Photo by AMPt member Adam Conner (IG: @derblutenkat)

I took this shot during a 2 month hiking expedition with native shepherds in the volcanic mountains of Hawaii…ok, not really…but the mountains are from Hawaii.

I originally took the picture of the mountains while standing on a balcony in Hawaii last fall. The image of the sheep was taken across the street from my house. I blended the 2 images in Filterstorm using the normal blend mode.

I brought the blended image into Snapseed and applied the Fog & Old Lens Center Focus effects, subtle sharpening and kicked the white balance up to mellow out the scene with the nice warm tones.

Wrapped up the edit by blending in an image of clouds with the overlay blend mode in Filterstorm to accent the lofty/dramatic feel. Saved.

Photo submitted by AMPt Member Tony Corcoran (@kungfuroll)

After all is said and done I feel the same
All that I hoped would change within me stayed
Like a huddled moonlit exile, on the shore
Warming his hands a thousand years ago

I walk with others in me, yearning to get out
Claw at my skin and gnash their teeth and shout
One of them wants only to be someone you’d admire
One would as soon just throw you on the fire

After all is said and after all is done
God only knows which of them I’ll become

‘Someone you’d Admire’ Fleet Foxes

There are three individual shots here; the base shot of the large empty warehouse, the self portrait of a huddled me, and the final image in the centre which is another self portrait of me running between some abandoned buildings. The image came about by trial and error, which seems to happen to me a lot of late. I go through phases of minimal editing and quick posting and then do a full 180 degree turn and spend weeks on never ending edits and less frequent posting, and it can be hard to get out of that position(which is where I am now)

I used Filterstorm here again, which is my most used app. I noticed recently that the masking feature had several different methods of applying the various layers, and I used one of these methods in this image('Filters’ option, then the last option 'add exposure’, then place the layer on top of the base image, then hit the adjustments button on the right hand side and you can chose the blending mode, such as 'Normal’ 'Multiply’ 'Screen’ etc, and then you 'paint’ in the areas you require. I used the 'Multiply’ mode for all three layers in my picture. Slight adjustment using the 'Curve’ feature. Finally, added some light rays using the 'Rays’ app. Filterstorm can be initially confusing but with some perseverance and dedication in trying several of the editing options will reap plenty of rewards.

Advanced Mobile Photography Team-AMPt

Photo by AMPt member Tammy George (@punkrawkpurl)

Title: .clinging to the past.


This past weekend I ventured out on a 4 hour walk about of a former US Naval Air Station. In the upcoming weeks, I shall be posting some of my shots taken this past weekend whilst exploring the base

In 1927, an airport was built upon the manmade island of Alameda, CA, which lies east of San Francisco, just across the bay. In 1936 Franklin D. Roosevelt accepted the land from the city for the purchase price of $1.00. The area was constructed to be one of the worlds largest and most complete Naval Air Stations.

Since it’s official closure in 1997, Alameda Point, has been used for television and motion picture filming, the USS Hornet Naval ship museum, various businesses (from bicycle repair shops to wineries, distilleries, and a gym which houses an indoor soccer field). All of this industry, and the land still maintains an overwhelming post-apocalyptic feel. It is ripe for photographers and explorers all the same

Photo Details: Shot with Hipstamatic using Foxy lens + Cano Cafenol film. No edits. Foxy is an incredibly warm and lush lens, it was ideal for shooting the decaying blue and yellow color palette of the base. I chose Cano for several of these shots because of the moody aged filter that it lends to colorful scenarios and of course its uneven border which allows the image to bleed through.

#punkrawkpurl_ampt #purehipstamatic #Foxy #CanoCafenol #Alameda #igerseastbay

Advanced Mobile Photography Team- AMPt

Photo by AMPt member Tammy George (@punkrawkpurl)

Title: he’s watching over you
4: 4 - a mini series of the church down the street
.the rest of the series can be seen in my feed.

I am not religious at all, but I am infatuated with architecture, including the architecture of churches. I am also a big fan of geometric shapes. So you can imagine my delight over Oakland California’s, Cathedral of Light church. Built in 20XX, this church is a standout of the Lake Merritt district of Oakland. It is a rare treat is to catch the church illuminated in the evenings, and an even rarer treat to catch Jesus lit up as well. I was overjoyed when picking up dinner after work last week… I parked across the street from the church & Jesus was on!

Shot with Hipstamatic, using Rock BW-11 film + Loftus lens.
Decim8: fold4wrap5 effect. (This is one of several renditions. Others are in a mini series in my personal feed). I wasn’t happy with the overall images created by this effect, but I did love a portion of each one. Whic brought me to the next step.

Diptic: Using the ‘two vertical image’ layout, I uploaded the same decim8ed image into both fields and mirrored one side. I adjusted both sides to highlight the portion of the image that I loved from the decim8 effect. I adjusted and until I was satisfied with the symmetry and overall visual balance. Saved.

Snapseed: “tune image” to brig out details- brightness at-18 and contrast at -7. Saved.
Lomob: chose “Vintage Instant- Black” filter with the photo filter turned off and the vignetting turned on. Saved.
Picfx: Nebula filter (from the Space set) at approx 50% strength and rotated effect to maximize spooky effect.

#notreligious_and_nooffense_intended #creepyjesus #horrorclub #oakland #igerseastbay #church

Photo Submitted AMPt Member by Darren Hudson (@thehudson)

Gather Together (Compassion)

I took this shot during a family visit to the National Aquarium in Plymouth on the south Coast of the UK. It’s a fascinating place and the largest aquarium in the country. Tricky place to get a good shot because of the lighting conditions but lying on the ground in front of one these huge tanks I managed to get this

Edit Process:
Shot with the Native iPhone 4s camera. Then in Snapseed I cropped and desaturated to almost black and white and then played with the white balance to bring back a nice blue tinge. I felt the original blue in the image was far to harsh. I also lightened and increased contrast a little here. Then added slight dark vignette and then sharpened still in Snapseed. Then over to Artstudio for the typography. First the word “GATHER” was duplicated onto 3 layers. The first was blurred slightly - and on the the second layer I applied the pixelize effect and the last layer kept as the original. I then played with the opacity of all 3 layers until I got nice blend between them all and then flattened them together onto 1 layer. Then I masked out the parts that overlapped the fish to give the effect of the text being behind the fish. Lastly I added the word “TOGETHER” onto a new layer and lowered the opacity slightly. Then saved out the image to Phono where I added the word COMPASSION with slight opacity and saved. The image had quite a bit grain because of the low light conditions when I took it, so finally I brought it into Photoshop Express and smoothed out the grain with the reduce noise filter and that’s it!

AMPt - Advanced Mobile Photography Team -

Photo submitted by AMPt Member Anna Cox (@annacox)

•sound and light•

I’ve found myself wishing for warm weather and the beach since it has gotten cold so I thought perhaps a beach photo would be a fun revisit. This year the only time I spent at the beach was in the early morning and evening strolling my 4 month old. It was such a sweet serene time for me

Process: opened the image in snapseed and put it through the tune image paces. Adjusting contrast, saturation, etc. The buildings in the background caused me a little trouble. I couldn’t get them dark enough without losing some of the color in the foreground so I darkened the image to get the houses in silhouette and hit save. Then reopened the image and edited the rest of the image to my liking. Hit save again. I then had two images- one with the houses how i liked them and one with the water how i liked it. Then I opened both in juxtaposer and replaced the buildings in the lighter version with the buildings in the darker version. Hit save. Took the whole shebang back over to snapseed to add a touch of old lens in the center focus feature keeping the blur at 5 to smooth some noise at the top of the photo. Hit save and then finished my coffee :)

Photo submitted by AMPt member Thomas Kakareko (@thomas_k)

Title: Countryside

Process: This is most probably my first color shot for AMPt. Lately I started to appreciate color a little more so it’s time to do it here as well. This picture was taken last weekend while I was visiting some friends in a very small village in central Germany. I felt a little strange during our walk because I was missing my urban backgrounds and some people of course. We haven’t spotted a single person during our walk so I had to photograph my friend. Still it’s all candid :) For editing I used only Snapseed as for all my color shots. After adjusting things like contrast and saturation I applied Drama filter at 30% and Vintage Filter 4 with texture down to 0%. Finally I applied Rise filter to add a little brightness and clarity.

Photo submitted by AMPt Member Shinnya Umetsu (@chikuwa91)

Title: Little trip

Description: I spend a holiday with coffee, cigarette, book and VANS at this place

Process: taken by native camera

1. Snapseed: Crop and add DRAMA at 40%.
2. Photoforge2: A color of the grass is coordinated to more green by color balance.
3. Filterstorm Add Exposure: I add the image which coordinated a color by photoforge2 to only a part of the grass.
4. Picfx: I saved two images that I added Grit Texture and Olden Texture.
5. Add Exposure of Filterstorm again, I add two texture spice on the background.
6. Snapseed: I coordinate a highlight in a CenterFocus.
7. PSE: adjust the sharpen.
8. VSCO: I choose No. 05!

Photo submitted by AMPt Member Thomas Kakareko (@thomas_k)

Title: Waiting in company

Process: I seriously love to have bikes in my pictures. They can add so much to a composition so I’m always looking out for parked ones leaning against walls. Found this place on my way home from work and just had to wait for an interesting character. The next day she was there.

Process: Took this shot with my iPhone 4S using the native camera app. Recently I started working with Filterstorm a little more again so this is where the picture first landed. After cropping I turned it into b/w and did some sharpening. Next stop was Noir where I played with contrast and exposure until I got the desired effect. Don’t know what I would do without this app.

Photo submitted by AMPt member
Christina Nørdam Andersen (@cirkeline)

Title: The girl in the polka dot dress

Process: I used the iPhone’s native camera to take the shot and cropped it to square in Iris app. Then a trip into Noir app to turn it b/w. With Focaloid app I applied blur to the background. Focaloid app is great as it allows you to add a blur effect by finger exactly where you want it. In Snapseed I added a touch of the “drama” effect to make the details stand out and finally adjusted brightness and contrasts again.

Photo submitted by AMPt Member Graham Preston (@grahampreston)

Title: when you’re down

Process: Shot with ProCamera. I very rarely have time to make sure everything is perfectly straight when shooting in the street. It’s more like I see that there maybe a chance of a shot as I approach - fire off a few frames and then see what turns out later. I’m not saying it can all be fixed in the edit but cropping out a distracting branch or person is alright in my book.

Here I made a slight tweak with Genius Scan to make all the verticals sit straight together and give a tighter crop. Because I tend to take shots from a slight distance, correcting distortion can give a little surreal feel to the composition

Next I used Snapseed’s vintage filter, style 7 - I remove all texture and just balance the colour. Smidge of sharpening in details and save.

AMPt- advanced mobile photography team

Photo by AMPt member Christina Nørdam Andersen (@cirkeline)

Title/Caption: Beneath the wandering stars
Description/Story: This shot is from a recent Insta-walk which took place in Malmö, which is in the South of Sweden. As it was raining we spent a lot of time indoors at the Trianglen train station where this was taken. It was a photographer’s heaven with ineresting architecture, scale and beautiful natural lighting

Edit Process: I took the pic with the iPhone’s native camera and took it directly to Lo-Mob app, which I am currently in love with. Here I applied the 6x6 TTV Grid of the 80’s filter. By scaling the image with my finger I cropped and composed the pic at the same time. The pic has by now been added some interesting aged effect, but I want to turn it b/w. Therefore next is a trip into VSCO app and I applied “2” which is one of three b/w choices. Finally I took it into Snapseed to sharpen the figure on the escalator, polish the contrast and highlights and by removing the frame that the Lo-Mob app has applied.

Photo submitted by AMPt team member Diego Amador (@diegobot)

Title: /clarity/

Edit description : to begin I used the app Rays applied 59% on length and 40% threshold saved and closed. Next up I went into Snapseed and used the grunge filter style 400 and put the contrast to -0 and texture to -0 . This way it makes for a clean and not so grungy look. Next up I sharpened the photo 75% and also ran the structure sharpen option to 45% for more pop. Now by doing this it added more saturation, so I went into the tune image option to lower the saturation to my liking. Last but not least I went into the center focus option and applied the portrait 2 option and voila , all done !

AMPt member Frank Mathews @nitti80

Title: Chasing Your Dream

This Image. This opportunity. This moment is of a young man named Traveil chasing his dream to be a successful entertainer. This past saturday I was invited to see him perform on stage in Fayetteville, NC and I was in the front row snapping like crazy. During the show I could see and feel his passion. You could see throughout his performance the fact that he believes its only a matter of time before his dreams come true. What I really love about this photo is it captures him in the process of chasing his dream. In that moment I realized that a dream no matter how big or small is an important part of who we are and you should fight for your dream with passion. This night I was inspired to chase my very own dreams harder. So let me ask you all a queation…..What does it mean to chase your dream? Well I believe the first step is to write it down somewhere. So what is your dream? Thats right I would like know what your dream is. Put your dream in the comment line big or small doesn’t matter and lets chat about it.

Photo submitted by AMPt Member @ovan


I was driving around in South Jutland, Denmark around the magic hour. This giant cloud was blocking the sun, so I was hoping it would fly away in time. At the moment the first golden rays appeared from behind it, I took this shot with the fantastic 645PRO app.
Editing is done in SnapSeed:
1. Straigthened the horizon & cropped to square.
2. Tune image: ambiance -80 for added drama, contrast -20 to recover some subtle shading in the cloud, saturation -10 to remove the snapshot colors, brightness +20, white balance +80 to fix the wrong blue in the sky.
3. Vintage: style 8 for the purple cross-process effect, saturation 30, style 70, texture 0, center size 40.
4. Center focus: blur 40, inner 15, outer 15.
That’s all folks!

#nature #landscape #denmark #clouds #645PRO #iphoneography

Photo submitted by AMPt member Marco L. ( @magicmarco )

I like soul food. But soul food restaurants? Man, the customer service is horrible! You can call any other type of restaurant and they’ll treat you right. You call a Mexican restaurant, they’ll pick up right away, ‘Thank you for calling Taco John. May I help you?’ 'Yes. Gimme five burritos. Six enchiladas. And three chimichangas. Get my order ready. I’ll be over to pick it up.’ You call a soul food restaurant? Shiiiit, the phone rings forever. Ring, ring. Ring, ring. Hell, it rings for so long, you forgot who you called. Finally somebody picks up the phone, 'Yeah?’ 'Uh, yes, is this……Sarah’s Soul Food?’ 'I don’t know. Who’d you call?’ 'I don’t know! I’m trying to find out.’ 'Look, what you want man?’ 'Well, gimme the smothered chicken, the cabbage and some of them yams. Oh and a sweet tea.’ 'Hold on man, I don’t work here. Lemme get somebody to take this call.’ - Lavelle Crawford

Hello fuckers. You see that pic? That’s one of Hip Hop’s greatest lyricists. Ever. If you don’t know, you better ask somebody. Or Google that shit. You uninformed bastard. I snapped this at a recent concert. Yes, he killed it. Yes, I had a great time. Yes, I drank a beer. Or two. Or six. And yes, this pic & edit came out awesome. But that’s usual for me. What’s important is the question this pic evokes. And that is….when you were a kid, what did you hope (continued in first comment)

When you were a kid, what did you hope you’d grow up to be? Me…I wanted to be a rapper. For reals. I wrote rhymes everyday, battled and freestyled with the other kids during lunch and after school all throughout my formative years. I was constantly perfecting my cadence and delivery but what I strived for the most was a cleverly constructed flow riddled with punch lines. I loved seeing the crowd crack up. In a battle, funny punch lines were the equivalent of a boxer’s uppercuts. And if you ended your verse with a punch line so hilarious that they almost couldn’t believe what they just heard? Knock out punch. I’d stand there with a smirk, looking at my opponent like, 'Somebody get this amateur, Dr. Seus rhyming ass simpleton outta my face before I crush all his hopes and dreams. Next!’ But I was modest too. Well, sometimes. Okay, not really. But yo…your turn. As a kid, what did you wanna grow up to be? I’m curious. Share your story yo

Ps. Editing process? Shot with ProCamera. Erased background with Juxtaposer using plain white image. SnapSeed for Grunge effect. Phonto for text. Oh and that little squiggly shit up top? An app called SpacePaint. Try that shit. It’s fun. Okay, now time to answer the damn question. Go


Advanced Mobile Photography Team - AMPt

Photo submitted by AMPt Member Diego Amador (@diegobot)

Title: Your Lightness

Process - First I Squaready To crop
Next up used Snapseed and used the Tune Image option & applied the white balance up to +10
Next up I used the Vintage style 4 & dropped the texture to 0 and style up to +35
Thereafter I used the Center Focus option and applied the Portrait 2 option.
After that I used the Selective Adjust to brighten up the middle light and cranked that bad boy up (brightness) to +100
Last but not least I applied the Structure option in Sharpening and put it to +75 saved and voila !

AMPt - Advanced Mobile Photography Team -

Photo submitted by AMPt Member Crina Prida (@crina_prida)

Title: Fairy tales happen

Model: Anda

Process: shot w/ iPhone 4 native camera; crop and slight adjustments in Snapseed, duplicate image edited in Lo-mob, then took both images to Blender, where I also added the butterfly from a secondary image, belonging to me as well

Final tweak in Scratchcam, and a few minor selective adjustments and sharpening in Snapseed again.

Photo submitted by AMPt Member Chris stern (@chris_stern)

On 4th of July, I decided to take a drive to the next town from where I live to see what I can find to photograph. Luckily, I found some manufacturing buildings with great character which were made to be photographed. This gave me an opportunity to try out Hipstmatic new Jane lens with my favorite film BlacKeys Supergrain.

Lesson: When editing a photo never be afraid to app stack a photo. Sometimes you have to make round trip to the same app a couple times to get the effect you are looking for. In this photo, I made 2 round trips in Camera + to get the desired look I was looking for. In all, I went into 5 apps until I was happy with the image

Shot with: Hipstamatic (Jane Lens/BlacKeys Supergrain Film)

Edited with:
Opened Camera +
Select Scenes
- Add Clarity
Select FX
- Select Analog FX > Pinhole
Save to Camera Roll

Open in ScratchCam
Select B&W Preset
Select Edit
- Choose Scratch - reduce intensity
- Choose Color - B&W
Save to Camera Roll

Opened Camera +
Select Scenes
- Add Clarity
Save to Camera Roll

Open Lo-Mob
Select 6x6 TTV Noir Bar
Tap image
Turn off frame & blur
Save to Camera Roll

Open in Snapseed
Select Black and White then save
Select Details
Sharpening +30
Save to Camera Roll