To: Judaisbutt

you’re my #1 (number one ok) princess. ohimesama judai??? u make me go doki n’ dokis (is that liek some sort of fast food place?) n i’m your hero, ur knight in shining armor like so shiny i blind people but they shouldn’t be looking anyway because i’m brighter than two suns but i guess its not that shiny because i’m wearing black armor then i guess i’m not a hero?? i’m a villain so idk where this is going but you make me loki loki doki or what ever. i’ll make sure that scumb bag johan never takes you from me i’ll punch him he doesnt even lift  i can take him he owes me 5 $$ anyway same with that jehu guy i never liked him anyway what a weirdo. so your my number 1 princess i kno so cuz ur my bride and i bring you roses the end.

To my followers… (Anyone really.)

If you ever need someone to listen to you, I’m here for you! I know I’m not some popular artist, or a popular person in the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom, or any other fandom, or just… some great person, but I do know that I am someone, someone who is important, and so is everyone else. And sometimes we feel like we’re having a bad day and all we need is someone to lean on.

Life is rough, but always know that there is always someone willing to help you. Never stop doing what you love, always enjoy the little things, and always remember that family and friends are near by. They love you as much as you love them.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today and that everyone will be safe for the Holidays. Take care everyone!

I really don’t mind personal blogs because that’s just how you get to know someone better, you know? Everyone needs someplace to vent or talk about something exciting in their life, or anything. So when someone posts something personal, no matter what it is, I care and hope that you can get though whatever obstacles that are in your way.

Have a nice day!

I’m thinking about making an art blog. I mean, I’d like my art to be noticed more, the stuff I actually take seriously and take my time with. It makes sense, right? Reblogs and personal posts block out my art (even though I have an art tag) People don’t always look under tags for whatever reasons. The art I have now will probably be reblogged from it, but yeah. I think I’m going to make an art blog for my art only. That’s one reason why I joined tumblr anyway. I wanted my art to be noticed, etc.

Hello everyone! I’ve returned!

I’m so happy to see my new baby nephew! :D His name is Andrew.

Everything went well, though the hospital we were going to go to was packed… So of course we had to go to another one that was super busy, but the staff was really nice. I’m just glad that everything went well and that Andrew and his mom are home!