Another little plush I just finished. Originally he was going to be a basic European-styled dragon (i.e., arms and legs, pointed tail), but after finding my copy of Ernest Drake’s Dragonology Handbook again, I decided to make him based on Draco Americanus Mex, or the Mexican Ampithere, which only has wings and a tail.

The most fun part of this doll was the feathers. They were time-consuming, but I like how they turned out. It’s a shame the camera can’t really catch the number of feathers on the tail, though.

kenopsiatennine  asked:

What other kinds of monsters are there in BTE?

In terms of the universe it takes place in, there could literally be anything. But heres a list of species (Excluding things like angels and demons) that might appear throughout the story;

- Centaurs
- Ampitheres
- Dalguise
- Gatekeeper (Remember it?)

- Mermaids/sirens
- Dragons
- Serpents (Not just a snake. They usually reside in hell)
- Hellhounds 
- Mimics
- Leviathan * 
- Uriel  (I’m kidding, he is ridiculously powerful though, so he does have a reputation for being “a monster”)
- And probably most importantly, Shrouds. Big piece to the story there. Imo anyway lmao

here i drew one quickly. Theres more than one kind tho this is just ur regular shroud.

There may be more and some such as dragons we might not actually encounter. But essentially bc of the structure of the world there could be literally anything in there.

* “Leviathan” could be referring to This thing

However this is technically not a leviathan. Its a common mistake. Its a type of sea dragon. Both or God’s actual Leviathans are dead. But they DID exist. HOWEVER in spire of how theyre technically extinct, its not impossible that we will encounter one. ;3