So I tried my hand at Amporas in pretty dresses as well! 50’s sailor pinup look for Cronus, military lolita style for Eridan!
Also, bonus:

I think Eridan would really want the outfit to be as historically accurate as possible even if it doesn’t translate too well to that style, but Kanaya knows what she’s doing, even if she’s gotta take some liberties. Also, I think Fef would come up with the idea for that style for him (idk, I can see Fef dig Lolita fashion).

Cronus strikes me as the kind of person who tends to sit with their legs far apart, but Porrim thinks it’s a bad look, especially when wearing a dress.  

CRONUS: ey meenah! getta load of my total hottie descendant!

ERIDAN: unhand me you grotesque wwaste of royal blood

I was thinking earlier about how alpha Cronus would act like when he first met Eridan, and instead of my mind going off to how many shitty pick up lines Cronus would try, I for some reason thought instead of Cronus legit showing Eridan off to his friends, like ‘look at this total babe, hes mine’