I’ve been toying with a modern Wranduin AU with Leg-amputated!Anduin and Mute!Wrathion meeting in a youth group and Anduin discovering that Wrathion’s the chattiest piece of shit alive when it comes to signing, but I think my favorite branch-off of the AU is Wrathion getting a motorcycle and showing up to Anduin’s house hoping his boyfriend thinks he looks cool and instead getting the shit shook/whapped out of him as Anduin yells at him DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE ON THESE THINGS EVERY YEAR DO YOU THINK IM DRIVING YOUR DUMBASS TO THE HOSPITAL YOU WANT ME TO LOSE ANOTHER LEG BRING IT BACK TO THE DEALERSHIP RIGHT NOW

either that or Anduin introducing Wrathion to Varian for the first time and Wrathion sly-signing to Anduin ‘I see you must have gotten your good looks from your mother’ and suddenly Varian signs ‘I was taught sign as part of specialized police training. break up with my son immediately’

Gaius being a real drama queen and overreacting to everything and lon'qu has just. Given up in trying to deal with him. Gaius jogs for a little bit and then hes like. Oh mama im dying . Im dying I can’t do this. *lays on the ground* *groaning* he runs out of candy and hes like this is the end I have nothing left im doomed. Im doomed . *collapses onto couch* auugh (lon'qu trying to get him off) (Gaius groaning even more) . Gaius stubs his toe. Hes screaming stuff like The pain is so bad we are going to have to cut off my WHOLE foot Aaauggh and lon'qu is like you wimp and gaius is like Shhh you dont even understand . You just dont its the worst

I haven’t anything to do rn so I’m gonna do the list five facts about myself that @stray-trash just did. Gonna try to list some I haven’t before but we’ll see!

  1. I dropped out of high school when I was 15. (Don’t do this you will have sO MANY REGRETS)
  2. I have never flown in a plane before.
  3. I didn’t watch High School Musical until about a year and a half ago.
  4. A doctor at Shriner’s Hospital told my parents that my leg should be amputated when I was 10. (They were probably right but my parents felt that it was too big of a decision for a child to make and sought other options.)
  5. I have owned two chickens in the past.

sO that’s five facts that I think I haven’t listed. I don’t feel like tagging anyone but if you wanna do this then go ahead??

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dude what the fuck happened to your foot

I accidentally cut it…open… and like the fucking idiot I am didn’t cover it at all,it got infected so I went to emergency care and they just cut it open,wrapped it and now I have a huge fucking hole in my foot to drain eww and apparently “"if I don’t do it right this time it will spread and it’s bad enough that I will loose my foot”“ mhm

my cat Lola, who was hit by a truck on Sunday and has both a broken leg and a tail that will most likely need to be amputated, walked from the living room to my room (which is pretty far when your leg is broken) just to hang out with Mikey and I and to get some pets

i’m so glad she’s okay and purring and as much like her old self as she can be, we petted her and gave her kisses on the top of her head and FUCK the lady down the street that hit her

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2, 4, 7 ,10 ,19!

2: If you had to amputate one of your fingers, which one would you pick?


“Wow. Uh. I- Guess my pinky? Don’t do much with it, and it’s the smallest, so that’d be easiest - right?”

4: Which object in the room you’re in right now would make the best pet (not counting any animals in the room)?

“A pet book could be cool. – I was gonna say trash bin, since it could follow me around, but I don’t wanna know what cleaning up after that would be like.”

7: Would you rather have your bedroom completely decorated with life-like dolls, or paintings of clowns?



“I guess- Clowns?”

10: What’s your favorite toy to play with during a bubble bath?

“I shower.”

19: How many pairs of socks would you need to own before you can be truly happy?

“I only have two feet, but running the washer all the time is expensive, so - fifteen? One pair each day for two weeks, and a spare, in case.”

i s2g the people in this empire

“hey look theres that retired vet that wants nothing to do with war anymore with one leg who has a five year old son and a wife to feed let’s make him enlist in the army again this is a brilliant idea what could possibly go wrong?”


also like? they were calling him an expatriate.. when he was the only survivor of his group in the last war. and he didn’t take the reward/compensation money for becoming disabled while in service. but instead gave it to the people.

i really wanna work on my webcomic but i messed up my arm somehow? probably strained it while cleaning this week. you know that feeling u get when u sleep on ur arm wrong, like a nerve pinch? it feels like that except its been like this for 2 whole days and the pain got so bad last night i had to take 2 advils and i was crying and it felt like my arm had to be cut off it was so scary

tereziskyrope replied to your post:Hi Tyler!! I wanted to ask, since 

okay, thanks!! :) I’ll keep an eye out for the comic, then, and wait some more before decide if i’ll buy it or not! can i also ask, do the personal in-game choices rly pay off well emotionally? as opposed to just watching someone else make them…?

Truly? I don’t think they made much of a difference at the conclusion of the game.. Some characters might hold grudges but they wouldn’t act much upon it save for a passing bitter remark. Don’t get me wrong, it does change things, but it doesn’t really change the ending, just the journey. Although what was emotional was making the choices. You’d often be put in a really tough spot with two opposing people who had very strong opinions and it is sometimes hard to make choices there and things don’t end up the way you want, which is quite interesting. Picking dialogue with Snow is also good because at times it can be easy to say something which may set her off but is totally justified in being angry at. You can choose to tear off a character’s arm at one point and they’re introduced as a very antagonistic person, but in the episode directly after you find out they’re pretty lovely. So there is a lot of moral conflict in the game. Honestly, your choices matter more in the body of the game than they do at the end.