Lúcio and the Muiraquitã

As some of you know, I’m a huge fan of Overwatch, specially all the amazing effort Blizzard’s team had on character design and development. They have very interesting designs, characteristics and unique personalities. Not to mention they have a double care to create a multi-national and multi ethnic group of heroes. The same goes to my compatriot, Lúcio, the Brazilian DJ and a lovely support hero.

As far as I can see, they traced a very nice character with very precise and even natural Brazilian characteristics. Look at his full name: Lúcio Correia dos Santos is a very common name and sounds very natural to heard to us, differently from many other Brazilian characters in other games (I’m looking at you, Tekken’s Eddy Gordo). He also carries many of the carioca style on his voice manner (even more in the pt-br dub, since his VA here is from the same city) and, most of all, he’s a reliable character and carries his nationality nicely. Just look at his main colors: yellow and green (with blue details), all the colors of our flag, combine so great that doesn’t sound rude at all. He’s true to his favela origin and is a party lover who loves to cheer everyone around him.

With all this, I looked at his frog tattoo and found it… curious, to say at least. It reminded me of something from my region. But, I wasn’t sure if the Blizzard team would go THAT FAR to characterize him.

But then I received my Art of Overwatch’s artbook (really good artbook, but, I recommend it) and when I was reading about his conception, I read this:

“..they based his frog symbol on the giant monkey frog, a bright green amphibian from the Amazon basin that’s used in traditional healing ceremonies.”

This frog in specific is on the origins of a very popular amulet from where I’m from: the Muiraquitã.

This amulet (that from the native language can be translate as “knot of trees”, usually craft on greenish stones like jade and nephrite or even in woods, is an old artifact from the Low Amazon Basin’s Indians, like the Tapajós and Konduri to represent different kinds of animals, like fishes, turtles, but mostly frogs). The first reports about they are waaay back from the 16th century, back from the Portuguese Colonization period of Brazil.

This region right here.

According to some historians, the Tapajós women used this amulet to prevent diseases and infertility. As an extension of the original monkey frog’s curative properties they used.

Nowadays, this amulet can be found as a pendant and illustrate many decorative objects around my regions, usually sold as a souvenir.

Ultimately, I’m utterly happy to see an amulet from my region (so far away from Lúcio’s hometown, Rio de Janeiro) being used on his design to reinforce his healing and cheerful personality and style. Overwatch dev team, have my most sincere  gratitude and praise.


Art by Aukki13

For more info: Muiraquitã’s article at Wikipédia

Fandom’s reaction to the Samulet during 11x20...


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Power of the Heart Self-Love Spell (W.I.T.C.H. Inspired)

A spell to open yourself up to your own love and sense of self-worth.

You Will Need:

💕 Jar or Glass container

💕 Rose Quartz

💕 Water

💕 A Necklace or Amulet

💕 Moonlight


💕 Fill your glass container with water and place in your rose quartz. In a window or outside place your water over night, preferably during a full moon. (any moon will do if you’re in a pinch)

💕 Come morning collect your water and bring it to your work area

💕 Hold your necklace cupped in your hands. Whisper to it your desires to start loving yourself and building your self worth. Visualize it glowing as you whisper these words to it, a soft dim pink. Once you have finished your words kiss it gently putting more of your wishes to love yourself into it.

💕 Holding it by its chain/string with both hands via your pointer finger and thumb lower it slowly into the gem water below until the charm/stone/pendent is submerged fully

💕 Time for more intense visualization: focus on the bowl as it glows with a warm pink light that shines bright like a fire and pulses like a beating heart. See it fill the necklace and make the necklace’s glow more intense until the water is no longer glowing and the light is coming from the necklace, pulsing and beating.

💕 Lift the necklace from the water and gently dab dry then put it on. Feel as it lays against your chest how its energy pulses and beats, warm and close to your heart. Let it warm you. Wear it whenever you need to love yourself.

💕 To cleanse leave in the moonlight and to charge simply repeat spell process above.

Alchemical Enchanting: Protection Circle

Today I’d like to talk about enchanting: the practice of charging objects with a magickal purpose. This can be done in many different ways; it is not required to follow complicated rituals and use specific ingredients to successfully enchant an object, but rituals are a great way to focus one’s will during the process.

This is the way I do it. 🌙

  • Start with meditation, trying to reach a very deep and focused meditative state. You have to feel your own power grow inside of you. I find that listening to music is a great way to make this process easier. 
  • Focus on your goal: in the case of a protection spell, you can try to visualize a protective bubble around you, or a shield that repels unwanted energies. Take your time to make the image very clear in your head.
  • Pick the object you wish to enchant. In this case, I used a round black onyx stone, which is known to have protective properties (but you can use whichever object you have on hand, as long as you feel a positive connection to it). Cleanse and bless the object however you see fit (I use New Moon Water and Chaos Water).
  • Draw the enchanting circle on a piece of paper. I start with a basic alchemical circle: I draw the three symbols of mercury, salt and sulphur around the circle and I draw a six-pointed star inside. Then I start drawing inside the circle, trying to remain focused on my goal as much as I can, and leaving a blank space where I will place the object I want to enchant.  
  • Surround the enchanting circle with salt to protect it from any external interference. I also place obsidian, clear quartz and carnelian around it as a representation of the alchemical transmutation. If you want, you can light a candle that matches your goal (for protection, use a black candle).
  • Place your object inside the enchanting circle and leave it there to charge for as long as you want. You either can remain focused on your enchantment, or you can leave the circle alone to do its magick. (But please, never leave candles unattended!)

Here’s a closer look at my protection circle. You can copy it down and use it as it is, or you can change it to fit your personal spell. 

If you feel that the object is losing its charge after being used, you can just put it back on the circle and leave it there overnight.

If you’d like to know more about the ideas behind alchemy, check my previous post on the topic here.

Happy enchanting! 🌙