Top 5 Thursday: Iconic champion duos

By Helmight

Rakan and Xayah were tailor-made to play well with each other, but League of Legends has plenty of other iconic duos. These champs go as well together as peanut butter and jelly do, and you can hardly think of one without immediately thinking of the other. Today, I break down the top 5 duos in the game.

#5: Taric/Ezreal

I blame the fangirls for this one, personally.

Ezreal/Taric didn’t really have any synergies beyond them both being good early game champions that could threaten all-ins fairly safely. However, the strength of the lane meant that it was played near-constantly in Season 2, and inevitably that led to the shipping. Makes me shudder just thinking of it.

Like it or not, Ezreal/Taric is one of the iconic lane pairs from the olden days, so it still deserves to make the list. Not giving it higher than fifth place, though.

#4: Double Ninja Dive Comp

This one is fairly new, but immediately caught my attention when TSM brought it out. Watching two ninjas dive the backline by themselves is just so satisfying to watch, and is made even better due to their lore connection. 

On top of that, they cover each other’s weaknesses well. Zed brings the damage and the mobility, while Shen protects the Master of Shadows and keeps his targets locked down. It plays so nicely that it definitely deserved a spot on the list, despite its relative newness.

#3: The Balista Combo

Kalista and Blitzcrank make the list by sheer virtue of their interactions with Fate’s Call. Pulling some poor unfortunate champion about half a lane is hilarious, if not particularly strong in practice. Fate’s Call can also be used to fling Blitz into the middle of the enemy team for a five-man knockup, followed by a five-man silence from Static Field. Can’t get much better than that.

#2: Curse of the Sad Bullet Time

What do a bounty hunter and a sad mummy have in common? Not much, besides their incredibly strong teamfight ultimates. Bullet Time deals Tons of Damage ™, but requires Miss Fortune to stand still and channel. It’s easy to interrupt and relatively easy to avoid - unless you’ve just been cursed by Amumu. You’ve got no chance to run away from a hail of bullets when you’re all wrapped up in bandages.

The combo’s been around since the beginning of League of Legends and is the original wombo combo, so Miss Fortune and Amumu have become an iconic pair by default.

#1: Caught between a rock and a sharp blade

This one was a match tailor-made in heaven. I’m pretty sure we all immediately thought of this when Phreak explained how Yasuo’s ult works, and to this day I still see Malphite picked about 50% more often when his team has a Yasuo on it. The sheer power of combo-ing Unstoppable Force into Last Breath makes it one of the most potent wombo combos in the game and propels this pairing to first place almost by itself.

Of course, it’s also amusing to think of the flavor implications. The champion most closely related to earth, knocking enemies into the air for a Last Breath? Makes me smile every time I think of it, and guarantees that Yasuo and Malphite take the top spot.

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