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like amorous birds of prey (narcissa&lucius; 10th august 1973)

The party was in full swing by the time Lucius arrived. Respectable adults with their respectable children in tow were milling around, and Lucius wondered whether bringing his father along would have been a good idea after all. But he’d been busy, and Lucius was a big boy now who could look after himself; he didn’t need his father along, even if everyone else had done that. But at least he could let himself go a bit without his father here. Maybe he could find Narcissa, even; they’d started talking – well, flirting – a lot more towards the end of school, and he found that he rather missed her.

He’d got the owl inviting him here a few days after receiving the results of his NEWTs; four Os, three Es, . He wasn’t sure whether to be pleased or disappointed or not: Es were good, but they weren’t the best, and Malfoys were the best. He’d also done only seven subjects, whereas quite a few people had done more. He’d decided not to worry though, when he’d heard what results some of the other people in their year had got; he’d done spectacularly compared to a lot of them, and brilliant grades in seven were better than mediocre grades in nine. So he’d happily accepted Narcissa’s owl (which wasn’t actually from her, he hadn’t failed to note) and decided that he’d celebrate his own grades while he was there, too.

He snagged a glass of wine from a floating tray, tasted it, and snorted when he realised it was Superior Red; wine from the Malfoy Apothecary. The Blacks had taste, he’d give them that. He took a second sip as he weaved his way through the crowd, nodding at his friends from school and shaking the hands of the elder generation, who all wanted to tell him how he’d grown into ‘such a handsome young lad’, and how ‘my daughter is just over there; should I fetch her for you?’ He smirked at the way they all lost interest in him when he declined their offers, and he carried on walking around until he caught a glimpse of Narcissa’s hair. Knowing he was on the right track, he carried on in that direction, only stopping when he reached her.

His arm reached out to wrap around her waist when he stopped next to her, his hand resting snugly on her hip. “Narcissa; so good to see you,” he muttered into her ear, arrogant grin plastered onto his face. It really had been too long, he mused, swirling the wine slowly around the glass. He quickly excused her from her current conversation, before leading her off so they could talk properly, the arm around her waist guiding her. “Your family have a good taste in wine, you know.”