Kickstarter: three "Apple related" projects

Lately, we’ve seen a rise in backings in famous crowd funding platform Kickstarter. The most talked about (at least in the tech world) is the Pebble, an E-Paper watch for iPhone and Android. As of now it received almost $7 million in backings. The objective was raising $100'000.

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It’s an awesome project and it would probably be the first one I’d back (if only I had an iPhone). Here go other two projects that are Apple (for the iPad specifically) related and you might be interested in.


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Why would we deal with any of these hassles if there were a product that could clip right onto our iPad and simply amplify and clarify the sound that is already coming out of our iPad, using the simple geometry of an old gramophone. The Amplifiear does just this.


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Brydge is an elegant solution to the lack of quality iPad keyboards and accessories currently on the market. Made from aerospace-grade aluminum, with optional stereo speakers, Brydge connects to your iPad using a patent-pending hinge. This click-in hinge allows for close to 180 degrees of iPad positioning and holds your iPad secure.

I’d buy them all three.


Mickey Mouse ears for your iPad. Hehe.