Jose Polcheira’s repossessed, recycled wood wall relief art bridges the gap between Pop Art & Neo-Dadaism, creating a unique artistic vision

Hanging Garden  
Reclaimed Wood
42″ x 33.6″

Contemporary artist Jose Polcheira’s works in reclaimed wood echo this sentiment; taking an object and then re-purposing it into wonderfully colorful, joyful relief canvasses that practically glow with creative energy. His vivid, cheerful color palette bridges the gaps between Pop Art and Neo-Dadaism, using this reclaimed wood and creating something bright and uniquely vivacious.. 

Mr. Polcheira’s employment of childlike colors and images is underscored and deconstructed by his usage of found and recycled materials, bringing to mind questions of childhood in the modern era and the cyclical nature of life. In many ways, the way we look at adulthood has changed, allowing us to keep and hang onto things from our youth for longer than we had been able to in the past. Jose Polcheira taps into this visceral need for the comforts of our collective infancy with their bright colors and inviting presences and asks us as viewers to look deeper; to see the ways we take pieces of our adulthood and dress them in the soft fabrics of youth. 

Bold and brilliant with scintillating depth of meaning; Jose Polcheira’s relief paintings are a spectacular aesthetic treat, giving new life to recycled wood; producing not only a rich, visual language but also a deeply challenging rhetoric. His mature understanding of the trappings of childhood allows him to transmute the once discarded materials into something beautiful and truly transcendent. 

Uniquely vivacious and brilliant, Jose Polcheira’s repossessed wood creations are a true joy to behold, channeling the innocence and comfort of childhood and bringing it into the realm of adulthood.

I am honored and very happy about the curatorial review result of the Whitney Amsterdam Gallery in New York - art district Chelsea… Read it below…

DAVID JONES' evocative, architectural oceanic & figurative canvases employ geometric re-imaginings of landscapes and figures, reflecting his engineering concepts

Breaking Waves Oregon Coast
Oil on Canvas
24″ x 30″

Inspired by architecture, Welsh born, Massachusetts based painter and Engineer David Jones takes each canvas piece by piece, building each form and figure from the ground up and, through these layers, lends his canvases a sense of monumental proportion. Utilizing this structured, logical approach, Mr. Jones excavates a true beauty from his geometric style, imbuing each line and curve with a deep, oceanic power that commands both the attention and the respect of the viewer. Says David Jones of his art, “I spend my days creating works of art that inspire people to explore the mind of their being; bringing light to the imagination, the mind and the eyes." 

Becoming the Auteur of his own narrative, Mr. Jones’ painted scenarios act as still images imbued with charismatic directorship. David Jones’ compositions convey a story but unlike an author an artist does not use words. Rather, the story is told with brushstrokes utilizing color, light and shade, line and shape; illustrating   the natural world not only viscerally but psychologically, this masterful painter reflects the essence of his subjects. Using a subtle and demure color palette, choosing mainly cool colors with which to work, highlights the subject matter and downplays the surroundings, almost blurring them, creating a composition of action by drawing viewers forcefully into the narrative and allowing them to imagine forthcoming events to unfold within their minds.  

This contemporary master illustrates life scenes of nature with strong depictions of the natural terrain and women as architecture, defined by bold outlines and rich depth of color. His confidence and superb draftsmanship allow him to play with space, distorting perspective in order to heighten the feelings of depth, height, width, turning the mundane into monumental visions, calling to mind the colossi of old.  The artist’s brushwork is patient and smooth, yet vibrantly malleable, as if he is calmly waiting for his subjects to come to life within his works. Applying bold swatches of outlines colored hues to make his paintings jump to life, grounding his abstract, geometric world within reality, making it approachable and bold.

Philip Catania translates the colorful visual vocabularies of surrealism, figurative along with abstraction, drawing  his inspiration from life and dreams,  fusing them into a chimeric dreamlike world

Oil on Canvas
38.5″ x 19″

Contemporary Master Philip Catania’s surrealist fantasy paintings reflect the ways in which a creative mind can take the world and transmute it into masterful works of art.  By creating a universe of his own, he fuses the visual vocabularies of surrealism, figurative along with abstraction, drawing  his inspiration from life and dreams. Mr. Catania invites the viewer into a pastel hued chimeric world, with illusory figures dancing just on the edge of definition, leaving his audience to decide where one image ends and another begins. Breathtakingly imaginative, each canvas reveals a powerful, expressive vision, resonating with a distinctive, dreamlike aura.  Ethereal a morphous figures float in a symbol-laden elusive, wondrous vista reflecting a   vortex of  emotions .These  terrestrial and celestial paradoxical silhouettes  result in works that capture life’s essence, but also fulfill the artist’s goal of transmitting a feeling of mysticism. 

Speaking in languages both iconographic and purely visual, the focal point of Philip Catania work centers around his own stylized version of the human figure.  The amalgamation of these diverse artistic traditions explode as a metaphor for the complexities of cross-cultural life’s experiences as he invites viewers to celebrate his unique vision.  With his visually arresting and highly original works, his visceral compositions express his internal world and inner emotions which mirror visions of the innermost syntax of the human soul.  

Employing a  colorful chromatic  palette, featuring  surreal colors and an indefinable treatment of space, his  spiritual paintings of are populated with surreal landscapes and angelic creatures.  Expertly balancing a varied color palette, juxtaposing bright and muted shades, this skilled artist provides each image a dynamic flow.   With a keen eye for color, texture, and design,  his imaginative  oeuvre  produces dreamlike imagery that seems to sprout from the  canvas . Allowing himself the freedom to use many different types of inspiration, Philip Catania’s otherworldly transfigurations represent the haunting and turbulent side of human nature and he states: “ For me, painting opens a doorway to a cerebral vision, making my mind go spiritually deeper which allows me to tap into the essence of my soul.  The process of mixing colors and brushing paint onto a canvas allows my thoughts to formulate ethereal ideas which produce substantial identities within my painting, giving tangibility to beings from the world beyond.”  His control over his technique produces this essence for the viewer, giving us an intimate tete-a-tete with the inner workings of his creative heart and soul.  

Bright, powerful, and joyous, Philip Catania’s paintings are a beautiful image of nature transmuted into the color and texture of dreams. World-wide celebrated and collected, the modern masterpieces of Philip Catania were showcased in three major Paris exhibitions in 2014 and his fame has catapulted him to international stature.  The Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud and overjoyed to shine the spotlight on him  

Sculptor Ted Martland's vividly colored kinetic ceiling-hanging mobiles are a whirling space of rotating motion, reacting to atmospheric conditions

30″ x 24″

Contemporary sculptor Ted Martland imagines the universe as a space of perpetual motion through his kinetic colorful, organically shaped mobiles, designed to delicately react to surrounding atmospheric conditions, symbolically expressing the dynamic energy of the universe. The viewer may interpret the various changing relationships of the elements of these colored spheres and disks which rotate in space, resulting in a delicate equilibrium radiating a multitude of visual formats.  

Masterfully manipulating industrial materials into organically nebulous shapes, Dr. Ted Martland juxtaposes forms to create complex mobile structures reminiscent of Joan Miro’s fantastical Surrealist anthropomorphic paintings. Polymorphic shapes playfully sway above one’s natural perspective. Although the saturated designs appear to be purely aesthetic, all individual shapes within each distinct mobile are scientifically designed by Dr. Martland to act as structures aiding in the development of the whole; each part serves a strategic balancing purpose, sustaining the harmonious equilibrium each mobile visually portrays. These myopic objects react to their surroundings, as they retain autonomous individuality as they react to air currents, wind and other environment conditions which induce motion, creating a symbiotic relationship between reality and plastic production. With Dr. Martland’s mobile sculptures, he extends the boundary of movement one step further, by allowing his fantastical objects which symbolize speed to actually move themselves. 

Dr. Ted Martland’s mobile sculptures become nexus of light where the equilibrium of shape, size, color and space combine in shifting balanced relationships that provide a visual metaphor to the harmonious but unpredictable activities of life and nature. His works of art suggest that we not be grounded in day-to-day life, but pursue our goals with an eye toward freedom and spirituality.

Naz Perver Weich’s cubist inspired abstracted prismatic compositions deconstruct reality into prismatic forms, revealing unseen inner visions

Reflecting Light & Color
Oil on Mixed Linen
23.5″ x 31.5″

Picasso mused “When we discovered Cubism, we did not have the aim of discovering Cubism. We only wanted to express what was in us.” International artist Naz Perver Weich has taken the influences of cubists like Picasso and Cezanne to inform and refine her own dazzling cubist figurative style. The destruction and reconstitution inherent in the cubist style is used to great effect in her works, allowing the viewer to see the subject from multiple angles and viewpoints, offering the impression of colors and lines being used to express form over the idea of form itself. With an impressive amount of versatility, Ms. Naz Pever Weich expresses a powerful vision in her abstracted figuration compositions intermixing a bold sense of line, color and movement which incorporates elements of Cubism. Masterfully orchestrating these figurative groupings, her vibrant compositions transform these styles to produce a prismatic labyrinth of spectral colors that are compositionally rewarding.  

Vibrating with energy, her vivid and unique paintings inspire both intellectual and visceral discourse, demanding attention and response from the viewer as she brilliantly captures the movement of her silhouettes. In her oil on linen compositions, fractured oncoming light draws the eye’s attention to smaller details that would not normally be prioritized. Her unique style offers little, sloping curves within the straight edges which captivate and disseminate the view over the canvas. Everything takes on new shapes in the wake of these details, offering something new at each passing glance. 

Ms. Naz Perver Weich states: “It’s all about capturing what the eye cannot see, but what the mind knows is there! When I paint, it’s not so much about the subject matter. It’s about movement, the movement that is always there.” Through her clever use of lines and color, Ms. Naz Perver Weich brings movement alive, as her figures move through their individual spaces leaving a curving wake behind them, replicating the ripples in a pond and exemplifying the movement that she seeks to capture. Her masterful brushstrokes imply the subtle shifting of form and motion, bringing to mind Duchamp’s grasp of the kinetic within a static medium.  Her magnifying glass reflects the point and counterpoints of the human form as the viewer is drawn deeper into her dazzling universe of form, color and shape.

JEHAN ALI'S  intriguing abstract surrealist dreamscapes dramatically speak from the heart about the mysteries of the human experience.

A Pick So Smart II
Oil on Canvas
44″ x 88″

The intriguing abstract surrealism creations of  Jehan Ali’s dramatic artworks speak straight from the heart about the human experience.  Reflecting on all that is most fascinating and sometimes most fragile, her exuberant paintings, in which colors, lines and forms battle for supremacy, reveal an enthralling reflection of an amorphous world of dreams.  The result is a series of utterly compelling works which offer a precious insight into the perceptions of humankind as they invite us on a journey to explore new landscapes of the imagination and the soul. The mysterious realm of the psyche metamorphoses into dazzling and dramatic mindscapes. 

As Jehan Ali liberates her dreams, the result is a dynamic panorama of exciting sensations generated by the fountainhead of creative energy that springs from metamorphosing powerful pictorial sensations, vibrant textures and chromatic vibrations. Regardless of their representative associations, Ms. Ali’s characters’ relationships and interactions add to the complex plot that exists within her works. Visually intriguing, the intricate figures serve as a cornucopia of habitat and activity for her characters. Confidence and superb draughtsmanship allow her to manipulate space, in order to heighten the feelings of depth, height, width. The subtleties and delicacy of the coloration and the complexity of forms are utterly convincing and enthralling, so that the viewer is cajoled into entering her fantastical dreamscape.  

Offering a parallax vision and a fantasy dreamscape on life, Jehan Ali’ s visceral canvases  communicate powerful energy and shifts in emotions and her elegant and poetic vision becomes a visual metaphor to mirror our own individual moods.  Her warmly-colored palette resonates as much with passion as with hue, symbolizing the  raw, emotional power of the untamed forces of the human soul. Emblematizig our own shifting emotional tides, as well as the harmonious relationship between the psyche and the organic world, Jehan Ali’s expressive oeuvre is a form of personal visual poetry and her goal is to emotionally communicate our inner most dreams and thoughts, while eloquently conveying its fragility.  

MANUELA CIMMINO'S mixed media tableaux are imbued with a rich, abstracted 2 -dimensional textural effect, embodying a geometric imagery

Oil on Canvas, Steel, Iron
47″ x 47″

Italian artist Manuela Cimmino paints transformative organic minimalist compositions, transcending the requirements of everyday reality to create a visual realm without time, without limits, and with endless space. Featuring geometric forms, her sculptural wall hangings comprised of iron, steel, plastic, plaster and paint interact with unique juxtapositions of line and geometric form, with thick layers of textured  paint which adds a level of dimensionality to the overall effect.  Metamorphosing into concrete structures, her tableaux are imbued with a rich, ebullient two-dimensional, textural effect, providing a visual imagery of spiritual revelation. Communicating her unique artistic vision which reflects vibrant parallel realities that come alive, Manuela Cimmino dexterously builds formal, structured, geometric compositions with nuanced, textured brushstrokes and formidable form. Characterized by the interplay of elegant lines that are juxtaposed against painterly textured surfaces, often overlapping with dynamic geometric shapes, she infuses her compositions with an innovative layering of texture and depth.  Tempting the edge of non-representation, Ms. Cimmino blends the marvels of abstraction along with the tactile wonders of the three-dimensional world.   

In canvases replete with dazzling pops of colors and rich textures that incorporate geometric lines and forms, Manuela Cimmino synthesizes the perfect aesthetic environment where color,depth and movement in space crystallize to create entirely new abstract vistas that invite the viewer to look beyond what is seen. Aesthetically and spiritually transcending the natural world, her geometric abstracts can be alternately viewed as spartan in their restraint or baroque in their richness. These non-objective works are anchored by dynamic lighting, architectural sensibility, and the notion of movement to create entirely new worlds.  Exploring the unique sensibility that metamorphose when solitary lines are placed against powerful backgrounds, this gifted artist’s unique artistic vision offers allusions to the industrial world, popular culture and metaphysical states of being.

The mixed media paintings of RIEN VORGERS are an amalgam of line and form with an atmospheric use of color in an inspired abstracted environment, revealing multiple layers of human emotion.

Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall
Acrylic on Canvas
32.3″ x 28.3″ each

The art of Dutch artist Rien Vorgers is an amalgam of line and form with an atmospheric use of color in an inspired abstracted environment, revealing multiple layers of human emotion, often representing the more haunting and turbulent side of nature, exemplifying this charged statement.  Inspired by the metropolis of the mind in a powerful vision of contemporary society, Rien Vorgers conveys sentiments through a sophisticated balance of abstraction, figuration, and surrealism, as his fascinating oeuvre invites us to unforeseen realms,  to a place where we are able to see beyond the picture to the subtexts, all hidden within the composition. By synthesizing    biomorphic forms which range from cadaverous silhouettes to abstracted themes featuring a quadruplet series on the four seasons, Mr. Vorgers masterfully captures  the imagination of the viewer.  

Complex and brilliant, Mr. Vorgers '  acrylic canvas paintings reflecting his “mosaic” style of painting, offer qualitative, abstract musings on the universal powers as they  explore new aesthetic paths that burst with  gestural  swaths of bold  tones and brilliant plays of light, catapulting him to the category of being a visionary creator. Labyrinthine in nature, his  brilliantly colored, prismatic forms are an exploration of shape and hue that result in a mesmerizing narrative tableaux, revealing the thin lines between man and the natural world around him, uniting them as one.  A strong expressionistic vista of the complexities of life and nature extend beyond pure abstraction into something more recognizable.   Rhythmic juxtapositions of surreal themes along with fluid abstraction abound, with hints of latent human figuration half buried in rich pools of textured  hue confront the viewer.  

Emotion permeates his embolden canvases resonating with human emotion as he maintains a powerful energy through his vibrant signature color palette creates whimsical images that teem with colors, details, and patterns. Each of his acrylic works reverberate with a saturated spectrum of hues that describe energetic spaces and scenes with unbridled emotion. His fantastical compositions exude an otherworldly presence that captures the imagination and energizes the viewer and prompts the spectator to question one’s own understanding of reality. Metamorphosing into glowing visions, Rien Vorgers invites us to look closer and to forge a spiritual connection into his fascinating universe of sensorial perception.

Lucas van Eeghen's 3 dimensional mixed media art expressionistically connects nature, transporting external nature into interior spaces

Field of Hope 
Mixed Media (3D) on Canvas on Panel
30″ x 48″ x 24″

Dutch artist Lucas van Eeghen’s three dimensional organic mixed-media oeuvre extrapolates the bounty of nature and transcribes its importance.   Enshrining the elements of nature, Lucas van Eeghen transports external nature into interior spaces and presents nature as a treasured gift, a valued present to be cherished by humankind. By juxtaposing a multi-dimensional intermingling of natures’ realms, Mr. van Eeghen manifests nature’s inner and outer worlds; the outer world of nature and the inner world of tactile and beautiful leaves, encouraging the audience to rejoice and honor the splendor of nature. 

Installed as traditional paintings, Lucas van Eeghen’s art incorporates three dimensional bas-reliefs which project beyond the boundaries of the canvas.   Immediate and tactile, dazzling colored leaves, protruding stems  and brilliantly hued foliage flowingly cascade from the canvas and propel themselves into the spectator’s viewing space.  By extending artistic boundaries to underline contrasting textures which, in turn, are juxtaposed with smooth fluid surfaces, Mr. van Eeghen’s mixed media compositions are best understood as an homage to the deity of nature. Challenging the viewers’ external perceptions and viewpoints, he invites one’s inner artistic vision to be overwhelmed by the glorious images of nature flowing into the visual arts, reminding the viewer of its pervasive presence in the world outside the gallery walls.   

By introducing  the concept of the organic element of nature as a central component of his work, Mr. van Eeghen transcends and transforms the tactile materiality of nature by projecting its anthropomorphic symbols. The synchronicity of the natural terrain has its impact on his elegant, panoramas which reflect the artist’s interest in the equilibrium man can achieve in relation to the natural environment. With this unique perspective, Mr. van Eeghen  successfully articulates the wonderment of the terrestrial universe with a vibrant visual lexicon, resulting in a spiritual artistic harmony and encourages the audience not to just observe, but to be part of the natural environment and feel the magic of the natural world.

Hawaiian artist Loren Adams' landscape paintings abstract nature's representation by simplifying forms to essential investigations through incandescent color application.

The Kira Star-Lani 
Oil on Linen
33″ x 27″

Hawaiian artist Loren Adams landscape paintings abstract nature’s representation by simplifying forms to essential investigations through incandescent color application.  Employing textured color, his constantly changing perspectives between compositions gender offer a fascinating view of different moments in time, capturing the dynamic and ever changing environment through the energetic brushstrokes and textured application.  This gifted artist implores us to inhale the divine majesty of nature and exhale its wonderment. 

In addition to a visual engagement of the sense of sight through a luscious color palette, his paintings engage a sense of touch through the thick textured application of paint. Dense, textured pools of color build up the surface of these compositions. With the diverse directionality of organic brushstrokes, the compositions visually parallel the temporality and environmental conditions of nature. Instead of mimicking a photographic representation of nature, Mr. Adam s explores the feeling of nature by emulating the organic texture of natural surfaces. His composition moves from a distant atmospheric perspective to a close-up, arbitrarily cropped grand depicting a heavenly sunrise over a warm and restless sea with light shining through the waves. Portrays an early morning coastal landscape with a cove, the viewer is seemingly placed amidst the luscious green gardens, looking upwards towards an end of the rainbow in Paradise at the seashore. From the Artist’s Impressions of Paradise series decadent visual field encompassing the facade of a pastel on a vibrant summer day, river, gazing through the overcast misty airs at the home, dwarfed by the overgrown trees flanking its exterior. Through multiple perspectives, juxtaposing color palettes, energetic brushstrokes and textured application, Mr. Adams’ compositions are in a visual representation of nature’s dynamism, showing that no single scene is the defining visualization of a natural landscape.

ALMA SHEIK'S oil, still-life canvases pay homage to the timeless appeal of the floral world, creating visually rich transplendent floral bouquets, offering contemporary evanescent reinterpretations of classically inspired floral arrangements

Prima Vera
Oil on Canvas
19.68″ x 27.56″

Alma Sheik’s oil canvases pay homage to the timeless appeal of the floral world, creating visually rich transplendent floral bouquets, offering contemporary evanescent reinterpretations of classically inspired floral arrangements. Her ravishing impressionistic-style paintings exude radiant light and luscious color while also epitomizing a buoyant joie-de-vivre.  Distilling the eternal from the transitory, Ms. Sheik taps into the art historical heritage of the Impressionists as her elaborate florals convey a reverence to our environs. Her paintings are prismatic portals to nature, where she captures the timelessness of our world through her own individualistic lexicon of illuminated hues and masterful brush strokes. 

Tactile and dynamic, Ms. Sheik’s lush compositions depict the effervescent beauty of heavenly bouquets and gardens, offering a celestial rendering of heaven on earth.  The viewer feels as if he has been transported to an enchanted floral paradise infused with luminescent light accompanied by an incandescent, huetopian palette replete with sun-kissed hues of cerulean blue, verdant greens, cadmium yellows, peony pinks and rosy reds.  These magical floral incantations expand beyond the boundaries of the canvas, attaining an astonishing three dimensionality and invite the viewer to inhale the aromatic sensatory splendors of nature. The lush, glistening surfaces of every deep, exquisitely colorful painting are lyrically ethereal and are the quintessence of divine natural beauty. 

Highlighting with magnificent color the natural realm, Alma Sheik masterfully brings to life the vibrancy of Mother Nature. A passionate fascination with flowers and nature emblematize the creations of this gifted artist who is captivated by the constant evolution of flowers and other natural phenomena.  Poetic in precision and poignant in purity of form, Ms. Sheik is adroit in her use of the vibrant oil medium, virtuosically applying it onto canvas, a technique that lends a richly nuanced texture to her works. Exalting the sublime majesty of nature, her impressionistic canvases reflect the luminosity and richness of the terrain. In addition, Ms. Sheik is admirably recognized for her outstanding still life paintings.

Andrea Harris' ethereal landscape paintings immortalize nature's transitory essence exuding the mystery & romantic allure of the terrain

Con Amore - With Love Triptych
Oil on Canvas
30″ x 36″

Andrea Harris’s elegantly soulful and evocative paintings of nature offer a unique and distinctive modern vision to the nature genre. Conveying an alluring mystique combined with an air of the mystery and wonderment of nature, her masterful compositions are identified by her enticing mastery of her technique.  By capturing the fleeting effect of natural phenomena, Ms. Harris immortalizes the transitory quality of nature and seduces the viewer into contemplating a myriad of emotions regarding  their relationship with the natural terrain.  In our digital, technological universe, where changes are occurring at lightning speed, Ms. Harris shifts the visual dialogue inward by asking the viewer to put away their techno-devices, to slow down and take the time to really look at the world around them, and to think about their emotional relationship with nature.  

Creating a gentle aura of mystery, Andrea Harris’s lyrical landscapes result in an intense and sensuous experience with the natural terrain.   Hovering on the cusp between  abstraction and representation, Andrea Harris’s sublime compositions reveal a  fresh perspective   combined with    a deep insight into the familiar.   The artist contemplates the landscape and discovers a romantic elation as well as a note of melancholy as she searches for nature that is beyond the reality of our senses.

The individual compositions  are distinguished by a high level of painterly sophistication evidenced in a disciplined compositions  sparking a masterful use of color.  Because color is so suggestive, it has a major impact on one’ s  perception, uses a carefully selected palette to deliberately challenge the viewer’ s imagination and emotions.  Her distinctive and exceptional use of color along with the fluidity and energy of her brushwork and how she captures the light - the subtle tonal transitions and constant play of warm hues against cool which give astonishing richness and depth to the shadows and vibrant luminosity to the highlights.

NIKOLAY KUK'S expressionist, boldly colored mixed media works subvert their Soviet Era roots with bright, nonconformist colors and shapes

In the Pursuit of Meanings
Papier Mache
32′ x 52″ x 10″

Russian artist Nikolay Kuk’s provocatively expressionist, nonconformist mixed media creations are empowered by this concept. Reflective of the Soviet Era culture, there is inherent subversion in every form and angle, channeling the tensions of the time into a new, modern era. This blending of style and culture helps to create something utterly unique, exuding defiant energy and boldness, challenging the viewer’s perceptions of culture and art. By conveying images that range from simple to dramatic, Mr. Kuk encapsulates the human spirit and its journey through life by employing movement and ever-shifting colors.  Capturing a moment in a shape is both a beautiful and a dangerous struggle; his compositions emblematize a struggle reflective, in some ways, of many experiences common to all of us in our lives. 

In creating complex texture with his usage of color, Nikolay Kuk demonstrates his painterly expertise, ultimately taking each work into a whole new realm. Employing a scheme of vivid colors and bold contrasts, he creates an emotional mood, uniting organic figures with specific textural enhancements.  The overtly patterned surfaces add a depth of experience to each sculpture and relief, lending them the illusion of being almost flesh and bone themselves. Each figure and image calls to mind the idea of long lost fairy tales with their dark settings and vibrant characters, teasing the viewer into following them deeper into the forest of their narrative. This combination of organic shapes with textural enhancements and scintillating hues invokes profound feelings within the viewer, demanding attention and response. Mr. Kuk’s work refuses to be ignored, enchanting and utterly irrepressible.  

Using the Russian lubok as an ornamental pattern further emphasizes the influences Nikolay Kuk incorporates into his work, adding a sense of cultural heritage and timelessness to his pieces. The blending of colors and shapes lends itself to observation, passing along meaning and understanding through a complex visual discourse that eschews preconceived notions of art and structure by creating something new and unique, allowing for every viewer to have a distinct and different impression. Drawing on a keen eye and a reservoir of life experiences to transform seemingly separate and individual components into works that touch the viewer, the artist succeeds in creating transformative ,  unique works that combine artistic stimulation with the portrayal of the essential beauty and mystery of life.

KARA ASILANIS treasures the timeless external interior of life with her landscape & interior works, freezing an eternal special scenario

Acrylic on Canvas
24″ x 30″

California artist Kara Asilanis is inspired by the emotions and the intimacies of our world with landscape and interior compositions that encapsulate subtle moments of awe and wonder.  Challenged by freezing a scene as it exists for only a special brief moment in time, her landscapes and interior scenes showcase the precision and the uniqueness of seeing.  Ms. Asilanis accents the external interior of our world as she draws a visual metaphor of asking us to examine the interior quality of our character. 

Aiming to capture the first impression of what the eye views at first glance, as one first views nature or when one initially enters a room, Ms. Asilanis masterfully translates light, color and form. By reinforcing the character of the moment and revealing the value of the treasured second, she observes the intricacies of nature in a far more detailed fashion than what is usual for the casual observer as she preserves a special world in all its eternity. Intimate in both subject matter and medium, the viewer marvels at the subtle interplay of light, color and space. The ever-changing quality of nature reminds us of the impermanence of all existence and beckons us to more fully appreciate every special moment.     

Ms. Asilanis encapsulates the essence of pictorial nostalgia, a genre that lures viewers into a gentle dialogue with her painted compositions. Arranging contemporary objects into intricately detailed visual masterpieces, her paintings implant personal memories as she honors the beautiful individuality of her varied interior and exterior tableaux.  Translating onto canvas the ephemeral moment and freezing it for eternity, her evocative oeuvre radiates the lyrical beauty. With meticulous dedication to detail along with an extraordinary huetopian palette, a cadence of color dynamically overflows with bountiful layers of paints in various brilliant tones.

Veterinarian HEINZ STRAHL honors the joy of the animal in nature, transforming the animal into an anthropomorphic portrayal, imbuing his art with a palpable sense of respect and whimsy

Oil on Canvas
40″ x 32″

 Austrian artist, Dr. Heinz Strahl transcribes his experiences as a veterinarian and translates his fascination of the animal into an anthropomorphic portrayal of the animal realm. Imbuing his works with a palpable sense of respect and whimsy, his oeuvre is realistic in aesthetic, as he ennobles his subjects with a radiant exquisiteness that seems to sparkle from his canvases.  It is impossible to ignore Dr. Strahl’s creative capturing of the animals in his world, recreating his experiences and memories of them for the viewer to share in and understand as he invokes a sense of awe and majesty. Almost dreamlike in his choice of both theme and subject, the artist attempts to permeate real life with an effortless joie de vivre as his conservationist paintings convey the delight, glory and humor of all of the creatures on our planet, reminding us to treasure God’s creatures as special and sublime. 

Expressionist in content and execution, Dr. Strahl’s anthropomorphic oeuvre brings into the external world his inner world of representation. Vivacious and exciting, each animal image has a distinct life to it, making it seem as though any single one of them could jump from the page and fly away. There is a masterfully demonstrated skill in each composition, creating something new yet recognizable allowing the viewer to truly understand and appreciate the subject through the artist’s eyes. Demonstrating a strong grasp of color and tone which allows for a three-dimensionality, each work gives the impression of living, breathing animals in their natural environment. By blending the Expressionist technique with the Realist’s color wheel, Heinz Strahl’s breadth of work is filled with a wonderfully floating sense of freedom that is  grounded in the instantly relatable, exemplifying his efforts of making him a true modern master of the canvas. 

By choosing a more naturalistic color palette, Dr. Heinz Strahl focuses the attention of the viewer on the natural grace and beauty of his subjects, asking us to share in his love and appreciation for their natural forms. Truly an Expressionist master with a twist, Dr. Strahl’s paintings do not seek to represent objective reality but to demonstrate his experiences of his reality, hoping to arouse similar feelings of awe and sympathy in the viewer. His painting and creativity are basic needs to express artistic sensitivity, feeling in total harmony with nature while giving thanks for life, as he celebrates all forms of the natural kingdom.  

Honoring the eternal joy of the animal in nature, Dr. Strahl has crafted a transplendent collection of enchanting paintings which pay tribute to the boundless beauty and glory of our animal kingdom as his paintings inspire viewers to guard our wildlife and to create a world in which humans, animals and nature can coexist in harmony.  

AOZI's satirical  caricature paintings are dominated by their scathing socio-political message & are metaphors for the dilemmas of society

Treasure of Korod
Ink on Paper
35″ x 18″

Chinese artist AOZI’s message-laden, socially satirical caricatures are dominated by the importance of their socio-political message and seek to arouse meaningful discourse while celebrating the freedom of cultural expression.  A natural blend of German Expressionism and Chinese Gongbi styles, AOZI’s scathing parodies embody the prerogative of artistic essence as she continues the centuries-old tradition of provocative satirical, political art that challenges the conventions of society. Like her predecessors, ranging from 19th century Daumier in France to the contemporary “Charlie Hebdo-Je Suis Charlie,” her paintbrush is a visual metaphor which redefines the dilemmas of modern political and social woes, reflecting dark psychological and symbolic visions of the contemporary world.  Infused with compelling themes of consumption, avarice, greed and gluttony, the artist targets the foibles of the power elite and lampoons the bourgeoisies with her cartoon-like figures.  These powerful transcriptions convert her art into potent, comical social critiques on the world. 

Through an intuitive visual language which is symbolically interlaced with a collage of figures and animals, AOZI portrays her subjects with a dynamic aesthetic narrative message which consistently asserts that her compositions are socially and politically relevant.  Creating a deep, complex language of imagery that provides the viewer with a message in code, she allows us to extract hidden meanings from her art.  By successfully capturing the realities of the subject’s cultural world, her compositions demand a deeper reading from the viewer.  Offering an unsettling and disturbing commentary on modern society, the artist expresses her outrage against ruling oligarchs through her skillful lines which define her exaggerated figures.  Stimulating her audience to viscerally interact with her dynamic socio-political narrative, her intense yet formidable caricature oeuvre speaks to the audience on many levels and mirrors our unease with various societal issues. 

AOZI’s unique painterly vision employs a vivid color palette which is juxtaposed with black and white images of her subjects. The contrast of darker tones with the occasional pastel hue, contributes to the psychological tension of the composition as AOZI creates an intangible world of smiling faces who play-act stories for us to decipher. This interplay of light and dark creates an inverse chiaroscuro technique, emphasizing the two-dimensionality of the figures, rather than adding a third plane which works to the advantage of the outrageous, coy figures in the foreground, who peek out at the viewer with a teasing gaze. 

Internationally celebrated in Asia, Europe and the U.S., AOZI’s masterful caricature oeuvre has been catapulted to the international art arena.  

Grace Keller's spectrally hued Brahms' Sonata abstract series transcends reality to create a dazzling world exploding with chromatic syntax and visceral color

Brahms Sonata #3 Allegro
Oil on Canvas
31.5 x 31.5

Virtuosic colorist Grace Keller’s Brahms’ Sonata series transcends everyday reality to create a world that explodes with visceral color. The catalyst for her art can be found in her tribute to the triumph of music replete with intense colors and rich textures that metamorphose into lines and forms. Synthesizing the perfect aesthetic environment where visceral emotions are combined with color and movement, Ms. Keller states: “I use music to inspire my emotions and flow with them. I let the freedom of creation take the paint where it will, it flows with the rhythm of harmony. I have created a correspondence between the harmony of music and the harmony of colors." 

Integrating this together, Ms. Keller creates a new artistic vision that illustrates an inner spiritual universe, a new dimension reflecting dynamic, swirling galaxies of color   Ms. Keller presents a harmonic relation between our society and her compositions as she unearths a boundless energy and vitalizing spirituality in her opulently colored compositions. Electrifying hues sweep through her tableaux allowing her to metaphorically express her emotions and thoughts through a brilliant color palette which imbues the work with a rich, ebullient two-dimensional, textural effect. A dynamic interplay of light further intensifies an emotional sense. 

Though Grace Keller’s oeuvre is deeply personal, her dynamic process and expressive themes are universally identifiable and moving.