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My instructor (Ben Rittenhouse) from @amuanashvillefx and myself had the pleasure of working on this #deadweather music video! We made the finger extensions for Dean Fertita and an extra pinky for LJ among other things! So happy to share! Finally! #jackwhite #musicvideo #theimpossiblewinner #nashville #fingerextensions #sfx #specialeffects #makeup #sfxmakeup #europeanbodyart #foamlatex #makeupartist #amua

Pasifika Films masterpost

Here is a list of films that portray/feature Pasifika culture (note: in some cases there will be actors who are not pasifika but we still feel it’s necessary to include these films as they do show pasifika practices/customs to an extent) There are asterisks next to directors who are also of Pasifika descent. We’ll constantly be updating this and providing links, when possible, where you can watch them. Feel free to add on to the list so we can edit our original post!

Amua [Short] (2015, dir. Apirana Ipo Te Maipi*)
Boy (2010, dir. Taika Waititi*)– currently streaming on Netflix
The Dark Horse (2014, dir. James Napier Robertson)
The Dead Lands (2014, dir. Toa Fraser*)
Free Mynd (2014, dir. Parris Goebel)
Fresh Meat (2012, dir. Danny Mulheron)
Hawaii (1966, dir. George Roy Hill)
Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau (2013, dir. Sam George)– currently streaming on Netflix
The Haumana (2013, dir. Keo Woolford*)
In Football We Trust (2015, dir. Tony Vainuku* & Erika Cohn)
Kawa (2010, dir. Katie Wolfe)
The Last Saint (2014, dir. Rene Naufahu*)
Milk & Honey [Short] (2012, dir. Marina McCartney*)
Mt. Zion (2013, dir. Tearepa Kahi*)
Mutiny on the Bounty (1962, dir. Lewis Milestone)
Naming Number Two (2006, dir. Toa Fraser*)
Next Goal Wins (2014, dir. Steve Jamison, Mike Brett)
O Le Tulafale / The Orator (2011, dir. Tusi Tamasese*)
Once Were Warriors (1994, dir. Lee Tamahori*)
Pear ta ma ‘on Maf / The Land Has Eyes (2004, Vilsoni Hereniko*)
Polynesian Panthers (2010, dir. Nevak ‘Ilolahia*) [Part 1, 2, 3]
Princess Kaiulani (2009, dir. Marc Forby)– currently streaming on Netflix
Rapa Nui (1994, dir. Kevin Reynolds)
Rites of Courage [Short] (2005, dir. Miki Magasiva*)
Shopping (2013, dir. Mark Albiston & Louis Sutherland*)
The Silent One (1985, dir. Yvonne Mackay)
Sione’s Wedding / Samoan Wedding (2006, dir. Chris Graham)
Sione’s 2: Unfinished Business (2012, dir. Simon Bennett)
Snow in Paradise [Short] (2013, dir. Nikki Si'ulepa*)
Splinters (2011, dir. Adam Pesce)– currently streaming on Netflix
Stones [Short] (2011, dir. Ty Sanga*)
Tatau [Short] (2012, dir. Chantelle Burgoyne*)
The Road To Home (2014, dir. Dominic Brown)
Tongan Ninja (2002, dir. Jason Stutter)
Two Cars, One Night [Short] (2004, dir. Taika Waititi*)
Uso/Brother [Short] (2006, dir. Miki Magasiva*)
Whale Rider (2002, dir. Niki Caro)
What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? (1999, dir. Ian Mune)
White Lies (2013, dir. Dana Rotberg)