkook loved spending time with you and in his opinion there were not enough hours in the day for him to spend. Because of that he tries to convince you to go with anywhere he goes which works out for most of the places because it is something you like to go to as well. However that did not extend to the gym because you absolutely did not enjoy the gym. But Jungkook is nothing if not convincing so one day he finally manages to break through and you agree to go. You both start out lightly (especially you since you don’t normally work out) and eventually move on to more physically demanding things. It wasn’t until halfway through your workout that Jungkook realized his mistake in having you join him in the gym. Because what normally happens in the gym? People are there in clothing that allows them to not over heat which is most of the time skin tight pants and either shirtless or very little clothing over the torso. This combined with the sweat you were working up soon resulted in your clothes sticking to your body outlining the delicious sight that he normally doesn’t see unless you two were in bed. He felt himself starting to get turned on by the sight of you quickly decided that he was done for the day because he could very well do something like drag you into a supply closet. He tells you that he is ready to leave and asks you if you could go ahead and finish what you are doing then go hit the showers and change so you both can go home. it wouldn’t do to leave you there because that means other people could see you still Without waiting for a response from you he quickly leaves for the locker rooms and takes the coldest shower he could possibly manage.

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“Bad Jungkook. Baaaaad. You can not go around getting turned at the drop of  a hat!”

Hey Peeps! So I really had fun writing this and I hope you enjoyed it!

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drabble: public thrills

so i was going over some stuff in my head last night and this idea just sort of came up so i figured i’d type up a kinda longer drabble/shorter story for you guys. maybe like a precursor to something more with this one. even though this is josh/reader/tyler it’s not part of hourglass. i just thought i’d give yall something fun.

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You stand looking at the whips and handcuffs that lined the wall of the oversized sex shop, not impressed by anything you saw. You had lost Tyler and Josh somewhere by the vibrators, as they mentioned they were looking for something to get you for your birthday; you laughed it off, assuming they were just being their normal, teasing selves. But as you examine a pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs, you feel an arm snake around your waist, pulling you flush against a body with a very apparent erection.

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okay so i guess this still needs clearing up. Its okay for a straight girl to ship gay ships. Its okay for a straight boy to ship femslash. The problem arises when yall oversexualise this. Sex isnt the only thing in a relationship. Don’t ship something because you think its “sexy” for two hot guys/girls to be making out. If you do that you are just like the guys jacking off to lesbian porn. Gay people Are not your toys for amusement. Ship respectfully, mkay?

All The Stars


The wild figments of his imagination when he stared at her for a second too long with those endearing, glazed eyes weren’t always giving him the right picture but he knew this: there was a blessed future up ahead for Harry and his girl, even if she didn’t know it yet.

He was in a mood tonight. Not a needy mood or the one where he lustfully allowed his mouth to water every time she passed by him and tossed a scent of her most precious perfume. No, this was the time of mood where he couldn’t wait to get that dress off of her, get those torturous heels off of her, and tuck her away into his chest, falling asleep to the sound of her breathing. No doubt, he was fond of his girl, having to deal with her bipolar tendencies everyday, but tonight was different. Tonight, she looked like the prettiest, most radiant star in the sky.

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anonymous asked:

I bet you get loads of love at first sight asks for the Skelebros but how about if it was the other way around? What if the UF, US and SF skelebro's (future) S/O was the first to get a crush on them? How would they deal with having an obviously infatuated human on their hands?

I think this is my first love at first sight ask! This is actually really cute and different~ 



He thinks this is all a prank and you’re being annoying. Why would anyone fall in love with him? He tells you to fuck off often, but you’re persistent. He gets extremely embarrassed when you come up to him in public, professing your love or does something that shows your obvious crush. He doesn’t like the spotlight on him like that and his friends tease him because of you. Still, he admits that you’re attractive and he has considered being a relationship with you, but he just doesn’t have feelings for you (yet). Eventually, he just accepts it as long as you don’t go overboard and offers friendship instead of a relationship, just to keep you off his back.  However, that turns into a friends with benefits kind of relationship, and he falls for you when he’s taking care of you during aftercare. 


Of course you’re in love with him! Who wouldn’t be! He finds your lovesick actions downright amusing and will toy with you, like “GO FETCH ME SOME WATER! YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH ME RIGHT?!” He takes advantage of it and make you do the worst jobs that he doesn’t want to do like paperwork and such. He wouldn’t go so far as to sending you to the  “front lines” during a scuffle, he has his honor after all. When Fell does fall in love with you, he will deny it to everyone, including himself because love is for the weak. He opens his heart when you show him that you are serious, and that you truly love him and this is not just a crush. 



Sorry to say, but Blue doesn’t want to date you! You can still be friends though! His rejection is similar to UT! Papyrus’s rejection in the game, but he makes it up with lots of tacos and your favorite foods. You two are still good friends, but whenever you try to make a move on him, he gets sweaty and nervous and will try to change the topic. Of course, he’s flattered that you’re into him, but right now, he’s not interested. When he does fall for you, it because of your close friendship and being there when he needs you the most. 


Who isn’t in love with this skele? Stretch basically flirts with everyone he knows so it’s common for humans and monsters to step up and confess their love to him. He usually turns them down, including you. But you’re different from the others, you’re determined. Like Red, he keeps you around as friend, but that does not stop his flirting. Everyone ships you two together. Blue has already planned your wedding. He has a ring on his finger. How the hell did this happen.



Black will tell you to leave him alone, he has work to do and doesn’t have time for your petty infatuations. But really though, he adores the attention that you give him. If you stop giving him attention, he will do reckless things to get it back like flirt with someone else just to get you jealous. Black falls for you because of your smile. He knows that he’s just leading you on and that his behavior towards you can be downright abusive, but you always greet him with a smile, so he reluctantly agrees to go on one date with you. 


You like him??? Why??? Rus is honestly kind of freaked out because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by rejecting you. So for now, he just strings you along until he can figure out how to tell you that he’s not interested in the nicest way possible. But Rus is quick to fall in love. After spending so much time with you and your constant affections, he finds that he doesn’t want to reject you.

Tu sais, j'ai compris comment t'étais, que tu étais un peu perdue. Mais, je vais te dire, je pense que tu es une jeune fille extra. Je te dis les choses comme je les vois et comme je les penses : tu es une fille intelligente, qui rigole bien, qui est aussi passionnée que passionnante. Pour ton âge tu es très intéressante. Mais tu es aussi très perdue, et ça je le vois. Mais tu sais, les gens comme toi je les connais, je connais ce sentiment de ne jamais se sentir heureux. Je sais bien que tu n'es pas malheureuse, mais pas heureuse non plus, que tu es perdue. Parce que les gens comme toi tu vois, ils ont les émotions décuplées. Tu sais ce que c'est le vrai bonheur, et le vrai malheur. Et tu sais, la plupart du temps, les gens comme toi, ils se réfugient dans l'art et la création pour exprimer ce qu'ils ressentent. L'écriture, le dessin, la photo, la peinture… Parce que, pour qui sait l'apprécier, l'art c'est un moyen de faire sa vie meilleure. Et les gens comme toi c'est de ça qu'ils ont besoin, de dire “wa” sans arrêt. Faut que leur vie entière soit un “wa”. Ces gens là si ils s'ennuient, ils se laissent détruire sans même s'en rendre compte, comme ce que t'es en train de faire à plus manger ni dormir, puis à t'énerver rapidement. Je te comprends, mais tu sais, il faut que tu changes ce qui va pas, que tu fasse en sorte que ta vie soit un “wa”. Amuse toi, apprends des choses parce que tu en as envie et pas parce qu'on t'y oblige, fais l'idiote dans la rue et dans la vie, fais rire les gens, souri à l'inconnu, aime de tout ton coeur, aime les gens avec passion et ardeur, fais ce que tu aimes et aimes ce que tu fais. C'est important ma belle, je te le promet. C'est important de vivre. Arrête de te “suicider” mentalement, je sais que tu as envie de vivre, que tu attends que ça, d'être heureuse. Mais vas-y, lève toi, arrête d'attendre que quelqu'un te rende heureuse à ta place, rends toi heureuse. Tu le mérites et tu en es capable.
Fais de ta vie un grand, énorme, et magnifique “wa”.
—  ma prof d’espagnol