Let’s let these two be the first pictures I’ve ever posted to this art blog.

The one on the left is me. I say hi. :) Just playing with my eyeliners in order to look like some larger or smaller feline. I’m pretty much of a therian, which means I sometimes feel like transforming into an animal sometimes. That’s rad and non-therians don’t really know what is it like, but well… xD

The WIP on the right was first supposed to be just “some guy with tattoos”, but he turned out to be something more, with horns, tail, rose pink eyes and all. This baby was born in a process in which I requested a friend to make me a request, in order to get drawing something cool. c: His design also turned out to be pretty nice and he has even developed a personality in my head, so I’ve thought of making him an actual character… (8