one time in my american studies class this girl started angry tweeting about a project that we were working on but some other girl thought she was subtweeting her instead so there was this big twitter argument from all of this popular girl’s friends at this girl in my amstud class so basically what happened is that our entire class got together and subtweeted at this popular girl for the entire hour and a half class and that’s not only the story of how everyone in our class became friends but it’s pretty similar to the material we learned about the american revolution
Vlogbrothers in class is cool.

Agh today in AmStud Smallwood played this video as an intro to Gatsby and she was all “Who’s heard of John Green?” and my hand flew up like Hermione’s in that one potions class scene, and it stayed there when she asked who knew about vlogbrothers and DFTBA and Crash Course and it was glorious and now Ms. Smallwood is a bit less unfavorable in my eyes. 

*because I am quite satisfied with my own spin of this poem

Just Because I am Christian

Just because I’m Christian

            I’m not intolerant

            I’m not judgmental

            I am not close-minded.

Just because I’m Christian

            I’m not superficial

            I’m not extremely political

            I’m not perfect

            And my life isn’t perfect either.

Just because I’m Christian

            I don’t hate homosexuals

            I don’t bash on those who are Pro-Choice

            And I won’t shove my religion down your throat.

Just because I’m Christian

            Doesn’t mean I’m super religious       

            Doesn’t mean I’ll reject science          

            Doesn’t mean I’ll disrespect your opinions

            Definitely does not mean I think I’m better than you.                                                          

Because I am a Christian

            I will try my hardest to treat others with respect

            I will try my hardest to live out the words I speak

            And I will try my hardest to love everyone.

For what is a Christian without love?