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Facebook Permanently Blacklisted Me From Their Site

My name is Aysha Bee, and I’m a 21 year old Black woman, Social Critic, and Motivational Speaker for people of Black Marginalized Genders.

Facebook has allowed racists, misogynists, and just flat out abusive people to harass me and report my Facebook page enough to the point that Facebook will no longer allow me to create an account on the website.

Facebook disables any account that I attempt to make on the site. They ignore all of my appeal letters. They won’t even tell me what the issue is.

I believe that they may have me blacklisted by using my name, my IP address, and my cookies to keep me from being a user. As I have tried several methods to gain access back to the website with no success.

It’s discriminatory because I should be entitled to my freedom of speech on their website no matter who I offend with my truth.

My experience as a Black woman matters.

My feelings are valid.

My passion is genuine.

My voice and the voices of other Black women who speak about misogynoir and other issues are worthy of being heard and amplified.

Facebook still hosts space for some of the most violent people I have ever had the displeasure of seeing, but yet they had no problem with permanently banning me from the website.

It is unfortunate because I built some amazing bonds on Facebook, as well as I was happy to provide a space for people of Black Marginalized Genders.

There are not many spaces that center people of Black Marginalized Genders 100 percent of the time with no exceptions, and I was serious about keeping that scene a reality. 

Now I am forced to move on from the connections that I made on Facebook.

I just hope that this will not go unnoticed.

Amplified Stillness (Start Again) by Buddy Wakefield

I choose to end the compulsive habit of thinking and speaking insecurities. These are not my insecurities. They were habitual thoughts passed down to me. The foundation I’ve lain for myself is noble and true of heart and must be treated as such, with compassion and clarity.

I choose to be quiet and let forthcoming answers reveal themselves without manipulation. The hyper intellectualization, wordiness, passion and superlatives (which have often driven the engine in my ego) serve to fuel distortions of a happy life, or burn up happiness altogether. I choose to not put another log on that fire.

I choose patience under pressure.

I choose to stay present, to unlearn how to unlove, to love, and to practice my worthiness of it.

I choose equanimity.

I breathe deep into the center of my heart.

I surround myself with friends and professionals achieving like-minded success.

I am led to consistently speak with good purpose, react as a gentleman, not instigating or projecting any foul thing, and to not internalize the negativity of others so that my presence is constantly powered by goodwill and grace. Lead me to right choices and right action, not to participate in any lies about love, and to leave helpful writing on the wall so that I might pull the next one up. Lead me to pull the next one up with real peace in my spirit, humor in my peace, and this spinal cord I bummed off a cephalopod. Jus’ kiddin’, cephalopods don’t have spinal cords. They are bilaterally symmetrical though, and they collectively possess nearly every superpower known to man, including shape-shifting, pseudo-morphing and possible teleportation.

I choose to savor this moment…




I choose ending knee-jerk reactions to that which I deem negative, including parking enforcement, cilantro and the back-up beep on commercial vehicles. For that matter, there is no need to knee-jerk-react to the positives either. Enjoying them is enough.

I choose an unassuming nature.

I choose to be held accountable.

Thank you for the vast experiences with which this life has built me.  I am thankful for what is being built. I know it to be a fine building.  It does not stand in vain even when it’s riddled with mirrors.

Thank you for the Serenity Prayer, and the courage to follow through with right action, with listening, with learning and with stillness.

I choose to release my hope for a better past, to discontinue boasting past glories, and to not justify any poor choice with having lived a hard life.

I choose to speak with kindness and acceptance, even to myself.

I choose to be unapologetic for healthy living.

I choose to be unapologetic for living.

I choose to politely ask myself to step aside if I am in my own way. If I do not get out of my own way, I choose to call a friend who will have me removed.

I choose to observe how I may best serve today, and then do so. I choose to better understand service and to live less selfishly. I choose the nature of giving not greed, stability not desperation, safe passage as opposed to craving and clinging.

I witness gifts in the lives around me.

You really are incredible, ya know. Good gravy just look at ya.

I choose big me big you.

I choose chin up, best foot forward, stick my landings.

I choose a safe place to land.

I choose feeding myself joy over beating myself up.

I choose not to beat myself up if I trail off course, rather, gently redirect my breath so that these standards I’ve accepted for myself are not buried under any unnecessary weight of any perceived shortcoming.

“I choose to not let come out of my mouth that which would contradict the blessing that is happening in my life.” – Michael Bernard Beckwith

I’m giving myself a break. Enough. I choose to be enough. No more ten thousand hours of more more more. Not by force. This work will not save me. I release me. Go and have some fun. I’ve spent so much energy becoming better. I choose to now live with the better, to yield to the better, to show you the better, and to let the rest unfold. I will show up every day. My failures have led to successes. It is a time for practicing these successes, and for rest, and for clear reception.

I may make no decision based on panic.

Lead me away from telling lies, exaggerating truths, bragging, or manipulating people’s perceptions of me. These are disservices to my practice.

I choose to breathe all known and forthcoming truths at once, deeply and consistently, inhaling and exhaling reassurance and understanding, joy and equanimity, wonderment and revelation, acceptance and integrity, commitment and flexibility, balance and ownership, staying present with the moment, observing my environment, yielding to all that is.

And when I do not do all of these things forever without fail, may I be banished to an unforgiving lake of lava shit for the devil’s fat eternity.

…Or, treat myself to a good meal, some sound sleep, and another deep breath.

…Or, call Mom, tell her what’s goin’ on, and agree with anything she might say just to know that I have a mother.

I release my need to be right. I know that this is the key to living life as is. I choose as is. Let God be God. And let me be still until thy will is revealed.

Nothing is against me.

For You

Me a few days ago: I’m not going to write for a bit
Me after last night’s ep. of the Flash: TIME TO WRITE UNTIL MY HANDS FALL OFF
But for real, last night’s episode was so good and now I have Julian feels!!!

Title: For You
Pairing: Julian Albert x reader
Summary: Barry leaves you alone in the lab with Julian, which leads to you discovering his life story.
Word Count: 1,705
Warnings: Food mention, spoilers about the Flash episode 3x04 (obviously)

Your name: submit What is this?

             "No, Allen, you may not steal another sample from me,“ you heard Julian sneer as you walked into the lab.

           You could feel the annoyance radiating off of Julian. Barry catches your glance and rolls his eyes quickly. You smile at his frustration with Julian, vaguely amused, but break the tension by handing Barry a manila folder.

           "Don’t worry about it Julian, Barr’s working on something else,” you told him, resting your hand proudly on Barry’s shoulder.  

           Barry thanks you with a smile before shrugging your hand off gently and walking to his half of the lab. Julian pauses, eyes flickering from you to Barry before replying.

           "Well, good for him,“ Julian replied, busying himself with the papers on his desk. "Working on something useful.”

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Sharp Zero News

Hey I know y’all are maybe wondering wtf is going on but. i’ve been in correspondence with kickstarter and amplifier still trying to get everything sorted. Right now, we’re still figuring out shipping costs and fund distribution. The kickstarter page will be submitted for review soon, which takes about 3 days to process before it will launch. 

however if you want to see a preview of the kickstarter, you’re more than welcome to check it out and submit some feedback

the next sharp zero update will be updated as soon as i can. I just dont want to post an update that’s under 5 five pages


Imagine An Eight Second Conversation....

Every time you wanted to open a door. You approach the door, explain to the person in charge of it that you need to enter, they unlock the door, and you go through it. Every door. Every time.

When you board a bus, it’s a thirty second conversation. You tell the driver you need to board, where you will sit, and where you will be getting off. 

Stairs are a nightmare as it takes a forty-five to sixty-second explanation to go up or down.

Restaurants are agonizing as you talk your way through narrow passageways of people otherwise already engaged in conversation, speaking apologetically for two or three seconds to each person as you move to your table. 

What if there’s no one to talk to? What if there’s no one minding the stairs, or the bus driver can’t understand you, or the doorman is on his lunch break? What then? Then, you sit there awkwardly conversing with passers by that, as helpful as they may want to be they are not the person you need to talk to. They’ll smile, nod, and maybe even take a second or two to lament the utter lack of available doormen or stair-attendants in a vain attempt to amplify your still-unheard voice.

This is what it is like to be disabled and have to navigate through a world that is not designed for you. You’re constantly having to explain yourself in terms of both needs and existence in order to complete the most basic of tasks. This is why real accessibility is so important. Without it, we spend all our time speaking about our most basic needs instead of using our voices to talk about the things that truly matter. 

Fix You- Song

Themes: Rain// Time// Phonecall// Song//

Note: And I am back with the next chapter for Fix You! Thank you to Ate Donia for editing this <3 and to you! as always~ :D Thank you for sticking around~

Pairing: Jaehyun/ Y/N/ Taeyong

Originally posted by neotechs

“What are you doing here again?” Y/N asked as she stared into the smiling face of Jaehyun. His dimples were showing again, eyes crinkled into half-moons.

To her, his smile would always make her think that everything was easy for him. That the life he led was as easy as a breeze during summer. It was as if smiling was all the answers to the mysteries of the universe.

It wasn’t.

Rain fell from the heavens again early that morning, reminding her of the time when Taeyong decided to end things up with her. However, oddly, that seemed like a lifetime ago already. Her mind barely recalling that painful memory.

All that was left were traces of heartaches but even that was slowly fading away.

Still, she couldn’t help but associate the rain with heartbreaks, when before it used to mean cuddles, thick sweaters and hot coffees.

Now, gray skies, tears and sadness replaced those.

Y/N was still hopeful, however, that time would come when she could finally look up into the pouring sky and smile again.

But not now.

Currently, she and Jaehyun were hanging out in her apartment. They laid down blankets on the living room floor, brought out a few of her pillows for comfort, and amused themselves by listening to that familiar pitter-patter on the roof. The curtains were open a tiny bit, allowing light to shine through, making everything appear soft and hazy.

Jaehyun joked that they could take a photo and wouldn’t even need a filter.

“It’s very Instragram-esque,” he said as soon as he  stepped into the place and noticed the atmosphere.

He suggested the two of them to watch a movie, but he lost interest halfway through. As the characters droned on, no one was paying attention anymore.

“Just hanging out,” Jaehyun replied. By then, he already had the buds of his earphones on, shutting out the sounds of everything around him.

Y/N rolled her eyes at him. “I thought you wanted to watch a movie.”

“I did,” Jaehyun agreed with a nod of his head, “but it got too boring so…”

He let the rest of his sentence hang.

Silence engulfed the two of them for a moment as Y/N tried to focus back into the movie. Jaehyun was still listening to the songs playing on his phone, now with eyes closed and the barest hints of humming.

As she heard his low hums, Y/N thought that he actually wasn’t bad. Accompanied by the gentle taps in the background, it felt relaxing even. That was until she decided to break the silence with a question.

“What’re you listening to?” She noticed how peaceful he looked with his eyes shut, all the while bobbing his head to the music she couldn’t hear.

“Hm?” He cracked one eye open. “Com’ere.”

She shuffled to get closer to him. When she finally settled down, Jaehyun popped off one of his ear buds and placed them in her left ear.

Y/N heard nothing at first. Only the sounds of their breathing as well as the muffled voices of the movie playing filled her apartment. Even that was fading away as she tuned in to the music. Slowly, the first strumming of the guitar began.

She noticed how Jaehyun closed his eyes again to savor the music flowing through his ear. With the two of them in close proximity, Y/N couldn’t help but think how intimate they were being. The sound of rain falling did nothing but amplified the romantic ambiance.

I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing
Just praying to a God that I believe in

Y/N glanced at Jaehyun as the sweet voices serenaded her ear. It was such a sight to see him enjoying the sound of music, and she realized how soft he looked in the light, almost with a halo forming above his head.

It brought a smile to her lips watching him was so satisfying already.

As the song progressed, Y/N closed her eyes too, and it seemed like they were in their own little bubble where only the two of them existed.

I’m falling to pieces…

That particular line made her open her eyes and frown. She hit Jaehyun lightly on his arm, earning a chuckle from him.

“I hate you,” she whispered.

“Just listen to the song,” Jaehyun said with eyes still closed.

Y/N sighed. Then, almost as if her body moved on its own accord, she snuggled closer to him, right into his waiting arms that were ready to tuck her in and give her warmth.

“And I was doing such a good job too,” Y/N whispered again before fresh tears fell from her eyes, landing on Jaehyun’s white sweater, making a wet patch near his chest.

His hand patted her hair, inhaling her scent. He no longer minded how he was getting soaked.

Y/N realized the process of moving on wasn’t as easy as depicted in books and movies. It’s already been a month, yet she was still a prisoner to her old memories. But who could blame her?

It was not easy throwing away two years worth of precious moments. In that span of time, she learned to love without hesitations and cry without reservations. Taeyong had been there during her saddest times just as she had been by his side during his proudest.

The song ended and another played and Y/N wanted nothing more than hit Jaehyun again. He was making fun of her, if the teasing smile on his lips were any indication.

“You’re mocking me,” Y/N said flatly.

Jaehyun peered at her with one eye open. “I am not.”

“Then what’s up with your playlist?”

“What’s up with it?”

“All the songs seem sad.”

“Only because you think so.”

She only frowned at him and crossed her arms. The tears have long dried.

“Fine.” Jaehyun chuckled. He pressed the home button of his phone, bringing it back to life. “Listen to this.”

I’d give forever to touch you,
‘Coz I know you feel me somehow
You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be…

A fresh wave of tears threatened to escape her eyes because the words were all what she ever wanted to say to Taeyong.

“Shhh,” Jaehyun cooed before grabbing his bag and fumbling its contents.

“Before you smudge your mascara and ruin your makeup and my sweater, I got you this.” He chuckled again.

Y/N just rolled her eyes at him before being taken aback when he produced a toy gun. The best part, however, was that it blew bubbles in a continuous stream by pulling the trigger.

“Thought you’d like it.” The feeling of being proud made its way to his chest as he saw how her entire face lit up when he handed her the toy.

“I love it!”

When Y/N pressed the trigger, the bubbles floated out of the plastic barrel and into the air. As the bubbles caught light, they became iridescent.

For a moment, Jaehyun grew content watching her play.

“Do you want a turn?”

He had to resist the urge to laugh out loud because she asked as if she were talking to a kid.


She gave him the toy, and he had the idea of blowing out the bubbles in rapid succession and reloading with the soapy mixture as fast as he could.

When Jaehyun did it, the effect was magical.

They were encased in bubbles and for a moment, they were in a world of their own. Y/N looked up to her sides and the bubbles were all she could see.

“Wow.” Her voice was full of amazement and wonder; and Jaehyun wanted more of it.

So he did it again and again just so he could wrap themselves in the illusion. He was also actually enjoying it.

Yet, Y/N paused for a moment to look at him who was distracted, looking at the mixture of light and air.

"Thank you, Jae,” she said.

“You’re welcome,” he said, smiling yet again, showing off his dimples.

“But you know what, I would have truly given up everything if it meant staying another minute with him.”

“I know, Y/N.” Jaehyun nodded, as if he already expected this.

“I know I would too. For you.”

Notes: Yes, the lyric change was intentional. In fact, listen to this version of Breakeven.

Listen to Iris here.

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The Loudest Silence

A/N: A study-thing of Bruce and Dick’s relationship that I kind of did as a warmup exercise. Not tagging anyone because Idk if it’s even a fic. /o/


The silence was loud here.

It was a different loud than Dick was used to. It wasn’t the loud noise of applause from the ring or the nighttime cries of exotic animals or the chatter of circus folk around the fire after a show. No, this was the opposite of that.

This was the sound of too much empty space, dark corners and the creak of floorboards amplified by stillness. It was the presence of a man, a stranger, large and cold and calculating. This silence was the loudest sound he had ever heard. It pressed in on him, looming, suffocating.

The noise was worst at nighttime. Then the silence screamed. It crept up on him in bed, invaded his thoughts like swarming bees. It had his parents voices. It called his name. It was the sound of loss and pain, the sound of harsh breathing and bare feet on wooden floors, amplified by stillness. It was the presence of a man, a stranger, large and unfamiliar but warm, nonjudgmental, as he took Dick into his arms and his life and just held him tight while he quaked with muffled sobs.

The silence was loud here. It was a different loud than he had grown up with. But Dick learned to make his own noise. It was the sound of chatter, laughter, pounding feet on wooden floors and training mats now too. It was the presence of a man, his father, large and calculating but warm and familiar and solid, as he took Dick into his life and his heart and just held on tight as he watched him change from boy to man.

The silence was loud here. It was the kind of loud that Bruce was used to. But that was before Dick Grayson.

It takes a lot to find comfort in yourself. It will not happen over night and believe me you will not suddenly come to think that your flaws are nonexistent, nobody does. Comfort in yourself is not believing you are perfect and that you are the best person in the room. Comfort is accepting and knowing your imperfections for what they are. Comfort is knowing that you see your flaws more than everyone else. Comfort is not needing to be the best in the room and not even seeing people as competition. Comfort is amplifying others talents and still trusting yours. Comfort is knowing yourself well enough to not feel the need to compare yourself to others.

I am my own home - By Amy Kennedy


One Wild Night (Nate Maloley)

Im new to the page and idk if your still doing request but i would love it if you were to do a smut imagine w/ a black girl and nate - Anon

A/N: Normally I don’t do imagines geared toward a specific race/body type/age just cause I normally try to make imagines that anyone could imagine themselves in regardless of those things, but I’ll try here, just for something new.

“A virgin shirley temple, please,” I say, smiling at the bartender. I tried not to show my frustration from the meeting I went to earlier. I originally wasn’t even going to come, but Y/B/F/N insisted and I worry about her going out alone.

She told me I looked cute and I must say I agree with her, but if one more guy came up to me, whispering sweet nothing and then that irritating line, “For a black girl, you look really…” I was gonna go off. Why do some men think telling me, the rest of my race isn’t, but I’m sexy, is appealing? Do they actually think that’ll get them somewhere?

The bartender hands me my drink, and I can tell he’s questioning me, wondering why I’m at a bar if I haven’t even ordered anything alcoholic. I don’t even drink, I just find it entertaining to go out and dance, maybe find someone to go home with.

Speaking of, another man takes the seat next to me, probably the third tonight. The place was pretty busy though, so he could’ve just sat there for lack of another seat. Well, at least thats what I thought until he turned to me.

I turned to face him, and he looked as if he were having trouble coming up with words to say. After maybe 5 or 6 seconds of us making eye contact he just abruptly said, “Do you wanna dance?”

He was cute, and he had yet to do anything to turn me off, why not? “I’d love to,” I say smiling as he grabs my hand, leading me to the floor.

Once we get out there, I realize his dance moves are a lot better than his pick up lines. Jesus Christ, the boy can move. We danced and moved to the beat together, he held onto my hips and my back and his front were nearly entirely pressed together.

Maybe three songs later, after a lot of grinding and flirting without even talking, I turned around and he leaned toward my neck.

“I’m Skate, by the way,” he says.

“Skate?” I ask, trying to clarify. I’d seen some pretty unique names since I’d come to LA, but never Skate. I wondered if he was maybe a pro skater or something.

“Yeah, that’s my stage name, though, you can just call me Nate.”

I nodded, barely able to hear him. I thought about giving him my name but by the time I got out of my own head it was too late and we were both more focused on the music.

We continued dancing, our fronts pressed together now. There was a moment where it seemed like the music got quiet, even though I’m sure it didn’t. Nate leaned closer, and I thought about stopping him, but my desire for him had grown over the past few minutes.

Our lips met, immediately fierce and passionate and our bodies grew even closer than before. We stopped moving to the beat, instead just paying attention to each other. He ran his hand softly up my side, his fingers slowing at every curve. I moaned involuntarily and he took it as a chance to introduce tongue, which made me even more lost.

It could have been seconds, maybe minutes later when some other dancer bumped into us and we finally pulled apart.

He leaned into me, “Do you wanna go somewhere… quieter?” he asked.

I was still breathless and dazed from that kiss, but I managed a nod. I easily found Y/B/F/N at the bar flirting with some guy and told her I was leaving. He grabbed my hand and we quickly walked out to his car hand in hand. As soon as we got to his car he gently pushed me into the passenger door of the car and kissed me once more, firmly, before pulling away seconds later.

He opened my door for me and went around to the other side, “My place or yours?’”

I considered inviting him over to my place, but that would just make the morning complicated. If we stayed at his place, I could easily escape in the morning. Plus, my apartment was a mess.

“Yours,”  quickly answered and we drove off, heading through the midnight LA traffic quickly. We got towards a residential area and I could tell we were close when he placed a hand on my semi-exposed thigh. The dress I’d been wearing was almost in the style of a sleeveless coat that tied in the front. It was pretty formfitting and only came a little past mid-thigh, and sitting down the the car only made it higher.

He lightly trailed his fingers over the top of my thigh, and I just barely held back a moan. I unconsciously spread my legs open just a touch and his fingers took the chance and reached further. He circled the inside of my thigh.

It took me a moment to realize, because I was caught up in the moment, but we’d gone in a complete circle around the block. Either he wanted more time or he was just as distracted as I was by the movements his fingers were making.

Finally we pulled up to an apartment complex and he jumped out, getting the door for me before I even had a chance to open it myself. He grabbed my hand, helping me out, and kept a grasp on it as we headed into the building.

He hit the button labeled 8 as we headed inside the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, it was as if the tension between us was amplified by 10. He still hadn’t let my hand go, and as soon as I glanced up at him, he used his hold on me to pull me closer.

Our bodies were up against each other again as he placed a hand on the side of my neck and lowered his face to mine again. Our lips met for the third time tonight and it was just as passion-filled, if not more passion-filled than before. He let my hand go and gripped my waist, pressing us even closer together.

The elevator dinged, making us abruptly break apart. He once again grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the elevator. I could barely keep up with him as he rushed down the hallway.

He scrambled to get his key in the lock. As soon as we were both inside he shut the door and pressed me up against it. He kissed me fiercely and I did the same to him.

He pulled away from my lips and started pecking at my neck and I moaned out, “Nate.”

“You sound so fucking hot,” he said, nibbling just behind my ear lobe.

He had one arm around my waist and the other was fiddling with the belt that partially held my dress together. Once he got it untied (which was impressive because he didn’t even look at it), he unzipped the hidden zipper and pulled the dress off my shoulders, letting it drop to the ground.

He cupped one of my breasts and began to kiss lower and lower, reaching the cups of my bra. He ran his hands up and down my bronze, toned thighs. I pulled him up once more to mss him and then tugged the end of his shirt upwards. He helped me get it off and as soon as it hit the floor we were kissing again.

He took off his shoes hands-free and I did the same and let him lead me towards his bedroom. He gently pushed me into a sitting position on his bed that left me face to waistband with his jeans. I eagerly unbuttoned them and pulled his zipper down.

He leaned down until he was eye level with me and took them off, then began kissing me again and pushing me back until I was laying down. I can’t even remember him taking off my bra, but apparently he did because now I could feel his lips on my nipple. I cried out as his hands ran up and down my body, toying with the edge of my panties.

“You feel so good, Ma,” he said and moaned again, kissing the side of his neck as he came face to face with me.

I let out a small laugh, realizing that I never told him my name. This was probably the wildest thing I’d done, aside from moving to California on a whim and barely any money 2 years ago.

“What’s so funny?” he smiled at me and I shook my head, then gasped as I my lace underwear tore. I should’ve been angry, but it was more of a turn on than anything.

He pulled down his boxers and we were body to body, nothing in between. “Condom?” I asked. He reached into a drawer beside his bed and quickly pulled one out. “You’re clean, right?”

“Of course. You?”

I could only nod as I watched him slip the condom on, then place himself at my entrance. He held onto one of my breasts lightly as he slid in. As soon as he was completely in we both let out a breath as he started to move.

“Faster,” I cried out, after a few seconds.

“Oh, I see how it is,” he immediately began moving faster and I called out his name over and over again. “You make my name sound amazing,” he said, breathless.

I was already close. I rose to meet him with ever stroke and I could tell he was close too. He gritted his teeth, and I grabbed his hips to still him. I grinded and rolled over him, flipping us over so that i was on top. Within seconds of me riding him, I exploded, and I could feel as he followed me.

After a minute, our breathing slowed and I rolled off of him. I wanted to go to sleep but adrenaline was still pumping through me. A minute later, he spoke, breaking me out of my trance.

“You want anything? Something to eat, or drink maybe?”

I took a second. “Yeah, sure, that’d be nice,” I replied.

We both got up, and he passed me an old t-shirt that smelled like him and some of his boxers. “I didn’t think you’d wanna put that dress back on, and your underwear are kind of..”

“I get it,” I said after he paused and took the clothes from his hand.

I followed him into a cute little kitchen with barstools on the outside. He opened the fridge and bent over in just his basketball shorts.

“There’s some Gatorade and a couple cans of pop and bottles of water in here. If you want food, we don’t have much, but I think there’s a few cosmic brownies in the cabinet, and there might be a wrap or a sub in here somewhere.”

“That’s okay, could I just have the Gatorade?”

He passed it to me and grabbed one for himself, then guided me to the barstools. A couple feet to our right was a door that was cracked open. It looked like it led to a pretty big room filled with computers and sound equipment and a recording booth.

I wanted to stay quiet but curiosity got the best of me. “What’s that room?” I asked.

“It’s kind of like a little at home studio. I make music, by the way.”

“That’s cool,” I smiled getting excited, “Can I maybe take a look?”

He got up and took my hand once more, leading me into the room. “I’ve actually been woking on a couple new things, mind being my first audience?”

“Let’s hear it,” I smiled as he opened up a track on one of the computer screens. As the music played I closed my eyes and smiled, lightly moving my hips in small motions.

“What do you do?” he asked me.

“I’m a Style Executive and Chief Designer for this little clothing brand,” I told him.

He nodded, “You know, I never got your name.” He came up behind me and placed both of his hands on my hips, grinding along with me to the rhythm. He moved my naturally curly hair to one side and kissed the juncture between my neck and shoulder, making me bite my lip to hold in a moan.

“That’s unnecessary information,“ I said, then distracted him by arching my back and connecting our groins once more. When the song ended I clapped quietly and turned around. “That was actually really good. I feel like I’ve heard your voice before actually,” I said, trying to think of where I remembered it from.

“Probably at the club. They said they’d play my album all throughout the night, so I came with a couple of guys that are like brothers to me to celebrate.”

“Oh, did I interrupt your night?” I asked. “I’m sorry-“

“No, trust me, it was a very welcome interruption,” he said smiling at me and nibbling on my ear. “When I saw you, I knew I had to have you,” he said, “Only problem was I had no clue how to talk to you. You’re a very good dancer by the way,” he whispered into my ear. He turned on another track, this one was just a beat, but one that was easy to follow. “I’d really like it if you danced for me now.”

“Only if you dance with me,” I said shyly. He nodded and I grabbed his hand, staying right up against him nearly the whole time. I spun around, and bent down, and got low, and I could feel him getting more and more aroused as he just watched me with hooded eyes.

A couple minutes later the song was over and he held me to him again, kissing me fiercely. He led me back to the bedroom.


I woke up the next morning to a heavy arm thrown across my waist and a warm breeze blowing onto my bare shoulder every few seconds. It took me a second to gather my thoughts, but once I did I glanced over to touch his phone and check the time.

I had to be to a meeting in an hour and I couldn’t be late. I got up quietly. Luckily he was a heavy sleeper. The meeting I had to get to was across town. There was no way I could make it to my place in that amount of time.

I made a decision to just freshen up in his bathroom and go. Thank God this dress could pass as club wear or business attire, with a couple adjustments.

When I put the dress back on, I zipped it up a little higher and tied the belt, making sure it went a little longer than last night. Then I added some subtle jewelry and put my wild hair up in a topknot using a tough brush and some ecostyling gel from my purse to slick it back and fix my edges. I slipped my shoes on and headed out the door, happy to see the taxi I called before getting dressed sitting at the curb.


Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. I’m sorry to whoever requested this, you requested it probably back in the beginning of September and I just got around to it. Also, part 2 anyone? I was thinking of making it where like she found out how big he actually was and he went on a hunt for her or something, but then she’d be insecure and worry about what his fans would think of her. I actually still have to make a part 2 for another one of my stories, which should be coming up within the next couple weeks.



On this day in music history: December 26, 1964 - “I Feel Fine” by The Beatles hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, it is the bands’ sixth US chart topper in just ten months. Recorded on October 18, 1964 during the sessions for “Beatles For Sale”, John Lennon comes up with the songs’ main riff while the band is also recording “Eight Days A Week” that same day. The distinctive intro on “I Feel Fine” is one of the first notable uses of feedback on a record, which initially is the result of an accident when Lennon leans his Gibson J-160E guitar against his Vox AC-30 amplifier while it is still plugged in. “Fine” is backed with “She’s A Woman” (written mostly by McCartney). The US release of both songs differ from the UK Parlophone single as Capitol Records adds additional reverb to both songs where as the original British 45 features minimal post production processing. Not scheduled to be released in the US until November 23, 1964, somehow radio station KRLA in Los Angeles, CA acquires a copy of “I Feel Fine” on November 6, 1964 and begins airing it immediately. Capitol issues an immediate cease and desist letter to the station, asking them to refrain from further airplay or passing it on to another station before its official release. Five days later on November 11, 1964, KQV in Pittsburgh, PA obtains a copy of the record and passes a tape copy on to its sister station WABC in New York City. After the single is officially released to the public right before Thanksgiving, it ascends the charts rapidly. Entering the Hot 100 at #22 on December 5, 1964, rocketing to the top only three weeks later. The singles B-side “She’s A Woman quickly follows "Fine” into the top 10, peaking at #4 on the same date. “I Feel Fine” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

why is no one talking about when connor was in kimmi’s snapchat she was like “ohhh so cute” and then troye in the background said “connor” all lovey-dovey like trying to get his attention and you could feel the smile coming from his voice and connor turns and goes “yeah?” and then look at connor’s face, he turns to face troye and the difference is so noticeable he’s gets all cute and he lights up omfg

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favorite quotes?

  • “You have my permission not to love me. I am a cathedral of deadbolts, and I would rather burn myself down than change any of the locks.”- Rachel Mckibbens
  • “People always say that it hurts at night,and apparently screaming into your pillow at 3am is the romantic equivalent of being heartbroken. But sometimes, it’s 9am on a tuesday morning and you’re standing at the kitchen bench waiting for the toast to pop up, and the smell of dusty sunlight and earl gray tea makes you miss him so much you don’t know what to do with your hands.” - Rosie Scanla
  • “She is my landlord
    and she has lowered the rent
    points to her chest and says
    ‘Man, if you lived here
    you’d be home by now.’”- Derrick Brown, excerpt from “Cheap Rent”

  • "I choose to stay present, to unlearn how to unlove,
    to love, and to practice my worthiness of it.”-from Buddy Wakefield’s Amplified Stillness (Start Again)

  • "My heart was too big for my body so I let it go and most days this world has thinned me to where I am just another cloud forgetting another flock of swans but believe me when I tell you my soul has squeezed into narrow spaces.”- Anis Mojgani, from “Come Closer”

  • “Oh, the things we invent when we are scared
    and want to be rescued.” - Richard Siken, from I Had A Dream About You

  • "Just because you fell in love with the river
    doesn’t mean you must feed it your bones.”-Jeanann Verlee, Polyamory, with Knives

  • "My mouth is a fire escape.
    The words coming out
    don’t care that they are naked.
    There is something burning in there.”-Andrea Gibson, The Madness Vase

  • "You can decorate absence however you want- but your still gonna feel what’s missing.”-Siobhan Vivian, Same Difference

  • “I’m battling monsters, I’m pulling you out of the burning buildings and you say ‘I’ll give you anything’ but you never come through.”-Richard Siken