One Word - Cycling

Cycling is taken very seriously in Amsterdam. It’s not for fun at all. It’s a mode of transportation. The Dutch are so aggressive on their bikes to the point where pedestrians need to pay more attention to the bikes instead of the cars. I don’t think pedestrians have the right of way in the case of bikes. However, it is a serious danger if you don’t pay attention. I almost got hit several times! So, if you’re thinking about going to Amsterdam, pay attention.

We did decide to rent bikes and cycle through the city. That’s a must if you visit. I suggest practicing beforehand before you arrive, especially if you’re clumsy like me. The fast pace cycling of others and the flow of traffic can be a bit intimidating. The cycling was so much fun though, despite a few crashes and getting left behind in Vondelpark for 45 minutes. It was a gorgeous day to do it too. We rode all over and even took the ferry to the film museum where we took a break from the bikes, watched a few clips, and played a trivia game.

I tried snapping a few photographs while on the bike as well. Some turned out, others didn’t. I am proud of the fact that I did handle that part like a pro :)