The universe decided to reward me greatly this week.

After losing all the babies from my first round with my Chinese Fire Belly Newts I discovered another one f my males was in breeding mood and then just a few days ago found signs of new eggs that basically has giving me a new chance at rearing them once more!

I also finally can reveal the new additions which are 4 Blue Tailed Fire Belly Newts. I know I have 1 male and 3 females but was honestly stunned when they also began to lay eggs in their tank. I thought being stressed would have stopped that but apparently not.

Their tank is nearly set up, I waiting on a new filter, decorations and a turtle dock to come in for them before they are hooked up.

Really just excited to have eggs again and especially from two different species. Will keep updates again on these guys, just really amazing really.

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You will never see it coming.

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Wow! Genetics can be a crazy force of nature. I had to share this found photo with you guys!

“Frog with eyes in its mouth as a result of macromutation. A macromutation is a mutation that has made a significant impact on an organism, caused by a change in a regulatory gene that’s responsible for the expression of an array of structural genes.

It’s been suggested that the cause of the mutation was the result of a parasitic infection by a trematode worm (Ribeiroia ondatrae). Trematode infections have reportedly been linked to an increasing number of amphibian limb mutations, particularly missing, malformed, and extra hind legs.”

The Dogon people of the central plateau, Mali.

The Dogon worship ancestral spirits or deities called Nommos, who were described as amphibious, hermaphroditic, fish-like creatures. They breathed through holes on their back and had skin like that of a chameleon. The Nommos have been referred to by the Dogon as “The Monitors”, “Masters of the Water” and “The Teachers”.

Research completed by French anthropologists from 1931-1956, discovered (though not without controversy) from a village Elder named Ogotemmêli, that the Dogon understood knowledge of the Cosmos far beyond what could be expected.
Ogotemmêli told the French researchers that the Nommos came from a small planet which orbits a star, a sister star of Sirius. Ogotemmêli went on to explain that the sister star orbits Sirius every 50 years and has a huge mass.

The star, which scientists now know as Sirius B, completely invisible to the human eye, was only theorized in the 19th Century, and wasn’t photographed until 1970. According to Dogon tradition, it was the Nommos who provided them with the knowledge of Sirius B, along with the knowledge that Jupiter has 4 moons and Saturn has rings. 

The Dogon have long practised ceremonies which celebrate the cycle of Sirius B around Sirius. They are believed to be of Egyptian decent, another culture with strong ties to the star Sirius.