amplified creme

sadtm  asked:

i know your mac makeup line is coming out tomorrow and im soso excited! Im just wondering will the lipstick be matte? OMG im just rly excited im sry ok bye

it’s amplified creme finish so not so matte that it turns your lips into shriveled potato skins / just moveable enough to dab on a little bit like a stain

My top 6 MAC Cosmetics lipsticks for a natural & luscious looking lip! 

These colours are my regular ‘go-to’ shades within my professional makeup kit when doing makeovers. Whether it be for Wedding makeovers, such as the Bride, Mother of the Bride, or bridesmaids. Prom makeovers, evening makeup or even photo shoots! These colours are my most ‘called-for’ lippies. And since I just received my replenishment lipsticks, I thought it was the ideal opportunity to take a photo of them in all their glossy glory before they reach my kit and become used. 
The ‘nude’ or ‘natural’ lip is most commonly requested by my clients. And it is always a hue I would personally recommend over a coloured lip. The reason being is, unless the client has the same lipstick as the one I use on them during the application process, then a touch throughout the day is going to be impossible. 
I always like to fill the lips in with a matching pencil to aid longevity, but again, this is only going to last so long. So my personal preference is to play-up the eyes and opt for a more natural looking lip. Especially when it comes to bridal makeup. 

There are a variety of finishes when it comes to MAC lipsticks, and it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right one. There are 9 standard difference finishes and I’ve listed them below with a brief overview of each finish:

• Amplified - Opaque coverage like the Matte finish, but less drying.
• Amplified Creme - Great pigment. Has more of a glossy finish than Amplified.
• Cremesheen - Good coverage. Very creamy at first, but can be a little drying.
• Frost - Shimmery finish with good coverage. Not too drying either.  
• Glaze - Gives a moisturised appearance with a subtle wash of glossy colour.
• Lustre - Less sheer than a Glaze finish. Glossy & moisturising, but subtle still.
• Matte - Long wearing, with high opacity but very drying. 
• Retro Matte - Very similar to Matte, but even more drying on the lips.
• Satin - Very good opacity like the Matte finish, but with a nice sheen.

These are my top 6 in order as pictured above, including their finish:

• Please Me - Warmer-toned Pink, Matte.
• Patisserie - Nude Pinky-Peach, Lustre.
• Angel - Warm light Pink, Frost.
• Shy Girl - Neutral Coral-Beige, Cremesheen.
• Fanfare - Warm Pink, Peach undertone, Cremesheen.
• Creme Cup - Cool, muted Pink, Cremesheen.
(Another must-haves, not pictured)
• Hue - Neutral, Pinky Nude, Glaze.
• Creme D’Nude - Pale Peach-Beige, Cremesheen.

So if you are a makeup artist or just a lover of a natural lip, then go check these shades out! You will not be disappointed. 

So I finally gave in and got Up the Amp by MAC the other day, so obsessed. It’s the first amplified creme finish (and purple lipstick) I’ve ever had. I would describe the finish as somewhere between a Satin and a Cremesheen. It’s a bit creamier than a Satin but has equally good pigmentation and doesn’t slide as much as Cremesheens do. It leaves a subtle pop of lavender when it’s first applied, then fades to a gorgeous rose pink that is very natural looking. Ugh, it’s just to die for… I cannot get enough of this color. 😍💜💄✨💀