AMPt Street photo by Matt @brooklyn theory


As a general rule, I don’t photograph the homeless.  I have my reasons.  If, however, I see an image that needs to be taken I’ll take it, but I never really share those images with anyone.  I made an exception in this case after being approached by AMPt Street to feature and discuss an image that exemplifies street documentary photography and street life in general.  So here it is…

As I was approaching the subway station on 33rd St. about to head home, I noticed this homeless gentleman standing in the shadows of the US Post Office Building fumbling through his pockets looking for what turned out to be a cigarette. His face was full of character and his eyes were sad and downtrodden.  Across from him on the sidewalk was a food vendor selling fresh fruit from a pushcart and in between the two of them from my vantage point stood the subway entrance lamppost.  

I framed the scene in my mind - the homeless man and food cart being bisected in my frame by the lamppost.  The lamppost acting almost like a wall separating the two and forever keeping them, man and food,  apart.  

The dichotomy of the image I had in my head made stop dead my tracks. I waited. In order for the photograph to be successful I needed that harsh light to strike the man standing in the shadows on his face in order to bring his features to life and to give him equal relevance to the food cart that was drenched in sunlight.  I waited.  Finding his cigarette he now fumbled in his pocket for matches.  Once in hand, he lit a match and I took a picture thinking that it might be interesting having the light from the lit match illuminate his face as he stood in the shadows.  That wasn’t nearly enough light though and besides, I still wanted the shot that I had imagined when I first came upon the scene so I waited some more.  After a few minutes with his cigarette finally lit and having taken a couple of drags he took a couple of steps forward and walked right into the sunlight.  I shot my picture as he passed through my frame and then I descended the subway stairs and headed home.

The image was taken using the iPhone native camera.  To edit the image, I cropped it square and converted it into black and white using Snapseed.  I then went to Filterstorm where I added a little contrast using the curves tool and then gave the final image it’s black border.

Brooklyn Theory is NYC based photographer living in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  He documents NYC every single day and shares these images on Instagram, Eyem, Twitter and his blog

Photo by AMPt member Christina Nørdam Andersen (IG: @cirkeline)

Title: Living in the present
Process: I took the pic with the native camera and cropped it into square in Iris app. As I took the pic in the middle of the day the light is quite harsh so I had to do several things to soften the appearance. Firstly I turned it to b/w in Noir app and took it into Blur app, which is great for creating a soft bokeh like effect. I focused on a part of the little girl’s dress rather than the whole part of her to keep the expression slightly surreal and dreamy. Then it went into Snapseed where I adjusted the brightness and contrasts. Finally I sharpened the image in Photo Fx app.

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AMPt - Advanced Mobile Photography Team

Photo by AMPt member Adam Conner (IG: @derblutenkat)

I took this shot during a 2 month hiking expedition with native shepherds in the volcanic mountains of Hawaii…ok, not really…but the mountains are from Hawaii.

I originally took the picture of the mountains while standing on a balcony in Hawaii last fall. The image of the sheep was taken across the street from my house. I blended the 2 images in Filterstorm using the normal blend mode.

I brought the blended image into Snapseed and applied the Fog & Old Lens Center Focus effects, subtle sharpening and kicked the white balance up to mellow out the scene with the nice warm tones.

Wrapped up the edit by blending in an image of clouds with the overlay blend mode in Filterstorm to accent the lofty/dramatic feel. Saved.

AMPT Jedi photo by Paul Brown @Phoneograph


‘Through The Arches’ ~ composite heavily processed painterly effect image of my daughter walking away from me through the Stonebow Arch in my home town of Lincoln. The image was shot specifically for AMPt which is unusual in that I had to go hunting for the image whereas I prefer to capture what comes to me. In that sense I see my capture style as more 'fisherman’ than 'hunter’.


I shot the image with a specific style in mind but as always I allow the image a degree of freedom to take it’s own path through the editing process. The edit process was therefore partly planned and partly adapted. Apps and comments:

1. Capture and create the foundation image:

~ 6x6 - almost all my iPhoneography is square format and I find 6x6 a really excellent app. I used motion in the capture which is where all the image distortion was generated. Moving with a swift down up 180 degree motion clicking at approximately 90 degrees. I do this quite a lot at the moment.

~ Snapseed - rotate to straighten the image.

~ FrontView - straighten verticals and alter perspectives.

~ Filterstorm - crop retaining the 1:1 aspect ratio, clone to touch up where necessary and resize to 2,000 x 2,000 (I always try to get finished resolution set at an early stage so that other edits / layers are applied at the already established final resolution).

2. Artistic editing process:

~ Iris 80’s Filter set to minimum.

~ Camera+ used to crop the image to the figure and save a copy of just the figure.

~ Filterstorm used to clone out the figure completely from the original image.

~ Superimpose used to re-add the figure back into the image but shifted right - purely for aethetic reasons.

~ Rays used to enhance the light coming towards me through the arch.

~ Snapseed - Drama filter at 50% with saturation 100% and Vintage filter with standard pre-sets but texture boosted to 100%.

~ Filterstorm used to clone in a shadow for the figure some of which had disappeared due to previous processing.

~ Superimpose - Balloon added to the image from a different image.

~ BlurFX - centre of ballon blurred to blend in with the background image more cleanly.

~ ScratchCam used to stamp scratch and texture layers at individual opacity settings and finally as the image was already in ScratchCam I used it to reduce saturation by adding a B&W colours layer set at 50% opacity (approx).


Paul (known as Skip to friends) is an exhibited and prize winning iPhoneographer from Lincoln, England.

My work features prominently at Photogenix Lincoln a collaboration with my sister Carly, a freelance private, commercial, location and studio photographer.

For me, when I first held my iPhone in February 2011 the fire was lit once again for photography and it was only because of my iPhone that I went on to dig out my old SLR and ultimately invest in a DSLR. However, my main interest lies in iPhoneography and having established Photogenix for Carly I started questioning what I really wanted for myself. Establishing phoneographer.orgseemed a logical and very natural step to take.

AMPt Selections photo by Nic Desjardins @NicDesjardins

You often find the most stunning shots when you least expect them! This was taken upon arriving to a hippy drum-circle party this passed weekend.

I shot a few versions of this, I eventually wound up reversing my camera to get as #lowdownground as possible.

I used #snapseed to increase the structure and then tune color balance to bring out the warmer tones, along with increasing saturation, contrast and decreasing brightness by just a nudge.

I brought it into #picfx, I added Classic: Lush. I’m crazy about PicFX lately, it has to be my favorite filter app!

I then went into #vscocam and added filter number 5.

That’s it!


I’m a web developer, cook, yogi, cyclist, etc from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I got into mobile photography only recently. I always had some interest in photography, but the iPhone made it too accessible to deny myself of the great pleasure. Once I started there was no going back, I’ve always liked walking down back alleys to check out graffiti and such, but this made me appreciate the world of textures that they possess.

Photo submitted by AMPt Member Tony Corcoran (@kungfuroll)

After all is said and done I feel the same
All that I hoped would change within me stayed
Like a huddled moonlit exile, on the shore
Warming his hands a thousand years ago

I walk with others in me, yearning to get out
Claw at my skin and gnash their teeth and shout
One of them wants only to be someone you’d admire
One would as soon just throw you on the fire

After all is said and after all is done
God only knows which of them I’ll become

‘Someone you’d Admire’ Fleet Foxes

There are three individual shots here; the base shot of the large empty warehouse, the self portrait of a huddled me, and the final image in the centre which is another self portrait of me running between some abandoned buildings. The image came about by trial and error, which seems to happen to me a lot of late. I go through phases of minimal editing and quick posting and then do a full 180 degree turn and spend weeks on never ending edits and less frequent posting, and it can be hard to get out of that position(which is where I am now)

I used Filterstorm here again, which is my most used app. I noticed recently that the masking feature had several different methods of applying the various layers, and I used one of these methods in this image('Filters’ option, then the last option 'add exposure’, then place the layer on top of the base image, then hit the adjustments button on the right hand side and you can chose the blending mode, such as 'Normal’ 'Multiply’ 'Screen’ etc, and then you 'paint’ in the areas you require. I used the 'Multiply’ mode for all three layers in my picture. Slight adjustment using the 'Curve’ feature. Finally, added some light rays using the 'Rays’ app. Filterstorm can be initially confusing but with some perseverance and dedication in trying several of the editing options will reap plenty of rewards.

Advanced Mobile Photography Team-AMPt

AMPt REARVIEW photo by Ali Harfouche IG: @alozor

I shot this in San Diego near the trolley station standing in the middle of the road… Yeah, I do that a lot… This guy was crossing the road and I just shot him right in the middle.

It was shot using the ProCamera app.
Then Snapseed.
1st, i like to bring as much details as possible. I go to “tune image” and increase the ambiance by 30 and saturation by 10. Then “details” (increase sharpening to 20 and structure 30).
Now I go to “soft focus”, select “portrait 1” and set the blur strength to zero, the outer brightness to -35 and the inner brightness to +65.
Then I go to “Grunge” (style: 575 brightness: 0 contrast: 15 texture strength: 0 saturation: 65).
Photogorge2 to finish it by slightly adjusting levels and curves and voilà!

In the original, I used the CrossProcess app which, sometimes, can be a little too much. I still use it today but not as much. Now I try not to use custom filter based app as much as I used to( even IG filters). My approach in editing now is much more organic, more DIY kinda mentality (almost like cooking 😁). I like to adjust almost everything myself: color, light, contrast, level, curves etc… And not relying on an app that does it for me. Almost like using PhotoShop. However i like apps like VSCOcam because it’s very unique and it’s hard to reproduce this type of effects.
Today I use a lot less apps (5 to 10 max) and my editing is much more subtle. I really hope it made sense to you.

I was born october 13th 1976 (you do the math people) in Paris and I been in the US living in San Diego and Miami since 2004. Divorced, no kids (that I know of).
I was interested by the artistic side of IG from the jump. I was never compelled to post daily life pictures.
Thanks to the IG community, i have a platform to showcase my work and it gave me the opportunity to connect with unbelievably talented and creative individuals that keeps me motivated.

The original can be seen on Instagram at: #ampt_rearview_alozor

AMPt Feature submitted by Eric Ludwig (@vivoarch)

Title: Train Set

This is a train yard not far my house. Minneapolis was once a booming industrial city at the turn of the century. This is one of my favorite places to visit. If you look closely, downtown Minneapolis is way in the background

Shot with Camera+.
PhotoForge2: Rotate, but didn’t crop yet, knowing how the next step would render. I didn’t want the background at the top darkened. Save.
CrossProcess: Processed with Basic setting. Save.
PhotoForge2: Cropped to square. Save (Edit A).
VSCO Cam: Style 6, Fade +1. Save (Edit B).
Blender: Blended two edits together on Normal blend mode. Edit A 75% / Edit B 25%. Save.
Snapseed: Selective Adjust (Added a couple points of boosted brightness and saturation to the trains in the foreground, about +8 to each). Save.
Snapseed: Tune Image (contrast +5 / saturation +5 / white balance +3). And done

Hi. I’m an architect, father and husband stationed in Minneapolis. My job keeps me moving about town and country, so mobile photography fits perfectly with my busy schedule. And I like coffee. A lot.

Like so many IGers, I started IG posting quirky little photos of my daily life. I’ve always been a bit creative, so it was a perfectly fun outlet for me. That all changed the day I happened across the gallery of @croyable. It completely blew me away! It showed me what could be possible on IG. From there, I was hooked.

I’m not really sure I have a style. I just try to keep experimenting. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. My approach is to shoot what catches my eye and then edit to create a story for the shot. That often takes me down strange winding paths, but that’s part of the fun adventure.

And since I have the stage, one quick note about the community on IG. In my experience, it is incredible! I have met SO many talented and wonderful people on here. You are all amazing. Thank you.

Photo submitted by AMPt team member Shinnya Umetsu (@chikuwa91)

Title : Ride on the planet

Process : Taken by native camera

1. Spotlight processing by Noir.
2. Filterstorm : I add the image of the cloud to the sky and ground. You can decide a range to add an effect to by pushing the pen mark.“Blending Mode” to add a cloud to in the ground chose Overlay. (You may add a color to Noir image if you can understand this process well.)
3. Picfx/Light/Flame4 : Rotate to the top and add at 30%
4. Photoforge2 : Coordinate a color and contrast
Finished by IG filter Hudson.

AMPt Projects - #SundayBluesEdit presented by @repinsk

Featured image submitted by Will Steiner @computerjones

I am inspired every day by the people I’ve met here on IG, particularly the people who submit to #sundaybluesedit & #mobileartistry, I browse these tags daily to get ideas.

My process for this collab started with a self portrait taken by @mikapedia. First thing I did was take it into camera dream to make it “dreamy.” Then off to picture show for the mirror effect, and quickly over to image blender to blend with the original image multiple times to make the image on the left look like a ghost.

At some point here I cropped it into a square, I have a ton of apps with this capability, there’s no telling which one I used. Next I took it to scratch cam and I just hit random till I found one I liked, and then back to image blender to remove some of the harshness. Finally I used Pixlromatic, this app takes some time because there are so many choices. After a while I settled on the Joyce filter and the blacknin frame.

And there you have it! Special thanks to Mika for sharing this beautiful portrait with me, it was a nice change of pace from editing my own mug all the time. (Taken with Instagram at AMPt Projects)

Made with Instagram

F500 submitted by Atle Rønningen @atler

This scene consists of two images. The main photo is taken at sunrise outside the door of our family cabin up in the Norwegian mountains one foggy morning at 7AM. The second image is my 9 years old daughter.

First of all. I’m an Androider. So most of the apps I see the inspiring artists around me are using is not available for me.

1. All photos taken with native camera on Samsung Galaxy S3.

2. Opened main image in PicSay Pro. Added my daughter from a other picture and used the “cut out” function. Saved.

3. Still in PicSay Pro. Contrast increased (+20), saturation decreased (-40) followed by smooth (1,00). Saved.

4. I wanted a darker atmosphere and applied the filter “Bob” in Pixlr-o-matic. Done

I’m 35, based in Oslo, Norway. Got a lovely wife and daughter. For me photography is all about having fun and capturing moments. I like having people (or animals) in them and my most featured model is of course my daughter. I got seriously into mobile photography 7-8 weeks ago caused by IG and my new Samsung. I nearly used my SLR this summer.
Feel free to ask questions and I also would love to connect with more Android users to share experience.

#sundybluesedit Presented by Rebecca @repinsk

This amazing selection from the #sundaybluesedit tag comes from Marjorie Voelker @bunn1es

Description: This photo is very dear to my heart. It’s just a photo I took of my son climbing a hill at a local park. As I began to edit it, I began to feel as if I was getting a glimpse into his future. I started seeing all the choices and decisions he was going to make; some bad, but hopefully most good. This photo somehow managed to capture so many of my parental emotions in one shot. It represents my fear and anxiety, but mostly my excitement at his growing up and the wonder of the person he will become.

Process: Native Camera, Snapseed. Details increase Sharpness to 30 and Structure to 20. Then applied Drama 1 filter, but decreased filter strength to 70 and increased saturation to 40. Next Black and White/Dark decreased Brightness to -30. Last Cropped 1:1 (Marjorie’s Bio in first comment)

Bio: I am a non-photographer/artist that started IG the same way a lot of people do, sharing photos of my son PRIVATELY with my friends (hence my horrible handle, friends were the only ones that were supposed to see it!). Anyways, I started to follow some really talented IGers (@uptowneastnyc @vutheara @kdkuiper to name a few) and I was utterly blown away with how beautiful people could make their iPhone photos look. So I made a conscious effort to try and make my photos more interesting, at least to myself.

AMPt Street Photo by Guillaume Ledieu @grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Description:  I’ve noticed during a walk this path with these stairs and an interesting background, Hipstamatic and concrete work fine for me. Launched Hipstamatic and waited till someone uses this way. There’s no title to this pic what I often do, don’t want to interfer with the eventual story each one could invent seeing it.
Process: Shot with Hipstamatic using John S Lens and the AO BW Film and then 1- Launched Snapseed (my favorite app) to crop quickly the pic, erasing the Hipstamatic border to be able to work it on a larger format.  2-opened Camera+, applied the Expired filter (70%) and saved 3-back to Snapseed to use Black and White option, worked on Brightness (-30%) and Contrast (+5%) Saved 4-back to Camera+ to definitly crop the pic. What I normally never do, just before posting to Instagram I do several tries till I get really satisfied. Bio: I’m 40. French living in Marseille (France), living and in love with two women, an adult and a little one (near 5) who’s my favorite model. I work (a lot) as a Theater technician, assistant stage manager is my speciality. I came to photography experimenting with the iPhone and discovering Instagram, meeting little by little fabulous and so talented ones giving  me enough self confidence to continue the sharing.

Photo by AMPt member Hiroaki Fukuda (IG: @Hirozzzz)

 I love the idea of NYC being desolated, so whenever I have the opportunity to actually make it feel that way where ever that may be, I’ll try to capture it. This shot was taken on a walk on a Sunday afternoon on the Williamburg bridge. Some other notable #emtyplaces I would love to see, timesquare, brooklyn bridge and the rockefeller.

Process: app used snapseed. First applied a little bit of brightness in the middle using “select adjust” knowing that when I take it to “grunge” next it will darken most of the areas. Then used the “grunge” filter style 750, while decreasing texture to 0, contrast to 10, brightness to 15 and increasing saturation to 75. Lastly increased the saturation on the railiings using select adjust and again slight increase on lighting on the ground.

AMPt Community Recommendations

Here are 4 mobile photographers we would like to introduce you to. Stop by their feeds on Instagram, say hello and check out the editing process for the images above!

Clockwise from top left:

Shot with Galaxy Note, Camera FV-5 app
Filter used: Rise Filter

Shot with iPhone 4, B&W Camera app
Apps used: Snapseed, Filterstorm

Shot with iPhone 4, Native Camera
Apps used: Snapseed, Image Blender, Nashville Filter

Shot with iPhone 4s, Native Camera
Apps used: Snapseed

AMPt would like to thank each of the featured artists for sharing their images and editing process with the mobile photography community!

Interested in having your work seen and considered for a spotlight? Tag to #Ampt_Community on Instagram and include apps used and your editing process in the comment.

AMPt - Advanced Mobile Photography Team