Some amazing stuff from Black Machine Guitars.  This is the ‘8’.  

-Swamp Ash Timber with an Ebony Top
-Honduras Rosewood and Ebony Neck.
-ABM Single String Bridge
-Sperzel Locking Machineheads


Seriously one of the most beautiful, elegant, stylish, and simplistic guitars I think I have ever seen! Beautiful Curly Koa body and unbelievable cocobolo one piece neck! This is pure art! Now, IDK if it is worth the $7500 price tag that comes with it but I think it is certainly a thing of beauty! Surh, you have outdone yourself!

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Happy Friday Everyone!!

This is a builder out of Arizona called EIR Guitars.  specializing in extended range guitars, they can build just about anything.  Also a Master Luthier instructor at the famous Roberto Venn School of Luthiery, EIR Guitars does Custom build to order.

This guitar pictured is an 8 String that was designed Specially and for Marten Hagstrom of Meshuggah.

They’ve also done work with Vildhjarta on some custom 7 Strings.

Have a great weekend!!!



This is a RAN Crusher FT 7 String.

There are too many options that you can have done on these guitars, from Seymour Duncan Blackouts, Any model BKP and Lundgren (Black Coils), to either 2x Volume Pots, or Volume/Tone Pots.  You can pick this piece of art in 6, 7, or 8 string!  Hipshot fixed Bride, Schaller M6 Locking tuners, and even Schaller Strap Locks!

You need to check this company out if you haven’t, because they can do so much.



I have really been slacking the last couple of weeks, so I hope this bad pieces of wood makes up for it!

Eye Poplar top
Profiled Mahogany back
No binding

Special slick bolt-on neck joint with a 6-screw mounted on ferrules

5-ply / Wenge-Bubinga

Body finish (front)
Natural Wood / Matt finish (T-NAT-M)

Body finish (back)
Natural wood / Matt finish (T-NAT-M)

Neck finish
Natural wood / Matt finish (T-NAT-M)

Headstock finish
Monolith Black / Matt finish (M-BLK-M)

Hardware color
BLK (black)


1xMaster Volume (push-pull for coil splitting)

3-way lever pickup switch

Bourns pot(-s)

Standard metal dome knobs

Pickups / Electronics
H-H / Seymour Duncan Nazgûl (bridge) + Sentient (neck)

25.4" (645 mm)

24 extra jumbo Ferd Wagner Stainless Steel 2.80×1.45 mm (w×h)

Markers & inlays
Luminlay side dots, 2 mm, Blue

No binding

Hipshot Grip-Lock Locking Tuners

Hipshot Fixed Guitar Bridge


These Steve Vai Universes are some of the coolest guitars around.  I would love to get my hands on one some day!!

Ibanez UV77RE Limited

Neck Material: 

5pc Maple/ BubingaNeck Type: UV77RE LimitedBody: Basswood bodyFrets: Large fretsFingerboard: RosewoodInlay: Disappearing Pyramid inlayBridge: Lo-Pro Edge 7 bridgeNeckPU: DiMarzio® Blaze™ II NeckMiddlePU: DiMarzio® Blaze™ II MiddleBridgePU: DiMarzio® Blaze™ II BridgeHW Color: CKFinishes: MC


If you guys haven’t checked out Analog Outfitters, you need to!  

They make some killer amps that are constructed from recycled Hammond Organ products (Hammond Chassis and Transformers as a foundation, and then an added Tone Stack loosely based on a Blackface Deluxe Reverb).  In addition, the up-cycling process allows them to use rare woods that are typically banned from manufacturing use; many of their cabinets are constructed from beautiful redwood, mahogany and other materials that create a rich sound in combination with their amplifiers. 

They have also taken what were the Keyboards from the Hammond Organs, and had the idea to turn them into MIDI controllers as they were piling up in their warehouse with no intent of being used.  They have been perfecting this concept the last couple of years, and they have created something pretty special with their lines of amps, cabinets, and now MIDI controllers.

Look them up and see what they are about!

Spring Reverb Tanks Explained and Compared

Curious how Spring Reverb Tanks work? Do you have an old amp that the reverb tank has finally given out on but aren’t sure what tank to get to replace it? This article explains how the tanks work and helps you figure out what the numbers on your tank mean and guides you with picking out a new reverb tank.


Smooth McGroove rockin the N64 Mario Kart theme music for Koopa Troopa Beach….Acapella style!!!