SXSW Blogs & Other Things.

Y'know I went to SXSW? It was totally fucking cool; I got some free Doritos sunglasses, only had one panic attack and saw Rob Zombie say “assholes” a lot. Here are the three blogs I wrote for Awesome Merchandise about it. They’re very sensible, you’ll enjoy them - I know this. Here are parts one, two and three. There’s no more parts after that. 

As a contrast I wrote this thing about Dropkick Murphys for Sick Chirpse, but no one will really cared coz they just wanted to see someone get hit round the face with a bass guitar. That’s fine though, coz it was pretty stupid and they had to edit it coz they’re not as punk as me.

Talking about ‘punk’, check out the Mike TV update, buy some merch and download all our stuff for free. A special new song for Steve Kelsey is coming soon!


Last night pizza party at Home Slice (great name) in Austin! #sxsw was awesome and we’re looking forward to doing it all again next year! Normal social service will resume next week! #amsxsw13