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“It was a challenge, because we wanted to take what was absolute, 100 percent accurate for the period and kind of turn up the volume on it, and amplify it. In part that was to get a freshness, a crispness, a contemporary vibrancy, but also to depict it in the way kids see it. We were talking about how, in our own childhoods, you see everything as bigger, as more colorful then it actually kind of was. You’re seeing [the times] through the kids’ eyes.” 

-  Jeriana San Juan  (co-custume designer for The Get Down) (x)

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How would Minhyuk be different off camera?


anyway.. ugh. right-o i don’t remember who… but someone mentioned that minhyuk was the most different off camera and that he’s quieter and i remember on no.mercy hoseok mentioned that minhyuk was really shy and quiet??

it’s not that i think minhyuk’s a whole different person on camera, i just think… i realized what makes him stick out for fans, what parts of his personality made the best impression and he amplifies it. 

(this next part is gonna be sappy and my minhyuk stan-ness is coming out but wtvs). when i started getting into mx and watched no.mercy, to me, minhyuk was the one that could have been anyone else. they could have easily swapped seokwon with him (I DON’T THINK THIS WAY ANYMORE OKAY I JUST ANYWAY). but i think that was a common comment during that time?? and minhyuk probably saw that and made a concerted effort to prove his worth?? and you could see it immediately! the way he monitors his own performance. minhyuk is such an incredibly hardworker and i think starshit saw that too. he’s so integral, not just with his rising!skills, but also bringing the group together. i think it’s so incredible how much effort minhyuk puts into making sure each member is reminded of their own worth!

and that’s a piece i think that stays relatively the same on and off camera. someone (when will i stop being a fake stan) said that minhyuk was hoseok’s multivitamin (was this hyungwon?) and i think he’s that way for everyone. minhyuk on camera is loud with his praises and i think off camera, he’s soothing and reminding? like kihyun is absentmindedly singing while he’s cooking and minhyuk’s like ‘oh, you hit that note nicely.’ or idk jooheon just steps out of the shower and he says he looks nice or something, you know? little things, quietly whispered. i think they all need some reassurance and that’s where minhyuk fits in so well!

i also think he just?? recharges off camera? i know he seems really extroverted, but based on the comments of his change in behavior, i think he’s more of an introverted extrovert and he needs moments to recharge, needs moments to himself of just quiet lulls. it’s not that he’s fake, but he amplifies parts of himself in front of cameras and is finally able to shut down a little off camera. this is also why i really like the showhyuk ship bc hyunwoo is so quiet and caring, it’s what minhyuk needs after idol!minhyuk is tucked away (i just picture them laying next to each other, not speaking, just like.. in each other’s embrace). 

but like, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t joke or goof off, you know? like he’s obviously hilarious (fite me, he’s so funny) so he does jokes with jooheon and changkyun, picks on people (’you need me to get you that from the cabinet, kihyun?’), but it’s not as loud? it’s just… you’re friendly neighbor fucking things up.

in my mind, the minhyuk off camera is just… quieter and at least tenfold more obnoxious with a sharper tongue (i feel like he’s the type to make everything a dirty joke).

also! minhyuk mentioned that he lost some of his confidence and it breaks my heart, but on the other hand, he’s being so real with us (like listen buddy pal friend-o, i stanned shinee for 9 years and we’re just now getting bit of jinki ANWAY THIS IS ABOUT MINHYUK). i always see minhyuk as the class clown that accidentally got hot and doesn’t really know how to handle that. like, he knows he’s goodlooking, but he’s also doing dorky things and making weird faces. the reason i bring this up is bc originally, this would have been a behind the camera minhyuk moment, but he’s opened up to us and we’re see this in front of the camera. but that’s minhyuk. he’s trusting and needy. as much as he helps others, he needs some reassurance too! anyway, i just wanted to mention that bc i think it’s really nice that he opened up a bit to us. minhyuk, you’re amazing ily i’d do anything to make sure his smile is always genuine. i’m crying okay. 

oi. this got long. and there will be people who disagree, but these are my thoughts and i cannot believe there was a time i thought he was replaceable, bc i just thought of that and teared up. he’s come so far and he’s done such amazing job in bettering his singing skills (pls work on dance skills next), that’s what starshit saw in him. his overall potential and his dedication and hardwork. lmh puts in so much effort and i’m glad it’s showing and i hope others start noticing too! i really can’t wait to see mx as a whole grow and see fans’ reactions to each member’s growth bc!! it’s really beautiful.

Dax’s Lazytown Headcanons

((Some Sportarobbie, Fair Warning))

Sportacus is almost never out after dark because his type of elf has a cat-like eyeshine and he doesn’t want anybody to see. The first time Robbie saw just the two glowing orbs in the dark he squealed in fear. He will not admit to this.

Along with the cat eyes, Sportacus can also voluntarily move his moustache like whiskers, but not with as big of range of motion as cats have.

Robbie is not of the Fae, but the closer he gets to Sportacus, the more residual Elven magic rubs off on him. It’s accidental and neither really noticed until Robbie realizes he stopped aging.

Sportacus can eat pie without a meltdown as the fruit balances out most of the sugar, but it still gives him serious fatigue. Level of fatigue seems to hinge on who made the pie.

Stephanie of course becomes Number Eleven, and is the first human to be given a position as a Numbered Hero. She lets Ziggy help her and while he never officially joins The Numbered, he is still known as an honorary member.

Number Six was in a wheelchair and was an exceptional Mage. She is retired but still visits disabled children when called.

Sportacus is a fake name. Elven names are sacred and never given out aside from to mates and family. Robbie and Stephanie are the only ones to know Sportacus’s true name. Robbie snorts the first time he hears it and Sportacus pouts for a solid week.

After wearing the hat all day, Sportacus’s ears feel like they’ve been held to a belt sander. Robbie tells him he doesn’t need to hide them, but Sportacus is stubborn to the point of being ridiculous.

Robbie sings along to musicals and his voice is amazing. When he starts singing in Icelandic Sportacus 110% Cannot Deal ().

The crystal is an amplified solidification of part of Sportacus’s magic. It is tied to his life energy and very powerful. He could use it as more than an Alarm System if a situation where extremely dire but the strain could kill him in the process.

Robbie and Sportacus never adopt their own children but still view Stephanie and her friends as their kids.

Pixel leaves briefly to go to college, but drops out because he’s smarter than the professors and comes back with a boyfriend. Jives is the boyfriend.

Trixie stays in Lazytown but somehow manages to become the Mayhemtown Gang Boss and Robbie is equal parts proud and terrified. His fear is unfounded when she manages to turn the Gang into more of a clean-up crew that dabbles in criminal mischief. The police have no idea how to handle this. “They’re doing community service without being told, do we still arrest them or just let them work??”

Pixel helps Trixie get the Gang online and it spreads to other towns like a slightly more family friendly version of Durarara.

Robbie is absolutely not in the Gang and he absolutely did not yarnbomb an entire building. What are you talking about? Who are you? Go away.

Stingy ends up owning half the town through sheer force of will.

Bessie and Milford get married through human culture the same day Sportacus and Robbie get married through Elven culture. They have a joint party.


okay i’ve delayed this for long enough


i mean, i know sadie is in danger as well. and onion isn’t exactly my favorite character.




with that why don’t i give my analysis of the promo?

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First of all, I think it should be worth noting that they give us that vital flashback to the Zoo arc. It further establishes what is likely to happen in this bomb. It causes you to remember that one Yellow Diamond line. You know the one.

“Then there’s still time.”

I will admit, it’s odd how this hasn’t been addressed earlier, but I’m willing to let that slide for now. You can look at all though SU critic blogs if you want to hear commentary on season four, and pacing, and whatnot.


I’m calling it right now. This is going to be the vehicle of transportation for the two new gems being introduced, the Homeworld gems. Why else would they show this ride? Sure, it could be to set the mood, but of course, I want to see something more.

It’s obvious what’s happening here. Sadie goes missing, blah blah blah. Can we just talk about the way the promo presents this scene in general? Honestly, it’s masterfully chilling, with Sadie walking into the darkness, and Steven narrating, confused, “Sadie never came home last night?”


but anyways.

Ah yes. The only time we see Garnet in this entire promo. I find this rather intriguing, as it could mean multiple things. One, the most likely, they didn’t want to put in as many Garnet shots. But what’s the fun in that?

There’s also a possibility that another The Return will be pulled, and Ruby and Sapphire will be poofed. Also interesting, especially when you consider the possible parallels that could be produced to the hand ship’s arrival. This could be something that motivates Steven to give himself up to the diamonds, (which I’ll get to in a sec.) 

After all, is it really realistic steven will do it out of the kindness of his heart?

okay maybe it sort of is it’s steven after all, BUT I WANT TO SPICE THINGS UP

I’m willing to bet that this has something to do with the two new gems. (I’m not going to say their names for spoiler’s sake.) After all, Connie is totally panicked, and even Steven looks pretty distressed. If this was just some normal corrupted gem, I can make a safe bet they would be slightly calmer. Not entirely calm, but much less panicked than they are now. You dig?

There is a lot of speculation on who Steven is trying to call. I’m willing to conclude that it’s Greg, not Sadie, for one reason. The promo says “Sadie never came home last night?” Why would he wait until the next evening to try and contact her?


Then we see an Onion missing poster. Obvious enough meaning, so I didn’t screenshot it.

A lot of people say Pearl is crying because of what Steven is about to do/ what Steven just did. I mostly agree with them on that, it makes the most logical sense.

I’d like to propose another teory. A much likely one, but, god, I would die of both happiness and despair if it became true.

Mystery Girl, as mentioned multiple times in Last One Out Of Beach City, looking startlingly like a Rose Quartz. All of the Rose Quartzes are either shattered or bubbled in the room we see Blue Diamond in, in That Will Be All, (at least, that’s what can be inferred.)

Imagine the diamonds find a human who looks so much like a Rose Quartz, it’s uncanny? They’re going to want to take that human and investigate.

Just a really far fetched guess, but all the same, if it came true, I would collapse.

Exactly Steven.

Same color palette as the scene with Pearl in the water and Steven on hisphone, but notice that Pearl’s hair isn’t wet. I’m sure that gem clothing and hair doesn’t dry magically in the span of afew seconds, so this leads me to believe that the scene with Pearl in the water takes place after Steven beams himself up. (a la BEAM ME UP SCOTTY)


Okay, so there’s a lot going on here. First of all, note that this light is yellow. This will be important later.

Second, notice how not only is Steven leaving of his own free will, he’’s giving the thumbs up. It’s obvious that he isn’t being taken, and if I had to guess, this could be some deal arranged with the two new gems? (not saying their names for spoilers sake.)

This is all speculation, after all.

Honestly, I think Steven should be grateful he wasn’t just knocked out and whisked away into space.


Notice how the entire scene seems to be basked in, you guessed it, yellow light.

Okay, one could argue that this is simply daytime, hence the lighting. However, why would the two gems take Onion away in broad daylight? It’s kidnapper 101, especially considering this area seems wide open.

No, it makes more sense that the light we’re seeing is coming from the ship Steven is entering, which could also be the ride seen earlier in the promo. There are quite a lot of connections to be made, aren’t there?

“She wouldn’t have wanted this. But I do.”

Steven is turning himself in. End of discussion.





I really believe, like many people, that this is one of the gems that has come to find Steven. (once again, no names.) Confused, they might try to find Steven’s dad by saying my dad, instead of, you know, Greg. Because that’s the only way they know him, my dad.

Of course, I will die of laughter if this turns out to be Onion’s voice. No wonder he hasn’t talked. Whatever the case, I simply can’t wait until MAY FREAKING THE 8TH

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Wolf of Spring

Tamlin gave me a slight nod, as if he too was trying to keep himself together. We were so close that if I lifted my head high enough, my lips would find his. He didn’t dare speak, and I knew then, that deep down, he still felt this scar.
“How could this happen to you? How were you even capable of love if your heart was made out of stone?”
He placed his hand over mine, as if it would stop his raging heart from bleeding onto the floor. “I couldn’t—wasn’t capable of love.”
“And after? When it did come back?”
“It still wasn’t love, lassie.”
My free hand came over my mouth. I couldn’t even imagine how it would feel to be heartless. Sure, you could love with your emotions, but the heart is part of your soul. It was the part of you that amplified your feelings, the part of you that spurred you on to feel. “And now?”

OUAT has touched on and fucked up a very important issue to people who have suffered trauma.

Emma thanks Regina for killing her parents in front of her and doing all these terrible things so that she would remember who she is.

First of all, shut the fuck up OUAT. You are no where near nuanced enough to touch upon the topic of abuse ever again, let alone the steps of healing that come with it. Especially when you fuck it up like this.

It’s true. There’s a part of healing that involves looking at yourself and what parts of you were magnified or changed due to your trauma. I went through this myself. I told myself this day in and day out that if it weren’t for what happened to me, I wouldn’t be the same person. And honestly? I’m not sure I’d like the person I would have been without it.

Now that in no way means that the abused or traumatized needs to thank anyone. Fuck that shit. Forgiveness is about you. Healing is about you. Not your abuser. (This doesn’t really apply to people who went through a traumatic event that was not created by another person. i.e. a plane crash or say near drowning or whatever.)

Emma was shaped by her traumas in life. And much of that trauma was created because of Regina and Rumple’s manipulations and crimes. But the way this show just worded it is that Emma should be thankful to Regina for creating the trauma in the first place. That’s wrong. On so many levels. One, because this is not supposed to be about Regina in any way shape or form. Two, because Emma was shaped due to her reaction to the pain. There’s a difference. Her character and her strength of spirit changed her in the face of trauma. That’s how it works. It’s a survival mechanism. You change or you die. Simple as that. (And honestly? Parts of you are amplified and other parts are minimized due to abuse. They’re not erased or created out of nowhere.)

And yeah, maybe she wouldn’t have liked the person she might have been without it, but that doesn’t mean anyone else gets to comment on that shit. Certainly not the person who caused the trauma in the first place. You just don’t get to fucking do that.

This whole thing is framed as Regina doing what she needs to do to save Emma. And that includes Emma’s thanks. And that is just so wrong on so many levels.

I just. I don’t even know the words for how to explain this any more than I have.

Melinda/Andrew as epic romance* in this episode, a summary:

  • Andrew fighting so hard to hold on to the last shreds of Andrew so that he can come say goodbye to Melinda one last time
  • how Andrew loves literally everything about Melinda – from the way she refuses to stay behind the glass to how so much she says has double meaning to how she believes in hail marys, in changing fate itself
  • how Melinda would go back in time and give up having met him – give up so much of what brought her joy – if it meant Andrew was safe now
  • and how instantly Andrew insists that he wouldn’t change a thing
  • literally, that she’s the center of all the best moments of his life. That even knowing what happens to him he would take it in every lifetime knowing how much brightness Melinda brings to his life.
  • this is how Andrew wanted it to end – with Melinda by his side. With the love of his life with him.
  • Melinda - who insisted so hard on not wanting hope - hoping despite everything because that’s who she is and Andrew amplifies the best parts of her
  • how May insists she’ll get out when she needs to but doesn’t move a muscle when he starts to turn, that he’s the one to get himself into the pod to protect her
  • those longing looks
  • how hard Andrew fights, in the end, to stay with her. The way that’s not enough.

How is this not the most popular ship in the fandom. How.

*that would have been better serviced by literally any storyline other than Lash

some moments last forever (but some flare out with love, love, love)


The Hogwarts Express rumbles its way, as it always has, through thick green countryside on its return to King’s Cross station in London. The customary end-of-year happenings commence: sticky first-years have gotten their grubby fingerprints upon the glass of the compartment doors; older, wiser students lounge comfortably on cushioned seats as they play lazy games of Gobstones; darker, quieter compartments house pairings of significant others keen on one last rousing snog before going two months without licking the face of their beloved. The singular anomaly of the final return journey of the year is this: Compartment J is silent.

Compartment J has not known a peaceful journey to or from Hogwarts Castle since June 1971. The autumn journey of the same year marked the beginning of seven years’ worth of rough treatment, uninhibited noisemaking, and general abuse for the compartment. For the hours and miles it took for the train to pull in at Hogsmeade station, the compartment housed four eleven-year-old boys, and it has housed them every trip since. Its seats’ cushions bear stains from experimental charms gone wrong, one of its walls bears an unpleasant greenish splotch that refuses to fade, and four sets of clumsy initials dig into the wood of its windowsill. The carvers of these letters began their final trip with their usual rambunctious vigor, but there was a tightness to it, a pointed not-acknowledgment of the finality. Now, with one hour left before the train pulls into the station, they sit – for the first time in seven years – quietly.

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Hi. I wondered if placements were predictive or if they affected the way we consider areas of our lives. For example, Uranus in the 4th House can mean growing up in a peculiar environment (to put it simply): was it meant to be that way or is how we perceive having been raised ? Sorry if it's not clear 😅

It’s both, actually. My answer is going to be a bit long, sorry about that lol

To keep the fourth house example, let’s say there are three kids in one family. The eldest, a Cancer, has Mars in the fourth house; the middle child, a Leo, has Uranus; and the youngest, an Aries, also has Mars. This hypothetical family has very Plutonian themes surrounding it because, say, the chart of the parents’ marriage has a Scorpio Ascendant.

The eldest child is more sensitive than the rest and thus perceives the family to be quite volatile or aggressive, and tends to cause fights because of the assertive attitude they’ve built in an attempt to take charge of the dynamic they thought was negative.

The middle child wants to fit in with their friends really badly. Their friends’ families have warm, close-knit facades, but their family has a bit of toxicity in it, and this makes them feel extremely alienated. They try to get away from their family because they don’t want to feel like they’re set apart from other families; they turn themselves into a black sheep within their own unit because they try to drift away from what makes them “different.”

The final child has self-esteem issues and covers it up with competitiveness. They want to assert their value so they compete with their siblings and try to push them down to get ahead. They cause discord with their selfishness but think that everyone else keeps treating them like a “baby” so they fight it.

Families are whatever families happen to be; when there’s a huge concentration of energies in one household, chaos usually ensues, and since everybody is so different, the chaos will be processed differently each time. But the mental processes don’t change the facts. I guess my point is, people will subconsciously amplify the parts of their life that are most relevant to who they are as individuals. This goes for everything, not just families. Someone with Saturn in the ninth house will think a desk job is full of opportunity, but someone with Mars in the ninth house and the same job will wander around their office full of boredom and dissatisfaction. The fact is that desk jobs are boring as fuck but they also can offer decent opportunities for life experience if you devote enough time & effort, and if you’re at the right company. The natal chart illustrates a person’s unique perspective, and everybody’s perspective on life is technically right because everybody can experience the same thing differently. So, again, yes; it’s both. It is meant to be that way, and there is the influence of personal perception as well.

(I don’t know why I couldn’t have said this in one paragraph but here you go)

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Are some Grisha just born amplifiers? Reading the books, I thought being an amplifier was part of The Darkling's and Baghra's powers but I remembered that Mal and Alina were tested by another a woman.

Yes, some Grisha are just born as amplifiers. It’s a rare gift, highly valued, but not particularly fun for the person who has it because one of your friends could kill you and turn you into a power-up necklace. 

(A table of contents is available and will be kept up-to-date as new posts are added to the series.)

Part 10: Avoiding the Self

One of the largest discussions with in the writing community surrounds the idea of author self-insert characters. It’s not an uncommon phenomenon for writers to create characters that turn out one of two ways:

Very similar to the author:

These true self-inserts turn up as a character who looks similar to the author, may share some of the author’s self-perceived faults, and handles situations in a similar fashion to how the author would if they were in the same situation. They’re easy trap characters to write. After all, aren’t we writing about places and situations and other people who aren’t us or that we don’t have intimate knowledge of? We’re not always adhering to the (poppycock) old adage to write what we know. The only person we have to fall back on when writing these crazy, out-there scenes is ourselves. We try to determine how someone will react to an event, and we sit back and ask ourselves, “Well? How would I respond to that?” It seems logical–it is logical! If a person were in this situation, we know we can portray an accurate and realistic reaction because we know what at least one person would do.

Unfortunately, the catch of this is that if we weren’t intending to write the character to be a self-insert, this reaction you might have had were it you might not be realistic for the character you are writing. All of a sudden, you have a character whose personality was intended to be something else, but, by virtue of using ourselves as sounding-boards, they’ve completely transformed into us! Thing is, we don’t always catch these until later because they feel very real to us. Their reactions are perfectly understandable and natural. After all, they’re what we would do! If your intention is to write about yourself or someone like yourself, you’re in no great hurt. What you can’t expect is everyone to understand the character and sympathize with them like you do. After all, the character has become you, not me. This creates a conundrum for us: We have characters we relate to, but no one else does. Worse yet, if your audience knows you well enough, they know that this character is a direct reflection of you, and that makes the whole thing funny instead of serious.

The author, but better:

These characters are where the Mary Sue comes in. They’re similar to the author in the same way as the character outlined above, but they have abilities the author doesn’t, or they’re better at communication than the author is, or they are better loved, or whatever the author decides is relevant to the story. Maybe the character’s excellent with a sword or a gun, or they can fly helicopters, or they can perform coolly under pressure. Whatever. Doesn’t matter. What turns up on the page is a character we feel great about–they’re a normal person with normal reactions to things, just like the above, but they have all the skills we think they would have developed by living in the world.

Unfortunately, the root cause of these characters is not just self-insert, but also a desire not to see the character fail that completely overrides the desire to write a good story. It’s a character who is overpowered for their environment that we feel good about because they can handle whatever’s thrown at them. For us, the character boosts self-confidence by showing us all the things someone who is just like we are can do. The result is similar to the above-outlined character in that our audience can’t relate to this character because it’s not them, nor is it believable to be so much better. We lose that author-audience connectivity without even realizing it because we’re caught up in the awesomeness of the character.

Then how much is too much?

I want to be very clear on this blog’s stance on self-inserts and Mary Sue characters: They have their place. They are not inherently bad. If you are in a place where that is what you need to write, I will always encourage you. There is a time to write about characters like you doing amazing things, an encouragement, an empowerment that comes with imagining and vocalizing their story. It’s what you could be, how cool is that? But that time, that place, is not in every story.

Be aware of the types of characters you most-commonly create. Every writer has a couple of traits they enjoy writing with and accidentally pop them into each story they tell. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but being aware of our tendencies is the first step to diversifying them. Take those traits and see if you can apply them to a range of characters with different backgrounds and personalities so that your audience doesn’t automatically guess what kind of personality comes with that character.

Observe, observe, observe. To repeat another old adage, put yourself in someone else’s shoes. All your characters should be whole and complete by themselves. They are people (if not in life, than in your imagination) and you need to be prepared to think like them. They aren’t you, so you need to have practice with all kinds of people. Get out there and talk with family and friends, listen to the conversations of others, let other people tell you stories about their days. Talk and listen actively. Think about what they’re saying; don’t just let it go in one ear and out the other; this is your research. Think about how they’re reacting to things, what makes them who they are, what sorts of things are they using to inform their decisions? By widening your knowledge base about humans and how humans function, you can find yourself using less and less of yourself and more and more of a character that stands on their own.

Your character’s reactions should be based on their background, their experiences, their understanding of their world, not yours. That’s the key to building characters who are not you.

Characters as pieces of yourself:

There’s an idea out there that every character you write is some kind of an extension of you. Maybe one character fears heights like you do; maybe they can’t kill a spider if there isn’t a shoe around (like me); maybe they prefer to write with blue pens like you; maybe they have a lisp like you; maybe they have a poor relationship with a family member like you; whatever it is, the belief is that there is a little piece of us in each character we create. Somehow, something ends up reflecting us in our writing; we share ourselves in our characters and the places and the situations we build. You can see your eclectic Aunt Mim who collects elephants in your main character’s next-door neighbor and your best friend Lyn’s sharp sarcasm in the side character (whom you admit you will likely write more about).

What works about this is that each character only has one or two aspects of you. It’s not all of you, and that’s the key to avoiding self-inserts. If you’re not looking to write about you and people like you, try perhaps amplifying one part of you through the lens of a character rather than all the parts of you. Your fear of abandonment is manifested in Avery and your hair style is plopped on the head of Emm and your adoration of cats shows up prominently in Riva. By spreading yourself out, you enable your audience to experience a wider variety of characters–one of which they may connect with!–and allows you to really hone in, focus, and explore a topic more thoroughly through a single lens rather than a thousand-faceted pane.

In Defense of Mary Sue
The Importance of Mary Sue

Next up: Defining character realism!

Amplifying Force-

In speech, one way to emphasize a certain word is to pronounce it louder in contrast to the overall tone of a spoken phrase. Similarly to animation, contrasting sizes of shape is used to amplify a force through motion.

How the contrasting sizes came to give an impression on screen is depending on each unique circumstance, an interaction between sizes, velocity, scene’s perspective and direction of movement in relation to timing.  It is relying more on a unique personal ‘feel’ that often break general technical rules in extreme conditions.  

For example, technique requires cushion drawings to decelerate into a stop, but in the extreme cases, a movement might need to pop into a stop without cushion to feel right in motion.  Likewise, size inflation of a body part might be in an orderly build up or an abruptly pop from smaller to large, holding its inflated state in several frames or just a single frame…  

Inflating size of body part to amplify a certain force was often explored in the 30’s and 40’s, (a time when animation was more carefree to express and less constrain by technical do’s and don’ts, such as when Mickey Mouse is conducting the stars in Disney’s Fantasia, his hands inflated to a larger size than normal condition to accent his forceful conducting authority).

Here another scene sample from Warner Bros. ‘Quest for Camelot’.  I animated the griffin and my friend Ralph Fernan animated the falcon.

Did Emma have to crush a heart to cast this new curse on Once Upon a Time? — Kat

“Yes,” EP Edward Kitsis says. “Can’t make a dark curse without crushing the heart of the thing you love most.” Which begs the question whether someone in Storybrooke pulled a Snowing and split their heart. “There’s other stuff going on than what appears on the surface right now,” EP Adam Horowitz says. Adds Kitsis: “The question you’re asking is whose heart is it and is someone going to die? We’re not going to answer that, but we will say the information you need to guess has not appeared yet … or has it.”


So random thought/speculation on this. There has been a lot of speculation on just HOW the Dark One inhabits the person it’s tethered to. Whether Emma (or Gold for that matter) have ever really been the Dark One, or more just a host body. Sure the host is affected by the curse, the Dark One amplifies certain parts of their personalities and preys on their emotions and even probably controls their behaviors a bit. BUT. We have seen that both Emma and Gold have retained some semblance of autonomy while cursed. Which gives credence to the theory that the Dark One curse is a warring duality between a sentient Dark One being and the host person. 

(Where are you going with this, Ann????)

So what I guess I am saying is that we are assuming that Emma herself is the one the cast the curse and crushed the heart of the person she loves most. But we know that all of the people she loves most, Hook, Henry, her parents, are alive and kicking in present day. And maybe there is a heart sharing situation going on. 

Or maybe Emma didn’t cast the curse. Maybe the Dark One did. 

Here me out. It’s pretty obvious that Nimue is going to be the OG Dark One. That was set up in 5x05. And we will be getting more of her as the DO, both in a backstory ep and what appears to be again in the mid-season finale. We still don’t know how she came to be the DO, or how Merlin managed to tether her to the dagger. But it’s becoming more and more clear that she is very much her own thing, not just some hazy, malignant cloud of evil. That this seems almost like a possession. Now that we are seeing insight into how the Dark One interacts with its host person, you can see that it has its own motivations and goals. That it is looking out for #1, and desperate to gain its freedom. 

So what if it was Nimue (via Emma) that cast the curse? What if she crushed the heart of the person that she loves most, which would be Merlin? We haven’t seen him in present day Storybrooke. Sure, that could very well be for some yet unknown reason. But it could also mean he dead. (cue my wailing noooooooooooooooooooo)

By inhabiting Emma, a powerful force of good, the Dark One has access to more magic than its probably ever had before. It could very well now be more capable than ever before to make a break for freedom. All it has to do is weaken Emma enough to become the dominant force in her body and take control of her powers. And it’s doing a great job so far, preying on her fears and using her love as a weapon against the people she loves. We’re seeing Emma falter under the weight of this pressure. And I’m guessing we’re gonna see her eventually break, succumb to darkness, giving the DO the opportunity to cast the curse and put its plan (whatever that might be) into motion.

(I also think that Emma is not completely gone post-darkness, that she has figured out what is happening within her and has learned how to play the game? She’s working to destroy it on the DL from within? Or something.)

I dunno. I could be suuuuuper off. But there is just something about this that is setting my spidey senses tingling. That the casting of the curse is  not going to be as straight forward as we’ve seen happen in the past. That the Dark One curse is not as straight forward as we think. 

So maybe? Yes? No? STFU Ann and go get cheese fries?

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i'm a little late and slightly confused. what is "dinof" dan and why is he so bad compared to dan howell? i understand that it's probably just the acronym for his user but why is everyone making it out to be so bad?

basically you can obviously tell there are some differences between youtubers and their actual personas. youtube personas are not really fake just more like amplified versions of themselves to be more engaging to an audience. so parts of their personality might be played up. for example dan amplifies the more cynical parts of himself for humor purposes in his dinof videos. so when you watch dan liveshows he’s a lot more chill but still the same person, just less intense because he doesn’t depend on younow as income. phil and loads of other youtubers do this as well. i love dinof by himself but some of us don’t really appreciate dinof when interacting with phil (not amazingphil but the more relaxed version of himself). this can mostly be seen in joint liveshows because phil is more relaxed because they have less of an audience and dan seems to put up walls because he is all too aware of how many people can see them live. of course this is all just speculation but dinof often comes off more abrasive and loud around phil and that might be due to being around phil or an audience or anything really. dinof isn’t a bad thing it’s just a little off putting when phil isn’t playing up the quirky side of himself (the amazingphil persona) but dan is playing up his more cynical side. it often leads to dan rolling his eyes or mocking phil which is funny but sometimes gets old. of course this is all just my opinion and of course i know dan isn’t being mean to phil but the “wow that’s stupid phil” theme has gotten a little stale over the years

Amplified attention - Sam Fanfiction (Part 4)

Part 3:

** I did not expect this chapter to be this long but yeah, enjoy!**

I roll my eyes as all the random girls in my room glare at me. “Get out! this is MY room!” I yell at their fans and they all scramble. Aaron doesn’t follow me into the room. I stare at Jack and Mike so they hopefully got the message to get out of the room but they’re so dumb. I point at the door and they finally left. I sighed and stood there with sam for a couple of seconds.

“You’re such a mess.” I say to Sam. He throws the empty pringle can on the bed and says “We are a mess.” indicating me and him were. I still stood with my arms crossed in front of the door while Sam paces around looking for something. “Do you even know what you’ve done?” I ask in a sour tone.

“I didn’t do it. I swear. I have no idea who told you all this bullshit but I didn’t cheat on you. I love you.” Sam says and walks up to me. He holds my hands and I for once feel like he cares again. Sam pulls me into a tight hug and then kisses my forehead. I kept my arms wrapped around his torso as I ask him, “who told you I cheated on you then?”

Sam sighs. “Let’s just get some sleep. It’s late and I don’t feel like arguing again because I don’t like to.” Sam says disappointingly. I let go of sam and move my way over to the bed. I lay and face the wall as I listen to Sam take his shirt and pants off, then slips himself into the bed. Sam puts his arm over my body and spoons me while kissing slowly up and down my neck. This felt good, but I wasn’t just going to let Sam off the hook like “that”.

The next morning I wake up and Sam isn’t beside me. I rub my eyes and look around for Sam. Then I hear something sizzling from the kitchen and I get up from the bed. I walk into the kitchen to find my boyfriend completely naked. “What….are you doing?” I ask and slightly cover my eyes.

“oh, goodmorning babe. Just cooking up some breakfast for you.” Sam said and gave a peck on my cheek. I peeked through my fingers just a little. I laugh and run back into the bedroom.

Minutes later, Sam walks into the bedroom with food and a towel on this time. “Breakfast for the Queen.” Sam says then hands me the plates. I blush and set the plates in front of me. “Thanks babe.” I say and kiss sam on the lips this time.

“Im gonna hop in the shower and then go out with the boys later please?” Sam asks politely. I give him a sarcastic look and then he changes his mind. “Or we can hangout all day because I’ve missed you so much.” Sam says and heads for the bathroom. We still haven’t had our talk yet and I’m a bit worried for our relationship. But I think we need to clear our minds for now and just forget everything for awhile.

We left the hotel and decided to go to the mall today. We held hands and went into more than 18 different stores. “This would look sexy on you!" Sam says and holds up a Victoria’s Secret bra up.

"Put that down!” I say and laugh while rummaging through the racks of clothes. “Hey, its Mike and them! They just walked by, lets go!” Sam says and drags me by the wrist. I wasn’t excited to see Jack or an of them because they’re all sketchy, but they were Sam’s friends so I couldn’t do much. They all greeted each other and I just waved. Sam always seemed to be in a good mood when he was with his guy friends. It’s like nothing could break them apart, not even me.

As the time was passing by, it seemed like Sam was drifting away from me more and more. So I walked with Aaron. Aaron’s body language seemed a bit odd today. His hand would drift pass my legs or waist throughout the time we were at the mall. I ignored it for most of the time but I couldn’t conclude why he was doing it. Once again, I felt a little more like shit. Sam was already walking away with his friends while I’m once again off to the curb. I couldn’t take it anymore and demanded Aaron to take me back to the hotel.

“Sure. what’s wrong?” Aaron asks me while fixing his snapback. “I don’t know. it’s like everything is good for only a second.”  I say as we continue walking to the exit of the mall. I felt bad for Aaron. He always had to deal with me when I am down.

Me and Aaron finally reach the hotel room and there are tons of fans waiting at our door. “Omg there’s Sam’s girlfriend!” I hear one of the girls mutter. “Excuse me! coming through!” I scream and everyone moves to either side of the hall. Then that’s when everyone started huddling around Aaron. Maybe I should’ve stayed silent. I squeeze through so many people and finally get to my room. I slip in the hotel room card key and let me and Aaron in. “Hopefully security gets a hold of those girls.” Aarons says and plops on the bed. “I know right.” I say and catch my breath. I go sit beside Aaron and I turn on the TV.

Minutes later, Aaron asks me, “Do you want to talk about it?” I look back at him and I knew he wanted to know badly. “Sure.” I say and turned off the TV. I told Aaron about how I feel about Sam and how I am treated by him. Aaron doesn’t say anything after I was done, all he does it put one hand on my leg. I tense up a bit but relax because I needed this relief that aaron gives me. Suddenly, Sam stumbles into the room. He gave me and Aaron a confused look.

“What is this? Aaron, really?” Sam says and comes up to Aaron. Aaron gets up from his seat but Sam pushes him back down. I get up and tell Sam to stop but he doesn’t. “You’re a shitty person. ” Aaron says to Sam and swings for Sam’s jaw.

Amplified attention - Sam Wilkinson Fanfiction (Part 5)

Part 4:

**the girl’s name is Amber btw. sorry if you didn’t know but this is my first time actually using her name in this fanfic. sorry if there was any confusion. I know this is very short but I might make up for it by adding a part 6 later tonight.**

Sam stumbles to the side after Aaron punches him in the jaw. I try to stop them both from to hitting each other but it doesn’t work. Sam strips off his shirt and starts throwing things violently. He walks over the kitchen and grabs plates, cups, anything to hurt Aaron.

“Don’t fuckin cheap shot me! What the fuck are you doing with my girlfriend in MY room?!” Sam screams. He then punches the wall and makes a hole in it.

“Stop Sam!” I scream. I try to ease him by gently touching his arm but he pushes my arm away and roughly pushes me to the wall. My back slams on the wall and I immediately go into a lot of pain. Sam knew what he just done and tried to comfort me. “Amber, I’m so sorry. I just…” Sam says but nothing else comes out of his mouth. “Get the hell away from me.” I say to Sam but he refused to listen to me. I could barely move now, even when Sam tried to help me I screamed in pain. Tears started streaming from my eyes as Aaron called an ambulance.

Sam and Aaron help me down to the lobby and into the ambulance. All their fans waited outside of the hotel and huddled around us. The nurses wouldn’t let Sam or Aaron come to the hospital with me because they didn’t want people to follow them; it would be very crowded. They set me down on the bed and I look back at Sam one last time. He was wiping his tears while new tears filled his eyes. I lay my head back and start crying as well. Never have I ever would’ve thought Sam would hurt me this way, I’ve truly lost a lot for him.

I wake up on my hospital bed and can feel my back isn’t hurting as bad as it was. The door opens and my doctor comes in. He tells me there is a fracture in my back and it’ll take at least two to three weeks to completely heal. I grunt and think of all the things I wont be able to do now. “And there’s also someone here to visit you.” my doctor says. I hope it’s Sam. Even after all we’ve been through, I just need him to hold me the way he used to. My doctor leaves and someone walks in.

“Hey amber.” I look over to the door and it was…Jack Gilinsky that came to visit me.