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Many ppl think OQ will see Laurel (BS) in the last scene of Ep 5x09. I also remember that SA said the most important it's not who but what is he looking at? So it's not about someone but about something. BS is someone not something. I think he will see the bunker ampty. Or without Felicity seat on the chair and missing.

Wow. I had not even considered who Oliver would see in the last scene. I saw the pic saying ‘who am I looking at?’ but I didn’t know it was the last scene.

I think I read Laurel is in a flashback in 5x09, so I doubt he’s looking at a Flashback.

At the time I guessed he was looking at Felicity, but that’s because I always want him to be looking at Felicity ;)

I really have no idea but you have me thinking…

Thanks for the ask.