amr cosplay

“I was just trying to be like you.”

@amr-cosplay as Spider-Man
Rusty Winns as Iron Man
Photo by Patrick Sun Photography, Dragoncon 2016

Who else is crazy excited for Spider-Man: Homecoming after the new trailer?! I can’t wait for the movie or to do the new suits!

“I have visited lairs, burrows and nests across five continents, observed the curious habits of magical beasts in a hundred countries, witnessed their powers, gained their trust and, on occasion, beaten them off with my traveling kettle.”

@amr-cosplay as Newt Scamander
Photograph by York In a Box

“We’re going to recapture my creatures before they get hurt. They’re currently in alien terrain, surrounded by millions of the most vicious creatures on the planet… Humans.”

@amr-cosplay as Newt Scamander
Photo by Philip Sustachek, LA Cosplay Shoot 2017