She catches only a glimpse of his eyes as he turns abruptly and storms calmly out of the room, every gaze upon his retreating figure. There was an angry fire dancing behind the red irises she knew better than her own, and a fear as old as time – Kebi had seen it before.

With her mate gone, all eyes seemed to shift to her. It took all her willpower not to take a step back from the weight of their judgement and run from the confining walls. Jutting her chin up slightly and squaring her shoulders apologetically, Kebi shifter to her side, glowering at Benjamin for his insubordination before following Amun. His scent is muted by the humid air, but she picks it up easily and finds them standing in a small clearing.

His back to her, Kebi pulled all of her windswept hair to one side before letting it fall down the length of her back again. Moving closer, she bites her lip when he does not react. It is several minutes before Kebi cuts through the tension with a velvet voice.