Odin update! It’s been 11 days since I found her starving and dehydrated in a window well

She’s alert, her appetite’s healthy and she’s gaining weight, and the missing eye seems clear of infection. Keeping an eye on her in case of potential kidney damage from being dehydrated for what might’ve been a long time, but she’s currently looking pretty good


some friendly axolotl people. They eat bland, soft foods, wear minimal but colorful clothes, and like pom-pom “jewelry” because it’s gentle against their delicate skin. They have lungs, but if they have to spend too much time away from water (like to go to a town farther inland), they wear wet veils over their heads to keep their gills damp longer.

The club is made from strong wood and shark teeth, and can be swung with one or two paws. These axolotl people are friendly, but they’re not pushovers.

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You will never see it coming.