Dictionary Definition: Bite-sized doughnut balls sold at Tim Hortons.

Canadian Definition: Delishus fucks of balled dough called timbits that somewhat resemble what Amuricans call doughnut holes, but doughnut holes are just rejected little shits that no one wants, whereas timbits are dipped in powdered love and are chocolaty-er than your lover’s valentines chocolates and come with the life-blood of unicorns in strawberry-jelly-filled form.

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Lol I love Stephen

even though I disagree with his political beliefs

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I was recently told that canada is technically a commonwealth, so the queen is technically ur guyses head of state. I … did not know that. v-v i am an amurican

The Governor General is technically a higher authority than the Prime Minister, so depending on how much of a pedantic dick the person you’re talking to is being, “who holds the highest political office in Canada” can be a dumb trick question.

Also fun fact, before we we back to the same old “elderly white dude” model fairly recently, our Governor Generals from 1999 to 2010 were Adrienne Clarkson, a journalist originally from Hong Kong, and Michaëlle Jean, a Haitian-born Journalist, reporter, and filmmaker.

Not that the position of Governor General is much more than a figurehead, but it’s still kinda cool. At least when I was in high school and Adrienne Clarkson was Governor General our Canadian politics teachers made sure we knew who she was and that she was important even if she was just a proxy for the monarch we don’t really care about..