So Feanorian week will be in like, 8 months (i’m keeping the date the same)! That said, I want to start advertising ahead of time since the event requires a lot of time and preparation on your part.
With that in mind, I’d like to know if you’re all okay with the prompts?

And if you’d like a bit more or have suggestions, you can start sending them to me so I can start getting the promo out.

Also, if anyone would like to do some Feanorian art for the promo (s) of header image (most likely mobile), feel free to do that.

You can send your suggestions, comments, or concerns to this blog, or my main, @inkstranger (that’s better for IM too)!

I think one of the biggest complains for last Feanorian week is that people didn’t have time, so I’d like to start planning now to give everyone a head start :)

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Feanorian Week??

Anyone interested in a Feanorian week. I’ve concluded that since there’s seven sons of Feanor and seven days of the week, they’d each have their own day (or we could count the twins as the same, and use the last day for Feanor or even a free for all).

If not that, then themes are completely welcomed.

Let’s make this a fandom wide event, and since school is kicking back up within a week, I would like some help.

Reply to this post if you’re interested! When I get enough people we can make a page for it and get things running! Thanks :D 

(p.s: reblog, signal boost)?


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Maeglin in Himring Headcanons (if he managed to escape Gondolin that is):

-Maeglin being utterly terrified of Maedhros when he first meets him, halfway expecting to be threatened like he was in Gondolin and Nan Elmoth. Not to mention, it looks like someone dragged a rake across his face. But when Maedhros welcomes him into his home with no strings attached, giving him the chance to leave if he wants, Maeglin throws his arms around the tall elf and hugs him.

 -Maeglin learning that looks can be deceiving.

-Maedhros understanding just why Maeglin is so silent, and secretly vowing to get him out of his shell.

-Maeglin nearly crying when he joins the hunt with Curufin and Celegorm for the first time, because he was waiting for Maedhros to tell him he’d either be chained up or thrown from the fortress if he left. All Maedhros asks is that Maeglin brings him a back something good to eat.

-Celegorm and Curufin mistakenly calling him “Irisse” when they go off riding and occasionally commenting on his skills and saying, “Like mother like son, huh Maeglin” after he brings in the most game.

-Curufin taking Maeglin under his wing and teaching him a completely new style or Forge work.

-Maeglin telling Curufin, “You look like Celebrimbor,” and Curufin responding happily that Celebrimbor looks like him.

-Maeglin calling Curufin “Celebrimbor” all the time on accident.

-Fingon being so much like Aredhel that Maeglin smiles when he’s around him.

-Maglor always insisting that he spends time out in the sun and feeding him plentiful because he’s a “growing” elfling.

-Maeglin wanting to call Maedhros his father—but Maedhros telling him that Eol is his father, and that in time he will learn to forgive him.

-Caranthir teaching him that it’s not always healthy to hold his pain in, and encouraging him to find constructive ways to release it.

-Maeglin struggling with Quenya, because the Himring dialect is so different then the Gondolin one.

-Amros and Maeglin being incredibly close and bonding over a loneliness that no one else can understand.

-Maedhros forbidding anyone to glorify their deeds at the Kinslayings, Celegorm and Curufin included. Maeglin not caring about Maedhros’s rules and eager to go to fight for the Silmaril when he time comes, because the Sindar have done nothing good for him, and the Feanorians are his new family now.

-Maeglin enjoying hearing Fingon talk trash about his brother, and in general enjoys the Sons of Feanor talking trash about each other.

-Maeglin creating an adjustable metal hand for Maedhros, including Sindarian charms to make it movable.

-Maeglin feeling nothing when he hears of the Fall of Gondolin.

-Figon and Celegorm and Curufin fighting over how to dress him. The Feanorains want him to wear their house colors, Fingon wants him to wear his. In the end, he alternates.

-Maedhros spending an hour a day with Maeglin just to check on his progress.

-Maedhros demanding that Maeglin stop excusing his father and uncle’s threats.

-Maeglin becoming talkative, playful and humorous just like his mother.


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anonymous asked:

HC: Maedhros likes to tell Elrond and Elros things about his five dead brothers they would prefer to remain unknown to others XD

(sorry if it’s bad writing, I feel like it is. But I haven’t had a good sleep for a while now. Been studying too much)

I feel like he tells the twins the good about the dead feanorians. The entire world only knows the bad, and no one is willing to listen to the good, no one alive that is.

No one except Elrond and Elros.

I think the twins  are curious first, wanting to learn more about the others before Maedhros even tells them. They know of them, they’ve seen remnants of the past, and now they want to learn about them on first hand, before the darkness.  

They knew the Kinslayers as KInslayers, at least until they met Maglor and Maedhros. Now they know them as elves, fathers even. So naturally, they’re curious to know about their uncles. They could ask Malgor, but he would only sing to them, and more often than not, all of his songs were dreadfully sad.

And the twins don’t want the sad, they want the happy.

So they ask Maedhros about his brothers, who’s more than glad to dwell on the happier times of his life with his foster sons.  He often gets caught in tales of his childhood and Valinor whenever they ask him about his previous life, and he speaks for hours, and hours on end. And Elrond and Elros love every second of it.

He begins with Celegorm and Curufin, since they were always together. Tells them that they used to hate each other. Celegorm was always the unlucky brother that got stuck babysitting Feanor’s favorite, and small Curvo was always trying to prove himself to the brother who didn’t even like him, but eventually they became the best of friends.

He tells him how Caranthir was so bullied due to his appearance that he’d throw bucket loads of powder on his face to make him look pale and unblemished with his hundreds of freckles. He never felt comfortable with himself until Feanor took him into his arms and called his face a galaxy, until Feanor told him those freckles were the reason Caranthir even existed, because Nerdanel had them, and Feanor was very attracted to them.

Maedhros barely manages to tell them about Amrod and Amros though. “They were always together,” he begins, “Much like you and Elros…”

He pauses, and swallows tears, and finds himself unable to continue. It’s a shocker to them all. They had been so engrossed in the story, whisked away to another land and time, and Maedhros’s inability to continue brings them back to their painful reality.

They don’t ask him to speak though, because they know he’ll cry (the Ambarussa are always a sensitive topic in their home, it doesn’t help that the twins are constantly mistaken for them), and if they wanted a crying Feanorian they would have gone to Maglor.

So they thank him with a hug and leave him to his devices, but spend the late hours of the night talking about their uncles.