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so we went to this amusement park last year for a parade and i remember watching my two band directors go on this large swinging ride together

and well the young band director looked like he was gonna cry from fear and was practically clinging to our older director who just straight-faced yelled at him “STOP SCREAMING. YOU ARE AN ADULT. THIS ISNT SCARY”

Date ideas for the signs

Aries: Star Wars movie marathon, playing board games or Truth or Dare, going to see a hockey/football,… game

Taurus: brunch date, karaoke, ZOO, napping together, going rollerblading, going to thrift shop

Gemini: watching stars, going to some sort of an old shop, crafting, going to a party, watching cartoons in you pyjamas

Cancer: some sort of carneval or festival, baking, going for a walk in the evening (and buying hot chocolate)

Leo: walking dog(s) together, going to a concert, flying kites, going to a beach for walk

Virgo: reading books together, playing horror games or watching horror movies, writing stories together, going to a botanic garden

Libra: coffee date in a small shop, Disney movie marathon, going to a theatre or a cinema

Scorpio: shopping together, cooking, go ice-skating, Netflix 24/7, sleepover, going to a fancy restaurant

Sagittarius: dancing in the rain, listening to really loud music, taking pictures in the photobooth, doing some sort of sport togehter, walking outside at 3am

Capricorn: going hiking and taking pictures, staying home and listening to both’s favourite music, amusement park

Aquarius: going on trip somewhere you’ve never been before, playing video games, museum, laser games

Pisces: watching sunrise/sunset together, going for a walk around the town (and holding hands obviously !), cuddling


“I [believe people] just learn stuff when they were a kid, and hold on to it, and that affects every relationship they have.”

Donald Glover

The Music Written on This Dude's Butt
Hieronymus Bosch
The Music Written on This Dude's Butt

Luke and I were looking at Hieronymus Bosch’s painting The Garden of Earthly Delights and discovered, much to our amusement, music written upon the posterior of one of the many tortured denizens of the rightmost panel of the painting which is intended to represent Hell. I decided to transcribe it into modern notation, assuming the second line of the staff is C, as is common for chants of this era.

so yes this is LITERALLY the 600-years-old butt song from hell

EDIT: I still can’t believe this took off like it did this is crazy??? Just wanted to let people know that there are indeed errors in the transcription and this is indeed not a very good recording (I threw this together in like 30 minutes at 1 in the morning,) but I’m working with the music department at my college to get the transcription more accurate!

in the meantime enjoy this fantastic choral arrangement by wellmanicuredman i’m in love

Moon in Taurus - Milkshake Moon 

The Moon in Taurus is like a milky, dissoluble liquid, one you could hold in your hand for a moment and taste but never keep a hold of… an energy like water that has been crystallized into soft frosted fluid

In the valleys of the dark and dewy forest, the moon plays a secret tune and the wind dances, the Lunar Taurus drifting in a crescent moon hammock receiving a sensory symphony. The moon is exalted in Taurus so her energies are gracious and rich in a home adorned just for her. Emotional and physical certainty is important for the individual, and there is a deliberate and measured expression that creates a gentle mindfulness and appreciation for small miracles. A sanctuary of escape is vital for the Moon in Taurus person. To envelope into a paradise inside is a form of bliss and comfort. The outside world can become overstimulating to her emotional nature. Her responsiveness generates a delightful experience of sensory activity, but the raw exposure can become unbearable.

It is important for Moon in Taurus people to have a sense of continuity as she focuses and conserves. Maintaining harmony in relationships, having meaningful work, and extended security keeps her inner state in balance. Emotional investment can be a possessive trigger for her, she can become unwillingly controlling in relationships if she has fears of it ending. She soothes company with her genuine concern and ability to ground herself in the midst of chaos. She can stand still while everybody panics. But she can become anxiety ridden about loved ones if she worries their wellbeing is under threat by simple gestures like unresponded texts or late arrivals. Emotional experiences become memories wrapped like vines around her heart, and it can become next to impossible to ever cut these down. She can re live emotional experiences with all of the sensory encounters and feelings associated with it. It can make betrayal and heartbreak awfully hard for her to forgive and forget. Wounds are easily re exposed with Moon in Taurus.

 Delight, amusement, love, sex, literature, music, and cinema emotionally nourish Moon in Taurus people. Indulging in her creamy pleasure is essentially for balance. She is a hard worker, and she works toward to satisfy her hearts desires and provide for loved ones. When she is suffering emotional distress it may be difficult to inhibit her urges and she may become self destructive in compulsive and uncontrollable pleasure seeking. The social life can be rich with Moon in Taurus because the individual is typically selective about who she lets into her closely held circle. She enjoys the simple gratification of shared experiences with friends and loved ones like watching performances and movies together, creating together, cooking together, and eating together. The individual will likely have a great thrill surprising and spoiling loved ones. It’s like she always knows the right touch, the right song, the right moment to speak, and the right place to take you away. Through the musical forest winds she drifts, inhaling with the trees, drinking wine, enjoying fine food and people, colours, and the delicacy of a moonlit night. 


[art: Kukula]

If you ever feel sad


Go and watch the 80s Mötley Crüe’s music videos

you won’t regret it

THEORY: Taylor Swift’s albums represent a linear story about riding a roller coaster.

Ok first off this theory may sound ridiculous or weird but trust me by the end you’ll be convinced that Taylor Swift is secretly a lyrical genius in her subtle storytelling skills in creating a unique and diverse world.

So my first piece of evidence would begin at the beginning of the story, with her debut album Taylor Swift (2006). As we can decipher from the lack of fonts present and no other promotions associated with it, this has to be the entry sign to a roller coaster called Taylor swift, with her epxression being that of apprehension because most people are apprehensions about riding a roller coaster????

My case in point.

So my next piece of evidence stems from her 2008 album “Fearless”. This seems to be a reference to how most people psych themselves up as they feel they are fearless and can easily tackle this baby coaster! They go through the line and are really excited as evidenced by the titles of songs like “Love story” which is about a person who loves a roller coaster and “The Best Day” which can only be about how much fun it is to go to an amusement park.

The next piece of the theory then transitions over to 2010′s “Speak Now” (which by the way is a LYRICAL MASTERPIECE THAT WAS WRITTEN BY JUST ONE PERSON (TAYLOR HERSELF) BUY IT NOW) and my theory for this one is that Taylor is saying that after we try to convince ourselves that we’re fearless to ride we get to the station and begin to load up the trains to ride, referencing the classic phrase “speak now or forever hold your peace” which in this context may refer to holding your peace and not leaving the ride at the last second cause you’re a wuss or something like that idk. Also the song title “long live” seems to be pointing to how you would want the ride to be a long lasting one and you hope to have the time of your life riding coasters with you.

MY next piece of evidence is for her 2012 album RED, which is a fall classic, may point in to us clues about the specifics of this roller coaster itself. The idea of red being an overarching theme may allude to blood in the human body as people blush from fear or panic as they go up the lift hill.The title may give it away that the color of the track supports are Red, with the song lyrics of Red tell us that they may range from green in “Holy Ground” to Dark Grey in “Red”. This clues us in to the fact that a large amount of roller coasters are red due to its seemingly intimidating design and frightful imagery. 

A collection of different red roller coasters that taylor may be alluding to throughout the album.

Next we have her blockbuster album 1989, a well written journey of pop and culture, with the date serving as a double entendre for both her birth year and more importantly!! The year Magnum XL-200 was built at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. This record breaking roller coaster was the first of its kind to go over 200 feet, and is generally considered by most enthusiasts to be the very coaster that began the roller coaster wars, a period in which manufacturers and amusement parks began to try and outdo each other in several different roller coaster categories from height to speed to length in order to gain as much publicity and attendance as possible. This may clue us in to the nature of the coaster further, with the lyrics describing fun and wild times that seem to never go out of style or coming straight from your wildest dreams, which may be descriptions of how it feels to ride a roller coaster. Also, the nature of the title may indicate that this roller coaster is record breaking and fun.

Finally, we have her newest album, Reputation. This album fits into the story by incorporating the use of magazines and discussing media and its attempts to generate publicity and how it impacts her and her relationships, a possible reference to how the roller coaster is stirring up press coverage due to how well known and intense it is. Also, the photographs contained throughout in its packaging and imagery may indicate an onride photograph section that people may purchase after the ride has come to a complete stop, indicating that now you are off the ride and have a lot to say about it regarding its reputation, for better or for worse.

With the help of Taylor Swift, you may have lots to say about the next time you go on a roller coaster, with a lot of albums to express those emotions as well!