Axolotl Help!

I must be doing something wrong because I think my axolotl has a fungal infection in his gills. He had one before, around the end of May I think, and I treated it with sea salt (as suggested by the breeder he came from) and it seemed to go away but now it is back and on the same side. He keeps thrashing against the sand and his plants like he is trying to scratch himself and even tries to use his nubby little arms to scratch. I’ve just now treated the tank with another round of sea salt and it seems to have lessened the itching for the time being. I just want to know what this could be and if a sea salt treatment will cut it. There were 2 pieces of driftwood that had fuzzies on them, so I removed them.

Physical symptoms: thrashing against ornaments/sand/plants. Scratching with front arms. Snapping at the sand and passing it through gill slits, or spitting it out, or scratching from the inside? Idk, he most certainly isn’t eating the sand from what I can tell cause he spits it right out. The tip of his tail is translucent and was curled before salt treatment. It is still translucent, it may have always been that way, but it is no longer curled. He isn’t red or veiny, just itchy.

Tank Parameters: 17 teaspoons sea salt dissolved in 20gal. Temp around 69 F/21 C, maybe a little higher it was VERY hot today. Ammonia 0.25 ppm. The tank is clear of stray poops and such.

I’m at a loss ya’ll :( My poor baby looks miserable and I just want to make him better. I was out of town this past week but he was being watched by my roommate who has fish experience. I showed him what to do, basically the feeding schedule and pooper sucker, and told him that was all that needed to be done. I had changed the tank water before I left and all the parameters were fine!
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