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okay so i guess this still needs clearing up. Its okay for a straight girl to ship gay ships. Its okay for a straight boy to ship femslash. The problem arises when yall oversexualise this. Sex isnt the only thing in a relationship. Don’t ship something because you think its “sexy” for two hot guys/girls to be making out. If you do that you are just like the guys jacking off to lesbian porn. Gay people Are not your toys for amusement. Ship respectfully, mkay?

You know what I’m just going to say it! I guarantee that a huge percentage of people on Tumblr that are offended by Karlie’s shoot are pressed because she posted that watermelon photo and Josh commented on it. If she or Taylor had posted about Galentine’s day, I guarantee it would be absolute CRICKETS from you bandwagon social justice warriors!

  • - mais bordel réveille toi, tu es jeune, tu as toute la vie devant toi, donc arrête de réfléchir, arrête de te poser des questions, vie bordel ! Tu as peurs ? Mes ses peurs de côté et utilise-les comme une forces. Quoi encore ? Il y a un "mais" ? Non il ne doit pas en avoir ! Secoue toi un peu. Tu veux avoir des regrets plus tard ? Non donc vis tes rêves, emmerdes le monde, rie, chante, danse, pleurs, relève toi, prend des fou rires, aimes. Ressent toutes ces émotions, moi je te le dis amuse toi, aime toi, soit heureuse. La vie est trop courte donc secoue toi maintenant.

The homoerotic subtext of Sherlock was not an Easter egg, a joke, a toy to amuse the writers, or a carrot to be dangled in front of an unsuspecting audience. It was Chekov’s gun. Once placed on the wall, good storytelling demands that it be fired. To refuse to fire it is not only queerbaiting, it is also just plain bad storytelling.


Workin on them beast mode gains. IG FUCKED UP AND GAVE ME A NEW TOY To Amuse with!! #instasnap #strongerujourney

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Ori Monsters Chapter 01 ‘’ Link’’ 

page 01–05

A world where humans share the earth with Ori Monsters, who are seen as pets, cute mascots and little fighting toys to amuse humans but Ori monsters are a little bit sick of it and some teenagers have other  plans to use their Ori Monsters. Faust, a Mysterious Ori with a passionate hate  towards humans is forced to make a contract and bond with the young dimwitted naive geeky girl named Pink who wants nothing more but to be his friend.

Headcanons For Dating The Eleventh Doctor

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  • He is a MASSIVE DORK. He’s going to be so random. So bizarre. So childish.
  • He will do anything you ask for. You want a stuffed toy? BOOM. There you go! You want the nuclear lunch codes for the weapons of mass destruction? DONE. (Okay maybe not that. Or he’ll seriously consider it.)
  • He will not get any sexual innuendoes you throw at him. He will be confused. He also won’t realize you’re flirting with him until a few minutes later.
  • “Wait a minute… You were- OH.”
  • When he tries to flirt with you it sounds more like a dumb joke. At least he winks when he flirts so you know it’s a flirt.
  • Whenever he takes you on dates it will be so much fun. He’ll take you to playgrounds, toy stores, amusement parks, ect
  • Every now and then it might be a serious date, but this is ELEVEN we’re talking about.
  • He does this “face nuzzle” thing when he hugs you. Imagine a cat rubbing his face against a table leg. Yeah, that’s what Eleven does.
  • If he’s jealous he will NOT hide it. He will bluntly point it out to you, or be passive aggressive/ sarcastic about it.
  • “Yeah, go ahead and flirt with that doofus! It’s not like we’re dating or anything!”
  • “Oi! Stop it! I am officially jealous right now!”
  • Don’t worry. He can be serious whenever you need it. 
  • If you’re sad he’ll cry with you.
  • He’s so sweet. He probably buys you a dozen things then hides it because he doesn’t want to seem so “head over heels.”
  • You find things he buys for you and he’ll get so embarrassed.
  • He’s so enthusiastic about everything you do. If you’re into drawing he will make you draw things (probably portraits of him). Writing? He will beg you to include him in your stories. Photography? He will pose for you.
  • Cute nicknames. He probably has a journal of all of the nicknames he gave you. 
  • He can’t stay mad at you. More than likely there won’t be any arguments between you two. If there is an argument he’ll lose on purpose because he can’t stand it when you’re mad at him.
  • He gets mad when you refuse to go inside the Tardis to “fetch” his sonic screwdriver…
  • …Because you know he’s going to lock you inside.
  • He boops your nose a lot.

So after a couple messages, asks, and pokes I finally got around to taking a collection photo. Let me tell you how shocked it was when I couldn’t even fit them all on to this vanity! I just have them in a pile in my room because I don’t have time to organize them so when I lined them up one by one I was so shocked at how big my collection has gotten @____@ Anyways here it is in all its glory and wonder. I actually didn’t have room to put the purses so I kinda just put them on top of everything LOL I also have a couple more coming in a week or two >___>||| Ung…. lol haha now it’s everyone else’s turn to post pictures of your entire Alpacasso collection! I’m somehow turning this into a tag! A POST YOUR ALPACASSO COLLECTION TAG! I tag @littleshyfawn@creeepytea @lumichi @m-lissa @celticshrooms @disneybunny @flavours-ly @snoopily @tamabonotchi @bobbibloodrose and everyone who sees this XD haha!

Il y a quelques temps j’ai revu des amis de la famille que je ne connais pas énormément mais que j’apprécie beaucoup. On a parlé du fait que j’allais à Berlin bientôt et au moment de partir l’un d’eux m’a regardé très sérieusement et m’a dit : “Bon, amuses-toi bien. Tu nous ramènes des souvenirs, tu nous envoies une carte postale, un petit message quand tu atterris, fais attention à toi, on se fait un resto au retour pour que tu nous racontes tout ça. Profites, ça va être une expérience géniale, à bientôt.”

Et c’est pas grand chose mais il l’a dit tellement chaleureusement et sincèrement, pas sur un ton paternaliste mais vraiment d’égal à égal et j’adore cette personne et cette famille en général, ils sont rayonnants, c’est toujours un bonheur de les voir et de parler avec eux.

do you crave for my touch at 3am when you miss me the most? do you hug your pillow wishing it was me because it doesn’t fit perfectly like i did? do you still want to take me to an amusement park, like how you told me, because you said that i’d have the biggest smile, and you wanted to see it? do you kiss other girls wishing it was me because we never kissed? do you miss me in the morning? no, not at 10am when you wake up, but at 3am when i bugged you because i couldn’t sleep due to my insomnia? do you still imagine us walking in a beach and you pushing my hair behind my ear? do you miss my hand intertwined in yours? do you miss how we danced in the middle of the street at night, even if our neighbors were watching? did you find amusement in toying with my emotions? did you think lying to me was okay?

no other girl can replace me. no other girl can satisfy you craving for the touch only can give you. no other girl can fit the same way i used to in your arms. you wouldn’t dare to take any other girl out to an amusement park, because no one is as intrigued as i am to feel the adrenaline rush in my veins as we sit down in every seat of every ride there is. and even if you did, you’d wish that it was my smile that you would see, not her’s. you wish you could feel my lips caressing yours, as another girl tries to distract you with her tongue in your mouth, although you never felt my lips pressed against yours, you feel like you miss the feeling of kissing me, even if it didn’t happen. you wish i was still a nuisance to you because every other girl out there can sleep properly unlike me. i hate the sand in my toes, but i’d still walk with you, but of course it wouldn’t happen anymore. im sure if we ever hold hands again my fingers would be as cold as the two of us. dancing with someone else isn’t the same, especially since we danced on our street. i hope you learned to clean up after playing like how your mother taught you when you were little, because i’m tired of picking after my feelings you played with. if you thought that lying to me was okay, then that’s your loss. liars suffer in hell. and the hell you’re suffering right now is dying and going to heaven but not seeing me there.

-b.k.f. // 2.5.17

I finally received my Alpacasso after waiting 67 days! Even though it took forever and the process was difficult when I didn’t receive any indication that she was shipped I’m just really happy that she finally arrived!

On top of that, I actually finish my first ever Amuse series (since I don’t really care to complete a series or something) and a usa loppy one at that lol! The other two won’t fit in this display cube but rest assured I have the complete set of these adorable 12cm sleepy loppy! So cute~!